you cant really blame her

lol people in the tags are calling Allura racist and it’s like

are y’all forgetting that the galra LITERALLY destroyed her homeworld (along with a bunch others at this point) killing MILLIONS. 

and that this has been going on for centuries. and the galra have been killing people and ruining their lives for centuries. with absolutely no mercy. whatsoever.

so yeah i dont blame her for being a bit iffy when “good” galra come up


@putridvodka my buddy got me a screen shot~
for those wondering, yes it does backfill in overtime because sometimes your mercy has to leave because a normally 8 minute game has been going for 30 and you really cant blame her for it though you really wished she had stayed so you could thank her for her wonderful job

                                                    “Someone come and try explaining to me why humans                                                      find it necessary to make such a big fuss about Christmas so                                                                                        early.”

Jin quite being such a scrooge.