you cant be bitches about that

.Jared kicked a Castiel’s cardboard as a joke and all misha stans are hating on him and saying he is a disrespectful person. Wait a second, these stupid fans didnt say anything when misha joked about having sex with GENEVIEVE in the nerd HQ panel (i dont remember if it was in 2014 or 2015)! That’s gross and disgusting. How can someone make a joke about fucking your friend’s wife? I remember jensen’s face that day and he looked really angry. That was rude and disrespectful but these assholes fans defended misha saying “he was joking” so you cant hate jared for kicking a stupid cardboard. Fuck off bitches.

People can talk as much shit as they want about how “5SOS owes all of their success to 1D” but let’s remember that One Direction wouldn’t be a group without the help of a TV show. If the X-Factor didn’t exist then the guys of One Direction would be unkown and 5SOS would STILL be a band and making it big. 

anti rileys: OMG riley is SO immature can she just stop being so damn happy and grow up!?

riley: *wants to change the bay window bc she thinks its time to grow up*

anti rileys: wtf riley?! cant you see that window means so much to maya you selfish bitch.

riley: *is sad*

anti rileys: she is so selfish who cares about her when maya is broken!

riley: *gives up lucas for maya, her best friend whom she deeply loves*

anti rileys: maya hid her feelings for TWO YEARS and riley cant handle it for two days?!

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I love how that ask that u had before about the switching personalities said 'Alix would be tall' like I'm just imagining her linking everything she says to being short, enough to warrant a change in height for 'personality'. Eg 'Kim I've got short legs and a short temper don't test me today boi' 'Oh I'm sorry you can't reach the top shelf? Welcome to my world, it's time to climb bitch' 'what's your favourite food Alix, I hear the people say? ITS SHORTBREAD IDIOTS WHAT ELSE WOULD IT BE'


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What were your thoughts about the lords after and before?

Oh goodness.

Before: Why so grumpy?
After: Awww Satan likes sweets.

Before: ooooh looks like the perfect gentleman.

Before: remind me of Keith aka The asshole

Before: looks kind of cute
After: savage af

Before: why so serious?

Before: why do I feel like you’re gonna be a bitch?

Before: looks cute and fluffy

Before: ohhh he is handsome

Before: why do we have a kid in the game wtf

Before: idk why but I like you
After: ooooh a nerd, Im interested

Before: definitely looks like a girl


God fucking damn i’m so fucking angry right now

What the fuck is wrong with people?

So a person that’s struggling with alot of depression and stuff uploads the first video in a year, and it’s titled ‘i’m not dead’. yes, okay, you listen to it, it’s a song about his thoughts, they’re sad and depression-like sounding.

You’d write a comment that’s saying something nice, right?

apparently not?

the amount of comments about his hair too,,

like bitch are you seriously gonna focus on someones hair the whole video instead of listening to his thoughts?

i hate humanity.

you cant just fucking tell someone to ‘get over it’

depression is a hard thing to live with, and you cant just ‘get over it’

i think i would’ve gotten over it a long time ago if it was that easy, but no, i’m suffering with it for 8 months now.

i would’ve gotten over it the second i knew i had the chance, do you know how much it hurts?

hey guess what go fuck yourself. Dib isn’t straight or cis

. i dont care if its ‘not canon’ as if ANY sexuality or gender in that show is canon. i dont care if you get upset because he’s one of ur fave characters so he cant be gay or trans. i dont care if you think im a whiny baby or an idiot or r*tarded or a bitch or any number of other things. i don’t care. 

Dib is queer. Dib is trans/nonbinary. And do you know why?? Because he is. Because I am. Because I said so. Because people say im crazy for ranting about it. Because I’ve gotten MANY messages telling me otherwise. Each time you message me about this, guess what??

Dib is like 10 times more queer now. He’s is super mega ultra trans. Each time you click that little anon check mark to send me vitriol and hate, I’m thinking about how gay he is. And he grows gayer and more trans with each passing second. 

Every message you send, every attempt you make to try and put me back in my place, to try and make me admit that my ‘sad little headcanon’ is ‘not real’ in place of the REALITY of heterosexuality and cisgenderism…the more angry I get.

I’m not sorry for my ‘rant’. I’m not sorry for ranting about this. I am sorry that so many people don’t realize how hateful they are. That they’re calling me the hateful one. As if I, could somehow ‘oppress’ anyone for having cis and heterosexual headcanons. As if it wasn’t the norm. 

Women bitch about, “men not being good enough” and shit like that. Like, y'all fantasize about dating soldiers and shit but y'all cant handle them. Its like people who impulse buy animals and then let them die and shit because they get tired of them. Dont date a soldier if you know you cant handle distance. So shut the fuck up y'all ain’t good enough either, y'all make some of my friends lives living hell because you get mad that they wanna go to sleep because its fucking 11pm on a wensday where he is at but where you’re at its 2am but you wanna face time him and just sit there for 5 fucking hours not saying anything. Then get mad when he wants to go to sleep.
Shit fuck man, y'all think this shit is so fuckin one sided. Y'all think its so fuckin easy.

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Dumbass when u post shit in a public place obviously ppl are gonna respond. If you cant deal with ppl disagreeing with you don't post it or grow some balls instead of crying about ppl not letting u have an opinion especially when it's biased.

Wow. Just wow. Are you that much of a fucking pussy that you had to send me anon hate? What? You don’t have enough balls to do it on your blog? Punk ass bitch.

Look, I don’t have problems with people disagreeing with me. What I do have a problem with is constantly being attacked whenever I give my opinion. IT ALWAYS FUCKING HAPPENS.

Like when I said that Roman should turn on Dean. What happened? Five different Dean fangirls attacked me because they didn’t want their precious Dean Ambrose being talked about in anyway that wasn’t good.

Yeah, I know Tumblr is a public website. People can disagree with my opinions, that’s why it’s called an opinion dumbass. But what you will not do is attack me because you can’t agree with what I have to say. So what my opinions are biased? THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED AN OPINION.

So, you know what you can do? You can shut the fuck up, get the fuck outta my ask box, and never message me again.

Also, next time you wanna talk shit. Don’t be a pussy ass lil’ keyboard warrior and talk shit on anon. Be real and do it on your blog.

P.S. I’m a girl and I have ovaries, so I don’t need balls bitch. I’m plenty bold enough.

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i cant get over that post implying jaina is Responsible for Letting the alliance do basically anything bad they did in kalimdor, way to go jaina, look what you did personally and why you deserve your city to be bombed :/ sorry but you did this to yourself ://

what are we betting that like 60-70% of the people claiming that jaina is a Raging Bitch Who Did Theramore To Herself are the same people who used to demonize her + post weird violent fantasies about her getting executed for letting her father die to preserve the alliance/horde truce

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Jim Morrison?

U kno, this is the ask that made me want to answer all of these so good on you cause

wOW I FUCK ING HATE JIM MORRISON SO MUCH he’s a little shit and i hate him a lot I hate ha te h a t e him but mostly because he looks so fuck ing perfect has the face and hair of a fuck ing god and a voice that i cant comprehend theres no fucking way he was human u kno we call him the lizard king because he was really a lizard person he was just honest about it no wonder he died so young (x files theme plays-

^^^^ lOOK AT THIS BITCH AND HIS SHIT EATING GRIN HE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK HES DOING I hate him for ruining my fucking life and being so beautiful and pretty to the point i feel like a fucking stupid ass 12 year old girl again and he makes me fucking weak and i hate it a lot kk? :))) i dont love him at all not one bit ill kick him in the dicc next time i see him i hate him so much fuck him for fucking me up and all that other stupid shit he do fuckign drunk ass bitch loser <3 i hate u whereveer u are wh y don t y ou lOVE ME-

Tolkien fanfic writing problems

So, a friend of mine was bitching about not having enough words for “penis” cause she writes fan fiction and I just start laughing my ass off.

I write Tolkien fanfic. Do you know how hard it is to write porn for the Tolkien fandom. Do you know how hard it is to have characters talk dirty when the word ‘dick’ does not exist. Do you know how hard it is to make 1000 sexual euphemisms. How difficult it is to be both super subtle but also ultra sexual. It is pain. It is miserly. It is so hard to write porn when u cant even use any of the slang versions of penis and u can’t use the word penis either because there is nothing more of a turn off then the word penis and the characters would NEvER say it. Tolkien porn is the worst to write.

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dude you have all rights to bitch about the bleach ending cuz it was complete shit. i honestly THINK those anons are probs hating the fact that people cant stand the fact people have opinions on how this ended since it seems that they probs loved it. probably due to shipping shit when others legitimately wanted answers. LIKE GRIMMJOW WHERE U AT BABY!! like im pretty pissed on what they did with chad and ushida like BOI.

Luna, I want to help you, NOT report you

i tried to reblog your post about how your “untreated mental illness is killing you” but when i hit reblog, it didn’t, so i assume you blocked me. I would like to help you get help AND avoid an APS report. But to do that I need you to actually communicate with me. I’m sure you feel like i’m a bitch who’s out to fuck up your life, but i promise i’m not. I’m blunt and I don’t sugarcoat shit, but i wouldn’t have busted my ass to become a social worker if i didn’t genuinely want to help. As i see it, its a happy coincidence a social worker who lives close enough to help you saw your blog and WANTS to help you. Trust me, my caseload is big enough, i’m offering help for free bc i do really give a shit.

**since Luna presumably blocked me, she may not see this post in her tag. Hopefully someone can encourage her to read it and/or reblog it, esp if she follows you. If you care about her, or Roger, you’ll encourage her to read it.

Your post: “wow my mental illness is ruining my life. untreated mental illness. is ruining. my life. I’m gonna see if I can go back to the hospital but idk if they take this new insurance. I just want a therapist and a psychiatrist. but I’m having such a hard time trusting…. anyone. even a professional. my last therapist said she wouldn’t tell my psychiatrist what I said and then she did. like how can I trust someone when even a professional betrayed my trust”

My response:

What is the point of having a psychiatrist if you are lying to them by omission? Generally, someone sees their therapist weekly and psychiatrist monthly. And the therapist relays their notes with the psych for treatment coordination, and vice versa. And also so if something traumatic/difficult to discuss was said, you wouldn’t have to go through repeating it.

You really truly want help? Please message me (i promise i will keep it private) and i’d be so happy to help you find help in your area. I’m a gov’t social worker in NY, I specialize in health/mental health, and i have access to a database that allows me to search all treatment providers based on location, level of care, area of specialty, insurance, etc, in NY.

Part of me can’t stand you (at least u know i’m 100% honest), but at the same time, I understand addiction is a disease (which i’ve also experienced).  I often wonder how many times you’ve lied to your followers, begging for money for “groceries” and “supplies for a storm” when its beyond obvious you’re using that money for heroin. Then i think about Roger, and i have to wonder if you guys are using his social security for things that don’t go towards him. Which would be elder abuse. I also have to question why you want Roger out of the hospital, especially if you really love him. He’s old and fragile, he needs to be in a clean environment at the very least. Your apt is disgusting, you have to know that. You think its ok for him to be breathing in that filth?? the carpet looks like its never seen a vacuum ever. Those cockroaches, its not healthy for any of you to be breathing in the toxins from their feces, and its even more dangerous for an old man who’s immune system isn’t as strong. If theres mold in the apt, the landlord needs to fix it, but YOU KNOW you can’t have the landlord in when your apt is so filthy. He would evict you and he’d have every right.

You said “i don’t shy away from work”. If that were true you’d put some work into cleaning the apt. You go on and on about how much you “love Roger”, how he’s “like a father” to you, and you “need him to come home”. I could NEVER let my father live/breathe in, such filth, feces, and mold. Just thinking about it hypothetically is so upsetting (like Roger, my dad had a stroke, except it was severe and he may never walk again. if his house was ever ¼ as filthy, id use my weekends+vacation time until it was clean). I hope the EMTs told hospital staff what an unsafe environment the apt is and that he should absolutely not be allowed to return until it is cleaned. If you love him, you shouldn’t WANT him to return until its a safe, healthy environment.

I really do not want to make an APS report, but based on what i’ve seen, as a mandated reporter, I’m legally obligated. I will wait, for now, as i know he is currently safe in the hospital. But if he is allowed to return to live in filth, i have to make a report, I don’t have a choice. If it can be proven that i knew about abuse and didn’t report it, i could lose my license.

I hope you message me so we can discuss options for helping all 3 of you. I will even donate my extra Oreck Vacuum plus vacuum bags and other cleaning products to get you started. If I think you’re genuine in your effort to get help and create a healthy environment for Roger (all of u, but roger is more vulnerable), I’ll even spend a day on the weekend helping you clean. I hope you make the choice to start helping yourself. I would like to help you, but i can’t do it for you, you have to want to change. You’re still so young, i really hope you let me help you.

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Why are many duterte apologists trying so hard in making PH like Singapore?? Like u bitches caNT EVEN THROW UR TRASH IN THE PROPER PLACE

I don’t know but if you see someone throwing their trash in the wrong place and you’re able to say something about it to them nicely (yes, nicely), do it. Because no matter how much we shame other people for what they have done or what they believe in, things won’t change for the better if we all  don’t want and work for the same things like, you know, making this country a better place just like what happened to Singapore, as you’ve said.

i like how all the baby boomers complained about kids never looking up from their phone and staying inside but NOW kids ARE going outside and making friends and being social yet they still find SOMEWAY to bitch and moan about “this generation” and shit like you assholes are never fucking satisfied huh


im trying not to cry and I’m shaking, it’s like… a really bad muscle cramp, you know the ones that pinch and then kinda… get stuck and you cant move the cramped limb otherwise you swear you’re going to die? YEAH LIKE THAT. Hoep this doesnt last long ahhhhh ahha ouch

alias: Day
timezone: EST
preferred pronouns: she/her
games, anime or pokemon go?: the games bitch!!!!
pokemon go team: my phone cant play it 8| 
favorite pokemon + type: sylveon/sceptile + dark! 
fave gen: 3rd for nostalgia, 5th for N
what do you want to see on glitched?: lots of plots!
what don’t you want to see on glitched?: this is a hard question and im not about #negativity
post a meme/gif/image that describes you! 

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you're honestly such a selfish bitch, you cant be bothered to care about others and work for things because youre too busy playing video games and whining "wahh im too psychotic to do anything i should kill myself when i dont get the things i want!!!!"

this is funny honestly