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Hi there! Hope you had a good start into the new year :) I'd like to dwc-prompt 7 for Aurora and Barris ^_^

Hi @mapplestrudel! It’s been pretty good, thanks! How about you?

“I have never felt this way about anyone.” For Rory and Delsbels…. You cheeky thing… okay….thanks for the @dadrunkwriting prompt!

This is Barris POV kinda, a little different from how I normally write… I might have gotten a little weird… my brain feels a little weird at this point. Hope you enjoy. ;)

Nothing has been the same since she came into his world. His stressful, torn asunder, dismal world. He didn’t think that things could get much worse after the breach and the insurmountable number of casualties adding up due to it, and the blasted war. But Corypheus, the envy demon, and their repercussions were worse.

Far worse.

He wasn’t sure if commanding the reconstruction of the Templar order was a blessing or a curse. But he was bound to it. Unwavering. It was taxing, though. The most taxing stressful challenge he has ever faced. His days grew darker. He began losing hope that the world would ever be safe and just, again. No matter what, something sinister always lurks in the shadows, waiting to weaken his spirit further. The world is full of shadows.

And then Aurora.


He could say her name a thousand times and it would still bring him a blissful smile.

She has so much fire, so much spirit. She has made him feel things he never thought possible. He had reserved his life to one shrouded in death and decay. He dared not dream of a better life, until her light filled his days.

Like a small glimmering beacon, he spotted it in the night. He raced to it, even though it hid from him. However faint, he could still feel the light’s warmth. Slowly the glimmer grew, until he broke through to find the dawn. 

He found that however luminous, she was wounded, but he will heal her as she healed him. Now he is stronger.

Because now, he has the dawn. 

He has Aurora.

He has never felt love like this before.

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1, 14, 65

1. When did you lose your virginity? - December

14. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex? - Receiving tbh

65. What is your penis size? - You cheeky thing


Sam & Cait Answer Fan Questions (x)

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Actually Shawn's old blog is a true relic & such a gem. I scrolled through the whole thing a long time ago & it made me chuckle. He obviously knows it's still out there & I love that he hasn't deleted it. There are THE SWEETEST FETUS SELFIES ON THERE and then some half naked women & idk it's just such a random, relatable 14-y/o teenage boy blog. You'll have fun scrolling through it! :D

oh  my god… I swear that boy… *chuckles fondly* 

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Gurrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllrrrrrlllllll I just had phone sex like 3 times and I called him daddy and he called be baby girl/ good girl and I was like FUCK ME DADDY and it was AMAZING I just needed to share that. I hope you have an AMAZING DAY. Peace

You cheeky thing! I’m glad you had fun with that, hahaha. xx