you cant win em all

tfw you love a Thing and your Friends but sometimes the two just don’t mix

Angry Tumblr Post

Boy i sure do wish the birdflash tag had more actual content and less Relatable OTP Posts uwu™ that the person posting them just tags with 400 other ships and that aren’t even really about this ship but hey you cant win em all i guess

im glad yall liked my inktober michael scott i drew dwight & jim today but it looks Bad im not posting it here lmao…jim is like quaintly Cartoony but dwight looks way too…Realistic or something kajdfhgsdfg its funny & i impulsively posted it on instagram without thinking and now i cant delete it for awhile 2 save face. you cant win em all boys

my manager told me i was too tall to work the counter because i “couldnt fit in the building” and to just go outside and be a sign spinner. i immediately aimed my gun at him and told him i would report him for height discrimination. he didnt care and even though i sent in a report for this, the official T-Mobile™ headquarters didnt back me up. looks like today was a loss, but i still love my phone company anyway