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Path of Radiance Chapter Analysis 9: Gallia

I dont know who took all these map screenshots for the wiki but they keep doing it when the unit dots arent lighting up so you cant really make out enemy formations.  Oh well, I’m just stealing these images anyway so I cant really complain. 

Remember how I was complaining a few parts ago how FE chapters that have multiple paths usually don’t give you a reason to take both on at once?  Well, here we have an exception! Since you need to move fairly quickly to reach the houses before they are destroyed and your mounted units have stunted movement on the beach there’s a perfectly valid reason to send Titania and Oscar south while everyone else goes to take on the foes on the beach.  Oscar by now is likely pretty tough if youve been training him and Titania will also be fine (it goes without saying.)  You also have Lethe and Mordecai as other units.  If left on their own they will also go south but you can bring them up to the beach to help if you prefer.  Just make sure Ike hasnt moved yet if you want to give them commands because infuriatingly they cant be given orders otherwise.  Thank god they fixed this in Radiant Dawn but it sure is annoying here.  Overall, I would call this a pretty solid chapter, my only real complaint is that Ike needs to seize but he always seems to be up on the beach still dealing with the bandits and houses by the time Titania kills the boss so its a bit tedious to get him to the throne.  But thankfully Marcia joins this chapter so she can carry him where he needs to be pretty easily.  Mist also joins this chapter, she starts at level one unpromoted which is a bit annoying all the way at chapter 9, but a staffbot can always contribute and if you train her up it does help with a certain fight later.  Nobody else of any gameplay value joins this chapter. 

Titania Scale:

Titania can do everything by herself

Titania can clear the chapter by herself

Titania can’t clear the chapter by herself

Maybe its possible to save the houses with just Titania but I feel like the sand would slow her down enough to prevent that.  If you want to test it out so you can tell me I’m wrong, go right ahead.  I love being told I’m wrong.  But other than that uncertainty, she can take the rest of the chapter easily. 

I think I have finally defeated this enemy of my life

I have finally cut off its hand that still held me

I have finally shed its embrace that surrounded me

I have finally burst through its shadow that kept me from growing

I no longer crave it

I no longer need it

I no longer want it

I no longer have it

I can finally sleep soundly again.

I spent like 3 hours on this.

doing it for them tho *wipes tear*

sorry guys if this is too questionable for you

lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,

Landscape/Environment Tut

Okay so i got a few notes on how i go about Environments/Landscapes…so i’ll share a method thats easy to work with….bare with me its been a little while since ive drawn them Lol

First thing you want to start of with in your gradient background…use what ever is your preference. Depends on the setting, ima do some type of desert/dusty place.

You’ll learn that the Lasso tool is gonna be your bae when it comes to environments…that and its pretty useful. Now your going to be working in three tones, 1.Dark 2.Mid 3.Light and it will always be the darkest at the front fading to light towards the back…make sense? So you will have three layers for each one to make your life easier and Lock those layers so you will only color within that area. Make sure the dark layer is on top. 

Here is where the fun kicks in…we add our dets, try to stay with each tone and dont end up making it all muddy so you cant distinguish each one. Now you can go about this any way you please, you can paint it all in with one brush ( for some reason people get anal about shit like that, thinking there great for using one brush…i think if you got tools use em if you know how to do it right.) Or you can use custom brushes…since this is a tut ill mostly use custom brushes to slap stuff around. Its up to you really, also use the lasso tool like i said its your bae.

The lasso can help define things better for you, so i wanted to add a structure type on the third layer. If you want to give an effect that the selection ive made is in front of the background right click your selection and invert it, add some lighting around the edges…only a little though you dont want to over do it.

Also if you’ve done something on a layer you dont want to mess up or paint on what you can do is create a clipping mask on that layer. Its kinda like locking the layer to that one so you dont go outside of the layer or ruin what you worked on. Make a new layer above the one you wish to attach it to and right click the newlayer, a menu will pop up, your looking for clipping mask. Once you clicked it the layer should look like what ive circled. 

Once your done working on each layer we are gonna put in some mist effect, this is something that helps separate each section. So make a new layer between each of your three as shown in the image. Like i said you can use what ever method you like, i just use a soft brush or cloud/mist brush to get what i want. 

Now we are going to add some definition to the image a good one to use is Curves. You can find this where your layer menu is, at the bottom you’ll find it, ive circled what your looking for. On the third image is what will appear when you click curves, all you need to do is drag the little square and you’ll see some magic happen. So adjust it to your preference. If you want you can also mess with brightness/contrast too. ALSO i would recommend adding a person in the image, it gives you an idea of the scale your environment is.

I was going to end it there but hey, ill show one last thing…its pretty simple. and that is some water reflection, we are going to turn the middle into water instead cause its a little boring right now. I merged all layers but the first one, you then want to make a selection and copy/paste. Free transform in the shortcut is ctrl T and do a vertical flip on it then adjust so its mirroring the top. 

Now make a clipping mask like i explained earlier on the reflected surface and use the radiant tool…i think its called that lol it gives it more of a water surface like you see. For the image below it i used a custom brush which creates a water effect, aaaaaaaaaand bam you got you water now covering the area…easy huh. 

And so this concludes the Tutorial and you have the end result. Hopefully that gave some tips on how to approach landscapes…they can be confusing sometimes on where to start. Enjoy and let me know if it was useful or not :P

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weve all decided that reigen would be amazing delivering john mulaneys lines but some of bo burnhams lines just. fits the mans voice so well

are u ever just doing some totally mundane every day thing and then u remember that lance & keith actually held hands. keith actually grabbed a hold of lance’s hand and held it as they gazed longingly into each others eyes, as lance continued to say “we are a good team.” and to top it all off the background was some shade of purple to really compliment the fact that they really are red & blue. wow. im js bro you cant make this shit up this is the most romantic shit ive ever seen-


I can’t get it up for a chick without a head or a chick without a body

Always within arm’s reach