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KC + Klaus as evil Genie, or spirit if you like

  1. Klaus was cursed to be a genie because he’s a fucking asshole. Like legit, this dude deserved to die.  He’s lucky the witch decided to make him a genie instead.  Like, JFC, Klaus, why are you the way you are?
  2. Caroline comes across the lamp by accident in a thrift shop.  She wouldn’t even be there, except that  Bonnie likes crappy retro stuff, and she doesn’t even know why she takes the lamp it totally clashes with her decor.  It’s hideous.
  3. When Klaus appears  to her the first time, he tries to seduce her, thinking to speed up the whole “wish-me-free” process, because he’ll probably never get a better chance than some naive college girl.  Caroline throws the lamp out. (Of course, it reappears… but it teaches Klaus a lesson)
  4. There are worse things than an asshole genie out there.  Caroline seems to attract them all, and JFC Caroline, how do you end up with an actual minion of hell as a BFF? (Enzo, of  course)
  5. Klaus spends 90%  of his time saving Caroline because she keeps helping these people that don’t deserve to be helped, and HOW IS IT THAT SHE’S ONLY USED ONE WISH?! HE SHOULD BE MANIPULATING  THIS AND HE CAN’T!!
  6. (Bonus) Basically the whole thing is Caroline saving the world with her very done genie sidekick who  is totally in love with her, only he fails at emotion.

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A Hannibal romcom trailer, because I am trash

  • Stefan: *gives Elena a necklace as a gift*
  • Elena: *loves and cherishes the necklace*
  • Elena: *worries about the necklace when she loses it*
  • Elena: *necklace reminds her of Stefan after he leaves with Klaus*
  • Damon: *finds a necklace*
  • Julie Plec: wow what a beautiful and touching delena moment. Its the symbol of their everlasting love.