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//asks for fashion tips

Kitzom: You gotta bring out the gun show Coran my man.

mermaid au sentence starters


“Are you poisonous?”
“Can I try to pick you up?”
“How is your hair so soft?”
“Why don’t you get pruney?”
“Can you be eaten like sashimi?”
“Have you ever fought off a shark?”
“You’re even prettier than legends say.”
“You speak our language surprisingly well.”
“I thought mermaids were supposed to be pretty.”
“Here, taste this. It’s a human drink called alcohol.”
“Is it true that you can erase memories with a kiss?”
“Wait! Please don’t leave! I’m not going to hurt you!”
“If I fall in love with you, does that mean I’m into zoophilia?”
“If you could get rid of your tail for legs and feet, would you?”
“So, like… were you hatched from an egg? Or born like a shark?”
“Should I build a house on the beach so we can always be together?”


“Do I scare you?”
“Your bathtub is too small…”
“Go ahead. You can touch me.”
“You have to stop coming here.”
“People are coming. I have to go.”
“Can you take me back to the ocean?”
“Why is there an eel between your legs?”
“Why is there a clam between your legs?”
“My scales are sharp. Please don’t touch them.”
“Did you really go out and buy me a kiddy pool to lay in?”
“I’m not just a fish. Stop treating me like I’m beneath you.”
“I’m getting dehydrated. Can you spray me with the hose?”
“Can you stop staring at me? You’re making me uncomfortable.”
“I cant live on land, and you cant live in the water. We cant be together.”
“If I leave the ocean for you, and you fall out of love with me, I’ll die. You have to know this.”
“That’s not a pool. That’s a deep hole with muddy water. You cant expect me to swim in that.”

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Hello~.I find requesting really scary, and thus have never done so before.But ever since you wrote the mermaid minhyuk au I've craved one for kihyun.The mermaid au was so fricking cute and it still pops into my head whenever I get a notification of a new post you've made.I know you have so much going on,but if you'd ever considered making a mermaid au(or perhaps even a siren au because kihyun voice <3)for kihyun I'd be the happiest follower ever ^_^. Your writing is pure love on so many levels

mermaid aus are getting so popular hehe!! here’s kihyun~
find mermaid!minhyuk (here)

  • has always been the best singer among the mermaids in his part of the ocean and he’s really really proud of his voice
  • has a tail that is a shimmering yellow with teal hints at the tips of his fins
  • wears a necklace of really pretty shells around his neck that was passed down to him from his mother
  • teaches the younger mermaid kids how to sing on key,,,,it’s really cute but he’s apparently a tough teacher LOL
  • ok,,,but in this au,,,,kihyun’s hair is long,,,,,like to his waist,,,,imagine,,,,
  • is actually kind of scared of land,,,,he doesn’t like sand and humans sorta scare him,,,,,,just because they seem so loud and not a good loud like a Bad loud
  • so he tells the kids he teaches to stay away from the surface if they can,,,,the ocean is home
  • and u well u have always been scared of deep ocean water
  • ur fine walking a bit into the shore,,,,just till ur covered to the knee,,,,anything deeper tho and ur running back to land because like WHO knows whats in there,,,,,sharks??? monsters???? those fish that puff up and can spike u to death???? no thanks
  • but one morning as ur collecting shells on the shore u hear,,,,,,,a voice??? a singing voice???
  • but it’s,,,,it’s more than just a person singing a song,,,,it’s much more,,,,,smooth and beautiful???
  • the melody seems to flow even tho it’s just a voice with no instruments???? 
  • and u can’t help it but u feel urself drifting toward that voice and u find urself on the boardwalk,,,,walking right to the end and looking down into a net cast into water,,,,,except,,,,,,,,,,,there’s someone in the net????
  • the voice is coming from them and u squat down to see a boy,,,,eyes shut tight,,,,but it’s obvious he’s the one singing and u wonder briefly if he’s singing to calm himself down
  • but then,,,,,u see it
  • the tail
  • yellow and glistening against the harsh dark netting and helplessly splashing around
  • and u think for a moment u must have hallucinated it. that the boy is stuck,,,,with a bunch of fish,,,but that makes no sense because as ur eyes travel up the tail u see the torso of a human,,,the chest of a human,,,,the neck of a human,,,,,,,,and the singing stops because u lock eyes with the boy whose opened them
  • and his hair,,,,,,all thrown around his face and tangled in the net too doesn’t shield the way his eyes get big in even more fear
  • and u dont know what to say so all u can blurt out is “are u stuck?” which is redundant because of course he’s stuck but,,,the boy just freezes
  • and ur like “do,,,,can you understand me???? i think ur stuck???”
  • u bend down a little and put ur hand on the net,,,trying to figure out where it has been tied closed but u cant find it and the boy shakes a little and ur like “i ,,, i won’t hurt you!! i heard ur pretty singing and,,,,,,ill get u out before the fisherman come ok i promise!!”
  • and ur words seem to work because he stops squirming and suddenly,,,he goes “will you set me free?” and ur surprised because he speaks ur language but u nod and ur like “ill get u out and u can go back int,,,into the ocean!!”
  • and he nods but he’s also like “the opening is under me,,,u need to jump in the water.”
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,,jump?,,,,,,it’s deep,,,,i,,,,,,,,cant
  • and he’s like why not and ur like,,,,the water scares me,,,,,,,and kihyun for the first time looks at u and instead of thinking u want to hurt him or that ur some loud human,,,he hears ur voice get smaller and ???? to him theres nothing scary about water it’s land that scares him but,,,,here u are
  • and he’s like “there’s nothing here,,,it’s not scary,,,,,i promise,,,,” and u swallow because u havent been in deep water for a while,,,but u also know if u dont hurry the fisherman will come and find him
  • so pushing your anxiety down u do ur best to slip one foot in,,,,pulling it back until u hear his voice again,,,,,,so angelic go “it’s ok,,,there’s nothing but water.”
  • and u nod and finally u slide ur whole body into the water off the boardwalk and with trembling hands u start to feel down the netting and with one breath u dunk ur head under water when u feel the knot and try to work as fast as possible
  • with it finally undone u come back up and feel ur heartbeat go crazy,,,the fear coming back and kihyun wiggles until he’s free and u pull the netting off him too but before he leaves he pauses himself
  • seeing ur shaking shoulder and suddenly he wraps an arm around you and lifts you into his arms and ur like “what-”
  • with a slight jump out of the water he manages to push you back up onto the boardwalk and he’s like “thank you,,,,for helping me - um,,,,-”
  • and u tell him ur name and he’s like “im kihyun,,,,” and ur still shaken up from being in water and ur looking at him in disbelief
  • and he’s like “i,,,,,,,will a song calm u down?” and u blink but nod and,,,,there it is again
  • that voice that lead u to him,,,,so beautiful and flowing
  • and as u sit there shivering on the boardwalk,,, kihyun reaches out his hand from the water and u take it,,,,letting him sing until ur shivering has stopped
  • and u and him just look at one and other,,,,and kihyun can’t believe it,,,,,that there are humans,,,,,
  • that looks so,,,,,,,nice
  • and even in ur fragile state ud jumped into water and saved him and,,,,,kihyun doesnt like being wrong but ,,, maybe not all humans are bad and he suddenly hears something and lets go of ur hand and is like i must go,,,,,,but i owe u my life,,,,,,,,,,
  • and u seem to forget ur fear for a second because u lean over,,,, over the boardwalk and ask if ull see him again
  • and kihyun hesitates,,,,but he can feel his heart is telling him to say yes not only because u saved him but because,,,the color of ur eyes and ur hair in ur face and the gentle touch of ur warm skin against his had,,,,,,,done something to him
  • so he says yes,,,,that he’ll visit u again and ull be able to tell because he’ll sing the same song,,,,,,,,
  • and ur like ill be waiting and kihyun dives back in,,,his yellow tail is the last thing u see of him glimmering as it disappears and u wonder that the ocean may be scary
  • but it’s also full of beautiful mermaids like kihyun,,,,,,,,it can’t be that bad
Surprise (5/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Marvel MasterList

Surprise MasterList

You didn’t chase after Steve, even though you know you should have. Its been about a week since he told you he loves you , and hes said less than 10 words to you since.  You’ve fought yourself everyday since, going back and forth on whether you should just corner him and tell him you feel the same; but you cant seem to bring yourself to do it . Whatever enchancement you apparently have, still hasn’t shown itself. Every day brings a new wave of anxiety , and slight excitement though. You’re worried it will be something dangerous, but on the otherhand, it could be cool and useful to help others.  You just wish it would surface already .

  You’re sitting on the couch , sitting between her and her brother ,as you guys watch Supernatural . Suddenly , Wandas body tenses, and she leaps off the couch .
“ Pietro take Y/n, and go to the hideout Tony showed you . ” she says , her hands clutching her head.

 What hideout?! “ Wanda whats-”

“ Ross is here, looking for you two.”  Oh fuck . 

Originally posted by bastilashans

  No one outside of SHIELD and the avengers was to know of TAHITI , or that you and Pietro are back . Ross and he team of kiss asses seem to think that since SHIELD has re appeared since DC, they own them . Which is wrong, SHIELD is independent. They didn’t want to inform the government, the risk of HYDRA having double agents was too high . Somehow , it was leaked though , which isn’t good for you .

Pietro takes you in his arms, speeding away . When you’re set on your feet, you look around to the “hideout” . It was a small room ,computer screens taking up an entire wall , with a couch placed infront of them .

“ FRIDAY , whats going on?” you ask ,

“The Government was made aware of your existence, Ross is here to take the both of you to a government confinement center. ”

“ Do we know how the cat got outta the bag?”

“ Not yet Miss.”
 " Cross reference sign ins and facial recognition for the Tower, the SHIELD compound we were kept at before, and government employees. It has to be someone that is cleared to be in all three places if they know about us. “

"Right away Miss Y/n.”

 You and Pietro watch the screens as Ross confronts the team , you turn the volume up , which is a big mistake .

“ You found loopholes to legally get the Captain, and his team of fugitives back , its not happening again. I know that they are here, and we aren’t leaving with out them . If you stand in the way , you will be arrested . ” What a prick . 

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 " SHIELD isn’t under your authority anymore, what they decide to tell you is their decision . You have no right-“

” You have one minute to give them up, or you will all be taken in"

You send Fury , Hill, and Coulson a text, informing them of the situation . When you look back up to the screen ,you see handcuffs being put on the team .

“ No !” you gasp, you go to the door, but Pietro stops you .

“ Draga we cant-”

“ like hell we cant . I’m not letting them do this!”

 Ross’s voice makes you turn your attention back to the screens, he is standing infront of Bucky as another officer aggressively slaps cuffs onto him .

“ Ive been waiting a long time to get you Barnes. You’ll be where you belong, confined behind bars in the middle of the ocean . Steve wont be able to save you again. " 

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Your blood boils at his words, you feel a foreign feeling wave through your body .

” Get me up there now Pietro.“ you snap. He obeys, lifting you and racing you both up to the conference room . When you arrive in the room ,you see Steve being punched, then forced onto his knees infront of Ross.

The same unfamiliar wave goes through your body , but 20 times stronger this time.

” Step away From him Ross. “ you growl . All eyes turn to you now, Ross’s light up when he sees you .

” Nice of you to join us -“

” Y/n, get out of here .“ Steve warns. The officer behind him kicks him in the ribs.  Oh hell no.

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” Draga your hands!“ Pietro gasps.

You look to your hands, seeing sparks of of purple and blue shooting from your fingers . You catch a glimpse of youself in the glass doors, your eyes turning bright purple .What in the hell? You hear Steve grunt in pain ,the sparks getting larger from your hands .

” Go get the others back P . “ You say to him , nodding towards where the officers are dragging Bucky .You turn to Ross,your sparks flaring , "You aren’t taking anyone Ross ”

“ You will be leaving with us; both of you .”

“ I don’t think so . ” you say with a smile.  Please work how I need you too, please for the love of everything. 

You wiggle your fingers, the sparks following.  

“ You don’t have a choice. ”

“ But I do . Get the hell out before I make you .  ” you growl. Ross lets out a dry laugh ,

“It doesn’t work like that-”

 You push your hands forward, aiming them at the officers standing besides Steve . The sparks shoot from your hands, going right to them  . Their bodies vibrate from the shock, sending them to the floor with groans. 

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“ Unless you want your entire team fried, get the hell out . "  you snap .  You wiggle your glowing fingers at him as a warning.

” I will be back for you  . Don’t think you can get out of this.“  Ross threatens you as he directs his team to leave.

” I don’t doubt it . But come back at you own risk. “ you say , sending electricity  next to his feet.  You turn back to Steve, watching as he rubs at his wrists.

” Are you oka-“

Steves lips are on yours instantly, slightly startling you . You begin melting into him , your lips moving with his .

Originally posted by feathershadows

As you do however, you feel the familiar wave go through your body , before you can stop it you feel your lips spark against Steves, sending him fliying backwards. You gasp, your hands going to cover your mouth . 

” Steve !“

” I’m okay.“ he says weakly ,the others enter the room and Bucky goes to help Steve up right away .

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” Looks like your enhancement is pretty handy , sparky.“ Tony says with a grin . All you can think about is how a tiny spark just sent Steve flying .

 The fear must be evident in your face, Steve steps forward, going to cup your cheek.

” Y/n, I’m okay-“ before his hand comes in contact with your skin you stumble away from him ,

” Don’t .  I cant- I don’t know how to control it .“ your words come out frantic, tears pouring from your eyes.

The team shares concerned looks as they witness your hands beginning to spark again . The sparks seem to grow even more violent and wild the more upset you get .  You shut your eyes tightly, falling to your knees as you quietly beg the sparks to stop .  What the hell is happening to me?


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Chantilly Lace: You know, you are shilly!” You are perfect and you don’t even know it.

Merlot: I am not perfect. 

Chantilly Lace: Oh yes you are! You make me feel things too! Things that I never thought I’d feel.

Merlot: Oh yeah? Like what?

Chantilly Lace: Like… you make me not afraid anymore! I could run into the ocean right now, and wouldn’t be scared!!

Merlot: Huh?

Is it the quiet awe that builds in your lungs and throttles you twice over, clawing out your mouth still wet with blood
Is it kids holding lighters that promise blazes of glory in shiny little sparks on a wood-chip playground during a drought
Is it skulls that got scorched black in a warehouse fire and broken with a baseball bat and made into planters
Is it teeth clenched shut to hide secrets behind them that try to get out anyways
Is it lying to yourself during a thunderstorm because you cant stop singing funeral dirges
Is it kissing him because he’s bleeding out on a sidewalk downtown
Is it memorizing his freshly pounding pulse despite the sirens and holding him like the world is falling apart
Is it a gun painted gold that he gave to you when he first kissed you
Is it the scar on your hip that he gave the day you two met
Is it blood on the sidewalk on the highway medians in the rivers and oceans in the desert sands and still dripping from your every word
Is it black skulls and golden guns in the commercial district downtown

Is it enough?

my evangeline,

you text me sometimes. i sometimes text back. it’s vague, and you know im spewing bullshit but you know better than to pry.

i want to call you. i want to facetime you. i want to look at your smile and i constantly think about greg hes always on my mind greg greg greg greg greg greg greg

has he seen you naked?

have you seen him naked?

does he realize how lucky he is?

does he treat you right?

does he get you dunkin donuts and not starbucks?

when he gets you a shake, does he make sure there’s no cherry on it?

do you smile at him the way you smiled at me? do you have a smile as peaceful as the calm ocean? do your eyes flutter shut as you laugh at whatever joke he makes fuck i cant ever stop fucking thinking about it its plaguing my mind

do you realize how fucking hard it is for me to not fucking drink at the mere thought of you not laying with me in bed? i started making tally marks on my phone or on paper or anything that i can document.

at the end of one day, i had roughly 300-400 tally marks, spread across papers and my skin and my phone.

400 thoughts about you, and not one drop of alcohol to silence it.

i don’t know whether to feel proud, or fucking stupid because i want the memories to stop.

-the guy who vowed to be your guardian angel

“'Cause you cant stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky. You can wonder if you wanna but I never ask why. And if you try to hold me down, I’m gonna spit in your eye and say that you cant stop the beat!” Niall sang as he walked towards the local Starbucks, his earphones in, his jacket on and a hat that covered his now brown hair. He had to admit that he was nervous, being here wasn’t just for fun, sure he wanted it to be, but he was being forced to be here, otherwise his life would crumble right in front of him, with no way of being salvaged. He needed to keep his secret safe, he needed to keep his brother happy. So, Niall did his best to keep his happiness at bay. He bumped into someone, and smiled brightly when he saw who it was. “Well as I live and breath,” he chimed merrily.

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hey im really sorry to bother you but i cant find anything on studying with memory issues or having no energy and i was wondering if you knew of any????

firstly stop thinking that you have a bad memory. memory is like our muscles. the more you train it the stronger it becomes. With small exercises everyday and your will IT CAN HAPPEN. Just like that. 


  • Chunking. Try list your things ( eggs, bread, bacon, coffee, and cheese -> one E, two B’s, and two C’s )  
  • Rhymes. Find words that has same ending( In fourteen-hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue). either Put music in the context you have to memorize. Sing it. 
  • Acronyms> take the first letter of the words and make a word out of them ( HOMES-> Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior)
  • Acrostics> make a sentence with the words ( Never Eat Sour Watermelons-> North, East,South,West ). either make a sentence with the acronyms you made.
  • Loci>create a room in your head.Place the items you want to remember in it. ( for the acronyme HOMES picture a miniatoure home on your desk ) make a biology room, a history room or mix the two rooms if you learn the one better
  • Combine info with bizarre images> memorize banana, milk?( a giant banana with a hatchet chasing after a cow that’s ready to burst with milk.)
  • you got 3 paragraphs> read first, then the second, then the first and second and so on
  • flashcards



have a good sleep. not less not too much ( make a regular sleep schedule.sleep the same time each night)

take naps.

exercice!!!( especially right when you wake up, it will make a difference)

keep the stress in low levels. (realistic expectations, express your feelings, have time for yourself,dont multitasking)

eat Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Green tea, a little Wine

play memory games. sudoku lumocity

**DONT GIVE UP, GOOD MEMORY COMES WITH TIME. Relax do your exercises and go play or hang out with your friends!!!

hope i helped a bit!!! Chrysi~

okay guys but imagine a watergod!au for klance

  • lance is the water god and he spends a lot of his time tending on specific oceans
  • now this can go two ways, where keith is also a god or where he’s just a normal human being
  • so if keith’s a god i can see him being the god of fire and he tends to the volcanos more than anything else (he’s usually hanging around the ring of fire near the indian ocean)
  • NOW THE INDIAN OCEAN IS KNOWN TO BE THE MOST PEACEFUL bc there’s less wild waves there if i’m not wrong also bc a lot of trading between countries are done there
  • keith is currently tending to a newly erupted volcano and tending to the lava that has seeped into the ocean
  • lance and keith meet and they’re sort of like ‘stop dumping your hot coal into my ocean’ ‘excuse me move your ocean’ ‘yOU CANT MOVE THE OCEAN’ ‘OH YEAH????’ ‘YEAH?????’ ‘WATCH ME POUR MORE LAVA IN AND COVER IT UP WITH ROCK’ ‘FUCK YOU’
  • lance has nearly caused a tsunami bc of keith
  • lance and keith coming to terms that both of them need each other bc lava in water makes land and the god of land is hunk and they both love hunk and for the love of god hunk just wants peace and quiet not this team magma vs team aqua bullshit
  • lance and keith having almost weekly meetups in the indian ocean where they talk about their lives and the stuff they go through as gods
  • eventually falling into mutual respect and love, a somewhat slow-burn.
  • keith is a highschool boy who failed multiple classes due to the fact that he has an ungodly time at staying still in classes and focusing, he also has a lot of anger issues linked to his past.
  • i hc keith having a childhood filled with people who told him that he could never reach his dreams when he grows up that really really fucked him up
  • keith visits the ocean one day to scream per his friend’s advice (pidge’s advice) and he screams and he cries and he wails
  • there, he sees a small shrine.
  • it’s old and unused and it reminds keith of something, but he can’t really tell what it is that it reminds him of.
  • instead of screaming he tends to the shrine and ‘prays’ to it voicing his concerns and half-heartedly making wishes
  • he pulls the weeds out and washes it and it’s actually very therapeutic for him that he visits everyday to pray and clean it up
  • keith doesn’t know it but lance has been there since day one listening to his prayers and stuff
  • lance eventually feels compassion for this boy and he says ‘hey man i’m sorry that happened to you but i might have been listening in bc my ears are literally linked to all the shrines of me in the world sorry bro do u want a hug?????’
  • keith falling headfirst into his love for lance because lance is ,, ,,  nice, he’s annoying but nice. lance is straight to the point and honest and a good listener and keith pretends he doesn’t exist sometimes because he can’t face the fact that lance is a god and that he heard all that.
  • lance doesn’t notice until keith starts blushing out of the blue and lance reALISES THAT KEITH,,,, keith likes him that way.
  • and lance is sort of,,,, unsure as to what to do bc lance hasn’t aged in thousands of years and he’s not sure if he’s capable of having to watch keith grow up and die if he were to ever love keith back.
  • keith jumps into their love headfirst because his instincts tell him to love this man who heard all he’s ever said and stayed while he poured his bleeding heart out.
  • lance takes it slow but he’s open, he’s unsure – but he wants keith happy too.
  • in the end keith does die but lance is able to move on and he feels okay and everything’s okay because he’s the water god and his tears are just as salty as the ocean itself and he’s okay. keith is gone and he’s okay. his tears feel like home anyway, just without the red jacket and soft hair.

theblackclowreed  asked:

I saw your posts about Maori!Percy, and I love you?? I've always headcanon Percy as being Native American or Japanese, with my personal FC for Percy being Booboo Stewart, but I'm really into the idea of Maori!Percy. Do you have any more Headcanons about the subject? I'd love to see them.

Can I just say your fancast is A++++

  • Percy feels really out of place because the only other Maori person he knows is Sally
  • Because of this he never really got the opportunity to learn about Maori culture, and if Sally did approach him about it he’d change the subject because “what’s the point, mom, it’s not like I’ve got anyone else to talk to about how Tane separated the earth and sky.”
  • Middle school Percy drawing koru designs all over his school books and getting in massive trouble
  • At camp Percy gets the Stoll brothers to smuggle a TV into the Poseidon cabin so he can watch the rugby
  • About a month into him having the TV, the Poseidon cabin is pretty much fit to bursting with new rugby fans
  • When he goes home during the school season Percy will sing his little sister Maori lullabies and before her bed time when she’s all tucked in he’ll read her legends of Maui and Tane and, if she’s lucky, the Taniwha
  • Percy dreams of the Pacific Ocean, he dreams of the shifting tides on the shores of Aotearoa, collecting Pipis and Paua, being gifted his first Pounamu, and digging his first hangi pit
  • Money can stop him going to the place he dreams, but having a dad that has control over the seas?????? Even better.

the world is so big and scary and thats why you gotta realize it all comes down to what you do with the small part of the world thats somewhat within your control you cant stop strangers on the internet from saying shitty things but you can block them and turn off anon you cant necessarily stop a friend from being a bad friend or person but you can stop being their friend you need to consistently surround yourself with any thing person or experience that brings you joy and find the moments where you feel safe and happy and realize theres nothing you can do at that moment about the bigger things and just enjoy it and then when an oppurtunity comes or can be created to shift the balance of the world a little more in the favor of good you must do it and realize one less piece of plastic in the ocean can save a turtle and so it has worth even if it doesnt save the whole ocean

yeee ok…so everytime we had a new earthquake and stuff I start to look up for information about past events…. and Valdivia 1960 got my interest…bc ok…that shit was pretty awful but i was like “ok…the buildings on that time weren’t like today bc we have new regulations today so…maybe that’s why everything went wrong on 1960…bc there was an 9,5 earthquake and after we had a tsunami so there is that too…” but…BUT

here me out children bc i still can’t believe this shit

in 1960 in Valdivia that earthquake lasted about 10 minutes… 10 MINUTES…TEN FUCKING MINUTES OF A 9,5 EARTHQUEAKE

TEN FUCKING MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you believe that shit?????? IF with the 27F in 2010 we were freaking out for an 8,8 that lasted like 4 minutes or Iquique 2014 with 8,2 for 3 minutes(?) or yesterday with Illapel with 8,4 for 2 minutes???? can you…can you IMAGINE WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TEN FUCKING MINUTES WITH AN 9,5?????????????????????????????

DUDE….. and i didn’t stop there…like “there was a tsunami too, right??”…so i looked up about it…and i found pretty pictures about it in which there is a comparison about 2010 and 1960

and now i’m here like… shit son what the fuck




and it says “El color rojo significa olas altas, mientras que el rojo oscuro, negro, gris y morado significa olas extremadamente peligrosas y altas”

something like “Red is for high waves(?) and dark red, black, grey and purple are for extremely dangerous and high waves

like…what happened to Isla de Pascua or Juan Fernández with this shit???????? (i have to look up for information but…just look at the map…)

dud e… im…


How Dean would react to your childish moments:


You stopped screaming into your hair brush as you froze on your bed. Dean stood at your doorway giving you a shit eating grin as he nodded. 

‘’Bravo. I didn’t know we had a Beyonce in the room!’’Dean teased with a smirk. Your face turned beet red as you gulped and slowly got off your bed. 

‘’Dean’’You whispered with a panicked voice. You held your hands up in surrender as you slowly walked towards Dean. You tried to lunge at him but before you could grab him he was already running.