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Rescue (Derek Hale x Reader x Pack)

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Requested: Yup <3

Prompt: Can you do one in which y/n is a banshee & is Derek’s girlfriend! The eichen house took her & they are trying to do to her the same thing they were doing to Lydia. Her younger cousin Stiles calls Der (take it from there) thank you!!

Warnings: none

Word count: 1098

A/N: Hey sweeties, so this is my first imagine ever I really hope I did what you had in mind and some kind of feedback would be really helpful <3 I might also do a part 2 depending on the feedback. It’s loosely based off of s05e15 

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of its characters!

You didn’t really know where it all went wrong. It was the end of the summer break and everything was going great. You had spent the whole summer with your long-term boyfriend Derek away from Beacon Hills enjoying a couple non supernatural months. But of course everything good has to end right. You had to go back in town to help your uncle sheriff Stilinski at the police station. It was a month after the end of the break when things started going downhill. Kids started going missing and you knew it wasn’t just a random kidnapper stopping by. And because of your newly found banshee abilities you knew it was something really really bad. But you never imagined it’d be that bad. After you read the book about the Dread Doctors something in your mind clicked. Memories showed up on the surface of your consciousness. Things clouding your vision, the same scenes playing around in your mind. It was too much. One day you thought you’ve had enough of this nightmare you went to seek for answers. You decided to search for help in Eichen House without telling anyone of the pack. That was mistake number one. You knew the only person that could possibly help you understand what was happening was Dr. Valack. Second mistake. The rest of the story was a bit blurry but you remember one thing. They got you. That was your current situation. Tied in leather knots barely keeping your eyes open. Traveling through memories and seeing your friends die. It has been a week or so, you didn’t remember exactly how long you’ve been tied inside this hell house but you couldn’t hold on anymore. You’ve tried everything. After Meridith decided to tag along teaching you how to ‘control your bansheeness’ things became even worse. You saw your friends die and the only way you could save them was to learn how. Once you almost got out. Almost. Then you just gave up… You started thinking about your friends. Did they  even know you were missing? Your uncle and stiles had so much going on right now that they probably haven’t noticed. But they had to right? Your mind took you to last summer. Everything was perfect. Just you and Derek enjoying a little time off. Did Derek even know what was happening? You knew you were going to die tonight. You could feel the life slipping out of you. With every passing minute you felt weaker and weaker. You wanted to see them. Your family, your friends. You wanted to see him. You and Derek have been trough so many things. He was your anchor and you were his. The pack thought of you as the pack mum. You couldn’t just sit here and whither away. But the weaker you got the more your hope to see your friends again decreased. Little did you know they were making a plan. A plan that was either going to get you out of Eichen House or kill them. Stiles even called Derek. He had every right to know that his supernatural girlfriend was captured by a bunch of psychopaths in an asylum. But the spastic boy kept a thing or two for himself. Like the fact that you probably wouldn’t survive the night… And that the plan might not work… 

'Uh, okay any questions?’ Stiles looked around the room hoping everyone got the plan. Well clearly Liam had to open his mouth.

'How do we get into Eichen in the first place?’

 'Whats our worst case scenario?’

'What if i cant do it?’ No one believed in the plan.

'Okay, admittedly a lot could go wrong.’ Stiles agreed.

'Everything could go wrong!’ Liam protested. 

'Guys, if we don’t do this, we lose Y/N. She’s gonna die in there tonight. And she might take a lot of innocent people with her.’ Their alpha said and somehow everyone believed they can do it.

'Plus we have Derek on the way right?’ Kira mentioned. 

'He needs time to get here and right now time is something we don’t have.’ Stiles said remembering his talk with Derek earlier today.

'Guys we have to go.’

Everyone stuck to the plan doing everything exactly how they talked it this afternoon. Kira and Malia went for the electrical room while Stiles, Scott and Liam went for Y/N.After Valack drilled the hole in your head you knew these were your last hours. That was it. You were dying and there was absolutely nothing you could do. Your friends would continue with their lives with the bitter memory of this day. Just like they did after Allisons death. Life goes on right? Suddenly a familiar figure appeared in the room. The lanky boy you called your cousin was right above you looking petrified. Just another dream. You were hallucinating because of the blood loss. 


’S-Stiles yo-you should go’

'What, no Y/N, we’re here to get you out of this place!' 

'You’re going to die if you stay, all of you…’ He just looked at you without saying a word.

'Please…’ You heard footsteps down the hall. Stiles heard them too. 

'It’s too late…’ The footsteps became closer and Stiles came up to you and just hugged you.

'I will get you out of here Y/N, I’m not losing you too. And Derek would kill me otherwise.’

 He managed to smile weakly holding onto you.

 'You’re damn right Stilinski' 

You both saw the person standing at the door. Derek stood there for a fraction of a second before his eyes landed on you. He saw your weak body and the blood on the pillow. Your boyfriend rushed to you and took your barely alive self in his hands. Just by touching you you felt better. He sent a bolt of energy down your body and you felt like you could fight an army but that’s not what you were capable of at the moment. You felt better nonetheless, your head didn’t burn and you could actually think straight. You saw the black veins on his arm. He then looked you in the eyes and all of the pain disappeared. You never knew how he did that but every time he looked at you every kind of pain and worry just vanished. It was like reliving the summer over again. You completely forgot your friends are in danger.

'How did you even get in here? There’s mountain ash everywhere.' 

Stiles questioned.

'I evolved remember? Now let’s move someone’s coming’

'Yeah the pack.’

'Someone’s coming’ you said 'but its not our pack.’