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Here's another prompt: fell sans react to meeting his hot next door neighbor on the surface?

(oh boi howdy do i have a weak spot for Red and him getting the hots for his potential/future s/o. bless you, sweet anon, for giving me the chance to indulge a little further in that ;) <3 )

Red decidedly did not have a death wish.

Even with Edge out for the day - no doubt chasing Undyne down or accidentally terrorizing parents when he walked up wordlessly with a lost child he found wandering in the park as he trained - Edge’s sense of smell was uncanny for a being without a nose, and would happily shout Red’s skull into the next century if he caught a whiff of smoke clinging to anything inside.

So without bothering to properly walk out of his room, Red tucked his box of cigarettes and his lighter in his shorts and teleported to the balcony.

Their apartment was a pretty nice one, all things considered - decent area too, now that monsters could legally integrate with society. He and Edge had been in agreement on holding onto an apartment for at least a little bit before deciding to set up permanently anywhere - the world was big up here, absurdly so, and even if they’d both feel more comfortable closer to the mountain, there were a lot of areas around the city to choose from. So here he was, leaning against the railing of their top-floor corner apartment balcony, with a view of the balconies in the building adjacent to them accompanying the view of the enormous wooded park they lived next to. It was a view that made him feel a little more at ease when his anxiety was acting up - he could grab a smoke, stare up at the sky, or do a little people watching alongside the next apartment building or in the shade of the park.

As he slipped his cigarette between his teeth and lit it , enjoying the late afternoon sun on his bones and the decent breeze picking up, he noticed that his foot started instinctively tapping - huh, he could hear a song now actually, coming from the next apartment building over, pretty loudly…

“All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I’m alright -
That I ain’t gonna die.”

The cigarette almost dropped out of Red’s mouth.

“All that I want
Is a hole in the ground.
You can tell me when it’s alright
For me to come out.”

You were on the balcony closest to him in the next building over - top floor, corner apartment, probably a mere 50 feet away. You had a series of small clotheslines strung out towards one side of your balcony and had clipped up several shirts and what seemed to be a set of sheets for a bed. Next to you buzzed a small speaker, surprisingly loud for it’s clearly travel-intended size, and it played the song on as you shifted and swayed, tapping out the energetic beat of the song while you sang along and clipped up a pair of jeans and took down a few dry pieces of clothing to make further room.

“Hard times
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives-”

Your back was mostly towards Red, and stars was he grateful. He felt a bead of magic forming on his skull, and knew a bit of a flush had picked up on his face- because by Asgore’s shitty beard, he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the figure you cut as you finished hanging up your laundry and spun around, your hips hitting side to side in perfect time, a mischievous grin on your face as your eyes closed and you sang along to the deceptively upbeat song.

“And I still don’t know how I even survive
Hard times,
Hard times -
And I gotta get to rock bottom-!”

Your foot stamped against the balcony floor, your arms thrown wide as you crowed the line to the sky.

Red’s soul jumped in his chest at the sight -

You were attractive as hell.

And then you made eye contact.

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"who got vored by a weblum" is possibly the funniest thing i've seen in my life but realtalk alteans are fucking hardcore my dude (e.g. allura) i bet they did it as like a fucking sport or something and somebody was like "oh hey this weird blue shit does some cool stuff man check it out" like fucking alteans man

all i can picture is like..

young coran: (throws back a shot) ahm gonna do it. i’m gonna wrestle it

alfor: coran you complete and utter madman… i’ll hold your nunville

the life and times hasn’t been updated in three and a half years what the fuck where is jules 


genre: boyfriend!au + heaps of sugar, spice, and everything nice

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 2,596 words

Originally posted by zeusmayo

opening line: “Your boyfriend thinks he can get anything he wants when he breaks out the pout. He’s right.”

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Oh Are request open again!? If they are could I request RFA+V and Unkown on how they would react to MC in a Bikini while they are at the beach. Seriously love your writing!

Aw thank you ^-^. And yes requests are open! I wrote this with the idea in mind that the RFA is having a nice day at the beach. Just as a note, I went about this differently than I usually would. I pretty much wrote it the same except for V and Unknown where they’re not together just have the feels for each other.


  • it was the first time in a while since Yoosung went to the beach!
  • and he was not only glad he could go with the RFA, but you as well
    • he even brought a blanket to lay on with you
    • and lunch for just you two
    • and one for Seven because he asked
  • while you were changing into your bathing suit, Yoosung was with Seven out in the ocean looking for seashells
  • it was a few minutes when you had came out seeing your nugget preoccupied with finding shells on the shore
  • Zen was the first to notice you and your red bikini with white polka dots and frills
    • ☆⌒(≧▽ ° )
  • so you talk to him for a bit
  • then you suddenly feel an arm around your shoulder
  • and Yoosung is just giving Zen this look like hahaha stop looking at her or I’ll pluck out those pretty eyes of yours (⊙ ‿ ⊙)
  • when Zen backs off and leaves you two alone
  • Yoosung is proud of himself for a second but IMMEDIATELY takes his arm off of you 
  • when you look at him all confused his face is red as a tomato
  • “I-I’m sorry MC for touching you! I-I di-didn’t realize it until after he left. You just–”
  • boy is a big bag of sweetness
  • precious bean
  • after managing to calm down a bit he just holds your hand and silently gives you compliments
  • when no one was looking he kisses your shoulder  (°ㅂ°* )


  • this gelato had a lot of work to do before the trip so she planned everything out
  • both of you didn’t have anytime changing before hand so you decided to change at the beach
  • she didn’t get a chance to see the swimsuit you packed
    • even though she wanted to see it ;^;
  • once Jaehee was done changing, she came out of the bathroom in a blue and white long sleeve and blue shorts
    • she preferred more modest swimwear
  • you were having difficulties getting yours on and insisted you would be fine
  • so she waited outside for you because she is sweet and amazing Jaehee
  • to pass the time she was on her phone to answer a few messages from the rest of the RFA
  • “Alright, how do I look?”
  • Jaehee looks away from her phone and sees you in her high-waisted black shorts and red top
  • w(°o°)w
  • it kind of startled her a bit, almost dropped her phone
  • “You look cute.”
  • (ノ*°▽°*) you just got butterflies in your stomach when she said that
  • the rest of the day you can’t stop smiling and she can’t stop smiling when she looks at you


  • when you heard you were going on a beach trip you were all hype
  • the only exception was your swimwear
  • unfortunately, you ruined your favorite bikini bottom with the sunflowers on it after your period came early that month
  • now you were shopping for a new bikini 
    • that marshmallow wanted to help you but you were insistent it would be a surprise ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
  • then came the day of the trip
  • he didn’t get to see it the morning you two left because you slipped on a hoodie and shorts
  • after getting there, setting up your blanket and parasol (because Zen’s precious porcelain skin must be protected at all costs)
  • you finally took off your hoodie and shorts when got too hot
  • and holy shit Zen couldn’t take his eyes off of the orange wrap bikini you wore
  • you kept teasing him the more you caught him staring at you
    • obviously not ashamed to flirt with you in front of the RFA
  • he gets conflicted because he wants everyone to see you and be amazed by your beauty and majesty
    • but at the same time he doesn’t want anyone to look at you because you’re HIS boo
  • gets testy when he sees anyone even GLANCE towards you
    • dogs Jumin no matter what
    • Z: “Stop looking at her you beast!”
    • J: “I’m not even looking at her, I’m reading this book.”
    • “That’s what they ALL SAY!”


  • this donut was looking for swimwear for you the instant an RFA beach trip was planned
  • but you were insistent you had one and it was your favorite
  • “Do I get to see it?”
  • “Of course…later.” 
  • ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) you cheeky thing you
  • unfortunately, when you went to go pull it out you forgot the last time at the beach when the strap broke and your boob almost popped out
  • so you decided to go for your backup swimsuit
    • over it, you wore a zip up jacket with some shorts
  • Jumin has asked about it in the car again
  • and at that point, you were getting a little anxious being in your swimsuit so you just smiled and hoped for the best
  • you stayed in your jacket and shorts for a while, even though it was getting hot
  • you reached your breaking point and when the donut left to go to the bathroom you took off your jacket and shorts and hot damn did that feel better
  • he approached you but froze when he saw you in your black one piece with cat face on it
    • and it was strapless!!! where’s all the support go!?
  • when you see he’s there you just get embarrassed and all red
  • But he just sat next to you with a smile and said “It was worth the wait”
  • (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) oh boy it got hotter in here
  • if anyone even looks your way, he just shoots them this death glare
  • this donut just hangs around you the rest of the day looking at you so adoringly ^^


  • this jellybean knew what you were going to wear because both of you chose matching swimsuits
    • sky blue with pink flamingos on it ^^
    • perfect for the oddballs you two are
  • it was practically all you two talked about on the messenger
  • Saeren had to mute his damn phone
  • when you two got there he was sure floored by how stunning you looked in it
    • wooooooooooo~
  • would put his hand or arm on you any chance he got
    • “Oh no MC you have some sand on your shoulder, let me get that for you”
  • while you were sitting in the sand chatting with Yoosung and Jaehee, he was trying to toss sea shells into your top
    • and after much trial and error, he managed to get one in
    • you were annoyed at first but damn he got it straight in there, you had to give him credit for that
  • he didn’t really care that much when other guys were looking at you
  • because he knew he was your number one everything 
  • but let’s not talk about that
  • let’s talk about how you reacted when you saw Seven because it was the first time you saw him shirtless and YOU were floored with how ripped he was
  • he eats like 20 bags HB chips a day, where does it all go???


  • a great way to spend your day was with the people you care about at a beach
  • besides, SOMEONE had to take the pictures
  • not everyone was there yet ;-;
  • you had informed the chat that you were going to be running a bit late
    • he was just a bit disappointed but he’s a sweetheart and understands that you’re human and has a schedule of your own
  • either way, V was taking pics of the RFA enjoying their time or just stills of the ocean or the sky
  • you finally arrived at the beach
    • finding a guy with ice blue hair was easy to spot
  • but he looked kind of busy taking a picture so you quietly approached and sat down on the blanket next to him
  • after he took a picture he heard you ask what he was taking a picture of
  • he got spook a bit 
  • but when he looked your way he could see through his good eye your high-waisted royal blue bikini with images of white flowers and lace accents
    • (//ω//)
  • this sweetheart tries to play it cool and chat with you
  • but you can see he has a light blush across his cheeks
    • from the heat or the conversation???
  • doesn’t want to be creepy so he makes sure to only take pictures of you if you were with one or more people
  • after hanging out in the ocean, you went back to V’s blanket where you took a nap
  • didn’t realize he had a crush on you until you were laying there beside him ^^


  • doesn’t want to go to the stupid RFA beach thing
    • would rather be at home napping
  • but when he hears you’re going, he SUDDENLY has a change of heart
    • S: “The beach is stupid. Why would I go just to see my skin burn to a crisp?”
    • 7: “There’s going to be ice cream!”
    • “I can have ice cream here.”
    • “MC is going to be there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
    • “…do you have an extra pair of swim trunks…?”
  • ice cream AND you???
  • that sounds like a dream!
  • when the twins show up at the beach, the RFA greets him
  • why do you got to be all cute in your pink floral dress???
    • why are you even wearing a dress to a damn beach???
  • he tries to be normal by hanging in the ocean or looking for seashells with Yoosung and Seven
  • he gets tired and sits down under the umbrella with you
  • eventually you bring him back ice cream
  • while you two were enjoying your treats, he notices some ice cream got on your dress!
  • when he points it out you just kind of shrugged it off 
    • luckily you had your bathing suit underneath
  • you ask him to hold onto your ice cream then you start to take off your dress!!!
    • gumdrop is screaming internally
    • w-what is she doing omg  (* ゚ ii ゚ )
  • doesn’t calm down when now all you’re wearing is your peach bikini top and shorts
  • you take your ice cream back and continue to eat it
  • boy is having an existential crisis holy shit
    • meanwhile you were screaming inside because you never expected to do something so bold
  • you’re killing this gumdrop slowly
  • finally he kind of just mutters, “Y-you look pretty…”
  • no chance you didn’t hear that perfectly so you just say, “Thanks…you look cute today”
  • omg this got out of hand but both of you were just blushing beans the rest of the day
[Remus x Reader] The Lupins.

Originally posted by harrypottersources

Anon:  Hey I was wondering if you would write something about Remus x reader where they have a daughter (maybe 10 yrs old) and Remus is like a total over protective dad and makes up crazy rules like “no dating until you’re 42 three months twelve days and 14 hours” and maybe throw in Sirius (he can be her god father idk) and he’s like “don’t worry, I’ll take you to the strip club when you’re 18” lol idk I thought it’d be funny

A/N: Okay, so this one went a bit wild. Thanks for the request anon! It was a funny and refreshing idea. I hope you will like it! Requests are open, and here is my Masterlist if you are interested in it :)


You were bustling around the kitchen, a delicious smell lingering in the air, as you prepared the food, for tonight’s Christmas party. Everyone was coming, so there was a lot of things that had to be done. Lily and Marlene were going to come a bit earlier to help you out, so that left your children and your husband in charge of cleaning the house up. For now, everything was going just as you planned.
“Mmmm what smells so good?” Remus exclaimed cheerfully, as he walked into the kitchen.
“Shouldn’t you be cleaning the living room, love?” you smirked, not turning your gaze from the pot in which you were melting some chocolate. He chuckled and hugged you from behind.
“Already done. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?” he whispered in your ear, making you giggle.
“Fine” you sighed “I will leave you some of it” he grinned and kissed your cheek.
“You are an angel, do I say that often enough?”
“Only if it includes chocolate related things, you cheeky little thing” you said as you turned the gas off.
“That’s not true!” he argued and spun you around, the grin still spread across his face.
When he stopped, he pulled you closer to himself.
“How did I get so lucky?” he looked at you, and once again you felt like a teenager standing at the top of the Astronomy Tower, getting lost in his green eyes.
“You tell me” you smiled, as he leaned in and pressed his lips onto yours. It was only in his arms, that you felt loved, treasured and safe. It was the place that always felt like home.
“Ugh, please not in the kitchen” you pulled away, as you saw your kids standing in the entrance, a look of terror spread across their faces. You both chuckled, but chose to ignore their request.
“Have you finished cleaning?” you asked trying to change the subject.
“Yes, Mommy” said the two at the same time, as they seated themselves at the kitchen table, cleaning brushed still in their hands.
“Well done” you smiled, and kissed their foreheads.
You and Remus had two children. Eleanor, which was already thirteen and a nine-year-old Tommy. You both loved them endlessly, knowing, you would do anything for them.
As you proceeded to pour the melted chocolate over your cake, with Tommy eagerly wanting to participate in the procedure, you heard a loud screech coming from the nearby window.
Knowing it would be an owl, you asked Remus to get the letters.
Once he did, he put the stack on the kitchen counter and started to flip trough it. Suddenly he pulled one out, a frown quickly appearing on his face.
“Elle, there is a letter for you” he said, already turning in order to give it to her.
“Really?” she smiled, eagerly taking the white piece of parchment.
As soon as she opened it, she nibbled on her lower lip, a blush slowly covering her cheeks.
“Well, who is it from?” you asked, clearly intrigued by the situation.
“It’s from Steven” she mumbled quietly, her gaze still fixated on the letter.
“What Steven?” Remus asked, already hovering over her head, in order to read some of its content.
“What does he want from you?” he asked, as she shoved the piece of paper in her pocket.
You could feel the sense of protectiveness radiating from him. He often acted this way, especially if he was jealous, or when someone wanted to interfere in your family’s matters, without his approval.
He easily over exaggerated, so it was your job to bring him back to his senses.
“It’s probably nothing, love “ you said trying to calm him down “Right, Elle?”
“He only asked me to accompany him to Hogsmeade next week” she stated, regaining her courage.
“He did what?!” he shouted in disbelief.
“Remus, it’s only a date” you frowned and folded your arms across your chest.
“She is only 13!”
“That’s when we started dating too” you sighed and rolled your eyes at him.
“But that is not the point!”
“Calm down you two, he is not my boyfriend. For now, he is just a friend” Elle said, trying to somehow end the discussion.
“Eleanor, there is no such thing as female-male friendship” Remus said firmly, as he looked her in the eyes.
“Excuse me?” you raised your eyebrow in surprise “ So what were we?”
“Yes, we were friends, and you know very well what we did Y/N”
“What did you do?” Tommy said with an innocent voice, not really understanding what was going on.
“Nothing!” you blushed and glared at Remus “ So what, are James and Sirius my enemies?”
“Someone called me?” Sirius exclaimed as he and Marlene walked into the kitchen, carrying two containers filled with food.
“Sirius, thank Merlin! Can you help me with this one” you pointed at your husband, which all at once raised his hands up as if he had done nothing wrong.
“Moony why are you endangering your relationship?” he asked with amusement, and chuckled, as Remus gave him a betrayed look.
“He wants to put me in a celibate” Elle shouted, trying to get advantage of the current situation.
“You really are a small copy of your mother”
“She is not allowed to go out with anyone until I say so” Remus stated firmly
“Oh really, and when will be that?” Sirius teased.
“Never if I can help it. I’m going to owl Minerva. And you young lady don’t even think about going out with anyone” he stormed out of the kitchen, pretending not to hear the objections and groans, that left his daughters mouth.
“I will take care of it” you padded her arm and followed your husband, eventually ending up in the library. Of course, he would choose the library.
“Remus, what is going on?” you said as you closed the door behind you “It’s starting to be ridiculous, don’t you think?”
“It’s just…“ he started, as he collapsed on his favorite armchair "I don’t want her to get hurt. You know how it goes ”
“Listen, love” you came closer and started to rub his shoulders “You can’t help it. It’s a step in her life that she has to experience by herself, in order to learn from her mistakes, that she eventually will make”
“I know, but the thought of her, having her heart broken, is so terrifying.”
“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. Just let her live her life” You smiled, and kissed his cheek, sensing that you finally convinced him, to let it go.
"And do not even dare to write about such things to McGonagall” you said as you offered him your hand, in order to make him stand up.
“Yeah, I don’t really know what I was thinking” he laughed nervously and brushed a hand trough his gray hair.
Just as the two of you were about to enter back into the kitchen, you heard Sirius’s voice, coming from the inside.
“Don’t worry little one, when you will turn eighteen I will take you to a male strip club”
This time you and Remus were on the same side.

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nursey/lardo with 13 pretty please! or any ship you like if you don't want to do that one! thank you :))

I’m so sorry that it took me so long to get to this Nonnie; executive function is a bitch and a half. But I did it and I really hope you like it!!

A Kiss We Had To Wait For

“Nursey, why have you kissed everyone but me?”

Nursey looks over his drink at Lardo, startled, embarrassed, and more than a little tipsy. It’s their monthly Whine and Wine night, and he’s sitting at the table in the Haus with Lardo, Ransom, and Chowder, unwinding after a long few weeks of roadies and exams. They had been talking about make out sessions, Chowder and Ransom both admitting with liquor loosened tongues that Nursey was by far the best kisser they’d ever had. Nursey was going to suggest that they kiss each other when Lardo put two and two together and realized something Nursey was kind of trying to leave unacknowledged. Quite frankly, Nursey was terrified to kiss Lardo.

He had been harboring a little crush on her that liked to rear its ugly head. It only got worse when they got close and he was faced with just how incredible she was. He liked to bring her coffee just to see the little smirk she tried to hide, he loved to compliment her work with the most artsy, cheesy, romantic words he could think of just to see her try to deflect, her cheeks pink with embarrassment and flattery. She was brilliant, talented, gorgeous, with a killer work ethic and could party with the best of them, and Nursey felt that if he kissed her he might just fall in love.

Naturally, Chowder just had to mention who else Nursey kissed on the team and Lardo just had to call him out so now he either had to play it cool or tell her the truth.

“I mean,” he shrugged, “I never really thought about it. I can kiss you now.”

Lardo looked at him with her eyes narrowed just so and put her cup down. “Alright.”

Nursey could hear the sound of Ransom and Chowder’s squealing through cotton stuffed ears as Lardo stood up and walked toward him. He kept his eyes on her face, nervous as hell but up for the challenge; his hands tightened just so as she lowered herself smoothly into his lap, and cupped his cheeks.

“You sure about this?” He asked, running the hem of her shirt through his fingers to give his hands something to do.

“Well I have to see what all of the hype is about, don’t I?”

Nursey’s answering smile got swallowed in the soft pressure of her lips and it was everything and nothing he ever imagined. She kissed him like he was the only glass of water in a desert she was dying in, gripping his curls and pulling herself as close as she could be. She separated them for a breath and Nursey knew he wasn’t done having a taste. This time it was her smiling into his lips and her fingers gentle on his cheekbones made him feel like he was delicate and she was afraid that one wrong move would break him. Lardo pulled away from him grinning like he had never seen before and he watched as she refocused and realized with a blush that Chowder and Ransom were still in the room.

“Well, goddamn Derek.”

“Goddamn yourself, Larissa.”

[This fic was requested anonymously, SMUT AND FLUFF WITHIN. I hope you all enjoy it! :)]

  “Wake up,” I whispered.
  I was sitting in his lap and his right arm was slung over his face with the blanket. I had taken out his earplugs (it brought him a sense of comfort to sleep in complete silence, I suppose it was a result of always being around loud music and screaming fans) but he remained fast asleep. 
  “Jared, ohhhhhhhhh Jaaaaaaaarrrrrrrred,” I said in a hushed sing-song voice, but he merely grumbled. 
 I couldn’t help but smile as I leaned down and rested my cheek on his chest for a few moments. The steady sound of his breathing was almost enough to send me back into a blissful sleep but we had to get up if we were going to make our flight.
  I grazed his earlobe with my teeth and he shifted, “Jared, baby, you gotta get up,” I whispered, sitting back up.
  “Nibbling this early in the morning is not fair,” he grumbled and I suddenly got a face full of pillow.
  I nearly fell off the bed because I hadn’t been expecting it, but he grabbed my wrist and yanked me back so I lay sprawled on top of him.
  “Want to shower with me?” He asked his voice still thick with sleep. 
  “I’ll go start it, but you have to get up,” I moved, and he yanked me back again by my shirt which made me laugh.
  “Gimme a kiss,” 
  I stroked his beard and kissed him tenderly, squealing when he slapped my rear when I got up to go to the bathroom.


  The pressure of the water and the warmth of it felt nice on my tired muscles. I had finished washing my hair when Jared slipped in soundlessly. I felt his arms wrap around my stomach and I leaned my head back against his shoulder. His lips pressed against my neck and I reached back to stroke his long hair. 
  “How much time do we have?” He asked, and we switched positions so he could stand under the stream.
  “We should be out of the hotel in an hour, any later than that and we’ll be cutting it close.”
  I poured shampoo into my palm before reaching up and lathering it into his hair. It took me a while to notice but he was looking down at me intently with a warm look in his large blue eyes. That look made me feel mildly self-conscious, but it also made me feel like we were the only two people on the planet. 
  “I love you,” he said softly, with a small and tired smile. 
  I kissed him, before tilting his head back so I could wash out the shampoo. He liked it when I washed his hair on cold mornings when he was a sleepy bear, he said my hands were like magic in the morning (in every sense of the word, such a charmer). We switched places again so he could grab the body wash, and I couldn’t help but trail my hands up his torso and place a kiss/nibble on that wonderful neck of his. I had a weakness for it, what can I say?
  “How much time did you say we had, Y/N?” He asked, one of his hands moving to cup my breast. 
  “An hour,” I whispered, stroking his growing erection. 
  He pinned my wrists above my head against the cool tile and his lips found mine hungrily. There was no trace of exhaustion in either of us now, I always wanted him. Even when I had just had him, my body would burn and ache for him again almost instantly. He had awakened a desire within me that only he could quench, and he opened my eyes to a love I refused to ever be without. 
  “Quickly,” I whispered, guiding him into me.
  “No, it’s Y/N, I’d be happy to take a-”
  “Shut up, you idiot,” He laughed, before returning to the task at hand.
  I gasped as his hands cupped my rear as he lifted me, his teeth and mouth burning a trail along my neck and I dug my nails into his back. His thrusts were hard and followed a steady and delicious rhythm; he rolled his hips on a thrust which caused me to clamp a hand over my mouth as a violent moan escaped me. 
  “You like that?” He purred.
  “Fuck me,” I said breathlessly, and he was more than happy to oblige.
  His lips moved to my breast, I had grown rather fond of the roughness of his beard on my skin. The roughness of his beard in contrast to the warm and silky nature of his tongue made for a sinful combination. His teeth gently grazed my nipple and I jerked in his arms which elicited a guttural half-laugh half-groan which vibrated in his chest. 
  I could feel a pressure building within me and I jerked his face up to mine, I needed his mouth, I needed those lips. 
  “I’m close,” I said shakily between kisses. 
  His hand moved between us and his fingers found my clit, “Jesus, Jared!” his free hand covered my mouth and he laughed again. 
  “Come on baby, I want to watch you cum, I want to feel you cum,” he whispered, thrusting into me harder.
  I moaned into his hand, his fingers mixed with the deliciously full feeling his cock brought me sent me over the edge. My legs dropped from around his waist and I felt like jello. He simply placed gentle kisses on my lips as he washed my body and his before my mind came back to me. He turned off the shower.
  “You didn’t cum,” I said, my hand curling around his throbbing erection.
  He smiled, “It can wait, we’re in a rush remember?”
  Never taking my eyes from his I slowly lowered myself to my knees and licked the underside of his cock from his balls to the tip. He shuddered as I trailed my tongue along his veined shaft and swirled it around the tip of his penis. 
  “I thought we were in a rush,” he said thickly.
  “We better make this quick then,” I took him into my mouth, I could feel his thick and rigid penis in my throat and when I had him all in I flexed my throat muscles around him. 
  “Fuck, Y/N,”


  “Did you guys do the Home Alone rushed run through the airport? Please tell me you guys ran through the airport,” Shannon said as we all climbed up the stairs and into the jet.
  Tomo was already seated, he didn’t say anything but his smirk said it all and despite how many times over the years that they teased, I still blushed bright crimson.
  “We did not run through the airport, we weren’t even late,” Jared said with a smirk as he gave Shannon a gentle shove.
  “This is what I get for putting you in charge of waking up Jared, Y/N, you cheeky little thing,” Shannon playfully chastised us and I laughed lightly.
  “By all means, wake your brother up next time, I feel like it would be a less enjoyable scenario for you both though.”
  Tomo was up and storing my carry-on for me before I could lift it and I placed a kiss on his shoulder.
  “Thank you,”
  He gave me a wink and I sat down in the plush leather seat. Jared sat down beside me so Shan and Tomo were across from us. They sometimes spread out on the plane but they got to talking about the music, and they got lost in the conversation.
  I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up Jared had placed a kiss on the back of my hand and we were up in the air (Writers note: yes, that was on purpose). 
  “How long have I been asleep?” I asked groggily. 
  “About two hours,” 
  “A little tired out, are we?” Shannon said without looking up from his phone.
  I gave his leg a small kick and the corners of his mouth quirked up. I rested my chin on Jared’s shoulder and looked up at him. 
  “Are we going to stop in to see my family while we are in Cali?” I asked, and he turned his head to kiss my forehead. 
  “Of course, I just want to see mom first,” 
  “Did you show Jared the painting you got for her?” Tomo asked.
  “We picked it out together,” Jared and I said in unison.
  Shan looked at us with a smirk, “Of course you did.”

***Jared’s P.O.V*** 

  “You ever notice that you’re different when she isn’t around?” Shan asked.
  I looked up from the guitar strings. Tomo and Y/N had gone to help mom make dinner despite her protests. I was curious to know what Shan meant by that, his tone wasn’t teasing anymore. He looked calm and happy as he spoke but I still had to ask, 
  “In a bad way?”
  “Nah, I mean you’re still you. You’re still Jared when she isn’t around…”
  “But?” I drew out the word and waited.
  “But it’s like even when you’re completely occupied a part of you is off when she’s gone. I don’t even think you notice but you’ll reach a hand out as if waiting for her to come hold it, you’ll talk about her a lot or point out things she might like, and you’ll turn to smile at her and she won’t be there. You want her with you all the time,” Shannon said simply. 
  “And that’s wrong?”
  “No, not at all, I think it’s great. It’s weird how in sync you are sometimes but she is good for you. She has been good for all of us.” 
  I turned my head and smiled slightly when I heard laughter from the kitchen. 
  “Jesus, lets go help too then you sap,” Shannon sighed.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  Jared and I were laughing lightly over a story from his childhood he was telling me as we ate our black bean and avocado burrito bowls and mini black bean and sweet potato burgers. It was only when the story was over that we noticed Tomo whispering something to Constance. All three of them looked mildly amused as they watched us and I smiled at Jared’s mom. 
  “What?” I asked.
  “I didn’t think you two knew we were here,” Constance said with a warm laugh. 
  “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”
  “She’s saying you two are revoltingly adorable,” Tomo translated and I looked down in my lap where Jared’s large hand held mine and my blush deepened. 
  “Well, I’m going to go do the dishes, want to help?” Jared asked, but I was already rising. 
  “Can’t be separated for five minutes, can you?” Constance said, her tone light and teasing. 
  “We can, we just choose not to,” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my waist as we went into the kitchen. 
  I was grinning so wide it made my cheeks ache. 

Popular | Chapter 7

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: I really liked how this turned out! Hope you all do as well. The last few chapters are coming along. This should be finished before I start school again, so look forward to that! Feedback always welcome.

Warnings: Some cursing and a lot of mixed emotions. Feels, watch out.

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Originally posted by lethal-desires

Your True Feelings

The rolling clouds didn’t help at all with your plans to salvage what was left of your planned relationship. Nevertheless, you took a deep breath and gently placed the picnic cloth down. Even the red and white checkers seemed duller beneath the gray sky. Bucky sat down while you smoothed out the edges.

“Lovely day for a picnic, huh?” He joked. You chuckled through a tight smile. Things were so bad. You might have made up, but what was the point? No matter how hard you tried, there was no dispelling the rumors. Tons of messages poured in daily about how Bucky was cheating, and your ratings have only increased a little bit.

He helped you spread out some small dishes. “Seventh time’s the charm,” you hum. Your vibrant sundress was pooled around you, despite the lack of sun in the sky.

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anonymous asked:

aaa do you think you could do more alpha qui-gon and omega obi-wan whos happy just being himself? maybe something showing more of qui-gons possessive side? It can be fluffy or smutty whichever works, or really whatever youre feeling! ;w; thank you!

There’s a gentle but tight grip on his hand as he’s lead through the crowd, Qui-Gon agitation in their bond like a physical thing even as Obi-Wan holds on just as tightly to his alpha’s hand, trying to sooth him through the bond they share.

A slight relaxation of tense shoulders told Obi-Wan he had been partially successful but that the rest would have to come once they reached the cabin they were lodged into for the mission.

The moment the door closes behind them he’s swept into his mates arms and held tightly, Qui-Gon whispering nonsense in his own language into Obi-Wan’s hair even as one broad hand gently trails the bandage covering Obi-Wan’s head, growling when his fingers comes away moist with blood.

“Shh, I’m alright.” The copper haired knight whispered.

“Don’t.” Qui-Gon growled sharply. “Not now. Don’t start this now Obi-Wan.”

The tone makes Obi-Wan quiet as he soaks up his alpha’s attention, nodding against his shoulder. “I didn’t mean to get surrounded, I got caught off guard.”

“I know. I don’t blame you.” The older Jedi murmured.

“And I don’t blame you. You know I don’t blame you. You were protecting the kids from the raiders, just as you should.” Obi-Wan pressed his nose to the others shoulder then gave a low noise as he was picked up, quickly wrapping his legs around the others waist and his arms around the shoulders.

“I know. I just…I hate seeing you hurt Obi-Wan and when you didn’t get up instantly…for a moment…” Qui-Gon headed for the bedroom. “Doesn’t help that my rut is close.” He settled down on the bed with Obi-Wan on his lap, carefully touching the bandage again once his hands were free.

The sensation of cold healing entered it and Obi-Wan made a grateful noise, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the attention.

“I know love. I wouldn’t have reacted well if it was you.” He hummed out as he felt the flesh wound close all the way up.

“If that slug had been a few milime-”

“It wasn’t.” Obi-Wan opened his eyes, smiling at Qui-Gon. “Love, dearest mate, my Qui, it wasn’t. You are the one who tells me to live in the moment, so live in this moment with me.” He took the blood coated hand and kissed the fingertips gently before wiping them with a bit of his robe. “Live in the moment with me, as I breath air for yet another day and my heart beats only for you.”

Blue eyes softened at that before he pulled Obi-Wan forward to rest their foreheads together. “How did I get so lucky as to get a mate like you? My dearest omega.”

“I could ask the same.” Obi-Wan teased.

Qui-Gon snorted but said no more, resting his arms around the others waist.

Obi-Wan could stay forever like this, feeling the others warmth, smelling his scent and seeing his deep blue eyes and he would have happily if there hadn’t been a throat cleared from the door.

“So hi, your padawan here, the padawan who is not any danger towards any mates and just wants to hear if you two want the tea he’s made. The padawan, Anakin Skywalker, no rivals or danger or anything like that.” The blond chirped, staying out of the bedroom to avoid triggering Qui-Gon’s tenseness again.

Obi-Wan lifted his head and smiled at the fifteen year old. “Cheeky thing you are.”

“I’ve picked it up from you Obi-Wan. Are you alright?” The blond lost his grin and frowned, glancing between his master and brother padawan.

“Yes, Qui-Gon healed the wound the rest of the way that I hadn’t done. It was just a flesh wound. And you know how head wounds are.”

Anakin nodded at that then looked at Qui-Gon who had remained quiet. “Master?”

“I’m alright Anakin. Tea sounds lovely but will you give us a few more minutes? I’d like to change the bandage to something not…blood soaked. The wound is closed but I’d rather not have a infection set in.”

That got a nod out of Anakin again before he moved away to the kitchen again.

“…Well done, you didn’t growl at him this time.” Obi-Wan praised, smiling at his mate.

“Hey, that was one time just after he presented. It took a bit of adjustment that was all.” Qui-Gon argued.

“You know I view him more as my kit then a potential mate anyhow.” The copper haired man sniggered and shifted out of the others lap so he could find fresh bandages.

“I know but at the time…well recently presented alpha snuggling my omega. Time, I needed time.” Qui-Gon dug through the medkit while talking, finding the clean bandages and returning to his mate. “And you were so…” He softened, smiling at Obi-Wan.

“So…what Qui-Gon?” The knight hummed.

“Needy. My needy omega who didn’t mind letting me care for him. So strong yet soft in my arms.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly and continued slowly undoing the bloody bandage.

“I like it when you care for me. You make me feel safe Qui-Gon.” The knight grinned then hissed when the other carefully prodded the still pink scar. “Sore!”

Qui-Gon murmured an apology and quickly coated the bandage with some bacta before redoing the bandage and pressing a kiss to it. “There.” He whispered, feeling a bit better.

“There…now tea?”

“Now tea.”

So ive been writing down my bunsen and beaker ideas, but one of the ideas has been turning into a fanfic that’s taking a long time so i figured i’d give you one of the short snippet ideas in the meantime

(this idea is best visualized as a comic)

Beaker hums to himself as he sorts and restocks some shelves in the lab.
As he takes a few bottles from a cabinet, he notices a glass container that had been hidden near the back, and upon spotting it he freezes in place.
the faded label of the glass container reading

“Edible Paperclips”

Beads of sweat form on beakers face,
The view zooming in as Beakers expression intensifies more and more!
Until suddenly…
There’s an image of a nose-less Beaker, holding said detached nose in one hand.
His eyes full of tears and face face full of shame at having lost the battle of self control vs unhealthy snacks,
as Bunsen says

“Oh Beaker, you cheeky thing, did you get into the edible paperclips again?”

“Me meeee……” :’(

“Sigh, I’ll go get the nose glue”