you cannot have two more different faces

“Hey Zavala, wanna know what a transmat zone on the Dreadnaught looks like?”
“You landed a Guardian on the Dreadnaught without authorization?!”
“Oh right. Can I have authorization?”

Destiny is a first person shooter crossed with MMO elements made by former Halo developer Bungie and released in 2014 by Activision. While Destiny had a shallow launch and a lukewarm reception in it’s first year, it’s since had two mission packs and two full fledged expansions that have really helped the game come into it’s own. If you passed Destiny by on it’s launch, or dropped it within the first year, maybe it’s time to give it another chance!

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Doesn’t Phase Me

Paring: Vision/Reader

Tags: female reader, Vision is sweet, fluff, computers, set after Age of Ultron and Civil War, some spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, angst. 

Summary: The stray computer science prodigy of Mr. and Mrs. Richards finds her way into the Avengers, working for the team’s tech, and falls head over motherboard for Vision. Vision, however, doesn’t get why he’s accepted so quickly by her…

Word Count: 1,543

Posting Date:  2017-02-25

Current Date: 2017-06-10

Originally posted by stargirlsuniverse

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No I’m sorry guys, I’m not going to speak of headcanon or share one of my character’s story but I feel the need to explain why I broke down a few days ago and what happened since then as I rarely share much of my life.

What you have to know is the goal for the AC was reached Tuesday, that I called the company and the AC got lost on its way to me as it was sent the 3rd of July and I shall contact them again if it didn’t reach me - once more - by Monday.
I also recovered from the event which happened the 17th (me walking for over an hour under the sun and almost collapsing) and the physio replacing my usual one for three weeks has tried new methods to relieve my pain.
Since Tuesday, I decided to relax and to take care mostly of myself as I’m not someone who tends to break down that way easily.

The rest, I mean what happened those pasts years and lead me to write such desperate call Monday, will be explained under the cut. For now I mostly want you to know that I’m doing ok, taking it easy and trying to relax as I promised myself to do.

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The right thing...

Request from anon: Jai/OC imagine where they have been together for a year or so and they have an age gap that is like 8-10 years or so and the media/Jai’s parents make a big deal out of it and Jai has to reasure her. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ You put down the article, having read enough. It was the sixth one this month at it was clear that none of them had anything good to say about you or your relationship with Jai. You just couldn’t see their problem! Other celebrity couples had bigger age gaps than yours and Jai’s. No crime was committed by you two being in a relationship. Maybe it was because you wasnt famous, you had a regular job. Maybe it was a mystery you would never figure out. It wouldn’t be so bad if the articles didn’t get so personal. They doubted your looks, your intelligence and the family you came from. The latter was the worst. You could take the insults about yourself but when they began to criticise your parents and how they had raised you, that broke your heart. Your parents were great, your mother was a teacher, like you and your father was an engineer. They worked hard and gave you the best they could, and that’s more than you could have ever asked for. Yet, the media still thought that neither you or your family were worthy of him. Keys turning in the door took your attention away from the article, Jai walked through the door, suitcase in hand. ‘What are you doing home?!’ You asked as you ran and wrapped your legs around him burying your face in his neck. ‘I thought I would surprise you, we wrapped up filming a little earlier than we first thought so I came home a little earlier.’ He explained while placing kisses all over your face and neck. He walked over to the sofa you were just sat on with you still in his arms. ‘Why did you look so upset before I walked in?’ You looked at him questionably, how had he noticed? Noticing the question dancing in your eyes he helped by answering the unasked question ‘I saw you through the window. Now your turn, why were you so upset?’ You looked away from his piercing gaze but unfortunately they landed straight on the article and he noticed. He picked it up, once realising the general theme of it he tore it in two and threw it across the room. He put a hand on each side of your face forcing you to look into your eyes. ‘Listen to me Y/N, I don’t care what the media or the press think about us, you or your family. I love you.’ He sighed heavily, ’you are everything and more that I’ll ever want or need. I don’t care if there’s 8 years between us or 8 seconds. That makes no difference to me what so ever and it shouldn’t to you. They have no influence over us. They cannot stop us being together.’ You took a deep breath knowing he was right but you still had self doubt. ‘But they can make it horrible for us, for you. What if you find someone else. You could be with anyone! Someone prettier, more clever, your age or famous! You could be with a super model. What am I compared to them. Nothing. These articles are right. I’m so out of your league, you could do so much better…’ You faded off, no longer able to look at him. Needing some space, you left jai and went through to the garden. You had only been outside for a little while when you heard Jai speaking on the phone, he must have been in his man cave (he says its his office but you’re not stupid) the window of which looked out into the garden and was currently open. You could hear him talking loudly, clearly frustrated. ’… No mum! I don’t care what the press say! I love her with all my heart… Will you stop and listen to me, right now nothing you can say will stop me loving her… Why does an age gap matter? … No mum this stops now, both you and the rest of the world will have to get use to it, because I’m not letting her go anywhere for a long while yet!’ You knew he must have been angry he’d never speak to his mother like that in a million years, you couldn’t help feeling guilty that you were the reason. You’d made your decision you couldn’t damage Jai’s relationship with his mother. You crept up to the bedroom you shared with Jai, hoping he was safely in his man cave. When you heard the strums of his guitar you knew you had at least an hour to do what you needed to before he would emerge from there. A lone tear gently rolled down hour cheek, if you did this you probably wouldn’t ever hear him play to you again. Never mind, you thought as you brushed the tear away. You had to do this, for Jai. You had to stop being selfish. Finally reaching your room, you pulled your suitcase out of the cupboard, noticing Jai’s tucked away meaning he had already unpacked. You quickly began throwing your clothes into it, not caring if they were screwed up. Once all your things were packed and it looked as if you had never even been here, you took one final look at the bedside table, there was a picture of you and Jai. It was taken at the Christmas just gone by. He looked happy, but you knew that he wouldn’t always be happy not if he had to choose between you and his mum. Knowing that you were doing the right thing you zipped up your case and carried it down the stairs, trying to be careful and not make too much noise. If Jai saw you, he’d try to stop you and you knew you wouldn’t have the strength to leave. You made your way to the front door taking a look around your home for what would probably be the last time. With a chocking sob you shut the door. You were doing the right thing, you kept repeating to yourself - almost like a chant. After you had loaded your case and got into your car, you wiped away your tears and pulled out of the drive. Unfortunately for you, you hadn’t been as quiet as you though Jai came out of the front door but before you had time to change your mind you kept going. Looking in the mirror you saw Jai calling you but you couldn’t turn back. You had to keep going, for Jai. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Wow, that was emotional!!! I didn’t plan for it to go this way, I guess it just sort of happened. Anyway if you have a request send it in! I have some more time this week to get a few done!! Hope you like it! Thanks for taking the time to read my writing, sorry again that it took so long!!! I love you all!!

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tbh mark and jackson (i love them) but they really suck at speaking chinese

Hello anon, 

I’m sorry that I may come off as rude, but this question made me extremely angry. I’m not angry because of you, but because of the stereotype that has been portrayed in your statement. 

There is no language called Chinese. This language does not fucking exist. 

Corroborating 250+ different, wonderful, beautiful dialects and languages into “Chinese” is absolutely disgusting. It does no justice to the complexity and intricacy of the people living in China and their cultures at all. 

JACKSON: Jackson is from Hong Kong. Mandarin is the official language of mainland China, but in Hong Kong, English and Cantonese are the most commonly used languages. It is also mutually intelligible with Mandarin, which means that you must learn both of them as different languages, as you cannot learn one and then immediately understand the other. Cantonese is spoken & written completely differently than Mandarin - for example, people in Hong Kong generally use traditional Chinese characters (more brush strokes) while mainlanders use simplified ones.

Many people do not have the opportunity to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong - typically, only middle-class people with education or a better family background learn it because of work requirements or because of living overseas. Therefore, Jackson speaking Mandarin is already amazing because he has actually had to spend time to study it like a second language. The fact that he can confidently use it to speak with mainland Chinese fans is wonderful. He cannot help the fact that he has an accent, but we should start appreciating the effort that he puts into learning different languages, rather than berating him for any inaccuracies or mistakes he makes when he speaks Mandarin. 

MARK: Mark is Taiwanese. There is a major distinction between Taiwanese people and mainland Chinese - typically, Taiwanese people are extremely loyal to their territory, and therefore even though many of them know Mandarian and Taiwanese, most of them employ Taiwanese. It can be offensive to some Taiwanese to be called “Chinese”, and for some mainland Chinese it can be degrading to be addressed in “Taiwanese.” This because Taiwan (and the UN) recognizes itself as a separate country, while mainlanders see them as a part of China. There is a lot of history and friction involved here, but basically, Chiang Kai Shek’s Nationalist government fled to Taiwan when they were defeated by Mao’s communist regime. Because these two governments were “enemies,” there is still lots of tension between the two “countries.” Therefore, Mark most likely doesn’t speak a lot of Chinese because he’s NOT mainland Chinese. He’s probably more fluent in Taiwanese, which cannot reach as many people in the Chinese market as Mandarin can, and therefore he doesn’t speak it on camera very often. 

We should all appreciate the struggles the boys have faced (even Bambam) in learning a new language & using it to communicate with others. It can be extremely embarrassing speaking a different language simply because you may have an accent or struggle with certain syllables and tones that others laugh at. This is why having an accent is something to be proud of - because someone has worked so hard to learn another language that is not their native one. 

Please, please have empathy not only for the seven boys, but for everyone who speaks a language that is not native to them. Out of respect for GOT7 and the struggles they face, please realize how hard it is for the foreign members to learn to speak with others and how much effort they’ve put to communicate with their fans.

Thank you. 

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Can you make a sequel of the story where beca is taking polaroids of chloe to put it in an album/scrapbook and finally give it to her? :)

The original fic is here 

Chloe had her toes tucked into the space between the headboard and the mattress, her face pressed into the bumps of her knees, and Beca asked what was wrong. 

“D’you think I’m ugly?” 

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