you carry people. you carry me

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Midoriya Izuku:

Really taken by surprise! He knew his s/o was strong, but still! He worries a bit and keeps checking in to see if you’re okay - “are you sure i’m not too heavy??”

He definitely blushes when you pick him up and stutters your name

Keep a good grip on him because Izuku is most likely too embarrassed to even put his arms around your neck!! please don’t drop him by accident!

Izuku does enjoy it though, he loves being taken care of by people close to him (and taking care of them too!)

“I should be the one carrying you, though.” he says good-naturedly

If anyone takes any pictures, he’ll be super embarrassed but will look at them fondly later on

Bakugo Katsuki:

uh he’s really not very happy about this


Bakugo is actually really hard to carry in your arms because he squirms a lot while he’s yelling, so you have to have a really tight grip on him so that he doesn’t fall!

If any of your classmates see this, they will 1) take pictures to tease Bakugo with later and 2) laugh and tease him at this very moment

He yells at them but it’s more halfhearted, he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you while you’re carrying him

If you manage to carry him for like a full 3 minutes he’s going to calm down and just pout instead

Kirishima Eijirou:

Babe! You’re so strong! So manly!” He praises you non-stop

He puts his arm around your neck and is content to be carried around for a while and for everyone else to see

May or may not pretend to be a rescued princess. “Allow me to show you my gratitude, brave hero.” he says and then kisses you! sneaky

After you put him down he’ll pick you up in his arms, too, and carry you around twice as long as you carried him!

After this he’s not embarrassed to ask you to carry him again. “Babe my feet hurt can you carry meee”

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kayla im so happy for u!!!! how did u get this new outlook on life? i dont have really good confidence and it reflects on relationships/dating :/

hi babe! well I’d love to help if i can. the change started when i chose to believe in myself. i decided to change the things i wanted different (i hated my job so I got a new one, i wasn’t happy with my appearance so i lost weight). now that i have a job i care about i carry myself differently. now that i like what i see i carry myself differently. me carrying myself differently attracts a whole new energy. i can literally feel this energy. people from my past come up to me and tell me how bright and happy i look. this isn’t because im skinnier its because i like me more. when you like yourself you want things for yourself, when you want things for yourself you get them. it’s that easy. all it took was believing in myself. 

the first thing i told myself was: if someone was as mean to u as you are to yourself, would you still be friends with them? i didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. 


How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>
Lana Del Rey: Wild At Heart

Courtney Love: Is this the mysterious Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey: Is this the one and only Courtney Love?

Lana Del Rey: So, we could just talk about whatever… Like those burning palm trees that you had in the ‘Malibu’ video. I didn’t think they were real!

Courtney Love: Back when rock’n’roll had a budget, you mean? Oh my God, Lana, setting palm trees on fire was so fun. You thought they were CGI?

Lana Del Rey: Yeah.

Courtney Love: God, you’re so young. I burned down palm trees. In my day, darling, you used to have to walk to school in the snow. So, since I toured with you, I got kind of obsessed and went down this Lana rabbit hole and became – not like I’m wearing a flower crown, Lana, don’t get ideas – but I absolutely love it. I love it as much as I love PJ Harvey.

Lana Del Rey: That’s amazing because, maybe it’s slightly well documented, but I love everything you do, everything you have done – I couldn’t believe that you came on the tour with me.

Courtney Love: I read that you spend a lot of time mastering and mixing. Is that true on this new record?

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, yeah, it’s killing me. It’s because I spend so much time with the engineers working on the reverb. Because I actually don’t love a glossy production. If I want a bit of that retro feel, like that spring reverb or that Elvis slap, sometimes if you send it to an outside mixer they might try and dry things up a bit and push them really hard on top of the mix so it sounds really pop. And Born to Die did have a slickness to it, but, in general, I have an aversion to things that sound glossy all over – you have to pick and choose. And some people say, ‘It’s not radio-ready if it isn’t super-shiny from top to bottom.’ But you know this. Whoever mixed your stuff is a genius. Who did it?

Courtney Love: Chris Lord-Alge and Tom Lord-Alge. Kurt was really big on mastering. He sat in every mastering session like a fiend. I never was big on mastering because it’s such a pain in the butt.

Lana Del Rey: It is a pain in the ass.

Courtney Love: I think my very, very favourite song of yours – you’re not gonna like this because it’s early – is ‘Blue Jeans’. I mean, ‘You’re so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer’? Who does that?

Lana Del Rey: I have to say, that track has this guy Emile Haynie all over it. I remember ‘Blue Jeans’ was more of a Chris Isaak ballad and then I went in with him and it came out sounding the way it does now. I was like, ‘That’s the power of additional production.’ The song was on the radio in the UK, on Radio 1, and I remember thinking, ‘Fuck, that started off as a classical composition riff that I got from my composer friend, Dan Heath.’ It was, like, six chords that I started singing on.

Courtney Love: You have that lyric (on the song), ‘You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip-hop.’ Did you really grow up on hip hop?

Lana Del Rey: I didn’t find any good music until I was right out of high school, and I think that was just because, coming from the north country, we got country, we got NPR, and we got MTV.

Courtney Love: What I hear in your music is that you’ve created the world, you’ve created a persona, and you’ve created this kind of enigma that I never created but if I could go back I would create.

Lana Del Rey: Are you even being serious right now? I don’t even know if your legacy could get any bigger. You’re one of the only people I know whose legacy precedes them. Just the name ‘Courtney Love’ is… You’re big, honey. You’re Hollywood. (laughs) Touring with Courtney Love was, like, an Elizabeth Taylor diamond (for me).

Courtney Love: You know, I met Elizabeth Taylor. I was with Carrie Fisher at Taylor’s Easter party and she was taking six hours to come downstairs.

Lana Del Rey: I love it.

Courtney Love: I looked at Carrie and I said, ‘This is not worth it,’ and Carrie said, ‘Oh, yes it is.’ So we snuck upstairs and, Lana, when you go past the Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor as you’re sneaking up the stairs and it says ‘001’, you start getting goosebumps. And then you see her room and it’s all lavender, like her eyes. And she’s in the bathroom getting her hair done by this guy named José Eber who wears a cowboy hat and has long hair, and I’m like, ‘What am I doing here? I’m not Hollywood royalty.’ And the first words out of her mouth are, like, ‘Fuck you, Carrie, how ya doin’?’ She was so salty but such a goddess at the same time.

Lana Del Rey: She was so salty. The fact that she married Richard Burton twice – and all the stories you hear about those famous, crazy, public brawls – she was just up for it. Up for the trouble.

Courtney Love: You know what, darling? I started real early. I started stalking Andy Warhol before I could even think about it. And you kind of did the same, from my understanding. That ‘I want to make it’ thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lana Del Rey: No, there’s not. There’s nothing wrong with it when you do the rest of it for the right reasons. If music is really in your blood and you don’t want to do anything else and you don’t really care about the money until later. It’s also about the vibe, not to be cliched. And the people. I think we had that in common. It was about wanting to go to shows, wanting to have your own show – living, breathing, eating, all of it.

Courtney Love: Can I ask you about your time in New Jersey? Was that a soul-searching time?

Lana Del Rey: Oh, I don’t even know if I should have said to anyone that I was living in that trailer in New Jersey but, stupidly, I did this interview from the trailer, in 2008.

Courtney Love: I saw it!

Lana Del Rey: It’s cringy, it’s cringy. (laughs)

Courtney Love: You look so cute, though.

Lana Del Rey: I thought I was rockabilly. I was platinum. I thought I had made it in my own way.

Courtney Love: I understand completely.

Lana Del Rey: The one thing I wish I’d done was go to LA instead of New York. I had been playing around for maybe four years, just open mics, and I got a contract with this indie label called 5 Points Records in 2007. They gave me $10,000 and I found this trailer in New Jersey, across the Hudson - Bergen Light Rail. So, I moved there, I finished school and I made that record (Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant), which was shelved for two and a half years, and then came out for, like, three months. But I was proud of myself. I felt like I had arrived, in my own way. I had my own thought and it was kind of kitschy and I knew it was going to sort of influence what I was doing next. It was definitely a phase. (laughs)

Courtney Love: But you have records about being a ‘Brooklyn Baby’. You can write about New York adeptly and I cannot. I tried to write a song about a tragic girl in New York, going down Bleecker Street – this girl couldn’t afford Bleecker Street, so the song made no sense, right? (laughs) I did my time there, but it chased me away. I couldn’t do it because I wouldn’t go solo. I had to have a band.

Lana Del Rey: I wanted a band so badly. I feel like I wouldn’t have had some of the stage fright I had when I started playing bigger shows if I had a real group and we were in it together. I really wanted that camaraderie. I actually didn’t even find that until a couple of years ago, I would say. I’ve been with my band for six years and they’re great, but I wished I had people – I fantasized about Laurel Canyon.

Courtney Love: I wanted the camaraderie. The alternative bands in my neighbourhood were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. I knew Perry (Farrell, Jane’s Addiction frontman) and I went to high school for, like, ten seconds with two Peppers and a guy named Romeo Blue who became Lenny Kravitz. I remember being an extra in a Ramones video and he stopped by when he was dating Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show and it was a big deal.

Lana Del Rey: See? You didn’t really see that in New York. When I got there, The Strokes had had a moment, but that was kind of it. LA has always been the epicenter of music, I feel.

Courtney Love: LA is easier. People have garages. And then as you go up the coast, in Washington and Oregon people have bigger houses and bigger garages, and people have parents. I didn’t have parents, and you – well, you had parents, but you were on your own.

Lana Del Rey: Yeah. You know that song of yours (Awful) that says, ‘Just shut up, you’re only 16’? I think there are different types of people. There are people who heard, ‘What do you know? You’re just a kid,’ and then there are people who got a lot of support from the line, like, ‘Go for it, go for your dreams.’ (laughs) And I think when you don’t have that, you get kind of stuck at a certain age. Randomly, in the last few years, I feel like I’ve grown up. Maybe I’ve just had time to think about everything, process everything. I’ve gotten to move on and think about how it feels now, singing songs I wrote ten years ago. It does feel different. I was almost reliving those feelings on stage until recently. It’s weird listening back to my stuff. Today, I was watching some of your old videos and this footage of you playing a big festival. The crowd was just girls – just young girls for rows and rows. I was reminded of how vast that influence was on teenagers. And – going back to enigma and fame and legacy – you know, those girls who have grown up and girls who are 16 now, they relate to you in the exact same way as they did right when you started. And that’s the power of your craft. You’re one of my favourite writers.

Courtney Love: You’re one of mine, so, checkmate. (laughs)

Lana Del Rey: What you did was the epitome of cool. And there’s a lot of different music going on, but adolescents still know when something comes authentically from somebody’s heart. It might not be the song that sells the most, but when people hear it, they know it. Are you a John Lennon fan?

Courtney Love: When I hear ‘Working Class Hero’, it’s a song I wish to God I could write. I wouldn’t ever cover it. I mean, Marianne Faithfull covered it beautifully, but I would never cover it because I think Marianne did a great job and that’s all that needs to be said.

Lana Del Rey: I felt that way when I covered ‘Chelsea Hotel (#2)’, the Leonard Cohen song, but when I was doing more acoustic shows, I couldn’t not do it.

Courtney Love: I don’t have your range. I’ve tried to sing along to ‘Brooklyn Baby’ and ‘Dark Paradise’ and this new one, ‘Love’. You go high, baby.

Lana Del Rey: I’ve got some good low ones for you. You know what would be good, is that song, ‘Ride’. I don’t sing it in its right octave during the shows because it’s too low for me. But I’ve been thinking about doing something with you for a little while now. Then after we did the Endless Summer tour, we were thinking we should at least write, or we should just do whatever and maybe you could come down to the studio and just see what came out.

Courtney Love: When we were on tour, our pre-show chats were very productive for me.

Lana Del Rey: Me too. That was a real moment of me counting my blessings. I just wanted to stay in every single moment and remember all of it, because it was so amazing.

Courtney Love: Likewise. It was really fun coming into your room. My favourite part of the tour was in Portland, getting you vinyl that I felt you needed. (laughs)

Lana Del Rey: When you left the room, I was just running my hand over all the vinyl like little gems, like, ‘I can’t believe I have these records that Courtney gave to me, it’s so fucking amazing.’ And we were in Portland, too. It felt surreal.

Courtney Love: Yeah, I don’t like going there much but I went there with you. We have this in common, too: we both ran away to Britain. If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d live in London.

Lana Del Rey: If I could live anywhere in the world other than LA, I’d live in London. In the back of my mind, I always feel like I could maybe end up there.

Courtney Love: I know I’m going to end up there. I know what neighbourhood I’m going to end up in, and I know that I want to be on the Thames. I subscribe to this magazine called Country Life which is just real-estate porn and fox hunting. It’s amazing. OK, so, if you weren’t doing you, what would you do?

Lana Del Rey: Do you have a really clear answer for this, for yourself?

Courtney Love: Yeah, I would work with teenage girls. Girls that are in halfway houses.

Lana Del Rey: That’s got you all over it. I’m selfish. I would do something that would put me by the beach. I would be, like, a bad lifeguard. (laughs) I’d come help you on the weekends, though.

Courtney Love: Do you like being in Malibu better than being in town?

Lana Del Rey: I like the idea of it. People don’t always go out to visit you in Malibu. So there’s a lot of alone-time, which is kind of like, hmm. I’m not in indie-rock enclave Silver Lake but I love all the stuff that’s going on around there. I guess I’d have to say I prefer town, but I’ve got my half-time Malibu fantasy.

Courtney Love: The only bad thing that can happen in Malibu really is getting on Etsy and overspending.

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, woman… (laughs) Tell me about it. Late-night sleepless Etsy binges.

Courtney Love: Regretsy binges. OK, so, lyrically, you have some tropes and one of them is the colour red. Red dresses, scarlet, red nail polish… I kind of want to steal that.

Lana Del Rey: You need to take over that because I think I’ve got to relinquish the red.

Courtney Love: Well, I overuse the word ‘whore’.

Lana Del Rey: You take ‘red’. I’ll trade for ‘whore’. I’m so lucky.

Courtney Love: I love this new song ‘Love’.

Lana Del Rey: Thank you. I love the new song, too. I’m glad it’s the first thing out. It doesn’t sound that retro, but I was listening to a lot of Shangri-Las and wanted to go back to a bigger, more mid-tempo, single-y sound. The last 16 months, things were kind of crazy in the US, and in London when I was there. I was just feeling like I wanted a song that made me feel a little more positive when I sang it. And there’s an album that’s gonna come out in the spring called Lust for Life. I did something I haven’t ever done, which is not that big of a deal, but I have a couple of collabs on this record. Speaking of John Lennon, I have a song with Sean Lennon. Do you know him?

Courtney Love: I do, I like him.

Lana Del Rey: It’s called ‘Tomorrow Never Came’. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way, but when I wrote it I felt like it wasn’t really for me. I kept on thinking about who this song was for or who could do it with me, and then I realized that he would be a good person. I didn’t know if I should ask him because I actually have a line in it where I say, ‘I wish we could go back to your country house and put on the radio and listen to our favourite song by Lennon and Yoko.’ I didn’t want him to think I was asking him because I was namechecking them. Actually, I had listened to his records over the years and I did think it was his vibe, so I played it for him and he liked it. He rewrote his verse and had extensive notes, down to the mix. And that was the last thing I did, decision-wise. I haven’t mixed the record, but the fact that ‘Love’ just came out and Sean kind of finished up the record, it felt very meant-to-be. Because that whole concept of peace and love really is in his veins and in his family. Then, I also have Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd. He is actually on the title track of the record, ‘Lust for Life’. Maybe that’s kind of weird to have a feature on the title track, but I really love that song and we had said for a while that we were gonna do something; I did stuff on his last two records.

Courtney Love: Do you have a singular producer or several producers?

Lana Del Rey: Rick Nowels. He actually did stuff with Stevie Nicks a while ago. He works really well with women. I did the last few records with him. Even with Ultraviolence which I did with Dan Auerbach, I did the record first with Rick, and then I went to Nashville and reworked the sound with Dan. So, yeah, Rick Nowels is amazing, and these two engineers – with all the records that I’ve worked on with Rick, they did a lot of the production as well. You would love these two guys. They’re just super-innovative. I wanted a bit of a sci-fi flair for some of the stuff and they had some really cool production ideas. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. I mean, Max Martin –

Courtney Love: Wait, you wrote with Max Martin? You went to the compound?

Lana Del Rey: Have you been there?

Courtney Love: No. I’ve always wanted to work with Max Martin.

Lana Del Rey: So basically, ‘Lust for Life’ was the first song I wrote for the record, but it was kind of a Rubik’s Cube. I felt like it was a big song but… it wasn’t right. I don’t usually go back and re-edit things that much because the songs end up sort of being what they are, but this one song I kept going back to. I really liked the title. I liked the verse. John Janick was like, ‘Why don’t we just go over and see what Max Martin thinks?’ So, I flew to Sweden and showed him the song. He said that he felt really strongly that the best part was the verse and that he wanted to hear it more than once, so I should think about making it the chorus. So I went back to Rick Nowels’ place the next day and I was like, ‘Let’s try and make the verse the chorus,’ and we did, and it sounded perfect. That’s when I felt like I really wanted to hear Abel sing the chorus, so he came down and rewrote a little bit of it. But then I was feeling like it was missing a little bit of the Shangri-Las element, so I went back for a fourth time and layered it up with harmonies. Now I’m finally happy with it. (laughs) But we should do something. Like, soon.

Courtney Love: I would like that. That would be awesome.

Elrond: Hey, can you smith me a necklace?

Elf smith: Yeah sure. What’s it for?

Elrond: It’s no big deal. It’s just for someone to carry the One Ring to Mordor. You know how the One Ring slips away and betrays people a lot? If that happens this time we’ll all die. So yeah, that necklace for someone to carry it, please. 

Elf smith: 

Elrond: No pressure, by the way. 


If you prepare yourself for the day with intent and belief, you can literally dress yourself in magick! What you intend, what you believe, is so! 🌙

That body lotion – don’t just ‘apply’ it – infuse it with intent “This lotion is full of joy and positivity – I am absorbing the joy, I feel positive” 🌿😊

When you’re putting on your boots in the morning, do it with intent and 100% belief “These boots will carry me with confidence everywhere I need to go today” (or whatever you’d like them to do for you) 💜

You can carry this through to your make-up “This mascara will allow people to see the wisdom in my eyes”, or, “This mascara will give my eyes an irresistible beauty” – anything you want, make it so! 🌹🌟

That favourite pentacle necklace of yours? Don’t simply ‘put it on’ – as you fasten the clasp, “I carry with me the power of the elements – nothing can harm me today” 💫

It’s THAT easy to dress yourself in magick – so long as you believe it, you give the magick power.
As you will it, so mote it be! 🔮📜✨

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The Only Exception (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,725

Warnings: language, angst, self-reflection, discomfort, melodrama, mentions of trauma, fire, rescue (of secondary character), sad thoughts. I don’t know. I’m no Shonda Rimes, but, tread lightly.

A/N under the cut.

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I wrote things about you because you gave me the slightest bit of hope in this world, that despite the hurricane, there’s some good in this life. I wrote things about you because you gave me a little bit of love, or at least what I thought was love, and I wanted so much more. I wrote things about you because I wanted you to be different, I wanted you to give me the love that I gave you, I wanted you to stay…

But like all things in this life, the truth starts unraveling and all of sudden it hits you like a freight train - what was once there might’ve been just your imagination this whole entire time. And you feel foolish, because you gave your all and he gave you nothing.

And so I still write things about you, not because I still love you, but because I remember what it felt like to have someone drown you, scratching at the air just to catch a breath without even laying a finger on you. I remember what it felt like having all this faith in the world, but slowly one by one, physically seeing it start to get smaller and smaller until it’s just a piece of dust sitting in the middle of your palm. I remember what it felt like to see the light in your eyes, what it felt like to hear all those never ending promises, what it felt like to be loved.

And I remember how you left; not a word, not a sound, just footsteps out the door leaving me with a burning throat and cracks in my heart to carry on with.

Yeah I remember all of that. Doesn’t mean I love you, doesn’t mean I still want you. It just means you let me live, and it just means that I know how to survive when people like you come around next time.

—  c.f. // “i don’t love you anymore, but you’ll always carry a piece of me with you”

Penelope Bunce and hydrangeas. 

‘“I don’t know,” Penelope said when I asked her how magic feels for her. “I suppose it feels like a well inside me. So deep that i can’t see or even imagine the bottom. But instead of sending down buckets, I just think about drawing it up. And then it’s there for me - as much as I need, as long as I stay focused”’ - Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Thank you for all the lovely comments + reposts on my previous post! Means a lot :) 

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Simon // Penelope // Agatha // Baz

Thank you everyone for all your support and love this year. I’m so happy to have met so many amazing people in my life. 

It’s because of all of you that I was able to find the confidence and strength to carry on. So thank you so much. <3 I hope you all have a wonderful 2017~

opinions ooo (i couldn’t think of a title and this is long soz)

if you’re sick of seeing me writing massive essays with no capital letters, i’m sorry but i’m back baby. (i’ll put a read more in case you want to ignore me)

i’ve gotten some asks today and i thought instead of answering them separately i’d tie them all into one. it’s a bit of a jumble of thoughts really but i wanted to address them and i tried to remain as positive as i humanly can. I think the biggest one being: ‘do you think the fandom is hypocritical?’ which is a tough one to answer but i can try, so strap yourself in:

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Here’s a list of books releasing in 2017 that contain F/F or women who feel attraction and/or romantic feelings toward women/femme aligned people. Not all of these books have these relationships as the main one or the endgame so pay attention when reading the summary. If you are aware of a book missing you can reblog to add more. Send me a message if a book has been mislabeled.


Star-Crossed by Barbara Dee


10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac

27 Hours by Tristina Wright

A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo

Echo After Echo by Amy Rose Capetta

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It’s only twelve in the morning but I’ve already got a lot on my chest because I feel like I have something to say.

I don’t think a lot of people understand how it feels to produce content in a fandom whether that be a writer, an artist, an editor and etc. I know that there are a lot of people who do have one or all of these skills under their belt. I just want people to know how extremely hard it is to post a creation of yours out there. It’s really scary and it takes a lot of courage. I’ve even spoken to people who have wonderful ideas but have refused to post them due to fear of response. Fandom is something that I’ve talked about a lot and that was one of the main topics of discussion I had with a really wonderful friend of mine yesterday.

I had received a negative comment on one of my fics. It was definitely surprising at first because I had been really excited about this chapter. It’s dark, it’s not filled with the usual fluff that I do and I put warnings so people could know and avoid it. But I guess someone didn’t like it anymore which is more than fine as not everyone’s going to like the direction your story takes or the whole thing together. The comment was basically them telling me how my fic was doing what they wanted it to do. I think they were expecting some kind of fast romance where everything moves in the fifth chapter and the main couple are kissing and having sex in the sixth.

It really hurt.

Honestly, it did.

And it doesn’t really help when your mind is very fragile and anything could break it.

It hurts when you put a lot of effort into something you really love and feel proud about and someone comes in and decides to bulldozer that down. In fact, I was contemplating on deleting that chapter all together because it wasn’t what they wanted.

You see the problem there?

I was, for a few seconds, actually thinking about taking down the chapter I wrote and was happy with because one person hated what I decided to do with my fic.


I understand that some of people may feel the need to leave negative comments on a person’s fic or post or work but please don’t do that. The amount of questioning, doubt and hurt that a person goes through after that is really terrible. It can make a person want to or actually stop writing because that one person made them doubt their skill as a creator and made them feel like their work doesn’t matter if it’s not up to their standard.

Constructive criticism is fine as long as it’s done in a helpful way and not hate disguised as help. I know that a lot of people do that because they say they want to help. But that’s a double edged sword.

Of course being in a fandom and creating content is going to earn some negativity from people. People aren’t always going like what’s being created because they have strong views about a certain character, they don’t feel the same way you feel about a particular thing or they’re just dicks.

But it needs to be remembered, and this is so important, all those who produce content for fandom are people and they have feelings. They’re not robots who are here to do your bidding and create what you please. They have their own ideas and develop on those ideas which turns into the beautiful pieces of work that we continue to get from them for free. They don’t charge, they’re willing show us these creations because they’ve made them and want to share them with us. They’re proud of that work, have put hours into it planning and creating it, are happy to show it to the fandom because hey look, this is something I did and it’s pretty cool!

So don’t leave any form of negativity on someone’s work and don’t be that person who makes someone stop creating because they didn’t do something that you wanted them to do.

If you get the feeling:

  • Exit out of the work or close the tab. Block it and that creator if it’s bothers you that much.
  • Go talk about it with a friend so you can have somewhere to complain if a friend is up for that.

And if you don’t like the content that’s being made:

  • Find something that does have what you’re looking for.
  • Make your own content.

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Genre: fluff
Wordcount: 645  
Summary:  “I’ve never been great at drinking, I think. And Crowley, Snow, I think I’m a little drunk on you.”                                                 


I’ve never been great at drinking. I think it has something to do with the vampirism and my body just absorbing everything a lot quicker than regular people would. Snow is worse, however.

He’s just had his second shot of Vodka, and his cheeks are already flushed, eyes glinting. And he would probably kill me if he knew that most of the time I still call him Snow in my head.

I feel a warm flutter every time I look at him now. He’s half sitting, half sprawling on the grubby, old sofa that Penny brought to their London flat, and he’s listening to one of her stories about her trip to America that she has just returned from. Micah is sitting next to her, one of his hands absently resting on her plump thigh. He’s a nice bloke; quiet, with lovely dark skin and a pretty smile. They’re beaming, the two of them. I wonder if Simon and I beam like that, too.

Penny’s story is something about Florida and merewolves and alligators. I think it’s supposed to be funny, but I don’t really listen to it. My head feels fuzzy.

For a moment, I think back to my fifth year at Watford; the endless nights spent down in the catacombs. Back when Simon and I were still sworn enemies and all my dreams were of blood and gore and tears. And some sad wanking I wasn’t particularly proud of. Back when I thought that one day, I’d have to die at the hands of the chosen one. Or worse: kill him.

I would drink on those nights. I smuggled bottles of expensive brandy that father kept away in our family home cellar, where they’d collect a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. And then I’d sit there, next to my mother’s grave, casting “There’s light at the end of the tunnel!” just to brighten the crypt a little and grimacing at the irony of those words.

The first time I drank, I got wasted. In hindsight, I probably should have known that mixing roastbeef, rats’ blood, and brandy wasn’t going to end well. It was vile. Even for me.

I scoffed back then, wiping my mouth and trying not to breath in too deeply, staring at the glimmer slowly swirling under the ceiling, then at the drained rats. There’s light at the end of the tunnel” , I’d think. My ass!

In some of those nights, I’d crawl back into bed just before sunrise and lay there, listening to Snow’s slow, steady breaths, whilst my bed started spinning and my face felt numb.

I’d watch him; how the sun would slowly creep up on him through our windows (the idiot would never shut them, just to take the piss), and it would paint his mess of a hairstyle golden, red and orange. You’re burning me , I’d think. You’re the only fire I can’t figure out how to handle .

He’s still burning me now, even without his magic. Here in his living room, listening to Penny. And he’s laughing and grinning and just beaming .

Later into the evening, I kiss him on his forehead. Maybe on his cheeks and his nose and lips, too, just because I’m that weak. Or maybe just because I like kissing him there. He’s kissing me, too. And doing that nice thing with his chin, smoothing the hair off my neck and brushing his hands over my arms.

I’ve never been great at drinking, I think. And Crowley, Snow, I think I’m a little drunk on you.

The room is dark, but I see his face in front of me; so clear and bright that I’m almost sure that there has to be a little bit of magic left inside him. He’s incandescent.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel , I think, and I kiss him once more.

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anonymous asked:

do you mind making a list of all of sufjan's gay songs?

of COURSE i don’t!!!! this is the shit that fuels me!!!! in alphabetical order:

  • all for myself (the age of adz): is this an innocent love song about going hiking with your boyfriend and feeling a lil possessive? is it about stabbing your boyfriend to death out of jealousy? no one knows for sure, but either way, it’s inarguably about two guys in a relationship with hairy chests!
  • all delighted people (all delighted people ep): this song’s a giant puzzle but it has some lyrics that REALLY seem to be discussing homophobia (e.g. ”the world surrounds us with its hate"), then add that to the fact that he references the physical aspects of jesus and john’s relationship and speaks from the point of view of john about jesus in a decidedly romantic way, and we’ve got some homoerotic subtext on our hands!
  • all of me wants all of you (carrie & lowell): it’s unclear whether this song is about his mother or a relationship with a guy. i personally believe the former but people would yell at me if i didn’t put it on this list. most referenced for the latter interpretation is the line “and in this light you look like poseidon,” indicating an imposing masculine figure.
  • barcarola (you must be a christmas tree) (silver & gold): the lyric “so suddenly you kiss me, you tickle me / in front of your mother, who looked away / with her hands on her face” leads me to believe this one’s gay.
  • drawn to the blood (carrie & lowell): i don’t really feel comfortable citing this one as a Gay Representation Song!! because of the lyrical content, but see the lyric “the strength of his arm / my lover caught me off-guard.”
  • futile devices (the age of adz): simple short tender heartbreaking love song. one of my all-time favorites of sufjan’s and very explicitly about a man.
  • holland (michigan): the lyrics of this song are totally gender-neutral but the short story that went along with the song raised some gay flags. an excerpt: “We mowed lawns and stole flags from construction sites and kissed on the lips at the drinking fountain… We went around shirtless, even the skinny ones, even the fat ones, even the ones with terrific arms and shoulders.”
  • john my beloved (carrie & lowell): this song switches through a lot of perspectives and is about a lot of different things, but the setup of the song is pretty clearly a hookup after a bar visit, and given the rest of the lyrics, it’s almost certainly a hookup with another man. it also explores the dynamic between jesus and john in a not entirely un-sexual way.
  • kill (a sun came): an unhealthy gay relationship, crossdressing, horseback riding, and murder fantasies. what more could you ask for in a sufjan stevens song?
  • the owl and the tanager (all delighted people ep): i could go on about this song for hours. it’s absolutely tragic and beautiful and just trust me and go listen to it.
  • the predatory wasp of the palisades… (illinois): perhaps the most easily recognizable gay sufjan song. I Kiss Him
  • size too small (seven swans): i have been told that this song is about his high school girlfriend but i don’t buy it. to me it will always be about being the best man at your straight best friend’s wedding while being in unrequited love with him.
  • take me (sisyphus): i gotta admit i’m sort of including this as a joke but also sort of not because i have never heard a song that is more plainly about bottoming. just read the lyrics. the music video also includes sufjan being seduced by a hot shirtless dancing man.
  • to be alone with you (seven swans): also known as That Iconic Song About Jesus But Also Having An Affair With A Married Man
“Doctors Office Fun”  Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,786

Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: You have to go to the doctor after hurting your ankle, and man, do those X-Ray results take a long time to come in. 

Warnings: oral sex smut (fem. receiving), fingering, language, fluff

Originally posted by yourfavoritepieceofshit

“Agh!” You cry out, falling onto the floor of the motel room. Your ankle was throbbing in pain.

You just had finished a relatively easy hunt last night, and you, Sam, and Dean were planning on leaving today. You were staying in some cheap, sketchy looking motel off the side of the highway in Missouri, and you could not be more desperate to get out of there. Well, that was until you tripped over your own feet and hurt your ankle.

“What the hell? Are you okay?” Dean came running over to you.

“I’m great.” You say sarcastically. “My ankle really hurts.”

“Let me look at it.” He bends down and lifts your jeans up off your ankle. He touches it lightly, making you wince. “Sorry, sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s fine.” You sigh.

“I don’t think it’s broken but I’m taking you to the ER. Just in case.”

“Dean, we’re probably hours away from the nearest ER. And we can’t just up and leave, Sam is going to come back from that girl’s house eventually. Really, I’ll be okay.”

You get up and try to walk, but the slightest amount of pressure makes you lift your foot up quickly.

“You can’t even walk, ‘you’re fine’ my ass. There’s a town fifteen minutes away- they’ve got to have something.” Dean rolls his eyes. He walks over to the door and slides his shoes on, and then comes back and picks you up bridal style.

“Gotta say, never envisioned you holding me this way.” You grinned as he carried you to the impala.

“Gotta say, I have. Amongst other things.” He opened the passenger door and gently set you down on the seat.

You and Dean flirt like this all the time, but nothing ever comes out of it. It’s mostly just meaningless flirtation and you’re pretty sure he just thinks of you as a friend, which is fine. You won’t deny that he’s a very attractive man, and you probably would have sex with him, but you don’t have any deep feelings for him anything. You used to, but the more time you spent with him, the more you realized- he’s Dean freaking Winchester. You don’t even think he could be emotionally invested in a relationship even if he wanted to.

The drive to the town wasn’t that bad, besides the bickering of what Dean was playing on the radio. The town itself was pretty cute- it looked like a stereotypical small town. If you’re being honest, it reminded you of Gilmore Girls.

“There’s got to be some kind of doctor here.” Dean groaned, driving through the streets. So far, you’ve seen shops, restaurants, and houses, but no doctor.

“Here’s a great idea- look it up on Google.” You roll your eyes.

“I’m sure I can find it-“

“God, Dean, you’re so stubborn.” You grab your phone, typing In ‘Nearest Doctor’s Office.’ “There’s an urgent care five minutes away.”

“I could’ve found it myself…” Dean grumbles, but follows the instructions you give him anyways.

The parking lot was relatively empty besides a few cars, and you figured that they were most likely from the people working. Dean, being the knight in shining armor he is, carried you inside of the office and sat you down in the chair while he checked you in.

“Y/N?” The nurse came out into the waiting room, ready to take you back into your room.

“That’s me.” You say, and Dean once again carries you back onto the office. The nurse takes you into Room 1, and begins to take your vitals and such.

“So how did you manage to hurt your ankle?” she asks.

“Oh, she’s the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet. She was walking from the bathroom to the bed and she tripped over her own feet.” Dean laughed, teasing you.

“Whatever.” You shoot him a playful glare.

“You two married or dating?” The nurse smiled, asking you too.

“Just friends.” You say.

“Oh, okay.” She obviously didn’t believe you, but she went back to typing away on her computer. “So, we’re going to need an X-Ray. Once we get the results in, the doctor will come in and talk to you. The results can take up to an hour, though.”

“An hour? Really?” Dean groans.

“Ignore him. That’s fine.” You nodded.

She took you into the X-Ray room and it went by quickly. The radiologist took a few snaps of it and then your nurse helped you walk back to the room where Dean was. You hobbled over to the chair next to Dean, who was watching the TV very intently.

“The doctor will be back in here in an hour. If you need anything, push that button right there!” The nurse pointed to a button on the wall and closed the door behind her.

“What are we going to do for an hour?” You groan, leaning your head on Dean’s shoulder.

“Your nurse was hot.” Dean completely regarded your question. You roll your eyes and glance up on the TV, watching whatever was on. It was just one of those daytime talk shows, but it was better than nothing.

“Dean, can you help me back up to the bed?” You ask, getting uncomfortable sitting in the chair.

“Anything for you.” He flirts, and he puts his arm underneath your shoulders to help you get over to the bed. You’re about there when you lose balance, but you think quickly and land on the bed before you can fall on the floor. Without thinking, you pulled Dean onto the bed with you since your arms were already latched together.

You two were in a pretty compromising position. Your back was pressed up against the back of the bed, and Dean was on top of you, his face directly above yours.

“Damn, sorry.” You let out a giggle. He doesn’t make any effort to get off of you; instead, he looks down at you and smiles. You can feel him glancing at your lips, making you take a gulp.

“Did I tell you how pretty you look today?” He whispers, eyes locked on yours lips.

“I don’t think you did.” You whisper back, growing nervous. You’d imagined this happening several times, but never in a doctor’s office.

“Maybe I should show you instead…”

He presses his lips to yours ever so softly, as if to make sure you wanted to do this, too. You freeze for a moment, but once the shocked settles in, you kiss back.

You always imagined Dean to be a rough kisser. But this? This was full of passion, and damn was it good. He positions himself better on top of you, and you wrap your legs around his waist as he continues to kiss you, this time bringing his lips to your neck. The feeling instantly gave you the chills, but in the best way.

“Dean, someone could walk in.” You breathe out, but a part of you didn’t want him to stop.

“We have an hour.” He whispers against your collarbone. He sucks on it lightly, most likely going to leave a mark. He reaches his hand down to your jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them with one hand before slipping his fingers underneath, rubbing your clit.

“God, Dean,” you moan out. He pulls down your pants and underwear in one go, and inserts a finger inside of you. He pumps at an excruciatingly slow speed, making you whimper.

“Dean, go faster.” You try to buck your hips against him, but he pins them down, smirking at you.

“Someone’s eager.”

He lowers himself down to your stomach, pulling off your shirt and leaving you in just a bra. He trails kisses down your stomach, and then in your inner thighs. He knows he’s driving you crazy, and he seems to be enjoying it.

“Dean, please.” You beg. He finally places his mouth on your clit, making you moan in pleasure. He started off slowly, giving you kitten licks, before speeding up his pace. He inserted another finger inside of you, pumping just as fast as he was eating you out, and it was making you a moaning mess.

“Baby girl, you’ve got to be quiet. You don’t want to be caught, do you?” He smirks, and speeds up his pace. You clamp your hand over your mouth to hide your moans that you can’t stop from escaping- he was that good.

You feel the familiar heat building up, indicating that you’re close.

“Dean, I’m close,” you pant out, and he enters a third finger. That was it for you.

You released yourself all over his fingers, and it was the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. No one has ever been that good at that as Dean.

“Fuck,” you say as you ride out your high. He pulls out his fingers and removes himself from between your legs, reaching over for a paper towel to wipe you off.

“Did that make you feel better?” He asks.

“Immensely.” You admit. “That was amazing.”

“You have no idea how damn long I’ve waited to do that.”

You pulled your pants and underwear back up, and you put your shirt back on your body. Dean’s hardness was pressing tightly against his jeans, showing off how turned on he was. You grab onto his shirt, pulling him down so you can kiss him again. You move your hand to his erection, palming him through his jeans.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Dean groans. You begin to fiddle with his belt, attempting to take it off before you hear a knock at the door.

“Hold on!” You say quickly. Dean hurries to fix his belt and he runs back over to the chair, obviously flustered.

“Come in!” You call out. A man dressed in a white coat comes in, presumably the doctor.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Ramirez. So we have the results of your X-Ray…”


“Jesus Christ, I had no idea that doctors could talk so much.” You complain once you get in the car. You had sprained it, nothing too serious, but you did need to keep your weight off of it for about a week, and he suggested just resting it.

“Right? Sitting there with a hard-on was not fun.” Dean whined, starting up the impala.

“Speaking of, I believe that I do still owe you…”

“We better get back to that motel right now.”

You don’t think you’ve ever seen Dean drive that fast in your life.


[Summary]: After finding out that your boyfriend Bucky had a one-night stand, your world came crashing down hard and you walk out of his life. Will you give him a second chance? Or will you leave him feeling incomplete?

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader (Steve is mentioned)

[Warning]: angst… SO. MUCH. ANGST. um.. there’s also mentions of cheating, drinking and a tiny bit of swearing.. also a teeny-tiny bit of abuse

[Word Count]: 2,295 (This is the longest one I’ve ever written! Damn, this got really wordy…)

Requested by: @ouatalways

Tagging: @bovaria @marvel-ash @just-call-me-mrs-captain @dividedwecantfall @buckysmetallicstump @mellifluous-melodramas @avengerofyourheart @buckyslion @metalarmproblems @marvelingatthewonder @beccaanne814-blog @mcuimxgine @capsbuchanan @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @that-sokovian-bastard @hellomissmabel @abovethesmokestacks @maybe-mikala @violentlyfarts @hymnofthevalkyries @after-avenging-hours @buckys-shield @buckysberrie @callamint @redgillan @whotheeffisbucky @candyrogers @blueeyedbucky @tragicalchemist @marvelous-fvcks @professionally-crazed @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @fanfic-shiz @i-dont-know-how-to-write @iwillbeinmynest @theassetseyeliner @lilasiannerd @aubzylynn @ourpeachskies

A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yea, here we go again with more Backstreet Boys music but this song just fit this request so perfectly. I have no shame for making you listen to their music… [x] Also, I’m so, so sorry about the tiny bit of abuse that I put in here. I DO NOT condone that kind of behavior in a relationship (I have seen it happen and it scared me) I’m also sorry for Steve being a complete jerk in this…

Originally posted by jugheadcami

One hour. One grueling, heart breaking hour is all it took to make the last two years fade into the dark.

You found out from Sam’s roommate, who also happened to be one of your best friends, that your boyfriend and a few of his friends had gotten drunk at a party that Sam threw at his apartment. Even though you were also invited to the party, you had to work that night but you told Bucky that he could go without you. Worst decision you ever made.

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The Signs as @wolfpupy tweets

@ TheSignsAs || IG

Aries - there are few things in life that can’t be achieved with occult dark magic

Taurus - my lights aren’t all on upstairs because i am saving energy, just doing my bit to help the planet, not that you’d know anything about that

Gemini - tired of trying to figure out how to solve problems? try simply ignoring them forever instead

Cancer - im 5 weeks old and i dont care about anything

Leo - yeah i looked both ways before crossing the street, i looked both ‘handsome’ and 'radiant’, too bad i got hit by that car

Virgo - in video games you can carry x99 of an item while in real life you can mostly carry not that many

Libra - life has never gone well for me but thats all about to change now that i have an idea for a new type of hair style

Scorpio - i am going to lay completely still on the forest floor until either things start going my way or i disintegrate into nothing

Sagittarius - once again i am not included in the list of the world’s most successful people because of my complete lack of success, bias at its finest.

Capricorn - thats cool. oh that wasn’t a response to what you said i was just noting that it’s cool that i wasn’t listening or caring

Aquarius - talking was invented when humans heard howling and decided to do that but with the beautiful and interesting qualities removed

Pisces - one of these days i will float up off into space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa