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Strange Case of Dr. Lanyon & Mr. Hastie


Reminder before reading this chapter that all the drawings in my “torture porn” series are canon and happened between last chapter and this chapter, so maybe give those a peek if you haven’t already!

i literally cant BELIEVE i finally reached chapter 20, you guys deserved to see the end of the fic by now, there’s only a couple chapters left and i skipped a few weeks in the writing process :’D oh well,  you’ll surely see the ending of the story before the end of the year!

thank you guys for your support and care for me, i dont deserve you lovely people aaa <3 i’ll do my best for you to get the rest of this story out on time!

Hey, you

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phantom-mizero  asked:

I headcanon that Black Hat got really into couponing, after he employed the rest of the crew. Feeding 2 humans and a bear has to cost a lot and he would most likely try not to use so much money on groceries and stuff. It would basically end with: “No, Demencia, we are NOT going to buy this chocolate bar, we don't have a coupon for it. You have to do it with your own money.” 1/2

They would always leave with giant loads of groceries and other various things, for just a few dollars as payment. It’s basically legal stealing! Also there had to be a few incidents were they didn’t take some coupons for some reason and ended up with an angry Black Hat and a hero trying to resolve the drama one way or another, while the rest of the crew watched things from afar. 2/2


  • Black Hat is basically just an angry old grandma who spends hours in front of the fireplace in a rocking chair cutting up a newspaper. with his claws. fuck scissors am i right.
  • by the time he’s done there’s a stack of coupons big enough to stuff a briefcase. which is exactly where they go into. gotta carry your coupons in style
  • some of these are incredibly useless?? “Save $5 dollars off any $200 or more purchase?? Expires tonight?? HOLY FUCK!!!!” but you can bet he’ll teleport straight into sears or wherever the fuck it is, impulse purchase the nearest thing, and throw the coupon in the cashier’s face
  • so onto the store: You gotta get the essentials first. bread, some meat, cheese?… lettuce, uh, an apple. sardines. bubblegum. what do humans eat again??
  • BH just has 5.0.5 do it normally, since Flug would straight up blow their food budget on Mountain Dew, 5 hour energy, and coffee and Dementia would just raid the $1 candy isle.
  • But meanwhile BH’s gotta find the frozen food isle because “TWO boxes of frozen fish stick for the price of ONE!?!? THIS IS THE MOST DIABOLICAL THING I’VE EVER SEEN!”
  • “these savings are positively evil” BH claims as he buys five tubs of greek yogurt
  • “EXCUSE ME DO YOU WORK HERE” “Oh shit he’s back– hello sir h-how can i help y–” “WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOUR KALE CHIPS. DO YOU SELL THEM HERE.” “Snacks are in isle 9.″ bh fucking nyooms off

Y’all are making Black Hat so…….. edgy…….. (I love this)

see kids, there’s the people out there who struggle with not knowing what to draw most of the time and are low on inspiration

and then theres people like me

自分の携帯で写メ全然とってなかった…!!もらいものお姉さんズ〜!川島のレッスン着はアニメのだよ〜  峰‏ @mine_seventeen


When Park Jimin gets flustered over Jeon Jungkook’s excessive boldness…

(or when Jeon becomes too agressive it scares the hell out of Park Jimin)

My mom’s talking to some auntie about how she was told by another auntie a long time ago, that you have to get girls married by 18-20, or else you cant control them (as in you can’t get them married off at all) or they have so many demands that you can’t get them married off.

So you have to get girls married off early, because otherwise they might wake up and realize they deserve better men or not to be with men at all. And everyone is piss scared that women will choose not to be with men.

Tell me again women aren’t forced from birth, groomed from birth to eventually be with men.


More merch for me! I ordered some stuff by @aileine from Redbubble (a mug, a notebook, some stickers, a print, a pillow) and I’m the happiest bean rn because my Eruri-collection keeps growing and seriously…her stuff is amazing and looks awesome on the products *__*. The quality itself is also very good!

If only the Eruris themselves could keep away from my stuff =__=

They take couple-baths in my tea (til Erwin farts at least)…

…and they try to take glances at my notebook. Those fuckers.

For those constantly sending me requests to draw this or draw that, I don’t take requests. I do have commissions open though.
And also while I appreciate the comments on White Hat I’m not gonna be answering all of them because that’s why I have a White Hat blog. Which the asks are closed for because its filled up with too many asks already.

So please don’t spam me for this stuff, thank you!

goldfish in a 10gal? *update*

Thanks for all the tips guys

i think my reply got lost to the void so ill put it here

i decided to keep the tank for myself and just get another angry son

once again i am baffled at how normal it is to abuse animals and nobody realizes 

getting into fish has been the most eye opening thing and im super glad that theres a community out there trying to educate people

ill probably keep looking at different ways people abuse their fish so i can help spread the word to people i know (specifically my friend who has 3 goldfish in a 30gal) 

so i recently got my first fish, a betta in a 5.5 gallon tank

but now im thinking about getting my boyfriend a 10 gallon with a goldfish

but i read something online that said you cant have a goldfish in less than a 20 while my friend who has multiple goldfish in a 30 hasnt had a problem



i gotta save up money for my prom dress so im opening commissions for the first time!!


  • prices in CAD - payment by paypal or wepay ($1 CAD = $0.77 USD; $10 CAD = $7.74 USD)
  • colour is not currently available
  • approval stage: bust/headshot commissions - if you’d like, i’ll send you the rough sketch to see what you would want me to fix or change before i finish it :0 ! doodle + object commissions do not have this
  • a simple background [chair/blank/etc.] will not cost extra but if you want something more complex, it might because more details take more time :/
  • i will not draw any nsfw/problematic* art [*no pedophilia/etc. kinda stuff], but anything else is good
  • if you would like something other than what i offer, email me and i can see what i can do :o

email me ( with the following info:

  • type of commission [doodle/object/bust/headshot/other]
  • description of what you want [please include whether or not you want realism!]
  • ref image(s) [if you have these or want me to ref off of something - this is very helpful!]
  • any additional comments [if you are requesting a bust/headshot commission, please include whether or not you would like an approval stage!]

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