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Graves fic recs masterpost

Because i’ve had people asking me for Gradence recs, Graves recs, and I planned on doing a Gramander recs post, and then i’ve fallen into GoldGraves hell, so. Have everything in one go. Please be mindful of the tags present on each of these stories. 

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Shifter / Part IV

Summary: Reader, as a child, was one of HYDRA’s experiments, which resulted in her being able to shapeshift into other people. Living and working with the Avengers after being rescued by them, the Reader becomes ill as the ‘Civil War’ starts, and Steve trusts Tony to take care of her. So how does she react when Tony recruits a new member the same age as her? And what happens when she gets sent away?

Author’s note: IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS PART. I’ve been planning this since the start and i’m SO EXCITED!!! also, i absolutely freaking LOVE writing Dad!Tony and Dad!Steve. It’s so much fun. Also – this is my favorite piece i’ve ever written?? I’m so, so proud of it. Wow.
P.P.S. Don’t forget to leave feedback!!!!! 

Warning: Angsty talks, mentions of death, flUFFY AF

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

What? No, I’m not going to just leave you guys to–” You say, defiantly, but Tony cuts you off. “C’mon, kiddo – We still haven’t dealt with the Accords, and I need to work out the serum. You’d be a lot safer away from here. Just until we’ve figured this out.” You still aren’t entirely okay with the idea, but you know Tony won’t give up on this – he’ll send you away while you’re asleep if he has to. “Fine.” You mutter, short and clipped, and he sighs, leaning back into his chair. “Thank you.” He stands up, about to leave, when you realize something. “Where am I going?” You ask, and he spins around with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Queens.” He says, smirking, before he leaves the room, leaving you alone with a confused look on your face.

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despondant  asked:

which characters' interactions were your favourite to write in last night's episode, like whose dynamic do you find most interesting? also which scene was your favourite to write and why? also the episode was probably my favourite so far i really enjoyed it :-) !


So instead I’ll answer this question by saying that I love love LOVE the line Kevin says after Jughead blows out the candles. He exclaims, “One blow!” with, like, such enthusiasm??? That line was ad-libbed by Casey and it makes me laugh literally every time I hear it.

Iz’s Fic Rec MasterPost: Overwatch

Hello everyone, my name is Iz and I read a lot of fanfic. A lot. A somewhat appalling amount to be honest. Today is Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day and just like last year, I’m determined to send some love to my fav fics and writers by compiling some massive rec lists for the various fandoms I read up on. Please note that these are only my personal favorites: there’s so much good work across fandoms and everyone should be acknowledged for the great work they do here. So that being said….


Gather the Ends: @smokehill


“Call me Pharah, but if you scream in terror a few times I’ll get the message. Now, hands in front, you’re going to fly with me.”

Symmetra bungles a midnight mission, makes a friend, and then finds destiny. Or something. (Complete, PG)

My rec: Look man, this fic sold me on this ship. It sold me. It came into my room, kicked down the door, said “Iz, you’re gonna embrace this ship and you’re gonna do it now” and I just was forced onto the ride. It was a good ride. Entirely worth the ride to be honest. Live the dream. Accept this fic as the ship fic we deserve. Live the dream. 


First off, I have a whole list of recs for this ship here and they remain as excellent as ever. If you haven’t read any of these pieces by talented authors, please give them a look: they’re worth your time. Since I posted that, there’s been more great work out of that side of the fandom, and here are some of those pieces that are worth a mention. 

A Lesson on Gravity: chopsticks

Summary: Five years after the Second Omnic Crisis, Commander Jesse McCree is the current face of Overwatch, much to his own chagrin. However, there is little time to complain when his days are filled with slews of meetings, a constant threat of monkeys falling from the moon, and memories of an ex-boyfriend that just won’t leave him be. (M, WIP)

My Rec: A yes, angst. Sweet, sweet, angst. This puppy just started up and while it’s a WIP, it’s a damn good one, which promises to break my heart and then leave me crying on the sidewalk. Hanzo had to get married to someone else for reasons yet revealed, McCree is still a wreck over it, and the sexual tension will likely kill us all. Also worth a look just for Jesse and Fareeha being the best friends we deserve. Wonderful characterization, wonderful writing, wonderful pain. 

Weeds or WildflowersIlyen

Summary: A mission where Hanzo has to draw out Yakuza agents by pretending he’s back to reclaim the Shimada empire. It goes as well as you’d expect. (M, WIP) 

My Rec: This puppy just came out and man is it a doozey. Terrible angst, just warning you, but angst worth checking out. The characterization here is just lovely, the relationship is well built, and the entire situation (avoiding spelling it out because spoilers) is terrible to watch unfold because you know what is bound to happen and you can’t stop it. Absolutely worth the heartbreak. I’ll be refreshing this until the cows come home until the next update. 

A Long Wayholdontoyourhulahoops

Summary: Hanzo and Genji have a long overdue conversation. (G, Complete)

My Rec:  While this is a McHanzo fic, it’s more of a brotherly bonding fic than anything and that makes it great. There’s so much good insight here into both Shimada brothers, into why Hanzo is so guarded and Genji’s protective nature. Honestly, I cannot give it enough praise. And the end scene is just quality. Shower it in love. 

Every Other Freckle: barghest

Summary: Highschool junior Jesse McCree needs a prom date. New student Hanzo Shimada needs a friend. (T, Complete) 

My Rec: The high school Au we deserve! Let me sing my praises about this fic always and forever. Great character dynamics? You got it. Slow build? You got it. McCree being the best friend/soon to be boyfriend ever? Bam, done. A Halloween scene? God bless. Treat yourself. Read this fic. 

Back Home: ObsidianCoffe

Summary: McCree is back from a long mission and Hanzo is having so many feelings. (T, Complete)

My Rec: Look man, I’m a sap for relationships where the banter has no bite and everyone really cares about each other but is too emotionally repressed to say it out loud. Which is why this fic gets me, because it’s clear everyone is having so many feels but no one is willing to put them into text. Plus, it’s a clear one shot with striking prose that is absolutely worth your time. The situation shown here is heartfelt, devastating in a quiet way, and I hope to see it explored more in canon. Also, check out the linked art! It’s amazing!


Painless: @wantonlywindswept

Summary: Gabriel turns himself over to the new Overwatch to finally get his body fixed, and is greeted by a face he thought he’d never see again. (G, Complete) 

My Rec: I don’t read a lot of this ship: I’m picky and it will be my downfall. But this fic man. This fic. I love this fic. It’s just…so pure. A literal summary is “ex’s realize the other isn’t dead, feels” Just, it’s a feel good piece with so much quality emotion and incredible writing.  Worth your time. 

BurntPasta Commissions Info~

Hey Everyone! My hours have been pretty abysmal lately, and thus, for the first time in a long while, I am barely able to afford my bills..
-So! I’m opening up commissions! I am going to start with 5 slots and open them again as I finish them!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE MESSAGING ME~ Send an Ask or a Message and I will get back to you ASAP!

4. -open-
5. -open-

$3 - 2-6 Frame Animation with Clean Lines and no background~ This can include my usual fat lines or thin lines~

$6 - 2-6 Frame Animation will full color and your choice of a blank background or a static background~

$10 - 2-6 Frame Animation with Full color, Dynamic Background (animated in any way) Plus some added effects like words or sparkles! xD

$5 - 7-15 Frame Animation with no color or background, Just the line animation~

$10 - 7-15 Frames of animation with full color, small effects like eye shines, shirt wrinkles, ect.. Static background or no background choices available!

$12 - 7-15 Frames of Animation, Full Color, Added effects like eye shines, sparkles, wobbly outlines, ect. Limited Animation Background available! (Colors, spinning stars, words, ect)

$15 - 7-15 Frames of Animation, Unlimited Effects like eye glows, smirks, scan lines, ect. Dynamic animated backgrounds like windy trees, scrolling backgrounds, FLAMES, color warping backgrounds, ect.

20$ - 15-25 Frames.. EVERYTHING INCLUDED. Dynamic backgrounds, clean cut animation, ect. These take the most time to do and they are made with the most amount of love and hard work! :3

20$ - 15-25 Frames.. EVERYTHING INCLUDED. Dynamic backgrounds, clean cut animation, ect. These take the most time to do and they are made with the most amount of love and hard work! :3

20$ - 15-25 Frames.. EVERYTHING INCLUDED. Dynamic backgrounds, clean cut animation, ect. These take the most time to do and they are made with the most amount of love and hard work! :3


-I am

more than willing

to animate outside of my normal Pokemon/Undertale/Nintendo comfort zone

-I prefer to work in a


manner, going so far as to maybe a ‘


′ for now. Someday I might change this, but I would like to keep my blog 100% SFW. <3


Any Commissions will be posted on my blog

with my tumblr tag in the corner, and your tumblr tag in the description of the commission!

If you wish to have your tumblr name displayed in the animation, please ask!

^^ If you


wish to have it posted on my blog, please let me know as well!

-My charging scheme is essentially 1$ a frame if there is no background to animate, and $1.50+ for added effects and dynamic animated backgrounds. Depending on how detailed you want me to get, I can change prices accordingly.



-Tumblr Blog Headers!

-Signatures on Forums!

-Reaction Gifs!

-Conversation Starters

-Silly Inside Jokes!

-Character Bios!

… And more! 

And again.. Thank you so much for all the awesome support! You guys make it possible to keep my love for animation burning so passionately… And I cannot thank you guys enough. Thank you, thank you, thank yooou!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any very fluffy fic recommendations? All are welcome but established relationships would be nice. I just finished A Certain Kind of Memory and I just feel very empty and broken. Thank you xx

Oh wow, dear anon! You’re indeed in dire need of some fluff after such a fic! Though it’s a great fic, it does leave a bit of a sore heart. ^^

I have some lovely fics that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy and several are established relationship in some way, at least (as in, sometimes it’s not officially established, but they’ve been seeing each other for a while – I’ve marked them for you). Some of these are Hurt/Comfort, with a lot of emphasis in the comfort, so while they might go a little bit angsty at times, I guarantee will leave you with a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy. And *hugs*

Two Gentlemen by hidingfromsomeone (NC-17, 3,7K) [Established relationship]
Summary: Harry tumbles out of the kitchen Floo a full forty five minutes late. Hangs his robes up on one of the two little pegs next to the fireplace, already starting to beg for forgiveness.
My notes: Lovely established relationship, fic. It’s a day in Harry and Draco’s life, after twenty years of being together. It’s wonderful and sexy and fun.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by bryoneybrynn & marguerite_26 (NC-17, 3,9K) [Established relationship]
Summary: It’s a cold Christmas Eve, but Harry has a way of melting all Draco’s defences.
My notes: Harry and Draco have a casual relationship, Draco is afraid of truly giving himself to Harry, but this night, this moment, it’s when it happens. It’s wonderful, and OH MY GOD, that rimming thing is incredible.

Cornbread and Sweet Tea by sor_bet (NC-17, 20,6K) [Established relationship]
Summary: Harry and Draco living together in a house in the North Georgia mountains, and how they got there.
My notes: This story is utterly lovely. I admit when I first read it I didn’t know what to expect, and it was a wonderful surprise. It’s non-linear, so we get to see Harry and Draco together, and at the same time we get to see how their history began. It’s sweet and fun and sexy, and if you give it a chance, it’ll surprise you in the best way.

Save My Wonders by sdk (NC-17, 21,2K)
Summary: Immediately chocolate assaulted Draco’s senses. Warm melted chocolate mixed with his mother’s roses and… something else. Something new. Freshly scrubbed skin and maybe a faint sheen of sweat. It was so familiar… And it only intensified when Potter came up behind him.
My notes: This is one of those fics I said it’s hurt/comfort, but it’s been one of my personal comfort reads since I read it. It’s magical. Draco being insecure after gaining some weight, he see him struggling with his image, we see him struggling with accepting Harry’s interest, AND IT’S PERFECT. In fact, I’m going to read it again. Just go for this fic. <3

Here and Now by Morgan_Elektra (NC-17, 27,8K)
Summary: It’s been 5 years since the end of the war, but less than a week since Rita Skeeter outed Harry on the front page of The Prophet — and made some rather scandalous insinuations about him and his blond former nemesis. A chance (or is it?) encounter on a street corner reveals just how much has changed… and what remains the same. An over-sized courgette, some olive oil, a bottle of wine, and Ed Kowalczyk make things extra interesting.
My notes: This is basically 28K of flirting and sex (as a friend of mine said). And yes, as the summary says, there was an article in the Prophet about Harry and Draco, and then Harry runs into Draco, and then invites him for dinner. It’s truly lovely.

Yours, Bunny-Eared, and Candy-Sweet by PaolaAdara (NC-17, 7,2K) [Established relationship]
Summary: The first thing Harry heard upon arriving was shouting in the kitchen.
My notes: This story is mpreg, so if you like mpreg (and also if you don’t and this is your first mpreg…) you’ll love this fic. Harry returns after a dangerous mission to his family. It’s fun and sexy and so, so sweet. Definitely the sort of story to heals a bruised heart. :)

Advanced Charmed by Paraphilia (NC-17, 7,1K) [Established relationship]
Summary: Awkward first time is awkward.
My notes: Harry and Draco have been sneaking around the castle, and tonight is their ~first~ time. Wonderful, just the right side of awkward, and a lot wonderful.

The More The Merrier by cassie_black12 (PG-13, 15K)
Summary: Draco’s determined to make this their best Christmas ever and Harry’s not about to stop him – even if it does mean carol concerts and late-night shopping!
My notes: This story, as the summary tells you, it’s Christmas-themed. And it completely enchanting. It’s got Harry and Draco as roommates, best friends obviously into each other, and also oblivious to that fact. :)

Charmed Wool by winnet (NC-17, 12K)
Summary: Draco works for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department (MMAD). Tracking down an illegal knitter of charmed jumpers takes him to County Cork where he never expected to find the missing Chosen One.
My notes: Fantastic and original story, in which Harry, after leaving the wizarding world behind, is found by pure chance by Draco while he’s investigating some very, very soft (magically so!) jumpers. A bit of UST and a lot of fluff.

The Songbirds of Avebury Manor by Tessa Crowley (NC-17, 18,2K)
Summary: Harry Potter presents as alpha at fifteen, and it is supposed to change his life for the better. Instead, it leads him to a beautiful noble omega he cannot have, a political plot he cannot escape, and a threat on his life.
My notes: I’m actually not sure if this fully qualifies as fluff, it’s definitely fluffy, but it’s got a bit of drama and plot. It’s Victoria –AU, A/O/B dynamics and mpreg. Harry, a newly presented Alpha goes to Avebury Manor looking for a job, and there he meets his angel that is Draco, and from the on it’s truly a love story. I had to include it because every time I read it, it just makes me so happy and I hope it makes you happy, too. :)

Longest Night by coffeejunkii (R, 3,3K) [Established relationship]
Summary: Draco discovers that waiting doesn’t equal hoping, and that some wishes do come true.
My notes: This is another of those hurt/comfort fics I mentioned. But oh my god, if you haven’t read it, you’ll fall in love with this one. It was written pre DH, so it’s slightly canon divergent. This is Draco waiting for Harry in a safe house, all alone. Oh my god, it’s utterly gorgeous and perfect. Read it, trust me. :)


A few of you guys asked me to do a list of recommendations of fanfics/one shots/blurbs/fake texts/etc. that I like :) I decided to do so, so I can have a page where all my favorites are gonna be so they’re gonna be easily accessible if I want to read something good when I’m bored/sad and you know the drill. :) Also, I don’t post that often myself but if you enjoy my writing, you’re definitely gonna enjoy these because I’m a critical reader and I don’t like just anything, so you’re welcome :D 

(Also a sidenote before I start, I probably forgot a few so I’m definitely gonna update this regulary. Also if you have something to recommend to me, or want to share something that I think I’ll enjoy, don’t hesitate to do so:) ) Love youu

Rich boy by hemmings1994

I remember when I first started reading 5SOS related fanfiction and this was one of the first blogs I snooped through tbh. I remember screenshoting 20 pages of text just so I had something to read on the was to the city, haha. This is a fanfic about Luke as a rich boy, it has 4 parts and it’s super awesome, just read it and thank me later!!! Seriously, this story is awesome :)

Threats by 5sos-dreaming

Another awesome blog for 5SOS writing, I discovered this one very recently but I’ve probably read through everything in like 2 days haha. :) Threats is about protective Calum and who doesn’t want to read about that :) Awesome storyline, seriously. It has two parts. Really enjoyed reading this. :) Also would like another part, but I don’t know if that’s planned.

Stay with me by 5vibesofsummer

I love, love, LOVE this!!! I can’t believe how little notes this has because it’s awesome and it definitely deserves more recognition! :) Perfectly written, I also love the style how it’s written, definitely give this a try. Basically a Calum imagine, and I just realized there’s part two so I think I’m gonna read that since I can’t wait to see how it turned out! YAAAY

You Fight But Can’t Sleep Without Each Other by xhowyoufeelx

A cute little preference, definitely worth reading, I especially like the Ashton and Michael one. I’m extremely picky about preference, but I so enjoyed reading this one. :)

Sick Little Games by sincerelychood

Another incredible 5SOS blog I’ve discovered like week ago, her writing is super, SUPER good and she gets way too little notes hor how awesome her writing is. Definitely give this a try, it’s a Calum fanfic, basically about some sort of summer romance. It has more parts, give this read when you’re kinda sad, you won’t be disappointed. :)

No Feelings by 5sos-dreaming

Another one from 5sos-dreaming because she and her writing is jus absolutely breat-taking.. This ones a Michael imagine tho, and I never, EVER like anthing written with Michael, even I have problems with writing about Michael, I feel like his personality is extremely hard to portray but this piece just does is so well. Seriously, go read it! 

“Stop staring!” by 5-seconds-of-solitude

Okay, to be completely honest, I haven’t given much of a read to this blog, but I feel like that will definitely change. I probably found this one shot when browsing through some kind of 5SOS tag and it’s been in my liked posts ever since, really, really enjoyed this one, it seems incredibly real and I think it’s very cute and easy to read. A cutsy Luke smut with Luke being a little fuckboy in the beggining basically. :) 

I’ll Take What I Can Get by calvumhood

Okay. If there would be another word for perfection, it would be this. And also Calum Hood, like who are we kidding here. But with all seriousness, this is such an awesome piece of writing, I need, NEED part 2 to survive, please! If you’re having a horrible Calum feeels, go give this a read!!!!

Assassin!Luke by hulkcalum

Cute little blurb, I wish I could write blurbs like these, it’s so hard to make people feel something from such short amount of writing yet you managed to do this beautifully. Luke feels overload, be warned!!!

Cute, lil blurby thing about Calum by 5sauceblurbs

Again, awesome, so much worth reading it. Exactly what the description is. Cute. Lil. Blurby. Thing. About Calum. Go give it a read and tell me what you think. Too little notes for such a masterpiece to be honest, go give the writer some love. <3 (Also wasn’t sure what to call this, so if it has any specifc name, let me know, I can’t find it :) )

Summer Lies by sincerelychood

Okay. Let me just say, that this is what I was doing all day. Reading it all over and over again. I love this. Incredibly well written, with great dynamics, I just love this and I cannot wait to see how is the story gonna revolve. (Because I am a Hood girl so I’m kinda rooting for him but then again sometimes I get these unexpected Luke feels so this story is like a torture to me, anyways…) Please make another part asap, also I love your blog, if you haven’t noticed so can we be friends?:)

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite anime?

Hello there, Anon. Thanks for sending the ask!

Hm… my favourite? Of course I have to say that Haikyuu. But it’s pretty obvious, sooooo…

Other stuff I REALLY love is, in no particular order:

  1. Mushishi - I love the atmosphere and ambience, I love all the themes and narrative. It gets you thinking. And I love how not every ending can be interpreted as a good ending.
  2. Cowboy Bebop - The Classic. It always makes me so fucking emotional. It has a great plot, great action/fight scenes, it’s so amazing overall that I just cannot.
  3. Mononoke Hime - hands down my most favourite Ghibli movie. I love the dynamics between Ashitaka and San, Eboshi is so badass and The Forest Spirit always gives me chills. And I love the Kodama, they are so cute! 
  4. Mononoke - like holy fuck I don’t even know what to say here, it’s just like some psychedelic dream. The animation, shitfuckdamn, masterpiece. Also - Kusuriuri is Sakurai’s best role ever. In my opinion. (Closely followed by Oshino Meme.)
  5. Monogatari series - like since I mentioned Oshino I also have to mention THIS. It also is weird, sometimes hard to comprehend, sometimes you’re like - wow that’s deep and sometimes - that’s so fucking low, shallow and disgusting (I mean… the toothbrush scene? pls no). Also - SHINOBU BEST GIRL
  6. Natsume Yujinchou - fbriebfebfbeslf h vlbeubfuerv f v easjfbreou verf vrebei I want to wrap Natsume in a blanket and squish Nyanko-sensei. Also - Tanuma is my fave. 
  7. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - another ‘different’ or ‘weird’ series. I love the fucked up humour. (Also - I have both versions of Nozomu’s nendo…)
  8. The Tatami Galaxy - do you see the pattern? The series feels even more like a fever dream since I was sick the first time I was watching it (also - I love the op and end songs. The end song is simply magical.)
  9. Kimi to Boku - pls watch this school slice of life about boys, this is so heartwarming and so real, they behave like boys but they also have very serious problems, and their relationship are so good and so precious and I wanna cry. I’d kill for another season.
  10. Zankyou no Terror - I’m still having war flashbacks.
  11. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru - HAAAACHIIIMAAAAAAN *cries a river*
  12. And like xxxHOLiC, Mob, One Punch Man, Gintama, Oofuri (another season WHEN?!), Nozaki-kun, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and you can always try to check my MAL.

InkTober 25 - Prompt from numerous people: “Jim’s reaction to Spock’s holos

I really have a thing for the dynamic wherein Jim is usually very confident and suave and Spock isn’t really. And every once in a while Spock nervously makes a bold move and totally throws off Jim’s game and Jim gets incredibly flustered and blushy and is reduced to crushing Spock in a big hug like “omg you did that for me and I cannot even!!”

On quantifing love

Often when people ask me about being in a poly relationship and I have more than one partner I will get the loaded question;

 “But which one do you love MORE”?

Now this question is incorrect on many levels but I am not going to talk about that… No. I am going to talk about the concept of quantifying love on levels of ‘less or more’. 

In our culture so many subjects of cinema, literature, music, etc are focused on finding “the one” or being in relationships. ‘who is so-in-so dating now’? ‘will such-n-such get back with whats-her-name after she did that thing’? “have you heard Taylor Swift’s new love song? It speaks to my SOUL”

It often seems like in all of these mediums we are told that there is only one person who is the one person that we love more than anyone else. 

But I don’t see it that way.

Ask a happily married mother who is extremely close with her twin sister, who she loves more, her husband, her child, or her sister? odds are she could not tell you. She probably could not imagine her life without any of these people! She loves them all but DIFFERENTLY. The love she feels for her husband is extremely different from the love she feels for her sister which is also different from the love for her child. This is a fact that we as a society acknowledge.

However when talking about romantic partners society tends to get a little squeamish on the subject. I ask you now to think of all of your past partners. Where they all the same? Was every relationship cookie cutter? When you fell in love did it feel exactly the same each and every time? Chances are you answered ‘no’.

This is how poly people love. They acknowledge the differences in people and in their relationships. They understand that EVERY relationship is different. They love each person they are involved with exactly how they can only love them. Every relationship is like a unique love snowflake.

Even if I have a primary hierarchy dynamic (like I have now). I would still not feel quite right telling someone else that I love MT MORE than my other partners I just love him differently. I love him in a way that tells me that I want to spend the rest of my life with him by my side. I love another partner I am with in a way that says that I want him in my life for as long as it lasts. I love the time we spend together and value it completely differently from my time with MT. We connect on different levels and we function in a different capacity but i do not love him LESS. 

To quantify something as more or less you have to be able to have a constant variable. Love is not constant. it is fluid and ever-changing and cannot be constrained by the simple box of “less and more”. 

So a better question could be “what is your dynamic like with each partner?” or “tell me what makes your relationships special”.

imma just leave this here.

Anders judged by Inquisition and recruited AU, meeting Dorian. (I actually am outlining a fic with this premise but I’m not sure if I’ll actually use this scene that I barfed up.)

I literally cannot stop with this ship right now it’s eating me alive as soon as I hit post I’m off to fuck around more with these nerds and I love it.

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just stay right where you are and do not do anything revenge-y until i get there

I have to say it. I still love the SNS dynamic, but Stormpilot is just. So. Fucking. Awesome. 

Also, it makes me laugh at shitty moves like WSJ banning actual Naruto fans from Jump Fiesta simply because they are not NH/SS shippers. 

Yes, you read it right. WSJ BANNED the NS/SNS Naruto fans from its annual event, JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T SHIP NH/SS. 

It’s the STUPIDEST business decision I’ve ever seen a media company make, and bro, I was there for the Prequel that Cannot be Named. 

anonymous asked:

i have hope for destiel this season, but i feel being optimistic is an unpopular opinion by itself in this fandom....

Hey hun!

I think that the show definitely made a conscious decision to place Castiel in such an arc in which essentially not only Castiel will learn that he is appreciated and missed and needed and loved, but an arc that also is set out to prove - once more - how love can save the day. After this absolutely highly emotional moment between Crowley and his mother and the entire talk about “love being a weakness”, it would to me simply not make sense for love being the key and actually be proven one of the biggest power.

Especially given the fact that both Crowley and Rowena as much as they tried and convince themselves they hated or at least were indifferent for one another, deep down loved each other - that’s the true tragedy there. Because love cannot be controlled or measured. Even if you tell yourself you will never love again - especially when you are afraid of ending up getting hurt and making yourself vulnerable and with that in your eyes “weak” - there is no guarantee that works. In fact, and as cheesy as it sounds, love will find a way. Because that’s how it is, love just happens. You don’t plan to fall in love.

That’s why to me Dean’s and Castiel’s relationship is so special and so “pure” in a way and are the reason their interactions mean so much to me, because their dynamic and growith feels “real”. These two were never meant to be what they became and that’s the big thing imo. Cas wasn’t introduced to become a love interest and that is why this relationship is so special - though of course this is up to interpretation and some don’t see what I see or the other way around - because it developed naturally. And their greavitating towards one another goes far deeper than physical attraction or looks. That is what I love about them.

And while I personally think the narrative atm would make it really easy to make a direct comment on the possibility of Deancas going explicitly canon, I would not want to raise false hopes, so that people end up hurt when something does not end up the way was hoped or expected. I continue to believe that the show quite possibly will not make it - if they truly made it - canon before the last few episodes or possibly last episode ever. While I personally think this arc is framed as “romantic love” playing the big part, they could realize the storyline just as well by making it “platonic love”. I guess only time can tell. Expecting less rather than more is probably the safer way, but of course emotions are what they are.

Okay, now I rambled way too long already, but two more things. ;P

I do, in fact, also believe that love is the key to defeating or defusing the Darkness too - I think God betrayed his sister involving love too - as we have seen that only love as such was something to withstand the mark.

As for negativity. I sadly sometimes also feel like being a lonewolf in still loving the show and seeing so much potential in the storylines and arcs when so many others seem to be nothing but disappointed. So I do understand why you may feel being positive is a sort of unpopular opinion. All I can say is, focus on what makes you happy, not what makes you miserable. I actually have the feeling the negativity which seemed really heavy throughout and after S10 has subsided a bit. I just wished everyone would feel rather happy than sad or disappointed, cause really it’s just so much nicer that way. So I just hope all those who feel let down either find something that makes them feel better about the show again or say goodbye for good if it upsets them too much.

Sorry for the long ramble. *hugs*