you cannot smile like that it kills

The first time I saw your lips twist into a smile
I felt something take root in my lungs 
Blooming like the crocus, flowing like the willow

My blood waters the garden in my gut
Each pump of my heart another twist of the sprinkler
These flowers, this greenery–
they are lovely but you see
I cannot breathe
I wish there was a RoundUp that would not kill me


you’re suffocating me


Let’s talk about an Ariel who walks away—limping, mouthing inaudible sailors’ curses, a sea-brine knife in her belt.

Ariel traded her voice for a chance to walk on land. That was the deal: every time she steps, it will feel like being stabbed by knives. She must win the hand of her one true love, or she will die at his wedding day, turn to sea foam, forgotten. The helpful steward tells her to dance for the prince, even though her feet scream each time she steps. Love is pain, the sea witch promised. Devotion calls for blood.

But how about this? When the prince marries another, nothing happens. When Ariel stands over the prince and his fiance the night before their wedding, her sisters’ hard-won knife in hand, she doesn’t decide his happiness is more important than her life. She decides that his happiness is irrelevant. Her curse does not turn on the whims of this boy’s heart. 

She does not throw away the knife and throw herself into the sea. She does not bury it in the prince and break her curse—it would not have broken. She leaves them sleeping in what will be their marriage bed and limps into a quiet night, her knife clean in her belt, her heart caught in her throat. Her feet scream, but they ache, too, for the places she has yet to see. 

Ariel will not be sea foam or a queen. There is life beyond love. There is love in just living. Her true love will not be married on the morn—the prince will be married then, in glorious splendor, but he had never been why she was here.

Ariel traded her voice for legs to stand on, a chance at another life. When she poked her head above the waves, it wasn’t the handsome biped that she fell for. It was the way the hills rolled, golden in the sun. It was the clouds chasing each other across blue sky, like sea foam you could never reach.

(She does reach it, one day, bouncing around in the back of a blacksmith’s cart, signing jokes to him in between helping to tune his guitar. They crest up a high mountain pass and into the belly of a cloud. Her breath whistles out, swirls water droplets, and she reaches out a hand to touch the sky. Her feet will scream all her life, but after that morning they ache just a little bit less). 

I want an Ariel who is in love with a world, not a prince. I don’t want her to be a moral for little girls about what love is supposed to hurt like, about how it is supposed to kill you. Ariel will be one more wandering soul, forgotten. Her voice will live in everything she does. She uses her sisters’ knife to turn a reed into a pipe. She cannot speak, but she still has lungs. 

Love is pain, says the old man, when Ariel smiles too wide at sunrises. It’s pain, says the innkeeper, with pity, as Ariel hobbles to a seat, pipe in hand. At least you are beautiful, soothes the country healer who looks over her undamaged feet. The helpful steward had thought she was shy. Dance for the prince even though your feet feel stuck with a hundred knives.

Her feet feel like knives but she goes out dancing in the grass at midnight anyway. She’s never seen stars before. Moonlight reaches down through the depths, but starlight fractures on the surface. Ariel dances for herself.

She goes down to caves and rocky shores. Sometimes she meets with her sisters there. Mouths filled with water cannot speak above the sea, so she drops into the waves and they sing to her, old songs, and she steals breaths of air between the stanzas. She can drown now. She holds her breath. She opens her eyes to the salt and brine. 

Ariel uses canes and takes rides on wagons filled with hay, chickens, tomatoes—never fish. She earns coins and paper scraps of money with a conch shell her youngest sister swam up from the depths for her, with her reed pipe, with a lyre from her eldest sister which sounds eerie and high out of the water. The shadow plays she makes on the walls of taverns waver and wriggle like on the sea caves of her childhood, but not because of water’s lap and current. It is the firelight that flickers over her hands. 

When she has limped and hitched rides so far that no one knows the name of her prince’s kingdom, she meets a travelling blacksmith on the road with an extra seat in his cart and an ear for music. He never asks her to dance for him and she never does. She drops messages in bottles to her sisters, at every river and coastline they come to, and sometimes she finds bottles washed up the shore just for her. 

They travel on. When she breathes, these days, her lungs fill with air.

Some nights she wakes, gasping, coughing up black water that never comes. There is something lying heavy on her chest and there always will be.

Somewhere in the ocean, a sea witch thinks she has won. When Ariel walks, she hobbles. Her voice was the sunken treasure of the king’s loveliest daughter, and so when they tell Ariel’s story they say she has been robbed. They say she has been stolen. 

She has many instruments because she has many voices—all of them, hers; made by her hands, or gifted from her sisters’ dripping ones. Ariel will sing until the day she dies with every instrument but her vocal cords. 

She cannot win it back, the high sweet voice of a merchild who had never blistered her shoulders red with sun, who had never made a barroom rise to its feet to sing along to her strumming fingers. She cannot ever again sing like a girl who has not held a dagger over two sleeping lovers and then decided to spare them. She decided not to wither. She decided to walk on knives for the rest of her life. She cannot win it back, but even if she could, she knows she would not sound the same. 

They call her story a tragedy and she rests her aching feet beside the warming hearth. With every new ridge climbed, new river forded, new night sky met, her feet ache a little less. They call her a tragedy, but the blacksmith’s donkey is warm and contrary on cold mornings. The blacksmith’s shoulder is warm under her cheek.

Her feet will always hurt. She has cut out so many parts of her self, traded them up, won twisted promises back and then twisted them herself. She lives with so many curses under her skin, but she lives. They call her story a moral, and maybe it is.

When she breathes, her lungs fill. When she walks, the earth holds her up. There is sun and there is light and she can catch it in her hands. This is love. 

headcanon: andrew hates bugs

+ like loathes them
+ specifically centipedes and spiders because “nothing should have that many legs”
+ every time he sees a bug in his home he flinches, backs away, and tells it to fuck off for good measure
+ and then continues to COMPLETELY ignore the spot of the house it’s in until he’s sure it’s bound to be gone
+ once he didn’t go near the toaster in the corner of the kitchen for eight straight days because there was a spider living there and he refused to ask neil to kill it
+ the only reason he ended up going back is because neil finally decided to check out what was wrong
+ found the spider and smashed it with a shoe
+ which he had to physically show to andrew
+ who kept insisting the spider had nothing to do with it
+ neil knows better than to ask about it
+ the same cannot be said for nicky, defender of all bugs who also squeals every time he sees them
+ one day he asks andrew about the thing with the bugs even though kevin and neil both shot him looks that clearly said “don’t ask”
+ of course nicky asks
+ andrew just ignores him at first and pointedly directs his attention to kevin to call him stupid for something
+ and nicky’s like, “they’re not doing anything wrong andrew they’re just bugs”
+ “first of all, they are unwelcome guests in my home, just like yourself”
+ “second, legs.”
+ nicky and kevin leave not too long after because now andrew is in an even more sour mood and neil isn’t even /trying/ to help
+ later neil asks andrew about it
+ because he’s curious and also he finds it kind of endearing
+ (because scary andrew is afraid of BUGS and that boy is nothing if not a collection of endless surprises neil aches to understand)
+ he expects andrew to brush off the topic or ignore him
+ he doesn’t
+ instead andrew has this expression that can be explained as nothing other than “disgruntled”
+ “the legs”
+ hes practically grinding his teeth when he says it, like it’s something personally offensive
+ “nothing can get away with having that many legs /and/ breaking and entering.”
+ “one is a personal attack on me and my person and my home. the other is a felony”
+ neil CANNOT stop smiling
+ he kills every bug in the house without question after that

Most badass/funny scenes from the Shadowhunter Chronicles + My personal faves

So, I just hit 1000 followers here on Tumblr and to celebrate it I decided to make a positive post for once :D People have been accusing me of being too angsty but what they don’t know is that it fuels my energy. Ahem, here they are


- “James Carstairs! Jem! Where are you, you disloyal bastard?”

- She must be dead if she doesn’t respond to my advances. C'mon Will

- I could kill Will if I really wanted to ( ͡⌐■_-■) - James Carstairs 1878

- “Will smiled the way Lucifer might have smiled, moments before he fell from Heaven.”

- Certified Idiot Debate

- Sophie knocking out Jessamine and Will proposing to her

- The whole cannot fight in a wedding dress convo™ . It’s even a meme lol

- Gideon’s proposal. Cutest thing evah

- You really seem to like that horse!

- Gabriel throwing a shopkeeper out of the window cuz he showed Cecily some nudes inappropriate pics

- Will’s fear of ducks

- Will breeding a species of cannibal ducks

- Will’s proposal

- Tessa not allowing Will to drive. Lmao

- Will naming his son after Jem :D

- “Spoon” - James Herondale 1899

- James Herondale being all emo and dramatic because of Grace. And Jem and Tessa being like: Not this shit again.

- Just Will and Tessa being parents

- Jem making a break for it after meeting his crush Tessa on the bridge. #relatable

- Jem mentioning orgies <- I swear, the whole fandom gasped at this

- Will defying the laws of death to attend the wedding of his OTP. Classic Will


- I turn myself down occasionally just to keep it interesting

- Jace running down Madison Avenue naked with antlers on his head. Drunk

- Mangoes ™

- Does he normally lie like this on the floor?

- I am pure at heart, it repels the dirt  (◡‿◡✿)

“That you seem to be dating my dad?” Jace shrugged. “You’re a little young for him, to be honest.”
“What?” For the first time since Jace had met him, Sebastian seemed flabbergasted.”  <
-this convo is gold. fight me on this

- Magnus’ voicemail in MBC

- Alec falling down the stairs of Magnus’ apartment. I see a patern. The Lightwoods suck at flirting

- “I am not your bitch” - Alexander Gideon Lightwood 2k14

- Alec murdering Meliorn for kidnapping Magnus. 

- Alec noticing the After Sex Glow! on Jace. Lmao.

- COHF!Alec in general

- Jace healing Jem. My heart  ಥ_ಥ

- The first thing Simon remembers is biting Jace and rolling around with him on the bottom of a boat. That’s not gay. At all.

- Tessa giving Jace the Herondale ring

- Tessa and Jem drugging Simon and Clary. Lmao. Why is no one talking about this?

- George and Simon befriending the rats in the Academy

- Simon becoming a Shadowhunter.  ಥ_ಥ

- Jace teasing Simon about their friendship


- Everything Emma says to be honest

- Julian’s speech about love

- Mark putting Tavvy in a bag of sugar because he wanted to be in a bag of sugar. Parenting done right

- Mark’s coat scene.

- Ty sleeping in front of Kit’s room

- Kit caling everyone hot.

- Mark aka Julian on drugs.

- Church’s judgy face  ಠ_ಠ

- Every time Jem mentions Will.  ಥ_ಥ

- I don’t date Trees - Emma Carstairs 2k16

- Kit’s first response to almost being beheaded: Wow, beautiful. 

- Kit being a Herondale

- Emma saying “Sleep my love” 

- Annabel stabbing Malcolm. Lmao. Karma’s bitch. (ʘ‿ʘ✿) <- Annabel

- Emma killing the rider and destroying the Mortal Sword. Slay queen

- Julian’s response to almost dying: Sass. Stop it! That’s Percy Jackson’s job

- Blackthorn’s reunion on the London Institute  ಥ_ಥ

- .。*゚+.*.。 Garbage Fire! .。*゚+.*.。

“And if we don’t have Energy runes, we’ll have to get our energy the old-fashioned way.”
Mark looked puzzled. “Drugs?”

- Julian and Emma throwing shades at Shadowhunter family names

- Julian putting his tongue in Emma’s ear. 

- Emma attacking Diego with fire ants. 

- Livvy hugging her sabers and saying “I missed you so much." 

- Julian’s pseudonym: JuliEn 

- The Pillow scene: #obliviousEmmaisoblivious 

- “ ‘Draw me like one of your French girls.’ 

- Mark talking to the gnome   〃゚ー゚) i’m watching you gnome.

- Kieran’s "How dare you?” after being drugged and Mark’s: “He always falls asleep like that.”

- Dru hiding from everybody to avoid responsibility. Relatable Dru is relatable 

- Kieran and Cristina dancing

-  “ Julian Blackthorn. … who could descend into Hell and come out with the devil himself owing him a favor.” <- Scary and thriling at the same time. I love it

These are all I could remember. Please add more of your own favorites :D

batter-sempai  asked:

What just happened between idubbz and tana?

Alright lets get down to it

So, Tana Mongeau is a “Storytime” youtuber and what that means is that she lies and makes shit up to make her boring ass life seem interesting. 

One day she decided it was a good idea to tweet at idubbbz and tell him to kill himself for saying the N word. After her followers sent her a shitton of tweets telling her she shouldn’t start shit with edups, she takes it down, but claims its not because she doesn’t believe in what she said, but because she doesn’t like telling people to kill themselves. 

idubbbz, as we all know, gives absolutely zero fucks about anything or anyone, but if he smells weakness in you, its all over. So it was just a bit of fun for him to go to some meetup she was holding, get a ticket and a shirt and pop in for a photo-op with her.  He puts his arm around her shoulder, smiles at the camera and says “saaaaaaaay nigger!” 

Tana, shocked, peels off from him, idubbbz laughs and is ejected from the venue, goes home. All seems normal. 

Tana, however, cannot resist the urge to attention whore, so she puts up a video claiming he threw his arm around her neck, wouldn’t let her go, gave a thumbs up to the camera, made her fear for her life, made her fear for the lives of her friends, fans and family, smiled really creepily at her, forced her to get metal detectors and all new security and made her think of Christina Grimmie, etc. 

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So when this fails to provoke a response from idubbbz, she makes a live stream talking about how she hopes he breaks his legs and loses all his subs, then spends a lot of time crying and screaming that she hasn’t done anything to deserve this, she didn’t do anything to him to deserve his fans talking shit about her or his photo op shenanigans, etc. 

This was ALSO a mistake, because that made idubbbz a little bit irritated. 

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so idubbbz made a Content Cop episode about her, wherein he fucking guts her and eats her soul. 

He splices in a few clips of her calling people “stupid nigger”, lying and generally being a scumbag. He takes her to task, with receipts, for every lie she told about him from his age (Insisting he was 30 when he’s 26) to his subscriber count, to the events of the photo-op (which he had video of that he showed), as well as her pretending not to know that “nigger” is a racist slur at the time she said it. 

He then went on to tear her apart over her past, present and future. 

The video hit 16 hours ago. Tana has since lost 10k subscribers and counting. idubbz has gained at least twice that, and is barreling towards 4 million at impressive speeds. 

The moral of course is “be nice to idubbbz, because he can destroy you”. 

wotcher, vic

The first time Victoire meets Teddy, he’s two and she’s just been born. She doesn’t remember any of it, but later, much later, her parents would tell her that she’d gurgled at the sight of him like she’d known he was going to end up being her best friend. And then—this part is always accompanied by a knowing smirk—when they brought Teddy up to the new mother and daughter (“Das a bay-bee?” he’s later quoted as saying. “Weird.”), his hair changed from Weasley-red to the same shade of blonde as hers.

“Zis ees Victoire,” her maman had said, smiling down at Teddy. “Do you want to say ‘ello, Teddy?”

And Teddy had cocked his head to the side, nodded in the sort of pompous, overly-excited fashion that only a two-year-old could get away with, and said, “Wotcha, Vic.”


By the time Victoire can talk and walk (and thus cause all sorts of trouble), she and Teddy are inseparable. Literally—Victoire throws tantrums that pay hefty tribute to her Veela heritage whenever she goes more than a few days without seeing her best friend. Sometimes, they hang out at Auntie And-rah-meh-da’s house, but most of the time, it’s either at the Burrow or Shell Cottage or sometimes even Uncle Harry’s house. Her maman frowns when Victoire comes home with her hair a mess and her dress splattered with mud, but because Victoire’s cheeks are always flushed and her grin is set to devour her whole face, she doesn’t say anything.

After all, there’s always Cleaning Charms (and thank Merlin for them). And besides, as Victoire’s daddy likes to say when he thinks Victoire isn’t listening, “at least she’s still young enough that the only trouble she gets into with boys is a spot of mud.”


When Victoire turns two, her maman and daddy sit her on the couch between them and tell her that she’s going to have a sister. Victoire doesn’t care much. A sister would be nice, she thinks. Teddy is nice, but he’s four now. He’s old and sometimes he doesn’t want to hang out with her because she’s too young. Plus, he’s a boy. And boys are gross, even if they’re crazy-haired Metamorphmagus boys named Teddy. (Especially if.)

“My maman’s gonna have a baby,” she tells Teddy a few days later, lying down on the grass beside him.

Teddy doesn’t say anything for a long moment, just continues pulling up grass with stubby fingers. “Good,” he says suddenly, and she’s so surprised that she turns to face him. His hair is black like Uncle Harry’s. “You’ll have someone else to play with.”

Victoire’s face screws up. “Why’re you so mean tuh me?” she demands shrilly, sitting up and glaring at him.

Teddy turns away from her, his hair briefly taking on the same shade of green as the grass around them before returning to jet black. “Because I’m older,” he answers angrily, throwing his handful of grass at her. Most of it lands on her dress, but she can feel pieces of it in her hair. “I don’t want to play with babies like you all the time.”

Victoire starts crying. She pushes herself off the ground and runs back to the safety of her home, wishing she’d never met Teddy Lupin. That Muggle girl from the nearby village was right—boys are meanies. But she never thought Teddy could be like them. He’d taught her how to colour and he played in the mud with her and brought her Chocolate Frogs when she was sad. He was nice… wasn’t he?

Or not. Beyond furious and more than a little sad, she stomps into the cottage and slams the door behind her with as much force as she can muster. One of the panes of glass breaks, and her maman comes running into the room at the noise, one hand cradling her tummy, eyes wide. Her daddy is only a few steps behind her, his forehead all scrunched up, wand in hand.

“What ees eet, ma chérie?” her maman asks, crouching down and cradling Victoire’s face in her hands. Her beautiful features—her mother really is beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the whole world—are twisted with worry. “What ‘appened? Are you okay? Are you ‘urt? Where ees Teddy?”

When she hears Teddy’s name, Victoire starts to sob even harder. “He—he called me a baby,” she bawls, throwing her arms around her mother. “He said he was glad you’re havin’ a baby ‘cause then he doesn’t have tuh play with me anymore!”

Her mother pulls her onto her lap and starts to rock her back and forth, singing an old French lullaby under her breath. Victoire’s daddy looks angry, but he crouches next to her too, stroking her hair. “I don’t care if the kid’s four and basically family,” he mutters lowly to his wife. “I’m going to kill him.”

Victoire’s maman giggles quietly as she continues to rock Victoire back and forth. “Beell,” she says in the same tone of voice she uses on Victoire when she’s done something bad, “you cannot ‘urt every boy who ‘urts Veeky.”

“But I want to,” Victoire’s daddy mumbles, sounding every bit like his daughter in her most petulant moments.

Victoire’s maman huffs, but there’s a small smile playing out across her lips. “‘e is young,” she says firmly. “And ‘e will make mistakes. Watch—’e will be back to apologize. ‘E cannot stay away.”

And sure enough, fifteen minutes later, there’s a timid knock on the door, and it’s Teddy, looking small and lost. “I—uh…” he trails off, his eyes flickering between his scuffed trainers and where Victoire stands behind her father, hands on her hips like Aunt Ginny when she wants to look intimidating. “I’m sorry, Vicky. I was being mean.”

Victoire’s already forgiven him—she forgave him five minutes ago. But she still darts out from being her father and plants a kick square on Teddy’s shin. It gets her a time-out from her mother and an irritated look from Teddy, but her father’s smiling into his palm, so it’s worth it.


Her sister is born four months before Victoire’s third birthday. Victoire’s in St. Mungo’s waiting room with Teddy and Andromeda—she only learned how to properly say the older woman’s name a few weeks ago—because there’s too much screaming in room where her mother and it smells too much like the Burrow after one of Grandma Weasley’s cleaning days.

Finally, a Healer finds them and tells them the baby has been born and would you please come this way, ma’ams and sir. Victoire, scared and nervous and excited all at the same time, grabs Teddy’s hand as they follow behind the adults. Teddy’s hair turns bright red—brighter than her daddy’s—but he doesn’t pull away.

When they reach the room, the rest of her family is already there, crowded around a bed, but they smile and make room for her once they spot her. Victoire catches sight of her mother with a bundle of blankets in her arms, hair dark with sweat, cheeks flushed. But both she and Victoire’s daddy, who’s hovering beside her and looking pale, are smiling widely.

Her mother motions for Victoire come closer. Victoire hasn’t let go of Teddy’s hand yet, so he just follows behind her shyly as she gets closer to the bed. “This ees your new sister, Veeky,” her maman whispers hoarsely, holding the blankets out to Victoire.

Victoire looks down at the blankets, shocked to see a pair of blue eyes staring back at her somberly. It’s so small. Hesitantly, she reaches out a finger and touches one of the baby’s tiny fingers. The baby makes a noise that sounds a little like a laugh, and Victoire’s maman smiles even wider. “‘Er name ees Dominique.”

Victoire doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but she hugs her mom anyways, and when Teddy whispers, “are all babies this ugly?” into her ear, she stomps on his foot even though she kind of agrees with him.


Victoire’s brother Louis arrives when Victoire is four and a half, and Shell Cottage becomes a warzone. Luckily, though Teddy is almost seven now—way older than her—he still hangs out with her when he’s not seeing his other friends.

One day, when everyone’s at the Burrow for Sunday Brunch, he tells her that he’s going to teach Louis all his tricks. Victoire looks at him in her best Aunt Ginny impression—hands on her hips, upturned eyebrows, pursed lips, eyes blazing—and says, “what tricks, Teddy Lupin?” She’s just lost her childish lisp, and it makes her sound older. Teddy blanches.

“Blimey, Ted,” Uncle Ron laughs, clapping an affronted Teddy on the back. “You’d better watch out.”

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“I liked the building, not you.” PT.2

A/N: Hope you guys like this, because I’m back and the next part I’m REALLY excited for. 

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 5,625

“You what!” My friend Mica almost yelled.

I shushed her looking around hoping that she hadn’t drawn too many eyes to us. I only found a few but they didn’t linger before going back to their laptops or lunch. Turning back I was smiling at her outburst but wanting to contain it. I swatted at her telling her to shut up before crossing my legs and stirring my iced drink.

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious?” She continued. “You fucking with me right now. You did not meet Shawn Mendes on the fucking street!”

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Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Good Little Angel part five

Good Little Angel part six

Good Little Angel part seven

Good Little Angel part eight

Good Little Angel part nine

Word count: 1,156

Warning: angst

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Part ten of the Good Little Angel series!

It’s a tough morning for Lucifer and Y/N

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit short and that it took so long for me to upload another one but I’ve been so busy with exams and shit so hopefully I’ll update more regularly :)

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Hey, hey, hey! here are some klance headcanons no one asked for!! Enjoy! ;)

-Keith was totally the first to realize he didn’t actually dislike Lance. As a matter of fact..his eyes were kind of pretty…and his laugh is really cute? Wtf?
-Their rivalry eventually just became playful banter bc Lance realizes he can’t actually dislike Keith! There’s just something about him that makes Lance wanna gravitate to him (Spoiler: that’s called “you like him” dumbass)
-Their banter is just flirting tbh and only Lance doesn’t realize it.
-Hunk talks to him one day and is like “bro. You totally like Keith.” And Lance has a Crisis bc HE’S RIGHT
-“OH NO I LIKE HIS MULLET AND HIS STUPID VIOLET EYES KILL ME” and Hunk just pats his back and is like “there, there you poor child”
-Lance is actually very wary when it comes to love and so he tries to push the feelings away
-Keith notices the change and gets a little worried bc Lance will just randomly get really flustered around him and leave
-Shiro literally cannot mind his own business and teases Keith by gently prodding at Lance

-Shiro, smiling innocently: “So Lance, just out of curiosity, do you only like girls?
-Keith dies a little because he knows what Shiro is doing but really wants to know
-Lance, smiling brightly: "I like boys too!! I’m bisexual!!”
-Shiro and Keith: *insert Good Shit Right There Meme 👌👌👌*

-Training is rough for Lance because he’s already easy to distract but Keith puts his hair up in a Lil pony tail when he trains and it’s INSANELY ATTRACTIVE and so Lance ends up getting flustered and distracted and loses
-Pidge enjoys watching them dance around each other like nerds and also engages in teasing
-Hunk is kind and is moral support for both of them
-Allure disproves at first and actually pulls Lance aside and is like “It’s not wise for Paladins to become..involved with each other Lance” and Lance is heartbroken
-They’re defenders of the universe, Lance can’t let a stupid crush get in the way of his responsibility as a paladin
-So he avoids Keith
-The team actually sort of suffers because of it, because usually the blue and red paladin team up together, but now that they aren’t communicating, they are lagging behind
-Keith finds Lance late one night, sleepily looking at the stars, wrapped up in his blanket he brought from his room
-And Keith sits by him and they both sit there in silence for a while
-Then Lance sort of leans into his side slightly and Keith wraps an arm around him
-Lance, tiredly: “I miss you.”
-Keith heart is about to burst in his freaking chest and he tells him he missed him too
-Lance ends up falling asleep, cuddled in his side and Keith carries him back to his room.
-the next day, Lance can’t remember if the kiss he felt on his head was a dream or if it was real…
-But they’re both more smitten than ever


Surface of the Sun

Jonerys Week Day 5: Smut. Not very graphic smut I’m afraid. Barely any smut at all. More like nudity. But I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Dany being Unburnt in front of Jon-here you go. 

For a second, Jon thought he was dead.

The water was clear and cold and for a split second he was suspended, neither up nor down, surrounded by the dead and he was sure-no, he was positive-that he was moments away from breathing his last.

But maybe he had been brought back for a reason. The Dragon Queen would have no reason not to believe him now-and neither would Cersei, once they brought the wight to King’s Landing. There was still hope. And if he didn’t live to see the dawn…well, it was a pity. But Daenerys would make a good queen. He knew it. The more time he spent with her the more he saw how much good was in her.

He would have liked to see the monarch she’d become.

And then he felt a hand close around his wrist and yank him upwards, until the cold stung him so badly he almost fell back in the water.

“Come on! We have to go!”

At first the words didn’t make sense; his head was still full of water. And the sight in front of him didn’t make sense either; there was Dany, fending off a wight by kicking it with her foot every so often (with little success), kneeling beside him in her white coat-and Drogon was gone. Her features were pale and drawn with cold but she stubbornly yanked on his arm, again and again until awareness slowly returned in bits and pieces. “What?”

She pulled harder, her distraction costing her-a wight grabbed her foot and yanked and she nearly fell.

Jon decided he would deal with the cold later. For now he had to make sure that she didn’t die up here, because of him. Because he’d been stupid enough to make a plan like this in the first place and she’d had to go along with it. He heaved himself out of the water, the cold cutting into him like knives, grabbed Longclaw, and sliced the wight in half. All of his movements felt heavy and awkward; there were too many in the army of the dead and he knew it was only a matter of time before his strength ran out. “Where’s Drogon?”

“He already left!” They had to shout to be heard over the melee and the roaring of the wind. “Hurry, we have to-”

He was just about to wonder how they would possibly survive if Drogon was gone when there was a loud roar from somewhere above him and not for the first time that day he had to dart out of the way of a wreath of fire. The green dragon, Rhaegal-it was Rhaegal, wasn’t it?-swooped low over their heads, taking out the nearest wights around them and half of Dany’s coat. He landed impatiently, fidgeting as if he wanted to leave just as much as they did.

At first Jon balked at the sheer size of him-he wasn’t as big as Drogon but he was still enormous-but Daenerys pulled him onto his back before he could protest and they took off, leaving the wights far behind them. Viserion screeched and followed after them and he saw a blur of motion out of the corner of his eye as something went flying through the air towards them and swung wide, just barely missing its mark. He couldn’t tell what it was.

It was even colder with the wind than it had been on the ground. That surprised him more than the fact that he was flying on a dragon and everything below him was a blur of white. He couldn’t see the place where they’d made their last stand now, couldn’t see anything but the snow blowing in his face and the glow of Dany’s hair next to him. His hands were gripping the dragon’s scales so hard that he worried he would break them and he couldn’t tell if it was the fear of flying or the cold.

Dany had to grab him to keep him from falling off, holding him tightly. She seemed to radiate heat, more than most people did; he wondered if that had anything to do with the dragon’s blood she was always talking about. But for the moment he didn’t mind; she was the only warm thing in this cold, cold world.

When Rhaegal landed what must have been only minutes later but felt like hours, they were both nearly frozen through. Jon tried to get off the dragon gracefully but he fell in the snow and Dany practically tripped over him. The scene swam before his eyes-there was Eastwatch, there were several figures rushing towards them and he couldn’t tell whether they were friends or enemies…

And then he remembered-hadn’t the Queen been on fire?

The next time Jon woke up he was on a ship. He could feel it rocking underfoot; the first time he took a step he pitched forward and almost fell on his face. It was warm, almost too warm; although his torso was bare he was covered in bandages and blankets, and there were candles lit on what seemed like every available surface.

It was very quiet. He wondered, briefly, if everything had been a dream and he was still on Dragonstone. But no; floes of ice bobbed around their ship. They were still in the North. And they…were alive.

He found the door and entered a small, dimly lit hallway. There were three other doors in it and he tried them, one by one-two were supply cupboards but one door opened easily under his touch.

The Queen slept peacefully, wearing a long white nightdress and draped in furs. She looked angelic; her hair was down and cascaded down around her face and tangled on her pillow.

She stirred, as if she’d heard him and opened one eyebrow lazily. She didn’t seem surprised to see him there. “Lord Snow.”

“…Your Grace.” She didn’t look at all like the queen she was; she looked so young, so vulnerable.

“Are you cold?”

He couldn’t help but nod. “It’s the North. Who isn’t?” She moved until she was pressed to the side of the ship-and still he didn’t realize what she wanted him to do until she’d been looking at him for a good minute or two. “It’s not proper-”

“You’re shivering.” That was funny. He hadn’t realized it.

He got into the bed carefully, feeling it lower under his weight. He lay on the very edge, as far away from her as he could get. Gods, if someone walked in on them now, he’d never hear the end of it.

“You won’t get warm all the way over there, you know.”

Reluctantly, he scooted a bit closer.

And then Dany moved until she was pressed against his side and there was that delicious warmth again, seeming to warm him from the inside out. It didn’t occur to him to pull away. Her eyes fluttered shut and she sighed deeply.

There was something important he had to ask her before she slept again…what was it? Oh, yes. “Your Grace.”

“Hmm?” Her voice was barely awake, hardly there.

“Didn’t the dragon burn you?”

But she was already asleep.

It felt like they slept for days, drifting in and out of consciousness. Jon’s dreams were heavy and undisturbed, but he was always aware of the woman that lay next to him, everywhere they touched. Ygritte had never been this warm. He’d never really just lay next to her and slept, with no ulterior motive other than them both being tired beyond belief.

Someone told him that they were safe, they were on a boat back to Dragonstone, they had the wight, he was going to be all right and so was she. They were fine.

She’d gotten off of Drogon as soon as she saw him fall and had told everyone else to go, insisting one of the other dragons would take her instead.

Her coat-or what was left of it-lay in front of the fire, which was blazing all the time now. At least, what was left of it. It was nearly all burnt away, scorched by dragonfire. But he didn’t see any bandages on the Queen.

He was confused. Nothing made sense. So, inevitably, he would always go back to sleep again.

One day he realized that he wanted to sit up.

Daenerys was already awake, sitting at her desk below the window. She had a fur draped over her nightgown, pen in hand, head bent over her writing. Her hair was loose, as if she’d tried to braid it but had given up halfway through and it was slowly coming unraveled again. She turned to look at him as soon as he stirred; her eyes were soft. “You want to know why I wasn’t burned by Rhaegal’s fire.”

Yes. “No.”

She stood and cast off the fur, stepping in front of the fire. As he watched, she reached out-until her fingers were practically on top of the flames…and then inside of them.

He tried to stand but she waved him off. Something strange was happening with the fire…it touched her, but it didn’t. It wound lightly up her wrist, jumping up her sleeve, burning at her collar and then jumping to her chest, her back, her legs…but she didn’t cry out. She didn’t even seem to be in pain. Finally she stepped away, turning to face him-and stripped what remained of the dress away (which, to be fair, wasn’t much since it had nearly burned through).

There were no burns on her skin, no abrasions, no bandages. It was as if she’d never been burnt at all.

And then, of course, there was the shape of her-now so clear. He’d known she was beautiful, of course-how could one not know that? But he hadn’t expected…this. The curves, the softness, the planes…he caught his breath and tried not to be obvious about it.

She took a step closer, and then another. She didn’t say anything. Neither did he.

The silence was deafening.

She took a seat on the edge of the bed, not so much as reaching for a blanket, and traced his chest-the paths of his scars, the edge of his bandages. “Does it hurt?”

“Not that much. It’s bearable.” His skin felt like it set on fire where she touched it.

He saw her startle quickly, as if she had come to her senses. “I should let you get some sleep.”

“But what happened-”

“It’s…I’m immune to fire. Even my children’s fire.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised, since out of everything he’d ever seen or experienced that was nowhere near the strangest-but he still didn’t know what to say. “The blood of the dragon.”

She smiled, almost sadly. “Precisely. Fire cannot kill a dragon.” There was something hollow in her words, something sad. It made him want to hug her.

“Don’t go,” he whispered.

She glanced down, not in shame, but as if she’d forgotten why she didn’t have any clothes on. “You need rest.”

“I’ve rested.” He touched her hand, tentatively. It was soft and warm and small in his. “I don’t want to rest. I have to know.”

“Know what?” He suspected she already knew-or had guessed.

“You came.”

“Should I have left you to die?”

“No. I just…I wasn’t expecting it.”

“We will destroy the Night King and his army. You said you can’t do it alone. I’m beginning to realize…maybe I can’t either.”


She was surprised now. “No one’s called me that name in a very long time.”

“Dany. Daenerys.” A beautiful name. Why not? She deserved a name like that. She deserved to be called it all the time.

She laughed quietly. “You’re tired.”
“Only a little. You are too.” He could see sleep weighing heavy on her eyelids, just waiting to consume her.

“I have a letter-”

He wasn’t sure if he surprised her or himself more when he kissed her. It wasn’t something he’d been thinking about even a minute before. It just…came out of nowhere. But it felt right. Her lips were warm too, just like the rest of her. For a minute they were almost slack, surprised-and then she kissed him back, vigorously, only pausing to draw breath.

Her eyes smoldered like hot coals, burning like the fire in her soul.

They came together, again and again, fire and ice. There was something desperate in their passion, something that told them to kiss harder, consequences be damned. And he wanted her-gods help him, he wanted her. Not just her warmth. He wanted her-her kindness, her courage, her heart. He wanted her on this boat in the middle of the ocean when they were already in a dream anyway.

And he could tell that she wanted him too.

When she climaxed, when they were joined skin to skin as close as two people could be, he wondered how he could ever be cold again. How could one fear the ice when they could touch the surface of the sun?

She was his sun.

Maybe he would regret this later, when he had come to his senses. But for this moment, for this time-however short-he was exactly where he wanted to be.

One more thing left thank goodness. As a reminder I’m doing a Hogwarts AU tomorrow because my multichapter story Forever and Always on Ao3 is a soulbond fic and I feel like that’s too close to a soulmate fic to write something new. 

The brothers and cats

Note: I made the request a little different, I’m basing it off how the brothers would act around his s/o having a cat or two, seeing as I don’t think any of them would enjoy a ‘crazy cat lady’, hope that’s okay! ~

[ Sakamakis ]

Shuu: Even though he is very much a dog person, he would eventually grow used to the little cat and grow to like it quite a bit- he would never admit it, but sometimes you’d walk in on him asleep cuddling the cat or simply petting it with a soft smile on his lips. He would like the fact they aren’t much work and could give him warmth.

Reiji: NO. There is absolutely no way. Fur everywhere. THE BED SHEETS. THE FLOOR. You cannot keep the cat, if you don’t put it on an animal shelter soon he is going to kill it- no matter how much you struggle he will not deal with the stupid animal making his things dirty and shedding EVERYWHERE. It’s not happening. Give up.

Ayato: It really depends on his mood- Like he wouldn’t just straight up hate the cat but he also wouldn’t completely love it. There could be a few times you’d catch him playing with it, but he’d dislike the attention you gave it. Whenever the cat bit you, he’d always claim that ‘Ore-sama could do that, too’. And he would indeed.

Laito: Yes, definitely would love the little guy! He would constantly be picking it up and petting it, occasionally even playing with it; He’d love to put his fedora on the cat just to see how confuse it’d be and you’d normally walk in on him laughing. He was never jealous of the cat, but he’d use it as an excuse to pretend he was and do as he pleased.

Kanato: No, there is no way. Nobody in the house is going to be cuter than him- ever. The stupid cat doesn’t deserve attention, especially not from you- why were you not playing with him instead of the cat? Stupid woman. He would definitely hurt it if he got his hands on it, so I’d probably say get rid of it as soon as possible.

Subaru: He would absolutely love it. Of course he wouldn’t admit it we’re not really surprised there but he would just want to pet it at all times and play with it, even cuddle when he was feeling extra nice. The cat would normally sit on his shoulder but he wouldn’t mind it one bit! Really he’d spend a lot of time with the cat.

[ Mukamis ]

Ruki: Oddly enough he would actually like the cat. Like, it would take a certain breed and a certain behavior, but he wouldn’t be completely against it. If the cat was extremely independent and well behaved, as oppose to meowing loudly when needing something, he would allow it to sit on his lap as he read, and would even pet it.

Kou: Do I even need to say how much this one would love the cats? He would absolutely adore them and constantly be petting them, cuddling or playing. Sometimes he would even get pouty if the cats were with you instead of him. He would always joke around as well, saying you should ‘follow their example and purr’- for him only, of course.

Yuma: He would be sort of indifferent about it- much like Shuu, he’s totally a dog person, but he wouldn’t exactly hate it if there was a cat. He’d pet it from time to time, and would probably get very pissed if the tiny devil went to his garden- other than that, he doesn’t pay much attention to the feline.

Azusa: He would think the cat is really cute, and would be great with it! He wouldn’t be much for playing with it, but cuddles and petting is fine. To him, any type of cat is fine, because he thinks it’s cute how you like them- also he won’t care if they scratch him because he will actually like it, so win-win?

My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 9

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8  - PART 10 - PART 11

a/n: if you enjoy this story please leave a rreply or message saying so! like my main motivation to keep writing is that people like it and I dont know if people like it if no one says so

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Warning: NSFW like for real most of this is smut. enjoy 👉👌👍👍😘😘

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 5,932

who told you love was fleeting?
sometimes men can be so misleading
to take what they need from you

I had been silent all morning. From check in with the others in the office to the present as I pulled myself into the train car, I hadn’t spoken a word. I said nothing to Eric, only nodding to acknowledge his orders for me to accompany him to Erudite. Now I stood by the open train door, watching the half decayed city whiz past as I focused on ignoring the man behind me.

“I’m getting flashbacks,"Eric commented, surprising me by how close he actually was with his mouth next to my ear. I jumped, turning around and stepping away.

"Flashbacks to what?” I asked hesitantly, as I watched him move closer.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the last time we were on the train together,” he prompted with a smirk. I could feel my face change with the realization of what he meant, my cheeks burning with blush at the memory as he wore a smug expression. Moving in closer, he boxed me in along the metal sheeting.

“Have you really forgotten the way you moved against me, grinding your hips into mine as I pinned you against the wall,” He continued, letting his hands rest on my waist. I fought to maintain my composure, gnawing on my inner cheek as he moved in, trying to ignore the feeling of butterflies in my stomach that his touch inspired.

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Yuta as a Boyfriend. . .

Anonymous said: OMGGG your Haechan as your boyfriend KILLED ME. i was hoping you could do a Yuta as your boyfriend please? 😊😊 thank you!

A/N thank you and hope you like it!

Other Boyfriend Scenarios:

Johnny II Yuta II Jeno II Haechan II Renjun II Jaemin

  • he has the biggest soft spot for you
  • like, you are his treasure and he wants to do so much for you and keep you happy at all costs
  • because he’s selfless like that
  • he cannot keep his eyes off you
  • and always looks at you with that adoring smile and love shining in his eyes
  • he’s completely shameless about it too, even when the other members tease him about it
  • he likes to tease you about how much you love him
  • “you love me too much Y/N”
  • “you can’t get enough of me can you?”
  • though overall he’s carefree and loves taking care of you and supporting you
  • he does it with so much ease that you can tell it never bothers him when he needs to look after you
  • he finds everything about you cute and almost irresistible
  • your habits becoming something that he absolutely adores
  • every time you do something new that he finds cute, he gushes over it – making his reactions as dramatic as possible
  • “waaahhh, you’re so cute Y/N ~! stop being so cute ~ it’s seriously too much!”
  • he’s always straightforward about his feelings and thoughts
  • never leaving you wondering whether he liked something or not, because he’s always honest
  • this often allows you guys to avoid fights because you guys can easily talk things over due to how upfront he is
  • his favorite you is the natural you
  • when you’ve just woken up and are still sleepy and in your pajamas, he finds it so endearing and cute
  • or when you just got out of the shower and your skin is still wet and your hair shiny from the water, it’ll be a sight that is forever engraved in his memories
  • sometimes most times he can be clingy 
  • hugging you on the couch with his arms around your neck and his legs tangling with yours
  • or he keeps his hand on your lower back as you guys walk around and shop
  • he gets pouty and lil pissed if you don’t pay – what he thinks is not – enough attention
  • he loves being a little shit you
  • because then he gets to be a gentleman to you and make it up
  • and it’s like,,,why weren’t you just a gentleman from the start??
  • you bet your ass he’s dragging you on hiking trips with him
  • because he’s a ,,,,,,,, MANLY MOUNTAIN MAN LIKE THAT
  • he likes to give you anything of his to wear when going out or in front of the other NCT boys
  • because it shows that you’re his and ‘belong’ to him
  • and it makes him feel ,,,, MANLY
  • he likes doing domestic things with you
  • like baking
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • even cleaning
  • he’s another one that is shameless with the public skinship
  • loves holding your hands
  • giving you playful kisses
  • back hugging you
  • arm around your shoulders when you guys sit down
  • he’s a protective boyfriend
  • but not territorial
  • his public display of affection is more to show you off
  • cause he’s so damn proud to have you as his girl
  • he keeps a watchful eye on other guys when you interact with them
  • but knows you can handle yourself and wont intervene unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • he only trusts other NCT members 100% with you
  • he sometimes even asks one of the other members to pick you up and bring you back to the dorm if he can’t or is running late from his schedule
  • loves getting you random gifts of food too
  • usually sweets
  • the one thing you need to remember is that he needs just as much love and support that he gives you – if not more
  • though he may not show it, he’s always wondering if you’re really happy with him
  • or if you’re satisfied with the way he is
  • he’s damn good at hiding his feelings too
  • so ya’ll hoes better give him the love and support this Prince needs
  • jk jk jk you all are great, just,,,
  • love this precious bean damn it
— the crimson killer (M)

Genre: Smut ➝ Vampire AU

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Kim Taehyung x Reader.

Plot: This is the era of The Crimson Killers.

Warnings: Graphic depictions of blood and gore, character death, sexual content, Daddy kinks, queefing.

Notes: This story is set and written in 1950′s America, but the language is, in my head, spoken in English. But, of course, that is up to your own interpretation. Welcome to the Merlot Murders series and introducing: The Crimson Killers.

♡ I want to thank @bunnyart-blog for the insanely beautiful artwork inspired by this story. I love it so much and I feel awful for never promoting this on my blog. Thank you so much!

The swinging tune of The Coasters sang out into the streets of the city as he made his next move, boots crunching on the gravel and his lips puckered to a whistle, singing the tune back into his ears. It had been a long, long time since he’d come back to this place, and hell he wasn’t planning on returning any sooner than he just had.

He had things to do, places to be, things to eat. The life of an immortal gives you these chances and possibilities that the mortal cannot have; superhuman speed, the power of reading someone else’s mind, sharp fangs that could tear the throat of another being who stood in his path. All these nightmares came in the package of being a vampire, and Taehyung had just come to accept it.

“Smile more,” his friend said from beside him. “You look like you want to kill someone.”

“Funny you should say that,” Taehyung mocked, “but you know, I’m a vampire, and killing people is kind of part of the package.”

Hoseok nodded once, understanding. “Right. You’re not as old as me, the youth has yet to learn.”

“The youth,” Taehyung replied, “is learning. I’m just hungry.”

“Well,” Hoseok began, swinging an arm around his old, old friend’s shoulders, “that’s why you’re comin’ with me. You’re lucky I even got you the job- you’re gonna get free food, good money and the love from the waitresses.”

Taehyung sighed, following his friend as they walked into the driveway of the large diner, swerving in and out of pastel coloured cars parked in a messy fashion in the parking lot.

“That’s not going to help me,” he explained. “Human food just grosses me out sometimes. I mean, all that grease. It’s not my style.”

“I know,” Hoseok commented with a grin. “Pretty girlies with skirts are your style. But don’t worry- Maria works here and she tastes divine.”

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I’ve Already Got Your Heart. (Darkiplier X Reader)

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

((What is up everyone, @roseandarkholm here and this is my first upload on my Side Blog! I’d like to thank @justwritingscibbles for their lovely work and inspiring me to make this Blog and its content! I might tag you in my other works if you don’t mind I’m unsure yet but I hope you enjoy the story even if it is a bit short~.))

     When had this started?
     Why had this started?
     What had you done?
     Well the answer to those questions was only known to one Man, Entity really, and whom would never give you a straight answer should you ever ask. If you had the chance to ask. It started out as small things, things you didn’t really notice would happen they were so small, a shadow moving against a wall. A figure that didn’t quite fit in with the crowd but one that got swallowed up by the Sea of people when you tried to seek it out. Static even when an electronic device wasn’t on. Missing objects you’d go crazy trying to find suddenly showing up in the most obvious of places. Things you found yourself longing for would show up on your bed placed out neatly. Your life had turned into a Stalker Mystery though oddly enough you didn’t feel scared even though you knew in this type of situation the victim should be terrified. Yet you weren’t. If anything you looked forward to the little changes in your life; almost like an Angel was watching over you. Then again it could just be someone you knew messing with you.
     Oh how wrong you were to think that.
     So laughably wrong.
     You wouldn’t even notice the type of hell you were in because he didn’t want you to.
     He wanted you to be happy. Depend on him. Seek him out even though he was slowly poisoning you into being the obedient little pet he so deeply craved.
     Oh and how willingly you fell into his trap~.
     You didn’t even see the danger you were in! Such a stupid little creature, humans never were smart when it came to avoiding his type of skill and manipulation so he didn’t really find it all to shocking. What he did find shocking how ever was you. You alone had captivated his thoughts in the otherwise angry void of darkness that had encased his soul, if he had ever had one, and brought a type of light he never knew. You who’s smile could easily turn his raging thoughts into a calm stream that only flowed in one direction. A laugh so beautiful it put any music to shame with how the sound carried and how care free it seemed to be.
     Oh he’d have you. Someway he’d have you as his and his alone.
     Dark had been going about his little plan for Months. Slowly weaving himself into your thoughts, your curiosity, your life, until it seemed he had always been there. A shadow ever looming over you as you went about your day seemingly unaware of the being you had managed to capture the attention of. And you weren’t. Not unless he wanted you to know his presence. Dark had been playing this game so long he couldn’t even remember a time when he hadn’t been the King of what some had taken to calling Cat and Mouse. Today was the day you’d see him, he would make sure of it. Nothing would take his opportunity away from him and no-one would get on his way.
     Watching you had become something of the norm for him, as time passed Dark had memorized your entire life schedule and knew when and where to attack.      Entering your home you sat the bag down that had seemed to grow heavier at the sudden realization of being home you locked the door behind you before sighing. That had been a long day but one you needed to get done and over with in order to move on with your life. Just as you were about to move something stopped you. Your home was…cold. Had it always been this dark? Reaching for the light switch and flicking it a couple of times things seemed to only get worse as the lights above refused to turn on as if scared to do their job. Scoffing with a roll of your eyes you made your way through the darkened, silent halls each sound somehow magnified and so much louder than they usually would seem. “Get it together. It was just a long day.” You muttered to yourself as you neared the sanctuary of your room. Grasping the frozen doorknob your body refused to move as if an invisible wall was stopping you from moving past the point in time you found yourself stuck in. Shaking your head and forcing yourself to open the door you stepped into your room but everything stopped as you saw the figure near your window.
     A tall, dark figure that was barely visible against the shadows that seemed to swirl around your room looked out the window with his hands clasped behind his back unmoving as the door slammed behind you causing you to jump. “There’s no need to be afraid.” The stranger in the suit spoke as he moved his head to the side for a moment as if stretching before standing still once more, “I’m not going to harm you my dear.”
     This was wrong. Who was he and how did he get in your house?! Was he why the lights weren’t working? Looking around your body tensing as static filled your ears once more everything seemed to vanish from sight except for him and that deep darkness edging ever closer to you. “Wh-who are you? H-how did you get in my house?” You attempted a demand hoping that the waver of your voice wouldn’t show just how horrified you truly were.
     A low rumble came from the mans chest, something resembling a chuckle but it was to sweet to be any kind of good in this situation, as he turned to face you. “My dear haven’t you notice everything that’s been happening~? The missing objects you yearned for showing up? What you couldn’t have appearing?” The sweet voice was clearly hiding a deep underlying rage as he spoke, “I thought it would seem obvious who I am. Clearly you need help remembering though. Not your fault, after all Humans are so easily forgetful. I am your everything (Name)~.” The man growled as his form seemed to twitch and shift in ways no Human was able to. It was almost as if he was a Video glitching. His form broke from the calm to something clearly growling with rage seemingly ready to pounce on you causing you some sort of harm before returning to the eery calm it had been only Seconds ago.
     "I-I’m sorry but I…would remember meeting someone like…you.“ You tried to calm the situation though as much as you tried to remain in some sort of self control your feet refused to move from their spot no matter how desperately you tried to force them to take a step away from the Man who’s eyes burned into your very soul, "L-look I-”
     "Yet you clearly don’t! I’ve been there for you when you had no one! I alone have been the one to make you smile when you were in tears! Silently helping you move through this life ad doing everything I can to make you happy! I can give you anything you could ever want yet you can’t even remember I’m the one keeping your life how you want it!“ He snapped before taking a deep breath and fixing his already perfect suit, ”I’ve been here for so long- waiting for the right moment to show myself to you my dear, sweet (Name) yet the moment never seemed right. Until now. You see something about you has captivated my attention. You’ve somehow managed to drill your way into my thoughts and as hard as I try you simply wont leave me be. You see (Name)…I’ve been searching. Searching for someone that will do as I say. Be by my side- my Queen if you will.“ The Man explained while slowly stalking toward you as if he was a predator about to kill its prey.
     "None I’ve encountered in my many Years of existence has quite had that…something…you do. No sound has sounded quite as lovely as your laugh. No smile as bright. No (Color) Eyes so captivating. There is something about you my dear that I simply cannot let pass me by. Something that I cannot allow anyone else to have. You may call my Dark if you’d like, though there are many other things I would gladly answer to but those are for a different time. Now let’s focus on the present shall we love?” Dark hummed low as he stopped in front of you a light Grey, icy hand reaching up to brush its knuckles across your cheek, “We are going to have a long talk. One where I will be explaining the rules of what is and isn’t to be done. What’s about  to happen will undoubtably change your life love but don’t worry. No harm will come to you as long as you do as I say and follow the rules.” Bringing his free hand to your hip Dark pulled you close and pressed your bodies together while the other wormed its way into your (Color) hair and gripped it gently yet firmly.
     "While you might not know it yet my dear I’ve already got your Heart in the palm my hand. Oh, we’re going to be so happy together (Name). Forever.“ Dark growled meaningly while smile he gave you was one that let you know exactly what kind of situation you were in.
     And there was nothing you could do to escape.
     Dark always got what he wanted no matter how long it took he worked and planed and in the end what ever seemed to be just out of reach was soon wrapped around his finger.
     You, (Name), were no different.
     You’re his now and forever more…well…that is until you step out of line.
     ”Just do as I say (Name), and you’ll never have to worry about anything ever again.“ Dark purred in a sweet tone just before hungrily capturing your lips in a kiss.

[Long rant ahead, be warned]

The biggest problem the Naruto fandom has, is that they cannot separate reality from fiction. Whenever they see something they don’t like or approve of, the first thing they do is asking themselves if that thing they don’t like would work in real life. And it doesn’t, of course it doesn’t.
The problem is not that it would never work in real life, the problem is you thinking that something must work in real life to ‘pass the test of being unproblematic’.

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The Elf and the Dwarf

Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain.

Chapter Summary: Never ending sadness with the dwarves

Chapter Categories: Humor, Small Bit of Angst, I guess. Idk

Strike Through = Current Chapter

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8


Fili lets out a sigh of relief as he notices that both you and Thorin are still breathing as you walk into the council room. You two were always at each other’s throats over the corse of the quest and many had thought you’d kill each other at one point, but they were glad to be proven wrong.

Thorin sits at the other head of the table, across from Bard.

You take your place on Bard’s right with Tauriel on Bard’s left.

Although her banishment had been lifted by Thranduil, she had decided to stay in Dale much to the chagrin of Legolas. He knew what her choice would be and decided to let her go. She is currently Captain of the Guard and helps train the men alongside you. She’s also a part of the council and Bard found it funny that the council of men is filled with elves.

He had absolutely no idea what to do when the city had asked him to become King. While his anscetor was made for this position, he was not. Being thrust into this was not so easy and after dealing with you in the past, you seemed to be the best option to help him run the city. Being the daughter of a Lord probably helped a bit.

Bain joins you along with a young fellow by the name of Ingemar. He was about the age of 25, had long blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He was the second most wanted man in Dale after the King of course, but his eyes were set on another prize.

“Hello n/n,” he says, smiling at the elf. “How many times have I told you, human, you do not have permission to call me that. Only those I care about can do that. You can either call me by my first name or nothing at all,” you growl out.

It’s obvious to the dwarves that you have been flirted with by this guy multiple times and that he didn’t lay off.

“Come on. We’ve known each other for a week. I know you care for me,” he says, winking at her. “Guards. Remove him,” you command and there are two men that come to grab him. “Wait. Stop,” you command again. The guards put him down and step back. (I was trying to make it like the scene in Game of Thrones where Cersei tries to show Baelish exactly who has more power)

“You will do well to remember exactly who you are talking to. I have trained these men and I have trained them well. I will no longer tolerate your flirting. I hired you because you seemed to be good at your job, but you are as incompetent as the other men. Continue,” you announce and the guards take him out.

Tauriel smiles and Bard smirks, shaking his head.

“Who was he exactly?” Dwalin asks. “He was supposed to be our new treasurer but he obviously failed the test,” Bard explains, “it seems that no man is fit for any job on this council. We go through at least five potential candidates a week and no one makes it past the first three days.”

“It’s not my fault he’s a fool,” you reply and you turn to Bain. “When you become king do not let anyone like that on the board alright?” You ask and he nods smiling.

“Thanks for coming on such a short notice,” Bard says. “It’s quite alright. It’s not like my coronation is tonight or anything,” Thorin says sarcastically. Bard sighs and you smile.

“Actually I called you down here to talk about that. I feel that there is a need to have extra security tonight. With the threat on your life from your kin, what do you expect from men?” He asks Thorin.

Thorin narrows his eyes.

“Are you implying that men will try to kill me tonight?” He asks. “I’m not saying there will be but there is always the possiblity. You cannot be too sure. That’s why I’m asking you to let me add some of my guards to yours as well,” Bard says.

“I would not mind a few helping hands,” Thorin mumbles after having a short conversation with Dwalin. 

“Great. Tauriel and y/n will be leading my men-,”

“N/n? You can’t be serious?” Fili asks, outraged.

“I don’t see the problem Fee. I’m doing my duty to this city. It is only right,” she replies.

“Being by our side is what is right. You helped us reclaim Erebor. You belong celebrating with us,” Fili argues. “I belong protecting your king,” you reply.

“When has duty become more important than friendship? You were the one that remind us that you chose us over your kin and now you’re going to tell me your choosing a job over us? How much of a hypocrite can you be?” He asks and you can’t meet his eyes. 

You had never gotten into a fight with Fili. Never. Thorin, yes, Dwalin yes, Kili, sometimes, but never Fili. It broke your heart to be fighting with your best friend.

He stands up and leaves, not noticing the tears he had caused.

“Of course after one Durin stops being mad at me another one starts,” you say, bitterly. You excuse yourself and walk back to your quarters.

“This is the first time I’ve seen her shed a tear in a month. It is something about you dwarves that bring her sadness,” Bard tells Dwalin and Thorin as Tauriel takes her leave as well.

“It has never been my intention to do so and I explained this to her,” Thorin announces. “Well either way she still hurts. She is a very emotional elf. Which is surprising. All of the other elves I’ve seen are nearly emotionless. Nearly,” Bard tells him.

“Like I said. It was NEVER my intention. If you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a coronation to plan,” Thorin says, standing.


You bastard! (Captain Boomerang x Reader)

Originally posted by orchid-bud

You sighed, as you watched Deadshot enter the building, in a not-so-silent-and-secretly manner.

Weren’t you supposed to be quiet? You thought to yourself, as the thought of finding more creatures like the one’s earlier made you shudder.

“(Y/N), are you alright?“Harley asked you, as she popped her gum.

"Yeah, yeah, It’s just…I’m afraid one of us will get himself killed if we are not cautious enough"You replied, concern laced in your voice.

"Sure, that’s beautiful"She said, narrowing her eyes "You don’t want to lose your unicorn lover”.

You blushed as you looked at Digger.

Your cell had been beside his and, although you hated his constant shouting, you also enjoyed the times you talked about your past or random topics.

He was a nice guy, after all, c'mon, what villain has a unicorn named Pinky?

At that, you chuckled to yourself, as you made your way in the building.

“Are you coming, (Y/N)?"Chato asked, as he saw you following Harley.

"Nah, I’ll be going with Harley, I hate stairs"You answered, waving him.

Digger watched as you left with Harley and grunted with frustration.

"Why does she have to be so difficult mate” He asked, to one in particular.

“You should talk with her, not with your cocky attitude"Deadshot told him, as he readied one of his many guns.

"Don’t be rude homie, she won’t like it"Added Diablo, patting Digger’s shoulder.

While this conversation was going on, you and Harley were already on the elevator, watching the city, but the sightseeing ended soon, as the creatures from early entered in the elevator.

"Shit!"You shouted, as you punched one of the creatures and attacked with your nunchaku at another.

As the rest of the Squad saw you both fighting, they started running up the stairs, Boomerang leading the way.

But when the elevator doors opened, he saw you both were ok and with no injuries.

"What?"Harley asked, as she made her way into an office. You just smiled and stopped right in front of Digger.

"No comments this time? Are you sick or somethin’?"And continued your way into the office.

The office was dark, with nothing working, and the sound of Harley’s heels were the only thing that disturbed the silence. Suddenly, you were ambushed by more creatures, even though Flag had said this was a secure zone.

"Check the news the next time boy!"You shouted, as you and Digger were cornered in a room with a lot of monsters.

  ”(Y/N)!“Digger shouted, between the commotion"I have to tell ya somethin’”

“Cannot wait?"You shouted back, kicking one creature on the head.

He didn’t seem to hear you, as he proceeded. "I know it’s not a good time now…”

“C'mon, spit it out"You said, starting to get impatient.

As you killed the last creature, he finally spoke.

"I like you (Y/N), and for a while now…"He smiled, showing his golden teeth.

As you smiled back and were about to say to him you returned the feelings, one creature stabbed him in the heart, making him fall down, numb.

Full of rage, you spun around and with your nunchaku you brutally killed, in between sobs, the goddamn creature.

After that, you dropped to your knees and looked at Digger, who had his eyes closed, and was not moving.

"Please Digger, don’t leave me…I…Like you too…And for a while too-You said as you sobbed-So…I goddamn swear to you that if you die I’m kicking your crotch as soon as I see you in the other world!”

At that, Digger’s eyes popped open and opened his jacket, revealing the knife had impaled cash he had stolen.

“Christ, Digger…You scared me bastard!” You shouted, but you were cut by Digger kissing you roughly.

First, you were shocked, to say the least. A mixture of emotions danced inside your heart, as you kissed him back.

As you parted, you looked him in the eyes.

“You couldn’t just have told me another time, couldn’t you?"You chuckled, punching him lightly in the arm.

"It couldn’t wait (Y/N). I’ve waited enough, in fact, since we were cellmates” He said, hugging you and kissing your nose.

“Let’s go big bear, the others are waiting for us” You smiled, taking him by the hand and exiting the others. As you appeared, Diablo and Deadshot patted Digger’s back, while Harley shouted an “About time!”.


Request: Hello darling. I saw you take requests :D Could you do Crowley x reader, where reader is Lucifer’s daughter and reader finds out that she is pregnant and reader with Crowley have to tell the news to Lucifer?

Requested By: @karlamoriarty

Warnings: Language, pregnancy, anxiety

Word Count: 1,180

Pairing: Crowley x Pregnant!Reader, Father!Lucifer x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Reader, Crowley, Lucifer, Doctor (Actual medical doctor, not the doctor)

A/N: I hope you like it girlie! I tried to follow the request as much as I could, but I kinda took it further than I thought I would lol. I’ve got lots of free time this weekend so keep requesting!

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Once Upon a Dream...

Relationship: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

Summary: He wasn’t just a stranger to you. You met him before, once upon a dream…

Warnings: None really, seeing as it’s based off a disney movie XD

Word Count: 2,921 Sorry it’s so short! I cut out a lot of stuff!

A/N: And here it is! The first disney remake I’m doing. This is based off of @spider-boi​‘s Cinderella AU. It’s just so great and I loved it so much, and you should totally check it out, but these next few works were inspired by their work, but I will not be doing a cinderella AU because that can be seen as plagerism and theft, and I do not want to take anything away from them. If you couldn’t tell by the title already, this is inspired by Sleeping Beauty, and I will be doing an entire series on disney Tom Holland AUs. Anyways, as I always say, like, reblog, and tell me what to write next! <3

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Your parents loved you.

From the moment you were born, you were the most amazing creature to ever smile on this Earth. In honor of your birth, they threw the largest celebration the kingdom’s ever seen. Everyone who was anyone came to see you and give you their blessings.

Everyone was invited. Everyone, except one.

It was a wonderful celebration. Everyone was dancing, and happy, and having a lovely time, when the three most gorgeous women appeared in the High Court of the [Y/L/N], with dresses made of love and wings made of light.

They descended from the rafters, floating down on magic and happiness, and the woman in red spoke first.

“I am Zendaya. The wisest of my sisters. We have come for the ceremony,” she says, smiling at you in your cradle.

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