you cant eat it

~I’ll just pretend I’m getting better~


YouTube’s “Recommended For You” more like “Recommended For Pain”

Gotta admit I’m kind of baffled that no one has gifed that one scene from Brotherhood’s Bittersweet Memories ep where Gladio leans casually against the wall way too close to Ignis while he’s baking as they talk because tbh that scene has a very ‘start of a gay porn’ vibe

@ people who have food issues cause of their illness

im sorry if eating has become more of a burden than a pleasure for you

im sorry if people dont understand and think youre just a picky eater

im sorry if youre afraid to eat, afraid of the pain or concequences that come with eating

im sorry if you cant talk about your food issues because its an “inappropriate topic” to bring up.

im sorry if people feel like theyre entitled to know your issues, im sorry if youve been robbed of that personal privacy.

im sorry if going to restaurants is really hard for you, you dont deserve to go through this, to have something that should be fun made into a hell

im sorry if you have to watch other people eat food that you love and that you cant eat cause of your illness.

im sorry if you have to starve all day when you go out because the place youre at has nothing you can eat

im sorry if you cant go out and be carefree about what you have to eat because you have to worry about what itll do to you

im sorry if theres a type of food you loved and you had to give up cause of your illness

im really sorry people think that youre just complaining over nothing when you talk about how much you miss not worrying or not being able to eat a type of food,

you have every right to mourn what your illness has taken from you, whether it be the food itself, the love of eating, the lack of worry, or the concequences of eating something, etc etc.

im sorry if the holidays have turned into the worst times for you, im sorry if family or friends arent understanding or if just watching everyone be able to eat anything any time they want makes you upset.

you have every right to any emotion this makes you feel

im sorry if people push off your issues to “oh if they just ate less/more theyd feel better”

im sorry if youre told to stop complaining because you “dont have it that bad”

you matter

your issues matter

and you will get through this.

theres alot of other things, im sure, butthis is all i can think of for now.

one thing i dont feel like i address enough is the fact that george is an actual cannibal 

in one episode ringo and goerge are on an picnic and george suggests food they can eat from a “picnic casket” which is an innocent enough joke thats supposed to create a comical spooky atmosphere 

these jokes continue with george picking out foods that seem to have a scary theme and whatnot such as blood sausages

one would expect the joke to be that the food has a grotesque name or description but then he says something that makes sound normal

but instead they reverse it and goerge introduces the food as something normal then says something that makes it grotesque, like offering ringo blood sausages and then telling him it was made with real blood 

“How about some heart of artichoke? You remember old Artie?”

like goerge please we dont eat peoples hearts anymore cant you be civilized for one episode

god only knows who that sandwich is made of

  • restaurant: hey you underpaid disgusting poor people we call workers, if your broke ass fucks up and accidentally breaks a food item or messes up an order
  • restaurant: i want you to throw it away instead of eat it.
  • restaurant: because its literally so funny to me that you cant afford to eat here yet you work here.
  • restaurant: and i wouldnt want to ruin the comedic joy i get from forcing you to do this.
@ all disabled peeps who have any type of food issue

dont be afraid to refuse things at thanksgiving dinner, if you think its gonna have a bad affect on you, then dont eat it.

dont be afraid to eat more than others want you to, if your illness makes you overeat/overly hungry or in general you need to eat more due to meds or something, then do it. dont let anyone stop you (this includes yourself)

dont let people call you picky because you dont want to/cant eat a certain thing.

dont let people make your illness out to be a burden on them because you need to have something different to eat/something cooked differently so you can eat it. they arent cool if theyre picking traditional eating/their way of cooking over your health.

and if they do this and get upset when you bring something for yourself, do not let them hate on you. your health issues are not your fault.

its okay to eat alot

its okay to not eat alot

and if you think something bad will happen if you eat, its okay to not eat anything at thanksgiving dinner.

if someone tries to tell you some ignorant shit my guy come right @ them, do not let them take your issues lightly.

if you wanna add anything, feel free but thats all i can think of, have a happy and safe thanksgiving, my disabled peeps.

  • surprise hugs 
  • like literally 
  • you wont even expect it
  • you’ll just be going about you day next thing you know
  •  B A N G
  • you are fucking tackled to the ground in a hug
  • stay vigilant 
  • he likes cooking okay
  • he wants to make you heaps of food
  • even if you cant eat anymore
  • he’s gonna offer you more
  • “babe I need to know you’re eating enough”
  • he loves cuddling 
  • all the time
  • especially during naps
  • you’ll tend to swap betweeb big and little spoon 
  • because he loves recieving hugs from you
  • cheek kisses
  • PDA
  • he has no chill okay
  • like he will make sneaky sexual comments and he will not care who is around
  • he reminds you so how much he loves you as much as he can
  • hand kissing
  • he will support you no matter what
  • if you need to vent, he’s got you
  • he’s just precious 
  • if you start crying he may be awkward at first
  • but he tries okay