you cant hide the sun

Please dad tell me the truth.
  • Ichigo: Whats Rukia to me?
  • Kazui: Well yeah you talk more with her than mom.
  • Ichigo: Oh, she is nothing special, i mean we are not married but defentely not friends, she just dries my rain when im depressed or sad, and to me she is very important, she is my moon, the queen of my world, its because of her that i was able to protect everyone and als..
  • Kazui: Umm daddy what about mom?
  • Ichigo: Well i remember a time when i was going to save her...
  • Kazui: wow thats so romantic.. what happened?
  • Ichigo: Oh i felt Rukia reiatsu fading so i turned to save her.
  • Kazui: Oh *tries to hide his dissapointed face* tell me one of your thought about mom when you were younger *makes a happy face*
  • Ichigo: Her shield is not working
  • Kazui: ...

Mads: — “listen Caleb… uh please. stop crying. i dont want to see you so sad. after all its just your eyes and teeth. its ok. you will be fine!!!!”

Caleb: — “my eyes not a problem. i just dont care about it. i dont want to die… because i love you.”

Mads: — ‘”come here..”

Caleb: — “ok ヽ(´ ω ` )ノ”

Caleb: — “i think.. maybe should i wear glasses. your glasses for example. *boop* by the way i see everything so weeeird. and exactly i am blind.”

Mads: — “maybe. sunglasses. like that youre wearing right now. but more shades or dark. because of your sister - she can said something??”

Caleb: — “uhm she… Lily… can i stay at home?”

Mads: — “yas (´• ω •`) but you cant hide in here forever you know??? because of your sun resistance!”

Caleb: — “im sick!! forever!!! by you!”

Brydie & Emma submitted this photo with the comment:

“Local Goths spotted clinging to the only nature in sleepwalking distance from their lair in the dead cold heart of Wellington city, New zealand. These two dismal goths rarely seen surfaced in the light of dismay..I mean day, try and do their best to blend in with the tree, but fail miserably as their pale flesh illuninates from the dreaded overpowering fucking sun. But we got you.. you cant hide forever you wicked wicked things.”

I think these are the first self-identifying New Zealander goths I’ve received and I’m impressed by their effort (despite the use of a shitty filter on the photo and the blatant bandanna situation).  One has cunningly hidden her mouth to disguise any visible evidence of mirth.  I appreciate the effortless-looking athletic yet elegant pose of the higher level goth.  They’re a decent height up the tree. It’s day time and one is probably smiling but it’s hidden.

4 out of 5 - Good effort from our friends across the Tasman Sea.