you cant just reject an entire race. it dont work that way

Not so Awkward Moment. (Simon Dominic Smut)

//Admin Smalls// Song of choice for this story: Too Much by Loco ft Dean. //Slight smut//

You’ve been close friends with the whole AOMG crew, but particularly close with Simon Dominic. They always included you in everything, mainly because everyone knew Simon developed a crush on you months ago, except you. You were closest with Jay and Simon, but lately you’ve been distancing yourself from the crew after Chase, and Gray caught you and Jay sharing a kiss in the dance studio. It didn’t mean anything, and it was just for the dance, but no one believed it. Little did you know, they told Simon and thats the reason why he’s been ignoring you. It eventually became awkward every time you’d hang out with everyone, so you decided to take a break. Oddly enough, you kept talking to Loco, and the two of you became closer.

“[Y/N].. you know how much i want you to come, you’re important to me and helped me create this album.” Loco whined into the phone. You just pouted and continued cleaning your room while Loco was begging for you to go with him and the crew to a celebratory party for his new album.

“You now have an opportunity to wear that new dress you bought.” Loco said convincingly. You stayed quiet and hummed along to the song you had playing from your laptop.

“Simon wont be there since he’s busy in the studio, so i’m coming to get you in 15.” You stopped fixing your bed and sighed.

“Hyukwoo..I’ll go if it really makes you happy, I miss everyone anyway, see you in 15.” You smiled into the phone and hung up. 

You think to yourself if its going to be a good idea to go to this party. Soon after, you were bombarded with text messages from Hoody about how excited she was to see you and to party again. You threw on your short, spaghetti strapped, red wine colored dress with some strappy black heels. The front of the dress hung low, revealing your chest. You let your nicely waved hair fall down and did a black smokey eye look, along with a wine red lipstick for your makeup. You take a deep breathe and smile. You never wear anything this fancy when going out with the crew, you don’t even wear much makeup either. You hear a honk outside and grab your wallet and head downstairs and out the front door. You turn around and walk toward the car to see Loco standing outside the car running his fingers through his bleached hair and whistling.

“I’ve never seen you look so.. breathtaking. You always look so shitty and lazy half the time.” He joked and in response you hit his arm. You kissed his cheek and congratulated him as you both got into the car.


The moment you arrived, you stared in shock at the huge mansion like place, already hearing music blasting loud. You came out of your trance when you realized that Loco had opened the door for you and held out his hand. You blushed and took it, walking with him into the building.

“Don’t you think you should’ve been one of the first few people to be here?” You questioned but were cut off by everyone screaming and people already handing you champagne glasses. You smiled and laughed while Loco dragged you to the main area and you spotted Jay, Hoody, and Chase.

“I didn’t think you’d actually come!” Hoody whined and threw her arms around you. The boys were all in shock at how amazing you looked, as they’ve never seen you all dolled up before. 

“Hyukwoo had convinced me to come, and i couldn’t miss my best friends party, plus, i definitely need to drink.” You chuckled. You felt yourself being lifted up by Jay and you get a whiff of his strong cologne that he always wore. You blushed as he kissed your cheek and put you down, then shoved a drink into your hand.

“No more ignoring us, i cleared everything up with everyone, just dance and drink.” Jay mentions. You ease up a little and say your hellos to everyone until you notice a tall blonde headed guy up against the wall with his hands shoved in his pocket, eyeing you from far. You turn to Loco and give him a death glare and he chuckles and shrugs.

“I thought if i told you he was here you wouldn’t come.” Loco yells over the music and runs off so that he can perform one of his songs. You turn back around to look toward the direction Simon was standing, only to bump into his chest. 

“Thats a pretty short and revealing dress, don’t you think?” Simon commented. You rolled your eyes and scoffed.

“Thats the first thing you tell me after not talking to me for two weeks? Its nice to see you too Simon.” You went to go walk of until he grabbed your wrist and pulled you toward him. He looked at you with questioning eyes. 

“I heard that you’ve been really close with Hyukwoo, is that true?”

“Y-Yeah but why do you care? i’m surprised you’re talking to me, you’ve been ignoring me for two weeks.” You told him and looked away from him.

“It was all just a misunderst-” You felt yourself being pulled away by Loco into the crowd. 

“You should be dancing and drinking, not talking!” Loco chucked and winked at you.

The party was calming down and Loco’s song, Too Much, was blasting through the building. Some people were swaying, most were drinking and talking. You felt Loco’s hands on your hips and him hold you from behind. You both are dancing and swaying as he sings the song in your ear. 

“Can I get a oh yeah oh yeah, 넌 too much but I like it, ok her dance, is too much but I like it.” He sang as you shivered, but enjoyed his voice and company. You didn’t think anything of it because the two of you were close friends, so you let him pull you even closer to him as you two continued to dance.


The rest of the night went great, and surprisingly, you didn’t drink that much. The only two that drank a shit ton, were Jay and Hoody.

“We’re all going in my car, the six of us, and we can go back to the studio and hang out.” Loco mentioned while we all walked to the car, instead of Hoody, who was being carried by a wild Jay Park.

“Um i don’t think the six of us could all fit in your car.” You stated.

“It’ll work, it’s not that long a drive, so you might have to sit on someones lap, no big deal. We’ll plop Chase in the front with me and you can sit in the back with Simon and the other two.You might want to sit on Simon’s lap because Jay looks a little touchy over there.” Loco suggests while getting into the drivers seat. Chase looks at me and chuckles quietly and mouths “You’ll be fine.”

“I dont think thats a good idea!” You yelled and look at Simon quickly and gulp, seeing he’s just standing there, again with his hands in his pockets, but this time smirking.

“There isn’t much you can do now.” Simon says as he walks past you and into the back seat of the car, as the other two pile in from the other side. You stay quiet and watch as Simon pats his lap, waiting for you to sit. The moment you got in, you sat on his lap and looked out the window for the entire duration of the ride. You felt awkward and it felt like the longest car ride of your life. The position you two were in, wasn’t helping the situation you two were in, and you were worried it would make things even more awkward now. You felt Simon’s arms wrap around your waist and you relaxed a bit, but still didn’t make eye contact with him or talk.

“[Y/N].. i didn’t like how you were dancing with Hyukwoo.” Simon whispers in your ear, practically growling. You didn’t think anything of it and replied,

“I don’t see why it matters or why that concerns you, he’s my friend, i’ll dance with him however i want to.” You told him confidently. He clicked his tongue and didn’t say anything else for the rest of the ride. When we arrived to the studio, we all piled out the car. Loco hooked arms with you in excitement from how amazing the night has been, and walks into the building with you and everyone else. You unlinked your arm from his right as everyone is walking into Jay’s studio until you were pulled again by the wrist but dragged somewhere, by none other than Simon Dominic.

“Where are you taking me? What the hell is your problem?!” You snapped at him, trying to stop yourself from being dragged. You saw he was taking you into his office and when you got in there, he slammed the door shut and pushed you up against it.

“Do you ever stop with those smart ass remarks and comments?” Simon growled, inches away from your face. Your heart started racing and you became flustered. This wasn’t the Simon you were used to. You didn’t see this as a bad thing though. The entire two weeks of you two not talking to each other, it made you think of him more. You didn’t even realize how much he cared about you being so close with Loco. You stayed silent and looked outside the window so you don’t have to see how his face looked, but you already know he had an irritated look on.

“When i ask you something i expect you to answer me.” He said in a much calmer tone, grabbing your cheek and making you look up at him. Right then and there you wanted to just burst out and say that you’ve liked him for so long, but something was holding you back, and you were also afraid of rejection.

“I-I uh-” You stuttered, trying to find the right words to say.

“Don’t you see how i’ve been acting lately.. you cant be that oblivious.” he whispered, getting closer to you, his lips ghosting over yours. You mentally cursed yourself for not realizing he liked you too, and thats why he started ignoring you. You grabbed his neck and pulled him into a soft but longing kiss. The kiss slowly escalated into making out and sloppy and quick kisses. Simon had you close to him, holding your waist and playing with the hem of your dress. He started kissing your chin and down to your neck, leaving small bruises.

“I want to make you mine.. the way you glowed when walking through the front doors earlier..” He left smaller kisses on your neck, coming back up to your lips.

“You looked stunning, but something like this-” Simon tugged at your dress and took a step back to get a full look of you.

“You should only be wearing shit like this for me.” He growled in your ear and dragged you over to his desk. You looked at Simon like he was crazy as he wiped everything off of his desk and onto the floor, but you bit your lip in anticipation. This was actually going to happen. He smirked and came back over to you, kissing you sweetly and slowly unzipping your dress from behind as you start messing with the belt on his pants in attempt to get them off him.

“You should’ve been hanging out with me everyday and not Hyukwoo..” You moaned when he started to lightly touch your body, tracing over your curves and staring at your body. He grabbed onto your shoulder and carefully pushed you to the ground, making you kneel in front of him. Simon grabbed your chin and make you look up at him.

“Now this is just the start, i don’t care if we’re here all night, i don’t care if the others hear, i’m going to fuck you senseless and show you who you should belong to, i want to hear those beautiful moans of yours too. You’re in for a long night babygirl.”