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Tony Stark as a Father (50+ HEADCANNONS)

A/N: ik this has been done so many times but fuck i live and breathe for dad!tony ok BTW THIS IS QUITE LONG IM SORRY BUT NOT SORRY

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  • ok so tony had no idea at all that you were born until you were one and a half years old
  • it turns out your mother wasn’t really mother material and tony gained custody
  • The minute he had you in his arms, he knew that he would never let you believe that he didn’t love and care for you as he never believed his dad loved him.
  • there was no doubt that you were in fact a stark
  • but tony had no idea how to be a dad as he always saw himself to be the “cool uncle”
  • rhodey being the cool uncle even at a young age
  • him introducing you to pepper out of no where
  • “Tony you have a child?”
  • “I’m just as shocked as you.”
  • you being his biggest fan by him making you sleep in iron man onesies
  • him trying to get you to say “daddy”
  • too bad your first ever word was in fact “rhodey”
  • tony would change some of the chairs in his lab so you could stand on them and be able to tinker around in the lab and work with him
  • nat being your aunt/sister figure as you grow up
  • as you start to grow older, your inner stark sass slowly awakens which allows everyone to see that there is no doubt that you were a younger version of tony stark
  • tbh you’re a pain in the ass, always being needy and emotional
  • it wasn’t a night in the stark tower with you crying about the dark, causing you to run into your dads room every night and sleeping in his room because he was your hero from any scary monster
  • tony secretly loving this but hating this at the same time because he cant spend time with pepper ;)
  • tony showing you off to anyone and everyone
  • “Isn’t she the most precious and adorable little devil you’ve ever seen?”
  • “Devil?”
  • “Yes, Clint- devil.”
  • always dressing up as captain america on halloween just to make your dad salty af
  • tony learning how to braid hair when you were at the age of 5, with the help of pepper of course
  • there’s been ups and downs where Tony has honestly thought he wasn’t cut out to be a dad, but at the end of the day you are the one to always put a smile on his face in the darkest of days.
  • tony secretly loves that you keep an iron man plush toy in your room to help you sleep and cuddle with at night
  • you’re literally tony, minus his facial hair
  • tony now knows every single nursery rhyme in the english language.
  • disney!! world!! trips!!
  • possibly has watched every single disney and pixar move at least 5 times each.
  • tony would never admit it to anyone else, but he loved singing you to sleep
  • instead of a lullaby, he would sing “hey jude” by the beatles which would help you sleep
  • pepper being your mother figure
  • being VERY fussy with your food
  • constantly sassing your father and rolling your eyes whenever he annoys you
  • being such a daddys girl and always getting your own way
  • whenever playing hide and seek, you always hide behind a curtain. despite tony clearly seeing your adorable lil feet he lets you win each game.
  • the avengers being protective over you
  • tony loving this
  • you’d get lonely from time to time #homeschooled!!!!
  • as you’d near your pre-teen years, tony would notice that this would be a problem and he didn’t want to completely trap you with him 24/7
  • you needed a life and tony wanted you to find your own path without being known as his daughter
  • tony puts you in a public school at age 13
  • you are quick to adapt to your surroundings and you make friends quickly
  • when you get your first period, tony practically goes into a melt down because you’re growing up too quickly
  • he also has no idea what to do
  • “Hey dad, why am I bleeding?”
  • “You’re bleeding?! Oh sweetheart- what happened?!”
  • “No one hurt me, its just my stomach has really bad cramps and now im bleeding ‘down there’..”
  • “…oh…”
  • tony freaks out
  • you freak out
  • pepper sighs and takes you away from your dramatic father and sorts you out
  • tony freaks out even more a few weeks later when pepper informs him that the school had contacted her to tell your family that you were learning sex ed in school
  • he fainted
  • he freaks out even more once he sees you come back with pepper after bra!! shopping!!
  • “P-pepper what are you buying her these for?!”
  • “Tony, she is growing up.”
  • Tony refuses to believe this and hates that what Pepper is telling him is the truth
  • you’re one of the smartest in your school at age 15
  • except your competition is peter parker
  • it starts to become at that age where you talk about boys
  • tony having to walk in on you watching romantic movies all the time and ranting to pepper how you are too young to even breathe in a boys direction
  • pepper rolls her eyes
  • tony being a very supportive father, he wants you to be happy in life and live life to the fullest and be a strong individual
  • you’d be able to talk to your dad about anything however, any problems you have you’d go to him no matter what
  • but he will never watch a horror movie with you
  • he’s terrified
  • once you realise that your father is scared easily, you quickly devote yourself to prank him once a week at least
  • the avengers help you with this
  • as you get older, you realise that your parents aren’t always happy and it breaks your heart to hear them fight and how they put on a fake act whenever you are around
  • telling natasha about this and she confronts pepper and tony about it
  • tony assuring you that everything is okay
  • forehead kisses !!!
  • you start to date peter parker
  • you find out peter is spiderman
  • your dad has an heart attack
  • “You’re dating spiderboy?!”
  • “It’s spiderman dad..”
  • as a teenage girl, you get emotional moodswings and its hard for tony to comprehend 
  • this causing a few arguments
  • however, tony’s way of saying sorry is always bringing you ice cream and watching a disney movie like you would when you were little
  • you lose your old iron man plush toy from your childhood and your heart breaks
  • pepper telling tony and tony buys you another one
  • when you first sneak out, tony is shocked but impressed that you managed to get past jarvis
  • he’s ticked off when he realises you sneaked out with peter
  • tony claiming to hate spiders even more
  • tony tearing up as he sees how grown up you are at prom
  • him having a photographer for you for your special night, making sure you are happy
  • he gives peter the “talk” as he is with you as your date for the night
  • he’s glad that you have peter though, peter was a good man for you and it secretly made his heart swell even though he would never admit it to anyone
  • you knew though
  • high school passing quickly
  • as you grow older and go off to college, tony realises that you’re both growing apart
  • he’s proud of you
  • and he loves you no matter where you are
  • and you love him
  • but no matter what, you are always his little girl
Glow in the dark Dark

I’m Sorry- but imagine GLOW IN THE DARK DARK
Dark walks into the room while it’s pitch black and bam instant nightlight. All the egos make puns and tease him about it whenever he glows. Wilford is the king of glow in the dark Dark jokes. 

“Cant glow wrong with this guy!” 

“Hey Dark! Just wanna let you know we gotta glow to the glowstick party soon!” 

Dark is perfect whenever the power goes out and he has to round up all the other egos. 

“God dammit Bim I’m fucking glowing how do you not see me??” 

Whenever they have sleepovers they have to bury Dark in blanket’s because he glows pretty bright.

“Dark can you turn down the glow a little? I cant sleep.” 

“The glow is not disturbing me.”  

“Host thats cause your blind.” 

s4 is going to be dark = sherlock is blind speculation

remember when they told us it was going to be dark?

remember when one of our speculations was that “dark” meant blindness as in sherlock going blind because of culverton

we may have been wrong but damn it that headcanon still haunts me to this very day

and i still NEED to see it at least fic’d!! oh all the angst can you imagine when sherlock was hospitalized after john beat him up and culverton went into his room, what if culverton had put something into his iv drip that ended up blinding sherlock

can you imagine when sherlock eventually wakes up and he discovers he cant see and he panics, he can feel someone’s presence there and assumed its john and he pleads and pleads “john what’s happening to me? why cant i see? john–!” and tears rolled down as panic and defeat overwhelms him. His arms searching for john but when he finally touched the other person, only then did he realize it wasnt john. The arm was too thick, too hairy. Not john then who? and culverton finally cracks up. “Oh you’re not so brilliant when you cant observe anything are you? no more deductions, no more tricks, no more plans. Can’t get yourself out of this mess this time…”

and what if, even after john comes in to save him from culverton, sherlock pleads to him “John please, get me something, i suspect he must’ve given me something to make me blind. I-I can’t see! Please just, undo what he did, you’re a doctor, get me something that will undo this thing”

but it turns out that there was nothing john could do, nothing anyone could do. the damage was permanent, and sherlock had to live the rest of his life unable to see john smile at him anymore. His final vision of john was John staring at him with disdain. His last vision of the man he loves most was the look of utter fury and disgust. And now he can never see john again. He’ll never see how Rosie will look as she grows up. He’ll never be able to observe and deduce like he used to. He can’t learn a music sheet and play it like he used to.

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Dark's Heart (part 4)

Dark’s phone buzzes for the fourth time in a row. He doesn’t have to look at it to see who it is. Since he gave you his number you decided to mess with him by sending him texts any time you have the chance. Dark dares to look at his new message, he picks up his phone to see you sent him a picture of a cute black kitty with the caption “I found your final form :D”. Dark groans and pushes his phone to the side continuing his work. He realized he messed up the night of the day he gave you his number when you texted him.

Prey: Night night Darky. Have all the bed bugs bite you tonight :)

The next day you asked him some random questions that he decided not to respond to.

Prey: So I was just wondering. Do you ever not wear suits? Is that your only thing? And if it is why not wear different color suits. I think you would look good in some purple. Maybe some pink (Willford would love that).

Prey: Hey do you ever just have a me day? Like do you just take a day off for yourself to relax because it seems like your due for one.

Prey: Dark I’m board. Do something.

Prey: Dark important questions. Does the dark side really have cookies? Have I been lied to this whole time? Do you offer cookies? If so would like some upon joining.

Dark has gotten these kinds of texts for the past two days and now he was at the point of no return. There were many times he considered getting his deal over with but he knew in order to make his so called victory sweeter he had to wait til the week was over for the planned date to crush you. But the more texts you sent him the more he wanted to just end it. He ended up changing you name on his phone to “Annoyance”. His phone buzzes again but this time it doesn’t stop, its a phone call.

He looks at his phone to see it is you. Dark swipes it to end call. Before he can put the phone down you call again. Dark looks at it and ends the call again. But then you send him a text saying he really should answer the phone because he would enjoy her pain. So you call once more and this time he answers it.

“What doing you possibly say that will-” Dark stops himself when he hears you sniffling. “Are you crying?”

“Ummm *Sniff* yea I am…” You wipe your tears with your hand.

“And you assumed I would enjoy the sound of you crying?” Dark saids amused.

“Well you have a thing for watching people in pain so yea. Since you particular think im a bother for you I think you will enjoy my pain.” You let out a sad laugh.

“What could you be crying about? I didn’t think you could with the whole ‘I have been through things so I'm strong attitude’. ” Dark is starting to enjoy this.

“Well sometimes some things come back to bite you in the butt and it all comes back.” You pause.

“I don’t mean to intrude on this happy moment but wouldn’t you feel better talking to a friend rather than me?” Dark is curious to that.

“Well I could talk to a friend. I already did but I feel like I need some cold hard truth and so far your the only one who can do that not caring about hurting any ones feeling. So I need some of that.” You lay in bed and roll over on your side. Your pillow is stained with some tears and have been through some tissues. You hold the phone away from a moment because you hiccup. Then you feel something behind you.

“I had to be here to see it for myself.” Dark is standing in your room looking down at your back. He has a smirk on his face, even though you cant see him you can tell he has one.

“Take a seat its going to be a while.” You point to the bed. You feel the bed move as he sits down on it. “So I have been having problems with someone. Someone I used to go out with wants to get back together with me. The think is they were such a jerk in the end. I mean we have been together for maybe like 9 months and they were sweet and all but it turns out it was all a sham. They dumped be because I didn’t let them get into my pants and then told everyone that I was the one trying to get into theirs. On top of that they tried to apologize and say lets be friends so I did and they made a big deal about me getting time to myself before dating. And guess what they immediately get into another relationship after a week from dumping me. To top it off they were just a jerk and said it wasn’t their fault. Then I hear they became single again and they come to me all nice. And don’t want to fall for it but they were being so nice and it reminded me of when we were first together… ugh I don’t know…” You lay there confused.

“You sound like a sobbing teenager.” Dark saids flat out. He sighs. “Is this really why your crying?”

“Its more of I made a stupid mistake to add fuel to the flame…” You bury your face in your pillow. “I recently made out with them in a moment of sadness over something else and now they think we have something again and are telling everyone that we slept together and they did it out if pity yet are being nice to me about it.”

“Your stupid.” Dark said straight out.

“Now my friends think it is true and they don’t really want to talk to me. the friend I did talk to was trying to hear me out but they really didn’t help to be honest. They said I just need to lay low and get over it…” You get the tears again. “I just feel lonely right now.. so there you go. You got what you wanted I’m a mess so savor it.”

Dark looks at your back. He puts a hand on your shoulder and flips you over so you are now facing him. His expression was calm and he looks at  your cheeks slightly red and your eyes puffy from crying. “You are letting this be the thing that gets to you? ” He looks amused and then sighs. “To me it seems like you still feel for this person after everything. Was he that deep into your roots to make you feel this way?” You nod. “I see. You are acting like a child basically. You know this person is wrong for you but yet here you are letting them get to you. It is only empowering them knowing they are making you miserable. They feed off of it and it makes them feel good knowing they have you in their grasp.”

“So like you then?” You laugh a little.

“Precisely but I do it to make others bend to my will with what I want them to do. This person on the other hand seems to do it just for the pleasure of watching you squirm, not much for any real purpose. As much as this is pleasing to watch it is also not.” Dark admits.

You look at him confused. “What? Aren’t you loving this?”

“As of now I feel as if someone has taken my job. If anyone is going to make you miserable it was going to be me. Not some everyday person who enjoys breaking hearts.” Dark huffs. “No class at all. Unlike me who does it best. I cant believe you will fall for this sloppy work. I thought you were better than that.”

You look at Dark for a moment. Was he… trying to make you feel better? “Are you trying to make me feel better?”

“If it does then it will only benefit me when I bring you down after our date.” Dark saids calmly.

You smile up at him. You laugh a little at his words. “Thank you.”

“For what? I just called you stupid and a child and basically told you your reasoning for crying was uncalled for.” Dark raises an eyebrow.

You snuggle to your pillow. “I know but I needed some tough love. And I still say you were trying to make me feel better. So thank you Darkiplier.” You stretch in bed and snuggle your pillow. “I need sleep. Goodnight Edgelord.” You close your eyes and instantly knock out.

Dark looks at you sleeping. He also thinks how can a person fall asleep that fast. He gets up from the bed to leave but then turns back to look at you. He studies your calm face and the fast you have that smile back on again. That smile… Dark notices that you still have the hints of a tear on your cheek. Without thinking he brushes his thumb over it. He leaves it there suddenly. His finger stroking your cheek, but you are so far asleep you don’t notice. He doesn’t know why he was doing it but he was. He moves his thumb to your lips brushing it slightly. He stops himself and shakes his head, leaving back home through his void.

“Where have you been?” Willford is in the kitchen munching on some marshmallows.

“None of your business.” Dark walks to the fridge and takes out some stuff to make a sandwich.

“Dark does not want to talk about what he does with us. He feels we are already to much inside of his business.” Host narrates at the table finishing up his food.

“I bet he was with (Y/N). Always sending texts and all.” Ed sits back in his chair.

“How can you possibly know that for a fact?” Dark really doesn’t want to get into it. He makes his sandwich and takes a bite leaning on the counter.

“You have been receiving regular messages from (Y/N). Every time you do you have a tendency to groan in frustration.” Dr.Iplier saids drinking some coffee at the table.

“I thought we weren’t support to give out our numbers after…” Silver looks down the table where Bim sits not touching his food.

'It isn’t our fault he was so naïve to believe that person that they were interested in him. Of course they wanted Mark.“ Dark saids matter of fact.

Bim sinks to his seat and Google looks at Dark. "Then what are you doing with (Y/N)?”

“That is different. They owe me.” Dark saids.

Willford smirks. “You sure about that because it doesn’t look like it to me. You would have done something so much sooner yet you are taking your time with this one. I think you like them. Always looking at your phone at their picture. I noticed that.”

Dark’s aura goes out. His shell is cracking and he wants to really punch Willford. Everyone is already bracing themselves for him to explode on them. However Dark straightens himself up. “Willford stop acting so childish. (Y/N) is different from what I have dealt with. This one takes time. And I look at their photo just imagining how I will wipe that smile off their face. Goodnight then.”

Everyone sits there in awe. Dark should have had everyone pinned to the ground and gone mad from everyone taking a jab at him but he didn’t. He let is slide in some way…

“I don’t really know (Y/N) but I hope they stay longer. What ever they are doing to Dark.. its working.” Willford saids watching Dark leave.

Dark is ready for bed. Sends a message to Google to ruin your ex’s funds, social media accounts, and make random purchases with their card information. He tells Google not to question it and he doesn’t. Dark lays in bed and thinks of you. He couldn’t help but notice that when you laid on your side your shirt exposed a little of your waist. It looked smooth, almost tempting to run his fingers over the spot. He snaps out of it and turns in bed. He looks at his thumb where he brushed your lips and presses it to his lips. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “What are you doing to me?”


Anonymous Submitted:

I’ve always been different from others. I’ve seen things since i was about 7. i live in a small town in the middle of the USA, I’ve always hated the upstairs of the house i live in and i slept down stairs till i finally got the nerve to move into a extra room for privacy reasons when i was 11.I hated the closet and I didn’t really enjoy being in that room but i had to deal with it. my first nights in this room were uncomfortable. i was laying in bed and both nights i woke up at 2:56 a.m. The first night i didn’t think anything of it other than i noticed my bear was across the room and not in bed with me. So i got up and retrieved him and went to sleep. the second night I woke up to what i thought was my cat scratching my door wanting in but i looked at the door and the shadow was not that of an animal. i stayed awake the rest of the night. after that i just experienced little things and i met my best friend who I’m going to name her lila for security reasons. but lila and i had met at school and she was one of the few who knew of things that happened for she had her own experiences with it. i had just gotten a new laptop for my 12th birthday that year and it had a voice command thing on it.her and i were surfing the internet and we eventually grew hungry and bored so we asked to go to McDonald’s. I left my computer on thinking nothing would happen but when we returned we saw that in the search bar was the name Elizabeth Marrie saldia. We were both fearful for note the fact. everyone was gone and no one was home while we were gone. things grew slowly very weird after that. not only me but members in the household started hearing things and also saw things. My grandmother didn’t want to believe it as much until the day i was down in the car and lila and her were yelling up the stairs for me while seeing a similar figure at the top of the stairs. i didn’t know what was taking them so long until i decided to walk back up to the house and tell them to hurry up. when they heard my voice they turned and looked at me in shock and looked up the stairwell to tell me they saw someone upstairs. we immediately rushed up there to find the intruder but found nothing.

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Ok so

I couldn’t sleep therefore Ultimate Post-TWS Stucky headcanon. This got long like almost 2k what the fuck brain can I at least sleep now.


So imagine that Bucky just can’t remember anything, even after weeks of therapy and recovery, after reading every book about the Howling Commandos, watching all the videos, listening to any story Steve is willing to tell (Steve doesn’t tell him much, the stubborn bastard, insists he should have patience, it’ll come to him.)

And he’s frustrated but he trusts Steve (don’t ask him why) (it’s the puppy eyes probably also Steve’s a terrible liar) but then Steve needs to attend important Avenger business so he’s away a lot and Bucky’s alone and watches a lot of crap TV and then one night he’s watching one of these home video shows and there’s this one kid stepping on a skateboard, falling flat on his face, cue the laugh track. Bucky’s not sure how that’s funny but then again he once spent an entire afternoon laughing instead of renovating their tiny apartment after Steve had tripped over his feet – which is impressive, considering how tiny they were – and stepped right into a bucket of paint so maybe this stuff being funny was a case of you had to be there.

It hits him a moment later.

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Late Night Cuddles

Summary: Dan wants to cuddle with Phil in bed so he uses the excuse of his fear of darkness to make Phil let him in. Soon emotions are released and true feelings are set free.

Dan and Phil said their goodnights and both headed towards their own beds. Phil walking behind Dan he turned the lights off in the kitchen and the living room before making his way down the hallway and then to his room. He knew Dan hated the dark so he always took it upon himself to turn off all the lights so Dan didn’t’ have to.

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Movie night with pack. After that you are so scared and you cant fall asleep so you spend whole night laying on couch with Isaac...

Author: Verr

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  866

Warnings: none, i think :)

Its my first oneshot and i wrote it when i was bored.. so peace with everyone :)

P.S.: pack=scott, stiles,lydia, alison, isaac and aiden

“Welcome Y/N.” said Lydia when you came to her house by the lake. You were with them friend for a long time and you will have this weekend birthday so some ideas ends by movie night and weekend in Lydia´s lake house.

“So… get dress up to pyjamas and come back here, we are waiting.” she smiled at you and you went upstairs. You had dark-purple big shirt and bottoms was white with black polka dots. You let youir hair fall on back in big loose waves.

“Heeeey!” yelled everyone in the room and their sight end up on your pyjamas.

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mysticalnamjoon  asked:

Hello!~ Could you do a slightly-smutty imagine for yoosung's first time alone with m/c? i would loooove it! <3 p.s your imagines are amazinggggg!~~

Note: Awww thank you for compliments! ~

You and Yoosung are a really cute couple but you’ve always been in group dates. You’ve never stood alone in somewhere and you feel upset about it. You can understand that he’s kinda afraid and shy about it but these things cant go on this way. So you tell your feelings to Seven and he promises to do something about it.
You, Yoosung and Seven go to the beach. When Yoosung sees you with bikini his face turns into red but suddenly holds your hand and look at every boy around you as if he’s gonna kill all of them.
All of you have a good time and go back to the hotel.
“Well… There were two rooms left so you guys have to stay in one room. Give me your bags and take a look at your room then meet me at restaurant, okay?” Seven says.
“I can stay with you Seven!” Yoosung says with a red face.
“I dont want you” says Seven and leaves you.
You are still with bikini and Yoosung is still with his swimsuit. You two go to your room and there’s a double bed with roses. You look at bathroom and it’s covered with roses too. There are everything that shows it is a honeymoon room.
“I can sleep on floor” Yoosung says.
“No no. You can sleep with me” you say, smiling at him. His face becomes more red. “Let’s go to restaurant, okay?” you kiss him.
When you try to open the door, you cant. “Yoosung, I guess there’s a problem with the card.”
Yoosung comes and tries and tries and tries… There’s no result. He shouts “Luciel! Damn Luciel you just cant hack hotel’s lock system!” you start laughing.
You look at the small fridge and see lots of foods. Seems like Seven prepared everything.
“Yoosung… Is it that bad to stay with me? I mean I’m your girlfriend…”
“I… I dont know I mean haha it’s strange. Haha do you want to stay with me?” he talks in a nervous way.
You hold his hand and say “I do want it. I’ve never been alone with you. I want you by my side. I want only you.”
You ses his face turning into red but then he starts kissing you and puts his hands on your waist. You put your hands on his shoulder. You are still shocked that you are doing THAT.
Then he lets you go with his red face. “Wov… I’ve made it..” He was right this kiss was different. This kiss had more meanings.
First he then you take shower. You see him at balcony so you go there too. Your body is covered with towel and his too. As you look at the wiev, he takes you closed and you cand feel his warm body.
“Those boys… You see them? They are looking at you but they dont know that you-” he stops with all of a sudden. His face turns into red and you say “…that I?” and he says “THAT YOU ARE MY GIRL.”
He runs to room and you follow him. “Damn you can follow me I cant run from you.”
You say nothing because you know that it is a little to much for him. You two eat dinner and watch TV together. When you two go to bed -you re wearing your bikini and he s wearing his swimsuit- you hug him and kiss his shoulder. He turns back to you but his face is not red or you cant see because it’s dark.
“You… Do you want to be with me? Alone?” he says.
“Yes, Yoosung. I started to feel like you dont want me anymore.”
“No no! That’s not it! You know… I’ve never had a girlfriend before so it’s so new for me. But seems like you are right. We should go to dates alone, not with that jerk Seven or something else.”
You smile at him and he smiles at you. Suddenly he hugs your waist and takes you closer. He puts his leg on yours and you feel your face is turning red. He starts kissing you. It takes longer from usual. Your body touches to his.
“You are so warm..” he says, looking at you. “can we stay this way a bit longer? I am kinda cold…” he’s right. He might have a flu so you nod.
But you stay this way all night and when you wake up, you catch him watching you and playing with your hair.

Note2: Hope you like it!~

I get infatuated a lot and I wonder if anybody study’s the rhythm of my fingers curling in my palms and how my eyes drift in four different directions in less than two seconds when somebody is standing right in front of me, because I feel that I am too massive, too awkward, too different, too shy to be stared at.

My heart cries a lot and my head never sleeps and I don’t know how to stop being so poetic every damn minute of my day, because God, I have planted flowers in my chest in hopes that you’ll find me pretty but they’ve done nothing except suffocate me.

I have this fear that I’m never going to be fully loved in return before I die and all I’ll have left are flashes of the faces that have made the blood in my cheeks simmer, the stardust in my veins hum with loathing and want, eyes weep at the thought of finding someone who’ll sit in a dark room and listen to me speak and not feel the need to touch me, because they’ll feel everything through my words.

Yes, I am a romantic.

You can see it in the way I study the tilt of your lips, the furrow of your eyebrows, the curving of your shoulders when you stand, the tapping of your foot unconsciously, the fear living in your eyes but it’s the type that cant be detected anywhere else, the sound of your laughter both nervously and without a care in the world.

And that makes me feel like there is nobody who will love me as deeply as I love them, because I am a complex person with too many layers and detailed thoughts, simply too much to understand if not patient, and that is why being a poet feels more like a curse than a blessing.

—  A confession 

One day you’ll be asking yourself why did you let her go. One day you’re going to cry in the corner of your dark room punching the wall and realize how dumb you are. One day you’re going to wake up with no one to hold and no one to give you a sweet morning smile. One day you’ll be whispering by yourself and you’re gonna curse when you see her with someone else laughing so damn hard. One day you’re gonna feel that ache at the left side of your chest and you’re going to bump with her and you cant even say a single word because you’ll have that lump in your throat and when she walks away, your tears are gonna fall at the moment.