you cant help but awww at this tbh

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Imagine the Jeon twins: Kookie and Jungkook. Kookie likes you but hes so shy but he knows that if he dont talk to you, Jungkook will snatch you away! OMG. ❤ AUTHOR HELP. I CANT HANDLE THE FLUFF.

Awww OMFG TBH THIS SOUNDS SO KYUTEEE!! It’d make an amazing scenario ( I’m definitely adding this to my list of scenarios).

Kookie ; the cute and innocent twin

He would help you lace your shoes and secretly crush on you while blushing every time you smile at him.Kookie is a pure soul who just likes you for you who are.The only thing he hate is probably his brother Jungkook.

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Jungkook ; the cocky and mischievous twin

This guy is probably the reason why you always feel so flustered.He’s savage and he doesn’t hide it. Pinning and whispering seductive things in your ears.The boy is making panties drop like rain.Try playing him and he won’t forgive you.

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