you cant recreate what you and i have

the adventure zone: recreating ourselves in fantasy wwe

magnus: sorry. put my actual eye color in, taako??

taako [selecting bright pink]: ok

magnus: youre trying to do a goof and im trying to unearth the fact that you do not know what color my eyes are

taako: maggie, you have insulted me. i cant believe that you would insult me like this. how could a game even capture the color of your eyes-

magnus: which are? wh- what about human language, could human language capture the color of my eyes?

taako: ..what color…is a sunset? 

magnus: …red and orange. and yellow

taako: what color is a - how - how would you say the color of a dream is?

magnus: that doesnt make sense


Anime: Hanasaku Iroha
Appearance: episode 20
Time: 30 mins
Serving: 1

So I’ve been craving omurice for awhile and decided it was time to give in! Ive only watched parts of this anime but i love what i have seen! This episode was really cute! Now i have tried but i still cant master making the egg where you slice it open and it folds over, I plan on practicing this more and one day I shall be able to do it! If you want to see my attempts plus a very good video I have that in my post here. For this I kept it simple so it will be easier to recreate. I also used sausage instead of the typical chicken


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Sabotage (Closed RP)

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“Glad you see things my way,” the boy smirked, wanting to cause trouble any day. Sure, this new woman may have made Father very happy, but he didn’t need her! He already had five wonderful delightful children who would care for him like no other. Lenny wouldn’t let anyone get in the way or share his attention. This had to be done. Her popularity online would certainly be of some use. Particularly because Lenard wasn’t allowed to use his computer for recreational purposes.

“Alright. See what you can do with that, and I’ll ask my siblings to join in on our little plan.” But, like always, he wasn’t completely satisfied. 60% gone wasn’t 100% gone. Lenny only hoped they didn’t have to share a room. “I’d like to talk to Father about this too…” Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea, but he felt like he had the right to understand what was going on. 

all you have to do is say YES

#brittana journey from season 1-5 #look at how far they’ve gone #for me this is it #i wont expect much from season 6 #they are endgame #it was always on #its not about who you’re attracted to ultimately, its about who you fall in love with #im so yours, proudly so #you cant recreate what you and i have #if you want me im here #marry me