you cant really see but you can listen

Just some study tips that I like to use, and thought maybe other people would find helpful!

1. Re-write your notes in ‘casual form’

This is probably the method I use the most, just because I find it funny. Basically what I do is I write a summary version of my notes, but I write it in the same way I would speak if I was trying to explain this topic to a friend. When your notes say: “David Hym used Faeries to Explain the theory of Monetary Neutrality in the 17th century” you re-write “Our 17th century homie  David H had a slight fetish with Faeries, but that’s his own business. All we care about is the fact that price be change if money supply be changing.” This method can take a little bit longer, but I do find that it makes your notes more interesting to look over later. And more importantly, it really helps you remember things because your are rewriting it in your own words. Everyone says the best way to learn something is to teach it, so imagine you are teaching a friend over a beer, you wouldn’t explain it in casual structural form, you would explain it how you would talk. Honestly I rewrite my notes a lot for studying purposes, and this method is probably the most beneficial. It summaries everything as well as put it into your own words, and the best part is that its kinda funny!

2. Paint your nails

I always find that I feel more “study aesthetic” when I my nails are painted. I know this sounds kind of strange, but when my nails are painted I automatically feel like typing on my computer is better, and my handwriting is more aesthetically pleasing. I just feel like a more composed and accomplished person overall. I cant really explain it, and honestly its probably just because I never really have my nails painted, but hey it doesn’t hurt to try if you find you are lacking motivation.

3. Use your music playlist and as a timer

No matter what type of music you listen to, I recommend making your own playlist. The reason I suggest doing this is because you can use your playlist as a timer! I find that when I have a timer app on my phone, I check it WAY to many times, seeing how much time is left, did I turn the volume up, ect. BUT if you make a playlist, filled with instrumental music for example, and then every 5-8 songs, you input a song with lyrics, you know that songs with lyrics are your break time! So, as soon as the instrumental fades out, and your 1-3 lyric songs come on, you know its free time! And once the lyrics end, its time to get back to work. You can literally shut your phone off if you use your laptop for music, and you wont be tempted to check a timer every 10 minutes to make sure you didn’t miss the break time alarm!

4. Download the “Get Shit Done” App

This app is wonderful because it literally just sets a time limit for you to get some shit done. Although I prefer a Pomodoro type clock for normal studying, if I have something to get done (An essay, a set of notes) that I am seriously procrastinating, I find this app helpful. All you do is set a time limit, set a reward and a punishment, and decide if you get breaks or not. As soon as you hit start, you have to complete the task in the allotted time period, otherwise the app sends you a mean message and the punishment you decide is put on the screen. This app is good for when you need to just DO something, but your motivation is -2. I find the allotted time period helps me overcome procrastination in a way that Pomodoro cannot.

5. Listen to Disney Music

The third tip in this post was to use your playlist as a timer, so going off that, I thought I would talk about type of music that I enjoy listening to while studying.
I am a huge nerd. no shame. And as much as I enjoy studying listening to movie soundtracks or video game soundtracks, I find that what I like the most is Disney Land music soundtracks. I know that sounds super lame, but honestly the music that Disney Land plays in its ride ques is so awesome for studying because its happy, and upbeat, and it makes you feel less like you are dying. Also the music is not so intense you are freaking out (Video Game soundtracks for me) or so calm that you are falling asleep (Classical music for me) is just a nice, happy, in between. This is the playlist I use - its nice because it has some ride tracks mixed in, so I find that I study while the instrumental tracks are on, and the lyrical ride tracks are my breaks.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen Liam with man? And have you questioned if he can be gay? I am not a Ziam shipper. Its a question, sincerely. Why I'm asking this is that remember the twitter feud with the wanted? One called him gay. There is something doesnt make sense about Sophia and him like : He fucked with her so many times "I like girls with so much foundation that you cant see the face" or Niall's Sophia pictures. I dunno, have you ever seen him with Zayn or smth

Hello! Thank you for your message. I had to really have a think about whether or not I wanted to get into this, but seeing as Larry is basically a sure thing by now I can finally start to investigate this Ziam thing properly. 

The first time I saw Liam he was with a group of guys, like five guys, which is why I didn’t immediately recognise him. Also, I was listening to Midnight Memories so I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but alas, it was him. I’ve never seen him just with one guy one on one, he’s typically with a group. Which is also why I’ve never spoken to him - never really seems like the time or place, plus he looks like a wild scared animal when he’s outside. Legit, looks terrified to be outside which is why I just let him be. 

When I first heard about the Ziam thing I was like, ‘lol, okay. SURE.’ Because for me I saw Larry before I heard about them. I just legitimately assumed that they were out and together. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, that’s cute - two guys from 1D are together.’ Then after some YouTubing it was downhill from there and here I am. In Larrie trash hell writing more blog posts about them than I do about my own life - which is how I became quasi-J List celeb famous in England. True story. Google it.

Anyway, I opened a bottle of wine and watched a Ziam video a couple of months ago out of pure fascination and by the end of it I was like:

Because it seems so. Damn. Real. 

There were so many things that I completely missed or disregarded because there was something Larry happening beside it. Legitimately for every Larry moment there is an equal and, quite frankly, more open Ziam moment. 

So WHY then do we believe so firmly in Larry but, for the most part, completely dismiss Ziam?

Could it be that their management company actually learned from their colossal Larry mistakes? That aggressively shutting down a rumour by having Louis and Harry go from this:

 To this:

Was insane? 

Part of the problems faced by the media industry when One Direction was on the rise to becoming one of the biggest bands in history (forget of the time, because after five years it’s safe to say that like them or not they have left a huge mark on the music industry) is that social media management was not really a “thing” as it were in 2010. No one was prepared for the way in which every moment, every look, every touch would be documented on someone’s phone (or potato as it were in Wellington) and put on the internet for everyone to see. 

At the moment we are witnessing a previously unseen situation in which we literally have a case of seeing what goes on behind the smoke and mirrors. Whether it’s through anonymous stuffed animals or moments captured on someone’s phone that no one was meant to see, there is no way to effectively hide what is going on with Louis and Harry, no matter how many NDAs or shit articles you put out there.

That brings us back around to Zayn and Liam. You could argue that they weren’t censored because nothing was going on, or you could look at the fact that people see Zayn as the ‘bad boy’ and Liam as the ‘aggressively hetero one’ ever since he stepped out to go surfing with a six pack a couple of years back. They don’t LOOK gay, and unfortunately in this current day and age, that is still enough for people to ignore what is right in front of them.

These two:

Display very different mannerisms than these two:

They just do. Though all four have their flamboyant moments, people are looking for Larry moments, whereas an identical action from Ziam is just accepted as bros being bros because it would have been impossible to create a second massive divide in One Direction without making this entire dog and pony show implode.

Have a search through Tumblr for ‘ziam’ or ‘ziam is real’ and I guarantee you’ll find some very interesting information. 

Short story long: this whole band has been shady af since they came in third on the X Factor (you can read about that here: 5 Times One Direction’s Management Company And Record Label Were Shady AF)

Anyhow, I think that Ziam is as possible as Larry. Just better handled. 

And that’s what I have to say about that. 

Okay Im a dork, and I can’t resist to not show off >w< Heres a tiny teeny wip from the next art I’m currently working on. I was listening Idola Circus endlessly and I really loved those matsu expressions you see on the bottom corner, soooooooooo I decided to make a crossover art with sanses.

Meanwhile Im done with the sketching, but if you want you can guess which sans represent which matsu aheheheehee *brow wiggling* Cant wait to show the final result.

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Listen because of the height difference I love thinking about Harry walking away after a small argument and Cedric following him singsonging "You cant outrun me because my legs are longer thats yooours!" He does this because he never likes it when Harry leaves him mad. -A

ahahah i love it, i can totally see them having really petty like bickering banter

 - ok well i can’t outrun toy but i can definitely out fly u ced 
- HA you think so potter, remind me again who won that quidditch match in 93? 
- i was attacked by deMENTORS CED, i feLL OFF MY BROOM
-  yeah yeah poor excuse if u ask me
- …fine u won that won but erh remind me who sacrificed eternal glory to offer it to you????
- i offered it right back!!!
- i’m the saviour of the wizarding™ world diggory, that beats everything 
- saviour of the wizarding world - and i beat him at a little game of quidditch, now what does that say about how great i am?
- you beat me when i was 13 and attatcked by dementors, trust me if we played now u would lose 
- wanna bet????

and then they run off to get their brooms like the fuckin quidditch nerds they are and they play quidditch until one of them gives up and lets the other win so they can go home and make out 

My Broken Wrist Playlist

It’s been really hard for me not to play piano because of my injury so to keep myself sane I’ve been making a list of all the pieces I will play once I’m better again and I thought I would share it with you guys!

Omake Pfadlib from the Attack on Titan ost

Strange title I know but it’s such a lovely piece! Its so soft and quiet and heart aching. I don’t know what scene this piece is from in the anime so let me know if you do! 

Theishter’s Acoustic version of Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul

The original version of this song is actually just amazing and I really love this arrangement. Theishter always does such lovely arrangements but they’re always so hard! But this one seems manageable so I’m excited to get to learn it. Here’s the original version from the ost.

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto 5 Movement 2

I’ve been in love with this piece so much recently oh my god. I’ve had kind of a dilemma with this piece, I’ve found three versions of it and I’m having trouble deciding which I want to learn. I have the original piano solo written by Beethoven which is awesome! But I kind of want to learn an arrangement just for solo piano that way I can have more of the harmony and texture. So I looked and I found an arrangement of the beginning portion of the piece which is nice because it doesn’t have the trills, but I kind of want to learn the whole thing. So I found an arrangement of the whole piece but it’s such shitty quality. So I’m writing it on a program so it’s easier to read (and maybe adding a few tweeks here and there). I couldn’t find a recording of the full arrangement but here’s the arrangement of the beginning portion.

Wagner’s Prelude to Tristan and Isolde

I don’t know why but I’ve really been into Wagner recently! This piece is actually pretty tough for piano so I doubt I’m gonna be able to learn the whole thing, but I think it would be fun to try. I’m gonna learn the version by Singer but unfortunately I couldn’t find a recording. 

Wagner’s Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral

Another Wagner piece lol. This one seems doable I think! I learned it on clarinet in high school and my god it was impossible but I’m hoping it will be easier on piano. Here is the piano arrangement

Pavane op. 50 by Faure

I don’t really have a reason for wanting to learn this one other than I think it sounds nice lol! And it looks easy so I thought I’d give it a try.

Melancholia from Final Fantasy XV

Lol I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games before so I actually found this piece from a post here on tumblr! I listened to it and immediately I was like “oh I have to learn it!” Plus I think its really interesting how the arranger put the melody mostly in the second voice for a majority of the piece! It will definitely be a bit of a challenge for me to make sure the melody speaks well and isn’t drowned out bu the other voices but I’m definitely up for it I think.

Sorrow without Solace from Final Fantasy XV

So after listening to that last piece I fell down the youtube rabbit hole and I found this one lol.

Comptine d`un autre ete from Amelie

This is another piece I found on tumblr so I’ve never actually watched the movie but I think this piece is absolutely lovely!

Alright so there are the pieces I’m going to learn when I can play again! I hope you guys enjoy listening and maybe I gave you guys some ideas for pieces to learn. I might add some more pieces later if I find some more I want to learn.

Friendly warning

Ok people! gather ‘round and listen!

Looks like tumblr is at it again with the weird apps and this time is one where it censors anything “sensitive”, and its just not NSFW stuff.

So, if you’re under 18 please tell me what posts you cant see on this blog; and if you’re over 18 you can change the “safe mode” thingie so you can see posts that could be censored.

I really wanna make sure what is censored for you guys and what tags it has so i can change it in future posts, specially with my YureiTale fancomic coming up.

Comment here your opinions and tags that are censored, please, and try to switch the “safe mode” thingie if you can, on pc and mobile.

P.S.: OK friends, try turn the “safe mode” off from your phone if you have the app. If you don’t have it, get it right away so you can see your regular posts from your regular blogs you follow. 

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Hey can you do a jungkook smut where by you caught him watching their sex tape 🙈


catch him when he is watching porn

Since these two are similar im just going to combine them!! I hope you enjoy :)

~~ Admin Abbie

Xx Smut xX

Jungkook x Reader

I’m Here

You walked into your apartment and laid down the things you had just picked up from the store. Your boyfriend Jungkook was coming over tonight, He practically lives here so you gave him a spare key so he could come in whenever he wanted.

“Jeez he is here so much he should just start paying for the rent!”

You took out some of the things you got and started putting them away. You didn’t know when he was going to get here so you deiced to text him. You grabbed your phone and sent him a quick text.

You heard a ding from your living room and walked over to find Jungkook’s phone of the coffee table…So he is here??

“Jungkook you here??” You yelled

No response

You looked around the apartment to see if maybe he was hiding some where, When you passed your bedroom you noticed the door was closed..So he was sleeping!

You didn’t think nothing of it because you usually came home to that anyway. You opened the door and walked to see that he wasn’t sleeping but he was on the computer.

His back was turned to you and he had headphones in, No wonder he couldn’t hear you! And then it hit you! The perfect idea!! You were going to come up behind him and scare him! 

Just like how he always does that to you!! It was finally pay back time! You slowly walked over to him making sure you didn’t make any loud noises that could possible let him know of your presence.

You got closer and soon enough you were right behind him, You slowly reached your arms out but they came to a sudden stop. You didn’t pay to much attention to the computer screen at first…but when something/someone that looked exactly like you flashed on the screen it caught your attention.

You soon realized what Jungkook was watching…It was yours and his Sex tape…The one that he swore he erased and that he never was going to record anything like that again….yea it was that one….

Keep reading

memes-yes-please  asked:

Dude! I noticed your a fan of BMC! Your fan art is really good! ÙwÚ I've started reading the book, and I really like it! But I really want to see the musical ಥ_ಥ Do you happen to know where I could watch the musical online somewhere???

sadly you cant, the closet thing we get to experiencing the musical is listening to a full audio version of it while reading the script which you can find here. The link to the script is already attached there so you can go check it out.

hope that helped OwO


“So here we are with the beautiful Alycia Debnam Carey” you say as you look at her “alot of you viewers probably know her as the badass cinnamon roll that is Lexa” she looks at you and giggles, you smile she has such a cute giggle “thanks for that introduction Y/n I needed in my life” she says “always here to please” you say jokingly “I bet” she says with a smirk, you gulp and laugh nervously she still has that smirk on “anyway I’m really gonna miss playing Lexa she was such an interesting character to play, either way she will always have a place in my heart” she says you sigh “don’t remind me” you say “now where am I gonna get all my Lexa fierceness” you continue “You don’t need a TV to get some of that Lexa fierceness like I said she will always have a place in my heart” she winks at you, oh god you think “yeah but how about Clarke she needs Lexa so that she can be happy and Clexa can be Endgame” you say, she giggles again, I could listen to her forever you think as you look down at her lips and then her eyes she smirks, shit she caught me looking you think as you blush “Lexa will always have a place in Clarke’s heart as well and hey you still have fanfiction” she says now it’s your turn to giggle, she smiles “you have a really cute giggle you know” she says you look down and blush “you’re really pretty you shouldn’t look at the ground then I cant see your face” she says as she lifts your shin up to look at her oh god she’s going to be the end of me you think as you look into her eyes you were going to start leaning in but you hear a cough you look to your right and realize that this is an interview and you two aren’t the only ones here you pull back quick I think I need the world to swallow me up now you think as you feel your face heat up right about now your sure you could see your blush from space you cough and say “so that’s all the time we have for today Alycia thanks for joining us today” you say “It was my pleasure y/n” she says “and were out” you hear and sigh “here” you hear and see Alycia holding out a pice of paper at you you take it “Call me when you have a chance” she says as she winks at you and leaves, Best Day Ever you think and smile. (I am back did you all miss me i know it’s been a while but summer is coming up soon so expect more imagines 😉) (Not my gif)

Taken - Part Four

Joker x The Reader

Hey puddins! Without further ado, I present to you part four :) I apologize for the delay. School really got ahold of me, but I’m back and I hope you enjoy! Like and reblog please.. xoxo -S.


You slowly come to, with images of a bedroom flashing in and out in your vision. Everything looked foggy and your head was throbbing. You flutter your eyes open and realize you are lying on a bed. You were in a bedroom with baby pink walls. You look around to see a white vanity desk in front of a window to your left, and the opening to a closet to your right. You look down and realize that your little black dress has been replaced with baby pink shorts and a white shirt. You feel your hands restrained to shackles attached to the headboard. You shake them to see if you could release your hands but to no avail.

“HELP!” You scream out. When you part your lips to scream, you feel a burning sensation on the corners of your mouth. You lick the corners and taste the metal taste of blood.

J then walks into the doorway of the bedroom, wearing a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black dress pants.

“Oh fantastic, she’s awake, aaaaaand the questioning begins …. now!” he says, pointing to you, and taking a seat in the vanity chair.

“Where am I?” You ask, your voice an almost inaudible whisper.

“Right now, you’re in your bedroom in my house. City wise, you are in Gotham City.” He states.

“Why did you take me? Who even are you?” You ask, with much more power.

“Because dear, I need a kitten, and you were too irresistible to pass up. As for me, I am The Joker, The King of Gotham City, but I go by many other names- you may call me J,Mr. J, Sir, and Daddy.”

“You have to let me go! I can’t stay here!” You tell, with tears welling in your eyes.

“Ahhh, darlin. I’m afraid I can’t do that,” he says, standing up from his chair. He grabs a hand mirror off the vanity desk. “You see those marks?” He asks, holding the hand mirror in front of you, inches away from your face. Your makeup was smeared but what really caught your eye was the dark red incisions forming out of both corners of your mouth, extending your smile line. “I put a permanent smile on that pretty little face of yours. That means you’re all mine now.”

“YOU CANT DO THIS!” You scream in his face, shaking your shackled hands, trying desperately to free them.

“Kitten, I’m the king of Gotham City. I can do whatever I damn well please. Now you can be a good girl and listen to whatever I say, or daddy’s going to have to punish you. And I’d *hate* to see that happen,” he says, cracking a smile and walking back over to the vanity and placing the hand mirror back. Then you ask him the golden question.

“What happened to the others?” You say, nervously, recalling from what those people said in the club. J turns and looks at you with a surprised expression, then he cracks into a smile and releases a bellowing laugh.

“Allison, Maria, Jessica …. all of them, the poor souls. They fell *in love*, so I had to let them go,” he shrugged. “You see, a person like me doesn’t love, so there was no use for them here anymore.”

“How could anyone love a monster like you?” You growl defensively.

“Careful,” he says, pointing his finger at you, and walking towards you. He sits on the bed next to you. “Remember what daddy said about punishment. Alls ya have to do is listen to what I say, and you and I can have a really nice time together,” he says, cupping your face but you immediately wince.

He then takes your face in both of his palms and kisses you passionately. You can feel fireworks in your stomach as he presses his lips harder into yours. He runs his fingers through your hair and pulls your head back, retracting your lips from his. He then starts kissing and biting your neck and an instant rush of heat and pleasure takes over your whole body. He kisses harder and faster but then immediately pulls away. The heat is instantly lost, left with you disappointed and wanting more.

Holy shit. Did you really just enjoy making out with your kidnapper?

“Wow,” he says. “We can’t have too much fun yet. You need your rest, it’s late,” he says, getting up from the bed.

You look over at a clock on the vanity and it reads 2:36 am.

“Now I will undo these chains so you can sleep, and if you try to escape, good luck,” he chuckles. “I have henchmen all over who will gladly return you to me if they see you.” He undoes the shackles and frees your hands. J pulls up the blankets from the bed and tucks you in.

“Sleep tight angel, I’ll see you in the morning.” He places a kiss on your cheek and a tingle radiates from your cheek down to your spine. For a guy that claims he ‘doesn’t love’, he sure can be charming. He walks over to the door, turns the light off, and then shuts the door behind him. You hear his footsteps fade away down the hallway.

You turn over in the bed and lay on your side, a riptide of questions overwhelms your head. What’s going to happen to you? What is the point of J taking you as his little playmate? Why you? What would happen to you if you disobeyed him? Would he kill you? Your heart drops at the thought.

Your head was still throbbing, so you closed your eyes and gently faded away to sleep.


phichitchulanonts  asked:

6, 10, 20, 52, 67,85, 101, 115, 124, 140 - congrats on your guys' 6 months! <33

6. Are you/Were you ever in the same class at school?

no we weren’t! we met on here :^)

10.  Are you engaged? If yes, describe your proposal. If no, what ring would you like?

we are not but we are seeing each other in person (hopefully!) this winter!!!

20. Top 5 fav things about your partner.

ahhhh her laugh tbh!!! it’s super adorable especially when you get her really laughing and she cant stop

how pretentious she can be :^)

how understanding and caring she is. like her willingness to listen and engage with what I’m saying. idk how to explain it but it’s so healthy? having someone who able to talk and communicate and genuinely wants to hear where I am coming from is such a foreign concept to me and it means….A Lot

how cute she is when she gets excited about something and wants to talk about it (a gemini trait i’ve come to love tbh)

how she makes me feel….like idk if this counts but just..idk I feel soo..wanted? pretty? cared about? yeah…anyways she’s great

52.  What’s “your song”?

I’m not sure tbhh we have very different music tastes @dyrimthespeaker what’s our song?

67. Where would you both get takeout together?

aleks would probably say the Vietnamese place by her house that she loves

85. How do you both keep in touch when you’re away from each other?

we’re always away from each other tbh :/ we text and call each other whenever we can and facetime when we are able to. we also stream shows and watch them together when we both have time. it’s hard but we make it work!!!

101. How does your partner’s wardrobe differ from yours?

hmmm…I’m not sure actually ?? my wardrobe is like mostly pajamas atm but I feel like hers is def more floral (at least in the summer time) idk @aleks weigh in thanks (wait do u even know whats in my wardrobe)

115. What is something you love that your partner hates?  

the fact that I will have 37 animals one day

124. How do you both act together around others as opposed to when you’re alone together?

I’m not sure tbh we’ve never had the opportunity to be around others ?? I mean I guess you count online??

140. Got any relationship advice?

honestly I’m still trying to figure this all out as I go. just be honest and open with your partner and also yourself!! and make sure you work on communication bc I feel like thats one of the most important parts of a relationship?


River & the Doctor Appreciation Day 

#2. April 19th: favourite kiss 

“How are you even doing that? I’m not really here.”
“You are always here to me, and I always listen. And I can always see you.”

lazarus-is-dead  asked:

its 2am and i cant sleep.. what do you usually do when you cant sleep?

I end up seeing the sun

ehsdhdhf kidding but I dont really have trouble being unable to sleep, I’m always sleeping which is a bit annoying but ya

Sometimes I listen to some music that is usually on the soft side or I play a few games (warning, that can also cause you to see the sun in what feels like 5 minutes) Sometimes I watch weirdly satisfying videos while getting all comfy in bed or I do something relaxing. I bet if you look up sleeping hacks it’ll help tbh, my main reason why I enjoy having one leg under my blanket because it is a GOOOOOD feeling


Requested: hi, this is long request but its been on my mind for a while. could you do one where your on tour with shawn. where shawns at rehearsal so you’re on the tour bus waiting. you try to stay awake to see him once he finishes but you cant so you fall asleep on the little couch thing in there curled up in his sweater listening to his album on your phone. he finishes his rehearsal comes back to see you sleeping (he smiles) moves you to his bunk and falls asleep with his arms around you. Please 💓


You’re on tour with your boyfriend. Its really great that you get to see tons of cool places and you get to travel with him, but sometimes it can get really boring. You spend a lot of time waiting for him when he’s doing press or rehearsing. Tonight is no different. It’s already midnight, but Shawn is still in rehearsal. You’re waiting for him on the bus because you want to stay up to see him when he gets out. You’re watching videos on your macbook, when you realize you’re cold. After looking everywhere for your sweatshirt, you can’t find it. However, you find Shawn’s laying on the counter where he left it. You pull it on and breathe in his scent still on it. You close your computer and curl up cozily on the couch. While you wait for Shawn, you decide to play his album on your phone. You don’t realize you’ve fallen asleep until you hear the bus door open and voices come onto the bus. You open your eyes to see Shawn smiling down at you.

“What are you doing out here, babe?” He asks you since you’re on the couch and not in your bunk.

“I wanted to wait for you to come back before I went to bed,” You answer sleepily.

“You’re sweet.” He replies, leaning down and picking you up into his arms. He carries you to his bunk and kisses your forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He says before disappearing. You’re about to drift back to sleep when Shawn returns. He had changed and brushed his teeth, now he crawls in next to you, both of you barely fitting on the skinny bunk. He takes the outside so you won’t be the one to fall of the bunk.

He wraps his arms around you, and holds you close to his warm body. “Goodnight (Y/n), I love you.”

“Love you,” You manage to mumble back before drifting off to sleep.


ill try to make this as short as possible but forgive me if its long. 

last year, someone recomended i listen to car radio, by twenty one pilots. that was the first time i had cried for such a long amount of time. i listened to that a lot, and thought, why dont i listen to vessel? so i listened to migraine, and i fell in love with tylers lyrics. honestly, i fell in love with the band as a whole. they didnt try really to make you feel better, they didnt really say “hey we get you” tyler just kinda said “look, this is what happens to me, what i think. i cant explain it, but maybe you can, and you can use it to help yourself” and thats what i think really made me fall, besides tylers lyrics, which where defenitley the first things i felt when i heard the music. but you see, most artists say “ let me get your mind off those bad thoughts! ay fun whoooo!” or “we get you its ok” or “let me perfectly explain my thoughts so you know exactly whats happening” but no.tyler has always talked about “creating” and doing stuff like that. and thats exactly what his lyrics are, he writes what he thinks and its up to you to interpret it based on what you think. lets take 2 songs for example. ode to sleep: now ive seen some posts talking about what it means, but guys, you cant understand tylers meaning of ode to sleep, its what you, the listener, thinks it is. have you ever noticed how everyone thinks it means something different? yea. second, kitchen sink: “a kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me, ok friend?” hes not being mean as in “stop trying to guess what my songs are about” its more of “find your own meaning in my words, create your own”. and thats what i like about him, he doesnt try to comfort you, its more like, yea ive been there, i know what it is, but i also dont, because i dont know your brain or your thoughts” and thats also the reason his music makes me so emotional. its pure and exactly what hes thinking, its just up to you to find your meaning.  

“we are twenty one pilots, and so are you”

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hey :) so recently my boyfriend, who also watches spn, brought up his theory of how Cas couldn't possibly love Dean and i had him listen to my interpretation. he says he would like to believe it but he can't (he says wincest is more likely). Can you pleeease help me to find some strong arguments to try and convince him that it's possible for cas to love dean? i dont need him to ship it i just want him to understand why i ship them. im so bad at articulating i cant really explain this situation:(

Hii! :) 

Well, I think if people are determined to not see something, it’s hard to convince them. But you could start by showing him this post:

My Top 10 Destiel moments

And this one:

Why Destiel is a legit love story

Besides, it’s usually a point of discussion in this fandom whether or not Dean loves Cas that way, Cas on the other hand… Everyone (even some of the antis) is convinced that there is no way for Cas to not be in love with Dean, whether it’s unrequited or not: Castiel is in love with Dean Winchester. 

This guy would give up everything; Heaven, his life, the lives of his siblings, his wings, if it meant keeping this one human (Dean) safe. Now what could possibly drive him to do all of that, if not love? 

“I’m hunted, I rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you” Castiel says to Dean, and that was only season 5. They’d only just met, and it was such a short amount of time compared to the time that Castiel has existed. 

Considering everything that Castiel has done for Dean since, (it was even confirmed several times that he did it for one man, not ‘humanity’ in general), there is no doubt in my mind that he loves him. Whether that love is romantic or platonic, I guess that’s open to interpretation, although I personally can’t see it as anything but Cas being in love with the guy. 

I hope this helped though, good luck convincing a non believer, haha! :p

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Hey Jax what do you think are the Best incarnations of the Ninja Turtles from the 1987, 2003, and 2012 shows? Like Best Leo, best Mikey, Best Donnie, and Best Raph if that makes sense? Just curious. Love the blog, new follower

Oh sure I dont mind answering this. I’ve answered it before in massive post so I’ll just go off that. 

Lets start with Leonardo

Leonardo 1987: This version of Leo was the charming superhero save the day type. He was always helpful and always wanted to do good things. He also got very carried away with things like readin, playing video games, etc. But he was still a very likable character. 

Leonardo 2003: This version of Leo was probably the most well-developed so far of the 3 versions. He was very serious and focused on his training but when you see the hell he went through you understand why. Hell he gets a permanent part of his shell removed and he is so dedicated to protecting his family you can’t help but feel for the guy. He was also an extreme badass in combat.

Leonardo 2012: This Leo is definitely more like an actual teenager than the other 2. He’s a big nerd and loves anime and star trek knock offs. He is a still a badass though (especially in the season 2 finale). Sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk though but its understandable when your brothers don’t listen to you and other times its cause he IS a teenager and acts like it. Seeing him cope with his injury and overcome it in this season is making me like him more and more and he’s really becoming a Badass

Winner: My favorite is definitely the 2003 Leo still, after you see what he goes through and how he overcomes it I cant help but root for him.

Michelangelo 1987: Okay I’m just gonna say it. I friggin love this Mikey. He’s so likable, he’s so funny and HIS FRIGGIN VOICE! I absolutely love Surfer voices. “CHYAH DUDE COWABUNGA” No one can give a battle cry like this Michelangelo. Cowabunga became a household saying when I was a kid at the beach and pool. The only bad thing I can say about this mikey is the fact they took his nunchucks away in later seasons cause they were “too violent” and replaced them with a grappling hook which was lame.

Michelangelo 2003: I liked the fact this Mikey was one of the most competent fighters out of all the turtles. He was creative and had a spider-man way of talking so much his enemies could not concentrate…especially Raph. Though he had many negative qualities. Don’t get me wrong I love Mikey but this one would always make corny jokes and references and then brag how he is was a champion in an Inter-dimensional tournament. That got really irritating at times.

Michelangelo 2012: Greg Cipes was perfectly cast as Michelangelo. He was born to be him and this Mikey is a pretty fun and a likable dude. The only gripe I have with this Mikey is they make him to be a straight out idiot at times, like he needs someone to hold his hand. That is my one gripe with him. Mikey is my fav and I get that he likes to goof around but he should always have a filter of when its right to and when to be serious. They’ve been fixing that through the season so I’m not too worried and he always comes through in the end.

Winner: Come on dudes it goes to the 80s Michelangelo, To me this is the greatest interpretation of Mikey we’ve had so far and GOD I LOVE HIS VOICE. No one can say Cowabunga like him. I had the biggest Geek out moment when the 2012 brought back the 1987 turtles and we heard Townsend Coleman say his Iconic Cowabunga!! Best Mikey EVER!

Donatello 1987 and 2003: Honestly when I go back and rewatch both series they come off as pretty similar. Though 1987 Donnie wanted to be accepted by the whole world while 2003 Don didn’t and just cared for making inventions to expand his knowledge and to help his brothers. Though 2003 did become a main focus of the later seasons as he was trying so hard to get splinter back.

Donatello 2012: This Donnie is very eccentric and excitable and he’s madly in love with April (eecchhh not a fan of that). He’s always making inventions like the previous 2 but his main focus is to make retro mutagen to stop the Kraang. Honestly some episodes he can really get on my nerves but one episode I really loved him in was the Episode THE PULVERIZER where he was teaching Timothy how to use a Bo Staff and how to train for Ninjitsu.

Winner: to be blunt This is just a Tie

Raphael 1987: This Raph is waaayyy different than the other 2. He’s still cynical but he’s comedic with it. He’s very similar to Michelangelo and is constantly breaking the 4th wall. He also has some of the best one liners in the series. Even though he’s different from the other 2 I like him and later on in the series they tried to make him more aggressive than the others.


Raphael 2003: This Raph was like the Wolverine of the series, Always loved to fight and was constantly training. Also he was such a badass and Mikey called him their secret weapon. He also has that tough Brooklyn accent which I loved they gave the 1st Live Action movie one.

Raphael 2012: This Raph has his ups and his downs to me. On one hand he is one of if not the strongest fighter(s) on the group and is a great asset to the team. But on the other hand this Raph can just be a straight up jerkish bully sometimes and I hate that. I mean some episodes he is a straight up DICK. If he’s angry I get it but I don’t like him picking on his bros the way he does. I know he is growing as a character so I can’t fault him too much and he’s becoming more and more likable as the series goes on. Especially when he was helping Leo after his injury. He does care for his brothers a lot so I still like the dude.

Winner: 2003 Raph because he’s just a badass and he’s a lot like the 1st live action movie raph which was my favorite incarnation of him. Plus he got away with this……


Please don’t praise Zakiyah’s ex for “defending” her against Paulie’s actions after constantly putting his hands on her and literally throwing her across rooms. From listening to her talk about him, she’s really emotionally damaged from the situation and even said he “just really cared” about her. 

She’s a victim of domestic abuse and she hasn’t seen it yet. The worst thing you can do for someone like that is to support and enable their abuser.

So cut that shit out.

A spell for when I really want to see Loki

Even though I’m a spouse, I still do spells to ask for Him sometimes.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to go see Him, and although I can always ask for Him and even though in our specific instances I trust Him to make time to see me, there are spells I like to do also, just to make sure I’m capable of the concentration to meditate, do my astral travel, or just hear His voice when I need to.

Maybe this could help others do the same?

Stuff I do this with:

- Dragon’s Blood or Cinnamon incense. (Or whatever I feel He’d like me to burn, really. Burn something He likes from you.)

- His favorite candle

- Kenaz rune

- A tarot card that you associate with Loki (good general choices if you aren’t sure; The Tower, The Magician, The Fool)

- Place the rune on top of the card, lay them together on His altar, and light His candle behind them.

1. Be in front of the altar (be there however you want, stand, sit, lay down, whichever feels comfortable for you and Him) and tell Him why you want to see Him. Why you need Him.

2. Thank Him for any and all help that He’s given you in the past. If you don’t have experience with Him yet, just ask Him for help and see what happens.

3. Dip a finger or two in the melted wax of His lit candle when it gets to liquid, touch it to your lips as it cools. AS it cools. Be as careful as you’re comfortable with, though.

4: Think/Chant, ‘As I quiet, I let You speak. Give me words, and make me see.’

5: Then touch fingers to the candle shaft or to the rune if you’d like, and focus, and meditate for as long as necessary or as long as you can.

6: Try to listen to what you might get then and there.

7. Do not look at or do anything else before sitting/laying down to meditate, or attempting astral travel to meet Him, or asking Him to give you a dream message as you sleep.