you cannot kill wishes

About That Prison Scene..

For me is was obvious, but I know a lot of people aren’t totally familiar with the comics. But the prison they were locked up in wasn’t regular superhero prison™

That shit was the RAFT

Now in the comics, if you’re in the Raft, you’re literally scum of the Earth super villain. Norman Osborn. Venom. Carnage. Crossbones. PURPLE MAN

Like, if you’re put in here, it’s only because the government cannot kill you, but they wish they could. It would be hilariously offensive to put a hero in there. It would be hilariously dangerous if you took away their powers in there, surrounded by baddest of the bad villains

Even in the actual Civil War comic they didn’t even lock up the heroes in the Raft.

Tony said it himself, he didn’t know Clint, Sam, Scott or Wanda would be put there. He didn’t WANT that. But he couldn’t change it

So when all of them, Clint and Wanda especially, think Tony’s the one that put them there, of course they’ll be PISSED. Of course they’ll tell at him and tell him piss off, because they think Tony put them in the frickin’ RAFT.

Once you’re in there, you’re nothing but a villain, and people are hoping that you die in there. Add the fact that Tony told Clint that it was his fault they were in there. That little pissing contest from Scott and Clint, who are probably thinking they won’t see they’re families again, wasn’t OOC at all

It was the best reaction they could’ve had.