you cant run forever



Summary: The saying goes, ‘the mafia is family, the mafia is home’…but even if ‘the mafia is home’…is it really the right place to raise a child?

A/N: For those that aren’t enjoying the beauty that is Eurovision, here is Chapter two of mafia! :D

Masterlist (including series one and two)

Chapter 3

‘Whats the matter?’

His voice echoes into the darkness as you stare blindly in front of you, your mind stuttering over your thoughts with the sudden interruption, before you process that you needed to answer him.


‘We got into bed 2 hours ago but you still haven’t fallen asleep…somethings bothering you. Tell me.’

You sigh as you shift onto your back, turning your head to the side to look at Jiyong where he’d been spooning you, the dark circles under his closed eyes making you frown in concern as you reach over to stroke them gently, and the action causes him to peel his eyelids back to look at you, his eyes slightly bloodshot as they focus on your face.


‘Mmmh?’ he murmurs in response as he closes his eyes again, simply resting them as he waits for you to tell him what was wrong.

‘What will you do when they find the child?’

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Relationships and Travel

This goes out to all of you insatiable wanderlusters, nomads at heart, and even those who dream to be.

PSA: Do not date stagnant people a.k.a non-travelers.

If you dream of  hiking Machu Picchu, camel riding in deserts of the UAE, snorkeling in Thailand, drunken dancing in the wee hours of the morning on the  streets of Sevilla or waking up to an Indonesian sunrise, trust us, dating a non-traveler will NEVER work!

We speak from experience.  A number of years ago before I met my beautiful wife,  I dated a woman who talked a BIG game about seeing the world, but it never came to fruition.

Having studied abroad, my wanderlust-crazed self would plan trips, and make itineraries for us to exotic locations. All for her to convince me that NOW wasn’t the time, or that there were more practical and pressing issues to handle before we went on a trip. I even suggested  that we take a subbatical and live abroad for a year then return stateside, but of course she was having not of that.  Always patronizingly asking me “ What are you running from?”

Surprise, surprise , those trips never happened and neither did the rest of our relationship.  Now Im not saying that this issue was the singular cause of our break up, because it wasn’t. But me being the  person  I am , it was definitely a BIG issue. 

Years later while living as an expat in South Korea, I met my beautiful wife. She shared my insatiable wanderlust and love of foreign adventures. When I said where to next and she grabbed her passport, I knew she was the one.

We’re not saying a relationship between a traveler and a non-traveler is doomed but let’s be honest we all know that when your core values detour from one another’s,  the relationship is headed towards a DEAD END.

 A non-traveling mate will never understand your wanderlust. At times he/she may even mock and marginalize your traveling desires. Saying the tried and true “ When are you going to grow up and settle down?” “ You cant live like that forever.” “ What are you running from?” “ You should invest in something tangible, for example a house, a car, …cable!”

A non-traveler mate wont be able to rationalize your $600 ticket to Rome for your birthday instead of a new birthday outfit and a night of drinks at the new posh watering hole in your neighborhood.  It’s one thing to be nervous about international travel and it’s a whole other thing to resign yourself against it.

Please beware of those ardent non-travelers, trust us, your nomadic heart will wither in their stagnant grasp.

Trying to convince a Non-Traveler that the world outside their bubble isn’t the scary inhospitable  blackhole they thought it  was, is  like trying to persuade Kim Davis to officiate Raven Simone’s Big Gay wedding. It’s not happening!

Now of course we are biased! We are travelers, through and through.

But we’re not snobs or travel elitists. We understand that TRAVEL isn’t a PRIORITY for EVERYONE. Not everyone every gets a rush by booking tickets, earning passport stamps, and experiencing new adventures. 

Start small, wet your toes. Begin with the Caribbean and South America. Once you’ve ventured out…drop a few more bread crumbs and head to Europe. When you get to Asia…give us a call!

You learn a lot about a person when you travel with them. Your attitude can turn an ordeal into an adventure. In our opinion there is no doubt, that traveling with your partner can help strengthen your bond. 

Whether you and your mate earn one stamp together or eighty four, we encourage everyone to step outside your comfort zones and see a bit of the world. It’s a truly amazing place. You may surprise yourselves. 

So here’s to LOVE and WANDERLUST. We wish you all, the BEST of BOTH

Live, Love, Travel,

The Roses

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  • villain: you cant run forever
  • hero: [continues to run while the villain just stands there]
  • villain: yep
  • villain: i sure am gonna catch up with you at some point and ohhhhhh boy you're gonna be in a bad spot that day
  • hero: [still running]
  • villain: i'm gonna get you!!!!! as soon as you stop i'll get you!!!
  • hero: [runs so far that they are no longer in the villain's sight]
  • villain: ... okay you can run but you can't hide!!!
  • villain: fuck
Never Ending Nightmare Just Begun

Title: Never Ending Part 3 Nightmare Just Begun

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Prophet)

Part 1

Part 2


Dean went running into the ER you in his arms “We need help!” He shouted and three nurses came running to him taking you away from him. He tried following the gurney but a male nurse held him back “Sir you cant go in there” Dean just tried looking through the door. “Shes crashing.” He heard and pushed the male nurse down running into the room. He saw your shirt cut open and all the blood. So much blood. He froze feeling sick as tears came to his eyes. He put his hand over his mouth right before sam grabbed his arm pulling him out. “Dean” Dean let sam pull him as he back into a wall in shock. Sam stood infront of him putting his hands on the sides of his face. “Shes going to make it dean” But deans eyes were still on the window watching the running doctors and nurses. Everything went silent to dean. He couldnt hear anything. He could see sam talking out of the corner of his eye but everything seemed to slow as well. “DEAN!” Dean snapped out of it hearing sam as he looked at him pulling his hands off from his face walking out the ER door. Sam Followed him As they got outside sam grabbed Deans arm but Dean pulled it away.

“Where are you going..” Dean shook his head wiping the tears off from his face. “I cant be here..not right now.” He said with a shaky voice. “Just..just call me…” Dean started to walk away. Sam didnt say anything watching him turn the corner before heading back inside. When he got back inside he found the doctors and nurses still running around. The pit in his stomach kept growing. Taking a seat he put his face into his hands praying for the best.


It was down pouring as dean jumped into the truck heading back to the gas station to grab the Impala. Getting out he stood in front of it glaring. He walked to the side seeing the tires were slashed. He kicked the tire twice with a yell before sliding down the side of the car putting his head into his arms screaming. 

Dean sat there soaking wet in the middle of the pouring rain for almost a half hour. He lifted his head slowly before getting up. He was going to fit baby.

Hours had past and sam hadnt heard anything. His leg bounced as he stared at your door. As a doctor came walking out sam jumped up. “Excuse me..” Sam spoke touching his arm lightly “How is she doing..please I need to know something its been hours..” The doctor cleared his throat before speaking. “Shes been through alot her body is in shock right now. Were still working but everything seems fine for now…but we still have alot to do…” Sam just nodded before looking in the window as the doctors and nurses worked on you.

“You have to get through this Y?N” He whispered before rubbing his eyes. 4 hours had past as sam paced the hall ways his phone held to his ear trying to get ahold of dean. “Come on man pick up your phone” But he didnt. He wouldnt.


Dean had gotten new tires and put them onto the impala already. He was now looking around the gas station looking for clues to whom blaine was. He saw the kid from before laying behind the counter dead. He wasnt sure why they had killed him but something made his head snap up “Hello Dean..” Dean spun around seeing crowley standing there. “Dont tell me all this was you..” Dean spoke in a low voice and crowley shook his head. “No..You know I wouldnt..” Dean crossed his arms across his chest. “Then why are you here.” Crowley looked around. “ I needed to see for myself…” Dean snapped back “See what crowley. See if my girl friend was left for dead or join army’s with who ever the fuck that was.” Crowley held up his hands in defense. “No Dean. I see you already took care of them but you know they wernt the only ones.” Dean sighed rubbing his face. “Then who are they.” Crowley shurgged walking over to the dead boy. “I have no idea…Thats why im here…” Dean glared at him. “Well when you find out…Let me know…” Dean went storming outside and got into the Impala taking out his phone he listened to voice mails sam had left him. Just as he started the car sam called again. He answered “Dean shes awake..” Dean didnt say anything he just hung up and started to speed down the road.


Dean came running into your room stopping when he saw you talking to sam as sam sat next to your bed. You looked so weak and in pain he hated it. When you noticed Dean had walked into the room you smiled over at him. “Dean…” Sam stood up and moved so dean could take his place. Dean walked over leaning down pressing his lips to your forehead. Your hand reached to the side of his neck pulling him down to your lips as you kissed him. He kissed back pulling away slowly. “I-im so sorry…” Dean whispered and you smiled touching his face. “No..You did nothing wrong…” You leaned up and kissed him once more before he sat down on the chair taking your hand in his as he kissed your knuckles. “Did you make them pay?” Dean smile lightly and you nodded. “Thats my baby” You said with a smirk and a slight laugh. “Do you know who they were..” Dean shook his head “no…I ran into crowley..he dosnt know either..” Sam stepped closer to the bed “You what?” Dean just gave him a look and sam just sat down. “We will find out baby…” You smiled “I know..” 

A few hours passed sam had gone to go eat and Dean kissed your cheek, “Im going to get some coffee ill be right back” You smiled and nodded and watched him leave. You reached over to the table grabbing the tv remote turning it on. You closed your eyes hearing someone come in knowing it was one of the nurses checking in on you. You heard the tv turn off. Opening your eyes seeing a tall man stand over you. You lost your breath as he smirked at you. “you can run…but you cant hide forever…” he spoke in a low voice before walking out of the room. Your hands began to shake as dean walked back into the room with a hot cup of coffee. He saw the look on your face. “Whats wrong..” You looked at him swallowing hard. “It was them..well one of them..they came into my room…” Dean set down his coffee rushing over to the door looking out seeing the tall man walking down the hall way. He knew it had to be one of them. He took off after him following him outside grabbing the back of his coat throwing him against a huge van. “Who the hell are you!” The man just smiled. “we are everyone…” Dean pulled out his knife holding it against his throat. “Leave Y/N alone Or I swear to god” The man cut him off. “Youll what kill us….you cant kill us… and I have to say you put on quit the show yesterday…” Dean glared at him harder. “Blaine….” The man smirked again before dean cut his throat watching him fall to the ground. running back inside and into your room. “We need to get you safe Y/N..” You nodded wanting nothing more then to just go home.


A month later

Laying in bed deans arms wrapped around you, you screamed in your sleep. “Hey..” Dean awoke shaking you lightly. You didnt wake up “Y/N…babe wake up its only a dream” Your eyes flew open and you sat up gripping what ever was close to you that being deans leg. “Hey…” Dean spoke sitting up rubbing your back. you looked over at him tears in your eyes “It was only a dream…” You shook your head. “I dont think it was dean..” you whispered laying back down as he wrapped you in his arms once more hiding your fave into his chest. “I dont it was dream…not this one…” “Was it..” You cut dean off. “Blaine..” You spoke looking up into his eyes. laying your head back onto his chest. Dean lifted your chin making you look back into his eyes “Listen to me…He wont touch you again…They have to go through Sam…A rouge Angel and The mark of cain to get to you…” You smiled weakly before pressing your lips against his kissing him deeply. “No one hurts my girl and gets away with it…” You smiled again cuddling closer to him as you hid your face in his neck just taking him in. “I love you…” You whispered he smiled running his fingers through your hair. “I love you too baby…”

Dean knew this wasnt the end…It couldnt be the end..It was just the beginning of a war….

(So I dont know if you guys want me to keep going on this story but if you do let me know)


10x06 “Ask Jeeves”
10x18 “Book of the Damned”

For their souls may get twisted and they may be devoured from the inside out

anonymous asked:

if youre gonna cope with an actual mental illness (none of that self diagnosis crap) by pretending youre something youre not then GO TO A FUCKING PSYCHIATRIST. i dont care how well it works out for you, you cant run away from your problems forever!!

All otherkin who say it’s a coping mechanism need to see this.