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(Dexydex) tangos crush on Nursey? I need to know more.

This is super vague still and needs to be BEEFED but I’m still stoked on it. Thanks @poindexterpatrol for letting me scream abt this last night n adding some SOLID points (go follow her, the love of my life).

Ok LOOK I have. canonical evidence for this. Basically Tango meets Nursey on the taddy tour and is like “wow ok I’m smitten” (bc it’s Nursey ummm) but he’s super self conscious abt his crush so he just asks questions abt him to everyone and stares longingly, rather than actually talking to him, hence why he’s always shown w Dex n Chowder (my canonical evidence). He hangs out w them and haggles them for info about Nursey. Frankly, it’s embarrassing, but Chowder n Dex love this kid. Anyways. Bitty is the first person Tango comes out to, but Chowder n Dex are the first people he tells abt his crush (everyone kind of…….knew already. except Nursey bc he’s oblivious and too busy staring longingly at Dex so uh) and Tango, like, begs them to help him get a date w Nursey. Chowder, immediately is like “omigod of course!!!11!!1!!1!!” and Dex is like “………ok…………” ummm of course we’ll help you ummmmm but realistically he’s like ‘hm the concept of Nursey dating someone (especially someone ok SMH) makes my stomach churn a lil uncomfortable but I have no idea why I’ll deal w that later it’s probably just indigestion’ ANYWAYS Tango like walks into the Haus one day and Nursey is sitting at the dining room table doing homework or some shit and Tango, actual dweeb of my heart who cannot contain his questions ever, just blurts “HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE W ME SOMETIME?” and Nursey is so floored he kinda just says yes???? Ok so they go out for like food or w/e and Tango is like “ok so this was just a very intense infatuation and I’m not actually into him but I really want to be his friend??” and Nursey is like “awh this guy’s so cute awh” but just in like a friend way. OK SO ANYWAYS PHASE 2 IN WHICH THEY’RE BFFS. Nursey takes Tango to like his dumb artsy fartsy things and poetry readings and Tango accidentally becomes like best friends w all the artsy Samwell kids and they all love him because he’s SO interested in everything and he asks so many questions (and if you’re making ANY form of art and some enthusiastic kid comes by and asks you questions abt your work it just feels so so good,, we art types live4validation). Anyways. Tango starts dating some art kid (bonus points if it’s Foxtrot, the same kid Whiskey has been talking to heyo) and maybe accidentally mentions to Dex that “a lot of Nursey’s poems are about you, I’m pretty sure?? Did you know that, Dex??”

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just want you to know i'm super excited for the soulmate fic!!!!! the marlboro boys were iconic and i would like to thank mitchell for sharing that photo of the four of them on twitter with us #blessed

Thank you!!!! Me and the soulmate fic are very excited for your support. Mostly bc I have no idea where this is going. Right now it’s mostly Mitchell and the Marlboro boys with very little soulmate-ing going on

Also the tweet was a blessing

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How would Rfa/saeran and v react to mc who plays Violin?

hello anon thanks for this request ^^

I don’t play the violin, so I might make some mistakes writing this. 

if you guys play the violin, you guys are freaking awesome *kudos!*

also sorry it took such a long time! ><


- the first time he hears you play is when he reaches home early one day

- he didn’t tell you he’s coming home because he wants to surprise you

- but when he opens the front door, he hears a beautiful melody playing from inside your room

- he immediately picks up the tune because it’s one of the tracks used for his recent play

- he slightly opens the bedroom door and peeks at you playing

- he doesn’t want to interrupt you because he is so mesmerised with the way you play

- he claps proudly as soon as you finish the piece

- he will show the entire world how great you are

- he wants you to perform for every play or musical he is in


- he absolutely loves classical music

- so when he finds out that you can play the violin, he is totally immersed

- he enjoys seeing how graceful you look when you play

- he never gets bored listening to any of the pieces you perform

- sometimes when he’s bored at work, he will call you to request a piece

- he loves you so much he doesn’t want anyone else to hear you play


- he once joined the band club

- but he didn’t last a day because he couldn’t play any instrument

- so when he first watches you play the violin, he gets super excited

- he’s like omg my girlfriend is the best she is so talented I love her so much

- so when you’re not home, he tries to practice the violin because he thinks it’s super cool

- dammit yoosung that was not a good idea

- he accidentally broke a string and now he’s panicking

- rushes to the nearest music store to buy the strings

- manages to replace the strings just before you came back

- of course you notice the strings are different but you didn’t say anything

- you make a mental note to teach him someday

- and maybe you can threaten him with this incident if he doesn’t do the chores again


- she enjoys watching Zen’s performances so much so you decide to play her a song from one of his musicals

- she just stares at you in complete surprise at first

- a wide smile appears on her face and she simply cannot take her eyes off you

- the entire time she’s watching at you in awe and admiration - her eyes were practically gleaming 

- she claps and showers you with compliments as soon as the song ends

- she loves you so much more than Zen


- of course he knows you play the violin

- he had stalked looked through your social media accounts when you first joined the RFA

- but he’ll pretend he doesn’t know anything

- so when one day you wanted to perform for him and he cannot contain his excitement

- of course he prefers watching you live than on his computer screen

- he enjoys it so much he’s changing his phone ringtone to the song you played for him

- he will not stop bragging to the other RFA members and he will annoy the hell out of Saeran rip seven


- he can’t see so of course he prefers something auditory over visual

- like Jumin, he’s an absolute fan of classical music

- so when you decide to play him a famous classical piece, he is so amazed and delighted

- he can feel the passion when you play and he is super impressed at how talented you are

- he feels so blessed to have someone wonderful like you

- he cries when you finished the piece


- tbh the only music he probably listens to is rock, grunge and screamo

- so when he first hears you play the violin he’s like wtf is that music stop playing it

- you almost cried and he hugs you immediately not knowing how to tell you he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

- even though he doesn’t like the songs you play on the violin, he still listens anyway

- he thinks it’s cool you know how to play the violin

- secretly likes the songs you perform after a while but he will never tell you that

- he will hum whenever you are not around

Just what I need, part 8

Harry Styles - 1486 words


“You are taking me what?” I gasp, eyes widened in disbelief as I stare at Harry’s smirk. Only he would come up with a date this insane as this. “Sphereing.”
“Sphereing? Like those giant balls?” I laugh loudly, my flat hand pressed against my stomach as I shake my head at Harry. “You don’t like the idea? I thought we could do that in the afternoon and grab dinner and a movie when evening strikes.” Harry mumbles as his hand awkwardly scratches the back of his neck, eyes cast to the floor warily. “Oh Haz, I didn’t even know you could actually do that here. I thought that was only for children.” I grin, stepping towards him as I gather my hair in a high ponytail. “I thought it would be fun.”

“I’m convinced it will be. Let’s go, shall we?” I let my fingers curl around his wrist before I slide down along his skin to intertwine my fingers with his, giving him a light tug to follow me out our flat’s front door. “Technically I am supposed to like pick you up and stand on the other side of the door with flowers.” Harry smiles as he closes the door, joining me in our walk down to the lift.

“We’re doing everything in the wrong order, Haz. I don’t think it matters anymore.” I smile as I lean against the mirror side of the lift, Harry standing in the middle, his gaze trained on me. He steps closer, his hand cupping my neck and his lips pressing to mine softly. “You’re right. Doesn’t matter.”
I think I might actually faint with the way he has been treating me all day already. My knees feel weak from that kiss of his, heart thumping loudly in my chest as I grant him a goofy smile.


“I think I might actually puke.” I clutch my stomach as I tumble out of the sphere Harry dragged me into, rolling us down the hill at thirty miles per hour. I got a great giggle out of it when Harry shrieked like a girl when we first took off, though. “Oh, Y/n, you’re fine.” Harry grins as his lips press against my hair, his hand slapping my bum briefly before he skips past me. I thank the lady who hands me my belongings back, because I sure wasn’t going to take that overpriced smartphone into that ball of doom and let it bounce around like a child on Christmas day any time soon.

“So, what next? Dinner?” I grin, patting my stomach, which had apparently settled in under thirty seconds after leaving the death trap. Harry just chuckles, throwing his arm around my shoulder and hauls me against his chest. “I told you it was dinner and a movie.”
“I didn’t know you could like, combine that.”

“Well yeah, Genesis Cinema.” Harry grins as he opens the door into the cinema for me, greeting the lady behind the counter with one of his dazzling smiles, which she counteracts with a smile of her own. My arms squeeze around his biceps possessively and I think I hear Harry breathe out a laugh as he guides us to follow lady towards our seats.

“This is great, actually.” I giggle as I let my eyes trail over all the fancy foods listed on the expensive looking menu carte, sneaking glances at Harry when he isn’t looking. “I don’t think I have mentioned how beautiful you look tonight, Y/n.” He smiles sincerely and I roll my eyes excessively at his way too sweet compliment. “I’m literally wearing a pair of old jeans and a shirt, Haz.”
“You manage to look absolutely incredible in everything. But I like you better with your clothes thrown across the room.” His eyes darken and I chuckle, tucking my legs underneath my bum to hide the fact that he could just arouse me with that look and a few suggestive words flung my way.

“Well, you’re well on your way to receive a kiss at my front door, tonight.” I wink as I set my menu down, bringing the glass of red wine to my lips, taking a tentative sip while my eyes keep trained on Harry. “That’s all? I thought I would at least get invited in for coffee.” He huffs, crossing his arms over his chest but the glint of playfulness is still very much so visible within his eyes.

“If you picked a really good movie, and you continue being your charming self, I’m sure I can squeeze in a cup of coffee. But I have a roommate which I don’t want to bother so – “ I continue our banter and Harry laughs loudly, setting his menu down as well, the waitress approaching us almost instantly.
“I’m sure your roommate wouldn’t mind me having a cup with you as long as we keep quiet.”

“I’m not sure I will be able to do that, you know.” I breathe, cursing Harry inwardly for soaking my underwear with his suggestions in under five minutes. “Good, ‘cause I want to hear you scream.”

I cannot contain the gasp that leaves my lips as soon as the words are spoken, causing Harry to burst into hysterics at my inconvenience, but I did see the strain his jeans were giving him as well. He hadn’t only turned me on to the point of insanity, but himself as well. Serves him right.

Our food is set in front of us in a very short amount of time, our laughter and jokes being carried throughout the whole dinner. When I first believed the things I felt for Harry were a mere infatuation, I was now completely and utterly sure I was in love. The butterflies danced around in my stomach every time he smiled, his eyes cast to his plate in a shy manner, fingers twirling his fork around. As soon as our plates are cleared Harry pulls me next to him on the plush sofa’s they provide to watch the movie, his body heat casting off a glow that warms my whole insides.

Harry seems more nervous than he was throughout the whole day, his heart visibly thumping in his chest while he absentmindedly picks up my hand closest to him to fiddle with it.
“What’s troubling you?” I breathe, my eyes trailing from his nose to his chin, back up towards his lips before I rest my head against his shoulder.

“I have to go back to my parents’ for the week. I’m leaving Monday.” Harry breathes out, his hands toying with my fingers of my left hand as we both stare at the twinkly lights of the ceiling. “Oh.” I don’t exactly know what my answer should be, and I settle for the less needy sounding one. This date was going great and I didn’t want him to leave me already. Even if I wasn’t sure where we were going to go with this.

“And uhm –“ Harry starts, his eyes darting towards mine for a split second before they are gazing back up, my interest sparked as I press my lips to his chiseled jaw. “I told you my dad was a great baker, right?” He asks and our eyes meet again, my head slowly nodding along in agreement as he drops my fingers from his hand, only to start fiddling nervously with his own. I turn myself onto my side, my right hand palm resting comfortingly on his chest, which is thumping erratically with his heartbeat hammering against his chest. “Yes, Harry.”

“And I’d take you there one day so you could taste all his creations?” I nod again, wishing he would just continue his fucking sentence instead of taking these breaks in between. He is making me nervous with his attitude. “It isn’t quite showing you the world like I had said before, but I’d like you to come with me. As my girlfriend.” A silence envelopes us. He remembered that someday, I wanted to see the world. And he was nervous as if to I would want to do that with him. As his girlfriend.

When you had told me years and years ago that someday, a guy might ask me a question that would make my heart leap in my chest and at the same time giving me some sort of cardiac arrest, I would’ve laughed in your face and tell you I don’t do love. But right now, with my heart hammering against my chest even harder than his, hands trembling I leap the short distance between us to press my lips hard against his, my eyelids fluttering closed. This is what I needed, my whole life.
“I take that as a yes?” Harry chuckles against my lips and I shut him up by pressing mine back to his, ignoring the beginning credits of the movie as I roll on top of him.


 And that’s the end.

Lots of love,
L. xox

To The Ones Who Are Waiting

I want to encourage my sisters in Christ about trusting God to lead your heart in potential romantic relationships.

No matter your age, no matter your past experiences, no matter where you’ve made mistakes or had your hopes let down; I pray what I have to share speaks to you. If you are single, please listen.

You don’t want to open up your heart to a relationship with a guy based on the fact he gives you attention, he’s interested in you, he notices you, he sees you for who you are, he likes you, he compliments you, he has great character, he has good qualities. You don’t want to choose a guy based on how much you have in common, how attractive he is, how much you admire him, or the way he makes you feel. You don’t want to be in a relationship just because you want one. All those things can be important to you, but you will settle if you choose to be with someone based on those things.

You should be with a man who loves the Lord with all he is, and it’s evident. You want a man who is on fire for the Lord. What do I mean by “on fire”? He is passionately consumed with love for God; you can see his heart burns for Him. His actions and words declare, unashamed, how much God is his life. Not to impress you, not to show off, but only because he cannot contain it. You want a man who is filled with the Spirit of the living God. You want a man who makes his life aim to glorify God.

You could meet the most perfect man, your dream ideal… and if God is not as vital to him as the heart beating inside his chest… I promise you, it’s like polished gold becoming dull iron. (I do not mean that at an insult). It’s like, what is the purpose of having a relationship if you can’t love and glorify God together?

I say this from personal experience. Once I met someone who was practically perfect for me in almost every way possible, who was one of the most wonderful man I’ve ever gotten to know. He was the most quality guy that had ever been interested in me at that point in my life, and a Christian. I could’ve told you an endless list of all the reasons ‘why he was basically perfect for me’ and pretty much everything I wanted in a man. As I got to know him better, I saw a serious possibility of a relationship, but I kept praying that God would give me wisdom and reveal to me if this man was a yes or a no.

I am so thankful I gave it over to God and asked for Him to give me discernment. I am so thankful I didn’t go with it based on all the good things I knew about him, or how he treated me, but instead I surrendered it to God from the beginning. I told God, basically this: if it’s not Him, I don’t want it. I do not want to step for a moment out of His will. I will give up anything He asks, no matter how good it seems, because my life belongs to Him. My heart belongs to Him. And I trust He knows what is best for me.

God answered my prayers. I came to discover and discern he did not have a close, intimate, growing, vibrant relationship with God. It just became evident to me all of the sudden. In that moment, I lost all attraction that had been there. It was like every other reason that I felt attracted to him -and there were LOTS of them- just fell away.

If someone does not share the love of my life -Jesus Christ- he can’t be the love of my life. Because Christ is central to everything I am, everything I do, everything I live and breathe for.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a man who loves God passionately and fully, but I just want you to realize that when it comes down to being with someone, please don’t let other things override this one vital part that you can’t ignore. I know the danger of meeting someone amazing and the drive-you-crazy time where emotions get in the way and can cloud your judgment. And I don’t want you to settle just because you meet a guy who is great or makes you feel special or desires you. I want you to be wise.

Passion without passion for God will turn into a disaster. It will fall apart. If you want to be in a relationship, you should look to God to direct you. In a relationship, you both should share your heart’s greatest passion in life, and it should be Christ. Do not settle out of want. Do not settle out of allure. Be with someone who loves the Lord more than anything.

And listen, I am not saying that every man expresses his passion and love for God in the same way, some people are more reserved or show it differently (that should always be taken into consideration; don’t just write someone off without getting to truly know and see their heart); but you can tell with the light in their eyes is not there when (and sometimes only if) they mention God. And honestly, God will reveal it to you. He will.

I am not trying to make men feel inadequate in their passion or love for God. I hope in fact if any men read this, it will challenge and encourage men to realize that the most attractive and valuable quality they could have is to love the Lord completely, and to be passionate about Him. This is not about raising your hands during worship or even being a big talker. It’s about your heart. It’s about what evidently consumes it and moves it.

When someone’s love for Christ is alive, it spills over into others and it changes everything about how they are, how they live, how they see things. You can’t see the same things the same and be on the same page if your hearts are not in unison; one of you just won’t understand the other. There is a deeper bond in loving God together than any other commonality you might share.

I understand some people are going to scoff at this, criticize it, reject it, or say that is too harsh. It’s not. I would rather be single the rest of my life than be with someone who does not love God with everything in their being. I want someone who is passionate about Christ and will spur me on. I am not setting an impossible standard for men or expecting perfection; I am just making clear it isn’t wise to get into a relationship without the love of God giving life to the heart of the person you are with.

Be with someone who has a love that is alive for God.

tessellations between stars - skyeward

Grant’s never believed in the soulmate system. The entire idea sounds like it belongs in some romance novel, not the world he’s been living in for the past twenty-something years. A mark that appears on one’s skin after bonding with their supposed one? Cut him a break.

When he voices these thoughts, the SHIELD psychiatrist in front of him suggests that his disbelief stems from a lack of such bonding between his parents.

Needless to say, Ward is put on two-week probation for punching a co-worker.

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