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Jealousy Games 01

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Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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“You know, don’t take this the wrong way,
but I feel like you’ve become a lot more fun since I’ve known you”

“Thanks. And if I may return the compliment,
I think you’ve become marginally less annoying”

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life
One True Pairing

One look and you drown into these two characters.

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They don’t have to speak for their feelings to cross each other.

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They may be oblivious, teasing, or have that chemistry that baffles you into thinking, “Why can’t they just see, how perfect they are?”

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You might see that they were made for each other before their relationship was established, or seen the little things that pulled you into the pairing.

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You start to develop strong feelings to protect and defend the idea of this couple from people that can’t understand your reasons for wanting them together. 

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Because they don’t see these two people the way you do.

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I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader

Length: 2k

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3


You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for. 

You didn’t choose to be friends with Jeongguk, we just became friends. We met when we were young. He was a new freshmen in college and very active. You were the quiet girl who just wanted her degree in business so you could finally escape from my parents who constantly breathed down your neck. You had friends but none of them compared to Jeongguk. You became friends when the teacher had decided to partner you two up for a project.

“Hey, I’m Jeongguk”.

Those words will forever haunt you to the fact that you can never have him. He will always be the boy that you loved so deeply but could never have. Jeongguk was the light of your life, simple enough. He brought you favorite popcorn when you was feeling down, when you was on your periods,he would become the most patient man on earth.

He never complained when you would talk for hours on hours about the cute guys in your accounting class. He would smile at you and pat you on the head and say,

“You’re too good for them anyways. You’re too smart for them, all they understand is how to crunch numbers. You are both naturally blessed with looks and intelligence”

You would always blush at his compliments. People would call him awkward and silent with no emotion. He would compliment you with the straightest face. People didn’t know how to respond to him because they thought he was making fun of them. It was just that Jeongguk meant every word he said. He wanted you to know that he was honest and truthful.

Jeongguk never realized what you had felt for him. It wasn’t his fault. You never confessed to him because you didn’t think it was worth it. You had some boyfriends here and there, but none of them were serious because you were forever waiting on him. He didn’t know, he just thought you didn’t really love anyone of them. It wasn’t until your senior year of college where you finally gathered up the courage to admit to him what you have been feeling for the past four years.

“Hey, where were you at the party?” Jeongguk slid into the seat besides you in the library, He was decked out in his signature black stussy sweatshirt with some skinny jeans that seemed to make him ten times more attractive. He started to stroke your hair. Jeongguk had a thing with hair. Yours was mid length and dyed a soft light brown, you kept it soft for him. Because he liked it.

“I didn’t go. Jongsuk didn’t want to go so I stayed back with him to help him study” You turned towards him, away from your economics textbooks and placed your head in your hands.

“Ah, always helping the new student. You are just too nice Y/N,” Jeongguk quirked his head and smiled at you. He was just too cute. It was the time in between your classes. You were about to graduate, just one more semester to go and you were finally done with the education system.  

“Nah, I’m not nice. I just felt pity for him because he didn’t know what we did in class”

Jeongguk started to pick at your pens and pencils, “You should have gone to the party. It was so much more exciting but some new incoming freshmen came and crashed it. But the best thing about it is I met someone.”

“You met a girl? Who? It’s been a while.”

You tried to mask the look of surprise on your face. Jeongguk hasn’t dated any girls in a while. He had dated a girl named Wendy a while back ago but he broke up with her because he didn’t think they had fit together. Jeongguk was a true romantic, he loved to hold hands and spend hours reading at a cafe with his girlfriend. That’s what you loved about him, he loved the simple things. He had said Wendy was an amazing girl but he just didn’t think they were good together. When he was dating Wendy, you had to deal with in love Jeongguk, he was gone.

When Jeongguk had a new girlfriend, he would disappear from your life. He would put all his attention and love into the new girl and it would be like you never existed.He wasn’t ignoring you on purpose, he just wanted to spend time with girlfriend. This really hurt you. You felt like you were a throwaway, only needed when he was free of a romantic partner. People knew you guys were best friends, they knew that you guys had perfect chemistry. They didn’t understand why Jeongguk didn’t make a move. Many guys have tried but you wanted to wait for him. You had boyfriends but they never made it to your heart. You dabbled in romance when Jeongguk had a new girlfriend. You felt lonely and wanted some attention, the attention that Jeongguk was not giving you.

Jeongguk had a little smile on his face and he shyly looked down, “She’s a sophomore. She loves to dance and she’s really talented at the violin. I met her at the party and we just hit it off. I think I really like her. I know we just met but I feel like we connect so well.” He had the starry look in his eyes, the kind he gets when he talks about Overwatch and Justin Bieber.

You stopped fiddling with your pen and looked at him, “Wow, I guess it’s time for you to move onto the next girl. What happened to your promise of waiting till you graduated?” You tried to mask the hurt in your voice. Jeongguk had a real chance of falling in love with someone that wasn’t you.

“I was, but man Jennie is a work of art. I never met anyone like her, she brings out sides of me that I never knew existed. We had talked about random things but it was the most interesting conversation I ever had. She’s so beautiful,”Jeongguk swiveled in his chair, his body opposite of what it should have been if he was sitting. He leaned back against the desk, and brushed his hand through his hair. His hair was a startling black color. He never dyed it because he thought that it would make him seem more like a girl.

You knew who Jennie was. She was a transfer student from Gwangju. You guys had some mutual friends, you never formally met her. It was an understatement to say that she was an amazing and one of a kind. Jennie made guy friends after guy friends, she never dated anyone since she had transferred this year. She was an up and coming dancer in our dance team. Hoseok, the dance captain and your closest friend after Jeongguk and Jisoo, had complimented her on her fluidity and techniques.  He had also said that she was pretty but not his type. Hoseok had a specific type, he liked the smart and caring ones. It wasn’t that Jennie wasn’t smart or caring, it was because he thought that Jennie was a little superficial. Apparently Jeongguk didn’t think the same.

“Oh. Good for you” You didn’t know what to say. Your heart was slowly tearing at itself. Why couldn’t Jeongguk look at you and think of you like he did with Jennie? What made you so unappealing to him. You guys have been friends for four years, and never did he once show a sign that he was attractive to you in the point of more than friends. You would flirt with him but he would just smile at you and go back to what he was doing. It wasn’t like you didn’t try. You didn’t know how to approach him with the topic that you wanted to be more than friends.

Jeongguk turned his head towards you, “It isn’t great? I’m taking her out on a date later. I need advice on what to wear. So get out of the library and let’s get back to the apartment and plan what to wear.” It was also quaint that you guys were roommates because you wanted to get out of the dorms and finally get a place of your own but you were too poor to afford it yourself.

You found yourself being dragged out of the library, his hands linked in between yours, with your things haphazardly shoved into your open tote bag and onto the streets. Jeongguk happily took the lead to the short walk to your apartment complex. He seemed to be bouncing on the soles of his feet. His hands still linked with yours. It was normal for you two to hold hands. He had started this habit because you always got lost in crowds when you guys hit Myeongdong for shopping. You felt like he does it now because he liked to torture you with a little sliver of a romantic relationship with him.

“Hurry up, the date starts in an hour”, Jeongguk basically shoved you up the stairs in barely contained excitement and into his room. You didn’t want to help him with his date. In fact you wanted to give him a reason to cancel the date, you. But he would never do that because he didn’t like you. You had to be his friend and just his friend.

He started to pilfer through his closest that was ironically filled with white t shirts.

“I guess I would go with casual but a little dressed up,” you pushed him aside because he was actually hopeless. Your chest hurt every time you touched the clothes hangers that held his clothes. You chose a white button down with a mandarin collar with some jeans. He would look great. This was going to be a long night of you eating ice cream and watching some movies to pass the empty time. Why does Jennie have to exist?

“You are the Sun to my Earth. Thank you so much. This is why I still need my mother and you, of course.” Jeongguk quickly grabbed his clothes and rushed into the conjoining bathroom.

You plop down on his bed. His room wasn’t especially big but it wasn’t small. You had an identical room, with connected bathrooms. You looked up onto the ceiling and saw stars. Jeongguk always love what stars represented. To him, stars represented hope and ambition. He saw them as the push to his success.

Jeongguk slammed the door open, all dressed in his outfit ready for his date, “Is this alright?” as he fixed his collar. He looked so handsome and so Jennie’s.

You motioned for him to come over to the bed and you sat up. He stood right in front of you, still fixing his clothes. You laughed at him, he had skipped a button,

“Aish you dummy, you missed a button, no one it looks weird,” You went in to fix it, your nimble fingers skipped over the soft material. It would be so nice to just push him onto the bed and snuggle. He stared down at you as you slowly fixed his error. You looked up at him, into his starry eyes. He sent you a smile and continued to stare.

The tension in the room began to heat up. Your eyes seem to drill holes in one others. Your fingers stopped it’s administrations. You opened your mouth to say something.  

My other half; Mark.

Request: “I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a really cute scenario where y/n is a foreign student and mark is asked to look after her because she can only speak English. Both are sorta shy to begin with but end up liking each other:) Thank you!”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Honestly, idk why y’all request me so many scenarios bc I feel like all of them are awful I swear.

“How was the first day of school, Y/N?” Mark asked you once both of you started to walk out of school, leaving behind the other guys

It was your first day in the new school in Seoul. Overall, it was a good day, except for the language barrier that complicated everything for you since you couldn’t talk a word in Korean. The only fluent conversation that you had in the whole day was with Mark. He was the only one of your classmates that could also speak English and he took the trouble of showing you around and translating everything for you. You spent the whole day by his side and now, both of you where walking towards one of Mark’s favourites cafe’s since he promised you to pass his notes.

“It was great. This school is completely different for the one in my hometown.” You said, remembering the faces of your closest friends and classmates, missing all them already. “I just wish I could at least understand something without having the need of bothering you every five seconds or having to carry this earpiece the whole time.”

“Oh, don’t say that, Y/N! You don’t bother me at all. Actually, because of you I can lost time in classes because I have to accompany you everywhere and I can talk with you as much as I want. That’s cool.” Both of you laughed, but internally you still felt a bit wrong about it.

He was a complete sweetheart with you. He would sit by your side everyday and whenever you’re with his friends he would make sure that you’re feeling comfortable and you’re understanding what are they talking about. And not only while you’re talking with friends with classes too, if they’re something you don’t understand he wouldn’t doubt about explaining it to you in a really patient and sweet way. And he would even be a great help when it comes to help you to improve your Korean, correcting your pronunciations and grammar mistakes when it’s necessary and without being rude or embarassing you.

Both of you grow closer really quickly because of all the time you spend together and because of how well your personalities matched. From time to time Mark would joke saying that you’re his “other half” because of the perfect chemistry that you have and how similar your ways of thinking were. Both of you were basically inseparable. But, just in a couple of months your feelings for Mark changed completely. The more you knew him and the more time you spend with him the happier and flustered you were. At first, you thought that they were stupid feelings that you decided to ignore, making the sudden realization hit you like a bucket filled of cold water.

“Here we have your orders!” The lady of the cafe said when she came back with your coffees. You were about to thank her before she interrupted. “And, I’m sorry for saying this so suddenly but, you guys make a lovely couple. I wish both of you lots of luck in your relationship.”

You got frozen after hearing the words of the unknown woman that was smiling widely at both of you. Mark only giggled nervously as he opened his mouth to answer something back but quickly closing it since he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Thank you.” He finally in a low voice that made his shyness really obvious. The woman touched your arm lightly, in a friendly way, making you come back to reality before disappearing behind the counter of the cozy building in just a few seconds.

You couldn’t even look at him. Specially after the fact that any of you denied the lady’s words. You liked Mark. That was the reason why you spent so much time thinking of him and getting so nervous whenever he looked at you or touched you.. how couldn’t you realize?

“Y/N?” He said with a soft voice, making you get chills. You slowly moved your head to look at him, but as soon your eyes meet both of you exploded in giggles. His eyes seem brighter than never and it was like if his gaze changed completely. 

“Are you thinking the same as me?” You asked, and by the wider smile in his smile you could already guess what his answer was. 

“Are you feeling the same as me?” Both of you laughed in joy as your faces were slowly turning in a bright shade of pink. Your fingers that were nervously playing with each other were caught in Mark’s warm hands.

“I guess you truly are my other half.” You said with a clear nervousness in your voice.

“Let’s go on a date tomorrow, Y/N.”

“I won’t accept if it’s related with school or homework or the Korean language. Okay? Just both of us.” He laughed cutely, making your heart start beating faster.

“I agree. Just the both of you.” He said before leaving a small kiss in one of your knuckles, making you melt inside.


“ Nyeheh.. eheh, I think you and I have perfect chemistry~ “

WHOO! I’ve been looking forward to making this one!~ I’ve found that there’s actually not a lot of Papyne/Undyrus in the fandom, and that kinda makes me upset, cause its such a cute ship, no matter what AU it happens in!~

Also, I’ve found that I really like drawing AU characters for some reason? Especially ones that I don’t draw often or haven’t drawn at all! So thank you for your request!~

Underswap and Underswap Papyrus and Undyne belong to @popcornpr1nce/Undertale community.(?)

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comes from a non-superstitious family but is superstitious herself, loud, does not have any filter whatsoever but very caring, curious, straight-A student, spends a lot of time in the Library(TM) , likes to bake cookies from the same recipe over and over again, likes to read out loud (not just to the crows but in general) always changing her major. Odds on campus?

A brief flirtation with the chemistry department buys you almost a year of perfect normality, although you still have some issues with the Library’s odd relationship with the rest of time and space. I can’t speak for the rest of your time there, except that you’d do well to always, always follow the superstitions you’ve brought with you.

A baby? (Ramsay Bolton x reader imagine)

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Fandom: Game of Thrones

Chapters: One shot

Warning: None

Summary: Imagine being Ramsay’s lover and getting to know Walda and Roose are going to have a baby

A/N: Another short story with my sweetie pie (he’s so lovely) (*´▽`*)


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I can’t stop looking at this gif, I love when they are alone in a car, but this’s just perfect. You can see their talent, their chemistry. They are just incredible.
We know that Neil can do everything, he was born to be an actor, but Cobie is amazing as well. I love her, I love them.
Neil and Cobie together are a force of nature.

You Deserve the World (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: “24 with Lafayette?”

Prompt: “Did I say that out loud?”

A/N: wow I am actually uploading a fic less than a week from the last one ??? who even am i? I hope you guys enjoy! there is Google translated french here so you’ve been warned! Also, make sure to send me requests!!

TW: Alcohol (I think that’s it but again let me know if I missed something)

W/C: 1353


You had become best friends with Lafayette in high school. You two had met junior year of high school when you had an English class together. There was an immediate connection, and the chemistry between you was clearly perfect. You two had trusted each other since the moment you met. You had also been very attracted to him but disregarded it because the chemistry you two had was extremely rare, and you valued having someone you trusted so much.

You had become close friends with his group of best friends. You became friends with Alexander because you let him ramble on and on for hours without interruption. You became friends with Laurens because you understood his TV and movie references, and you both loved turtles. It took a bit longer to become friends with Hercules, since he kept to himself a lot, but eventually, you became friends even though you two didn’t have too much in common.

Though you knew that you and Lafayette were never going to be together, you still had a tiny shred of hope and optimism that one day the curly haired Frenchman would feel the same way and reciprocate those feelings. Your friends teased the two of you all the time because you two couldn’t help but act like a couple since you two were so close. You two would be affectionate, joke around all the time, and even sometimes playfully call each other babe and wink at each other. Laurens had even started a rumor that the two of you were dating, and apparently, everyone had actually believed it. People asked the two of you about your “relationship” for weeks after the rumor started because no one had doubted that the two of you would end up together. You chose to just ignore how you felt until you eventually moved onto someone else.

You were now juniors in college, and the five of you had stayed together all that time. Your feelings for Lafayette were buried so deep that you didn’t even realize you still had them. Of course you were attracted to him, but attraction is normal. Attraction doesn’t go away. You had had several boyfriends from when you had met Lafayette to the present time, but those relationships never really worked out because every guy always felt threatened by your best and closest friends all being males. You didn’t see anything wrong with being friends with guys, but you hadn’t met a man who could handle it.


It was a Friday night which meant that you were meeting the boys at the bar that was closest to your campus. You made your way into the bar and greeted Ernie, the bartender who you had become very fond of.

“Hey, Ernie!”

“Hey, (Y/N)! Looking pretty good tonight! These guys aren’t gonna know what hit them!” he said, with a big smile.

“Thanks, Ern,” you blushed, “Are my boys here yet?”

“Yep, same booth as always!”

You thanked him and made your way over to the booth that your best friends had dubbed as the best booth. They didn’t have any reasoning behind it but decided that this was your booth, and you would all sit there every time you came in.

After an hour or so of drinking and talking, Laurens was absolutely hammered. He was all over every single girl in the bar, including you.

“(Y/N), you are looking fine as hell tonight!” he exclaimed.

“You’re not looking so bad yourself, babe,” you smirked, deciding that flirting wouldn’t hurt.

“Oh my God,” he said turning to Alex, his jaw slack, “Did you hear that? She called me babe!”

“Keep flirting, and there’s more babes where that came from,” you winked.

To your left, you saw Lafayette fidget a bit, but you didn’t really make much of it.

“Next round’s on me, guys!” you said, which they responded to with cheers of joy. You got up to go get some more drinks at the bar. “Five more Sam Adam’s please, Ernie!”

“Coming right up, (Y/N)!”

You decided to sit in a stool while you waited when a handsome man came up to you.

“Now what’s a beautiful girl like you doing all by herself at a bar?” he asked sitting on the stool next to you.

“I’m afraid I’m not alone,” you said, pointing at the booth where your friends sat.

“Ah, well, they wouldn’t mind if I talked to you for a bit, would they?” he questioned, smiling.

“You know what, I don’t think they would.”

“I’m Aaron,” he grinned, holding a hand out.

“(Y/N),” you said, shaking his hand, giving him a small smile.


Lafayette saw that you were flirting with some guy at the bar was trying to ignore it but failing terribly.

“Dude, you have to tell her how you feel,” Herc said, noticing how upset Laf was.

“It’s not that easy, mon ami. She doesn’t see me that way.”

“How can you know for sure if you never make a move?” Alex asked while trying desperately to get Laurens to drink some water. “Come on, Laurens! You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you don’t drink water!”

“Look it’s just complicated. I wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship we have,” he said, looking down at his nearly empty bottle.

“You really think (Y/N) would be weird if you told her? She’s literally the most chill person we know! She has to be in order to deal with us! Whether she feels the same way or not, your friendship isn’t in jeopardy,” Hercules assured the Frenchman. “Now go be a French stereotype and do some romancing!”

“You’re right,” he said, before gulping down the rest of his beer and going to go talk to you.

While he neared you, he heard you giggling and saw the man place a hand on your leg, and his jaw clenched.

“Hi, mon ami, could I talk to you outside? Now?” he asked.

“Uh- can it wait? I’m kinda-“ you were cut off by Laf grabbing you by your arm and practically dragging you outside.

“Laf, what the hell?!” you exclaimed. “I was in the middle of a-“

“I’m in love with you.” Your eyes widened and so did his at the forwardness of the sentence. “Oh my… Did I just say that out loud? Cela n'a pas été ce que je devais dire. (That was not what I was supposed to say.) That just- just flew right out of my face. Wow. I’m in love with you. It feels good to have that out there. I am so helplessly in love with you, (Y/N). I am almost sure that I have been since the moment I met you. You are one of the strongest, smartest, and most incredible women that I know. You’re ridiculously beautiful, and it kills me every time I see you. Like just. Wow. Look at you. I’m tired of standing aside and watching you settle for guys who don’t deserve you. That doesn’t mean that I deserve you, by no means. But if you gave me the chance, (Y/N), Je passerais le reste de ma vie à essayer d'être quelqu'un qui est assez bon pour vous. (I would spend the rest of my life trying to be someone who is good enough for you.)” he finished, searching your face for a reaction.

You were in absolute shock. The man you never thought would even bother to think about you that way was just as helpless as you. You stared at him completely speechless.

“(Y/N)? You know what, um, actually just forget I said anything. I’m sorry if I made you feel weird or uncomfortable or any-“ he rambled before you got on your tippy toes and shut him up with a kiss.

“I feel the same way, Laf,” you breathed, with your eyes still closed and your forehead currently resting against his.

“Mon Dieu! That’s the best news I’ve heard all year!” he exclaimed, hugging you tightly. “You deserve the world, ma princesse, and I will try as hard as I can to give it all to you.”

status update??

i don’t know about you guys but i’m currently watching and waiting for the episodes released from Princess Agents (Chinese Drama) and uughh

i’m sorry i haven’t been active, i was busy reading novels. [[Princess Wei Young and Empress with no virtue are so fun to read, lmao its so thrilling]]

If you’re watching Princess Agents (Chinese Drama —i really suggest it!! it’s been really popular right now!!) , you can read more below

that’s all thanks~

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Clumsy-Lucky Blue Smith Imagine

There were so many people crammed into The Royal Suite at the Plaza that Y/N was thankful that Vogue hadn’t decided to have the photo shoot in a room any smaller than the lavish suite. There were makeup artists, hair stylists, light technicians, nail technicians, assistants, and agents running around making sure everything looked perfect. Y/N had been so nervous about the shoot that the only thing she could stomach was a tall Starbucks cappucino; her agent will be delighted.

Unlike most of the young models, Y/N was scouted by a Ford Models representative in her home of Chicago. She had been wandering the streets with her friends while on winter break when a stylish, middle-aged blonde woman approached her, asked her if she ever modeled, and handed her a business card, telling her to give her a call. Her friends teased her about it since she was the clumsiest of all of them but they all made her promise to introduce them to Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, or Niall whenever she met them. Y/N’s parents weren’t extremely excited that their only daughter planned on taking a gap year before college in order to model, but the money she could possibly earned put student loans out of the question. A couple of years and countless jobs later, Y/N was awarded the coveted position of being on the cover of Vogue magazine. It was a milestone all of the flourishing models reached; it was a sign that they would definitely have a good career in the business. However, Y/N wasn’t so sure about the whole modeling career.

Most of her work consisted of editorials, photoshoots, campaigns, and the occasional TV spot, but no runway. Y/N was probably one of the clumsiest people to ever stumble onto the earth and when Karen, her agent, discovered this, she banned her from doing runway and Y/N was thankful for it; she didn’t want thousands of people watch her struggle down the runway like a baby giraffe.

So, Y/N sat quietly in the makeup chair as Heidi, a super-thin raven-haired woman, made her eyebrows look as good as Cara’s. Y/N’s long y/h/c hair was fashioned into big voluminous curls as though she was a ‘60s pinup girl. Her eye makeup was dramatic and she was wearing a black lace Rodarte slip dress. She was playing Temple Run on her iPhone in order to remain calm because not only was she shooting her first Vogue cover but she was also doing it with the likes of Lucy Blue Smith. He was one of the finest male models to walk onto the scene and was obscenely Instagram famous with his bleached white hair, ice blue eyes, and a stare that made girls weak in the knees. Y/N would be lying if she said she didn’t have a little crush on him, but it hadn’t been an issue for her since they had never met before the shoot. Y/N hoped that she wouldn’t embarrass herself in front of him.

“You look beautiful, Y/N, absolutely beautiful,” Karen said from behind her.

“Thanks.” Y/N didn’t look up from her phone.

“You’re nervous.”

“How am I not supposed to be nervous?” Y/N paused the game to make eye contact with her agent in the mirror. “I’m about to shoot the biggest job of my career with a guy so cool that his name is Lucky Blue. My name definitely pales in comparison as well as my modeling talents.”

“Don’t say that!” Karen chastised. “You’re an amazing model. Anna wouldn’t have handpicked you herself if she didn’t think otherwise.”

“I’m going to embarrass myself. I’m going to trip over something and bust open my lip.”

“Oh no you’re not!” Heidi said. “You are wearing nude Dolce & Gabbana lipstick and I will not let you ruin my work!”
Y/N held her hands up in surrender and allowed Heidi to finish her makeup job. In about five minutes, Heidi declared Y/N’s makeup to be completed and shooed her over to Mario who was doing the shoot. 

Mario was taking some test shots when Y/N nervously approached him. She had worked with Annie Leibovitz before as well as many other top photographers, but this was her first Testino shoot. How was she supposed to approach this fashion legend? What was she supposed to say?

Mario looked up from his camera. “Oh, Miss Y/L/N, it’s an honor to meet you!” He grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her cheeks, not noticing the young model had grown stiff.

“Oh, um, it’s very nice to meet you too,” she said. “I just wanted to know where you wanted me.” 

“Oh, I’ll let you know when Mr. Smith is done with his hair and makeup.”

But as if on cue, the tall blonde walked towards them with enough grace and swagger to make James Dean hate him. He wore a white Ralph Lauren button down with most of the buttons undone to show off his chiseled upper body and dark jeans that clung to his long legs. His usual smolder was replaced with a smile that could’ve made Y/N faint. 

“Hey, Mario,” Lucky said as he hugged the photographer. When they pulled away, he eyed Y/N, making her look away as her face burned.

Mario pulled away and turned to Y/N. “Oh, Mr. Smith, have you met—”

“Y/N Y/L/N, yeah, I’m a big fan.” He reached his hand out towards Y/N and Y/N prayed her hands weren’t too clammy as she shook it.

“Oh, um, thanks so much. I’m a big fan of yours, too,” Y/N said. 

Mario clapped. “Well, now that we all know each other, I want you two at the entrance. The whole idea is that you’re coming here to rendezvous after a date, okay?”


As they began walking towards the door, Y/N suddenly tripped over a spare cable and would’ve begun falling if Lucky hadn’t grabbed her arm. She felt her face burn as he helped her stabilize on her feet with a look of concern on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I just, uh, trip….a lot.”

Y/N could’ve smacked herself in the face. It was certainly impossible to make herself look like a bigger dork in front of him now. But Lucky didn’t seem to mind as he chuckled and they continued towards the door. Mario positioned them so that Y/N would pretend to walk through the door while grabbing the unbuttoned portion of Lucky’s shirt as though she was dragging him behind her. However, she had to keep a seductive look on her face as she did so. 

Mario called “Action!” and it began.

Y/N and Lucky faked walking through the door while keeping the poses as natural as possible.

“Give me more of a smolder, Y/N! That’s it! Perfect, Lucky, perfect!” Mario said as he snapped the shots. 

It took an hour to get that shot alone and it took another two hours since Y/N and Lucky had to change into their second outfits. This time, Y/N was wearing a light blue Agent Provocateur lingerie set underneath a silver silk robe. Lucy was shirtless and only wearing a pair of Calvin Klein jeans. Mario positioned them so that Y/N was lying on Lucky’s lap on the bed and he was leaning over her as though he was about to kiss her. Y/N was stunned by his eyes the entire time so it was hard to keep the chemistry between them going.

“Perfect, you two look perfect together!” Mario called. “Y/N, arch your back a little more, there it is!”
Y/N tried no to laugh since she was practically thrusting her flat chest into Lucky’s face, not that he seemed to mind. Lucky’s hand brushed a piece of hair out her face as he cupped her face. Y/N could feel herself getting hot from nerves again.

“Okay, now, kiss her!”

“What?” Y/N shot up from her position, knocking heads with Lucky, and giving her the biggest headache of the moment. She winced as she laid back down and several assistants crowded them. 

“Ouch,” Lucky muttered.

“I’m so sorry!” Y/N said as some assistants pulled her to the other end of the bed in order to expect her head. 
“The bump’s only showing a little,” one muttered.

“Are you feeling okay?” Karen asked.

“Yeah,  just embarrassed,” Y/N muttered.

Karen sighed as Heidi patted some concealer on the bump on Y/N’s forehead. “It wasn’t too bad. You’re actually kind of cute out there.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Mario called them back over and they continued the pose from where they left off.

“I really am sorry about that,” Y/N said.

“If you didn’t want to kiss me, you could’ve just said something,” Lucky teased.

Y/N opened her mouth to say something but promptly closed it. She definitely wanted to kiss Lucky Blue Smith but she was too scared of injuring both of them again. 

“You don’t have to be worried about head butting me again.”

Y/N’s eyes went wide. “Did I say all that out loud?”

“Every word.” He smirked back at her and Y/N blushed.

Before he got his chance, Lucky and Y/N were called for the final outfit change. This time, Y/N was wearing a red and white floral Dolce & Gabbana dress and Lucky wore a white t-shirt and black Balenciaga trousers. They were both barefoot and Mario instructed them to hold hands and jump on the bed. Y/N felt like a little kid again as she tried to jump higher and higher than before.

“I bet I can jump higher than you!” Lucky shouted.

“Is that a bet?” Y/N teased.

So, the two took turns trying to jump higher than the first. Lucky began pulling some crazy poses as he did his and Y/N copied him, laughing the entire time. Mario praised them for each pose as he took the pictures. This was going to make for an interesting Vogue spread. 

Y/N started to jump higher only to be pulled harshly down. The shock and strength of the pull forced Y/N to collide with Lucky and they both landed on the bed. Y/N blushed furiously when she realized their position and tried to get up.

 “Sorry,” Y/N muttered.

“No,” Lucky made his grip around her tighter, “I like this position.”

Y/N glanced at his lips and then at his eyes, but she didn’t want to make the first move. Fortunately, Lucky leaned forward and kissed her himself. His lips were soft against hers as Y/N leaned into it more and brought her hands to feather into his hair. It was like they were in a world of their own until a series of flashes broke them both out of it. 

“Anna’s going to love this spread!” Mario declared.

anonymous asked:

scenarios with oikawa, tsukishima and sugawara joining a photoshoot with their model girlfriends/partners? thanks 😊

I wasn’t sure how to turn these into a scenario without it being far too long so I had to stick with head canons on this one, sweetheart.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Honestly, he looks like a model to begin with so it was only natural when the photographers thought of the brilliant idea to include him on the photoshoot.
  • He’s so excited to do this photoshoot. If his time wasn’t so consumed with volleyball, he’d defiantly pursue a modeling career in a heartbeat. 
  • Enjoys posing with you, but doesn’t pass up on the opportunity to mess with you. He’s always been cheeky like that. During one particular shot it called for you to be up close and personal. His hands had to wander down to your backside and land a little pinch. Your face was priceless.
  • Everyone notices the perfect chemistry you have on set, moving in sync and complimenting one another. By the end, he’s offered several openings in the industry.

Tsukishima Kei

  • How on earth were you able to persuade this grump to even join in on the photoshoot? Easy. You were treating him to strawberry shortcake at his favourite cafe afterwards.
  • Admittedly, he makes a good model. Tall, handsome, and sharp cheekbones. Perhaps if he wasn’t so unapproachable all the time, he could be a model.
  • Luckily for Tsukishima this wasn’t a photoshoot that required a lot of smiling, at least not on his part. That didn’t stop him form complaining. 
  • He noticed how some of the other models were ogling you and that didn’t sit well with him at all. The rest of the pictures can all be described as possessive. His hands never leave your body.
  • Even if he is offered a job, he won’t agree unless all of his gigs include you. You’re the only person he’ll work well with.

Sugawara Koushi

  • He’s always had a great sense of fashion and a lovely face so it wasn’t a surprise when he joined in on your photoshoot. 
  • Everyone in the room was squealing at how beautiful he was, and you had to admit that you were a bit jealous of all the eyes on him. 
  • Sugar looked genuinely happy to be doing this with you. The photographer even commented on how you were glowing like a newlywed couple.
  • He definitely has to make sure he grabs a copy of all of those photos and put them up at the apartment because they are stunning. He is so proud of you and what you do.
  • Who knows, if he has the opportunity, he might just become a model himself.