you cant really see but you can listen


Requested: hi, this is long request but its been on my mind for a while. could you do one where your on tour with shawn. where shawns at rehearsal so you’re on the tour bus waiting. you try to stay awake to see him once he finishes but you cant so you fall asleep on the little couch thing in there curled up in his sweater listening to his album on your phone. he finishes his rehearsal comes back to see you sleeping (he smiles) moves you to his bunk and falls asleep with his arms around you. Please 💓


You’re on tour with your boyfriend. Its really great that you get to see tons of cool places and you get to travel with him, but sometimes it can get really boring. You spend a lot of time waiting for him when he’s doing press or rehearsing. Tonight is no different. It’s already midnight, but Shawn is still in rehearsal. You’re waiting for him on the bus because you want to stay up to see him when he gets out. You’re watching videos on your macbook, when you realize you’re cold. After looking everywhere for your sweatshirt, you can’t find it. However, you find Shawn’s laying on the counter where he left it. You pull it on and breathe in his scent still on it. You close your computer and curl up cozily on the couch. While you wait for Shawn, you decide to play his album on your phone. You don’t realize you’ve fallen asleep until you hear the bus door open and voices come onto the bus. You open your eyes to see Shawn smiling down at you.

“What are you doing out here, babe?” He asks you since you’re on the couch and not in your bunk.

“I wanted to wait for you to come back before I went to bed,” You answer sleepily.

“You’re sweet.” He replies, leaning down and picking you up into his arms. He carries you to his bunk and kisses your forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He says before disappearing. You’re about to drift back to sleep when Shawn returns. He had changed and brushed his teeth, now he crawls in next to you, both of you barely fitting on the skinny bunk. He takes the outside so you won’t be the one to fall of the bunk.

He wraps his arms around you, and holds you close to his warm body. “Goodnight (Y/n), I love you.”

“Love you,” You manage to mumble back before drifting off to sleep.

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That is honestly really sweet. Thank you for sharing that. This is going to ramble on for a bit, but I really like you. I found your blog years ago, and you remind me of my first semester of college, first time on the train listening to tricot. I had a weird crush on you back then too, but in like "man they're cute I really hope they have a good day". Late nights when I can't sleep and I'm on Tumblr and I see your blog I can't help but wish for your happiness, and if I could ever suck your toes.

you know what my heart was filled with so much warmth until i read the last part and im so angry right now but i cant stop laughing i hate and love you so much im gonna kill you 

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this is going to sound extremely weird, but i just started listening to les mis and just find it... sort of okay. it feels really important to me to like it and i don't know why, so i'm just wondering... what should i do? should i just listen to all the songs over and over again and try to sort of let it grow on me? i don't know why this is so important to me, but i would just like some advice.

it’s alright not to like it my guy. 

if ya dont find it spectacular then you cant really force it, ya know? 

you can try listening to it more and see if it strikes your fancy, but if you dont love it then ya dont love it. i dont really know how to offer advice on making yourself like something you arent into

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❀ What has made you completely lose your chill?

there are 2 things that make me lose it and one is when you’re always expected to write the starter?? like it’s your fourth thread with someone and they’re still pullin the “oh i’m really busy can you write it???” like listen sonny we’re all busy don’t make me be the goddamn innovator here.  or someone comes to you with an idea and you’re like “alright alright sick slap me down a starter let’s do this” and they’re like “oh man i cant, can you??” like NO SONNY I CANNOT THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT

and the second one is those fucking psds where you can’t see shit you know the ones i’m talking about ronnie i’ve already talked to you about this.  but those fucking psds where it’s like so black and white it transcends any sort of visual at all and you’re just looking at blotches wondering if someone’s trying to subliminally give you a rorschach test bc like what?? is happening? like to me icons are a visual cue so that you dont have to describe exactly what your characters fucking nuanced facial expression is, or just so the tone comes across a little bit easier, and when that icons is fucking 30x30 and hardcore black and white i’ve got nOTHING

My baby sister has a big swollen black eye from falling down
Now many don’t know me but people who have me in discord chats know this baby is my life
And well
Seeing her in pain is making me really depressed
So if i seem like im really sad from like my posts, thats why.
So im sorry, bear with me, you can mute me or unfollow me for the time being if you dont wanna see sad mizari mun posts (cause i cant guarantee i can really tag my shit sometimes)
Thank you all for listening c:

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hi i think i have a lot of ocd symptoms and im scared to speak up about it and it goes back and forth between being really bad and overwhelming to the point where i just wanna cry and yell and other times it's annoying but manageable but i have at least a few compulsions/rituals everyday. i think my intrusive thoughts are on a relatively normal level but yeah idk just any advice? even if not thank u for listening your blog is very helpful

i think you really should speak up about it before it gets too hard to manage!! stop it before it gets really bad yknow? & if you cant speak up about it at least try to learn to cope on your own! go read up on some ways OCD is treated & see if you can pull something from it. <3 best of luck to you!


ill try to make this as short as possible but forgive me if its long. 

last year, someone recomended i listen to car radio, by twenty one pilots. that was the first time i had cried for such a long amount of time. i listened to that a lot, and thought, why dont i listen to vessel? so i listened to migraine, and i fell in love with tylers lyrics. honestly, i fell in love with the band as a whole. they didnt try really to make you feel better, they didnt really say “hey we get you” tyler just kinda said “look, this is what happens to me, what i think. i cant explain it, but maybe you can, and you can use it to help yourself” and thats what i think really made me fall, besides tylers lyrics, which where defenitley the first things i felt when i heard the music. but you see, most artists say “ let me get your mind off those bad thoughts! ay fun whoooo!” or “we get you its ok” or “let me perfectly explain my thoughts so you know exactly whats happening” but no.tyler has always talked about “creating” and doing stuff like that. and thats exactly what his lyrics are, he writes what he thinks and its up to you to interpret it based on what you think. lets take 2 songs for example. ode to sleep: now ive seen some posts talking about what it means, but guys, you cant understand tylers meaning of ode to sleep, its what you, the listener, thinks it is. have you ever noticed how everyone thinks it means something different? yea. second, kitchen sink: “a kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me, ok friend?” hes not being mean as in “stop trying to guess what my songs are about” its more of “find your own meaning in my words, create your own”. and thats what i like about him, he doesnt try to comfort you, its more like, yea ive been there, i know what it is, but i also dont, because i dont know your brain or your thoughts” and thats also the reason his music makes me so emotional. its pure and exactly what hes thinking, its just up to you to find your meaning.  

“we are twenty one pilots, and so are you”

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hey :) so recently my boyfriend, who also watches spn, brought up his theory of how Cas couldn't possibly love Dean and i had him listen to my interpretation. he says he would like to believe it but he can't (he says wincest is more likely). Can you pleeease help me to find some strong arguments to try and convince him that it's possible for cas to love dean? i dont need him to ship it i just want him to understand why i ship them. im so bad at articulating i cant really explain this situation:(

Hii! :) 

Well, I think if people are determined to not see something, it’s hard to convince them. But you could start by showing him this post:

My Top 10 Destiel moments

And this one:

Why Destiel is a legit love story

Besides, it’s usually a point of discussion in this fandom whether or not Dean loves Cas that way, Cas on the other hand… Everyone (even some of the antis) is convinced that there is no way for Cas to not be in love with Dean, whether it’s unrequited or not: Castiel is in love with Dean Winchester. 

This guy would give up everything; Heaven, his life, the lives of his siblings, his wings, if it meant keeping this one human (Dean) safe. Now what could possibly drive him to do all of that, if not love? 

“I’m hunted, I rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you” Castiel says to Dean, and that was only season 5. They’d only just met, and it was such a short amount of time compared to the time that Castiel has existed. 

Considering everything that Castiel has done for Dean since, (it was even confirmed several times that he did it for one man, not ‘humanity’ in general), there is no doubt in my mind that he loves him. Whether that love is romantic or platonic, I guess that’s open to interpretation, although I personally can’t see it as anything but Cas being in love with the guy. 

I hope this helped though, good luck convincing a non believer, haha! :p

Please don’t praise Zakiyah’s ex for “defending” her against Paulie’s actions after constantly putting his hands on her and literally throwing her across rooms. From listening to her talk about him, she’s really emotionally damaged from the situation and even said he “just really cared” about her. 

She’s a victim of domestic abuse and she hasn’t seen it yet. The worst thing you can do for someone like that is to support and enable their abuser.

So cut that shit out.