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Etrian Odyssey Mobile Game Idea

You have just opened up a new bar where people post messages. Your job is to pick which guilds go on what quests. Consider how far into the labyrinth they are, their level. The more quests you give to guilds, the more powerful they become, letting you issue quests to slay monsters.

Then you’d also have to manage your bar supplies, which are gotten from the labyrinth. Your goal is to make a successful bar, and not get your patrons killed.

Love Letters: Mr. & Mrs. Chilton 11 💞


Dear Freddy,

My darling, wonderful husband. You shouldn’t be surprised, of course I love you dear heart. You are my soulmate, and you make me so happy.

You are more than I could have ever hoped for in a partner, there is no one as special as you. No one who is more loving, more devoted, more right for me. And who is proud of me whatever I do.

Oh sweetheart, I miss you so very much I am trying not to cry. It is so hard to be away from you, even these few days. It is as though a part of me is missing.

I am so glad I will see you again tomorrow evening. I cannot wait to run into your arms, to have you hold me tight. To once again be dizzy from your sweet kisses, your gentle caresses. The way only you look at me, making me feel like a precious gem.

I suppose you are right, but I hate getting so upset. Dear heart I am so blessed to have you to comfort me, when before I had no hand to hold, no sweet voice calming me. I know with you by my side I will be okay, no matter what. My darling prince.

And you know I will always take care of you too sweetheart. You are everything.

I am sure Cheval misses me too, and is making sure you are alright too. She loves us both darling.

I am going to try and sleep, although I am so anxious to see you, my heart can’t seem to slow down. It feels as though it has been months not a week. I ache to be with you again. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

All of my love, J.

Ps: Get ready to be tackled at the airport. I may not be able to contain my excitement. I love you so much Freddy.

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Your lips against mine is the most peaceful thing I have ever encountered. Your hands on my face and back is the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. You make me feel warm. The effect that your touch has on me, is the same effect the sun has on the earth after a hurricane, or a cold night. I will long for your touch every evening, and every day until I’m with you again. That hour cannot come soon enough.
—  E.H

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Can you do part 3 of anakin catching obi wan and reader? But this time they were actually getting it on or already doing it.

A/N: I can just imagine the awkwardness that would come from this. Thanks for requesting! 

Warnings: Slightly NSFW

Prompt: Anakin catches Obi-Wan and the reader again, but this time the situation was a bit more…heated

Part I // Part II

Obi-Wan’s hands were exploring your body, snaking up underneath your shirt to caress the skin beneath. The two of you had finally found the time to be alone - hopefully free of interruption - and were thoroughly enjoying yourselves. 

“Isn’t this nice?” You sighed as you began to kiss him. “I felt like we haven’t been able to do this in ages.”

“Mhmm…” Obi-Wan nodded in agreement as he kissed you back. 

You had your hands wrapped around Obi-Wan’s neck, pulling him closer into you. While kissing him, you began to reach down to untie his pants, to which he did the same for you. 

Before the both of you knew it, you were nearly completely undressed - the only article of clothing still remaining being your tunic. Obi-Wan hovered over you, planting soft kisses all over your exposed skin. 

Suddenly, a voice echoed throughout the room. “Master? Oh, there you are - Oh!” 

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Finally finished my tour costume tonight, ready for Brisbane in three days!!! Most cliche costume ever, but I’ve been so set on this being my tour costume ever since the Shake It Off video was first released.

Taylor, I can’t wait to dance the night away with you on Saturday! My whole year has been leading up to this, I love you so much and can’t wait to see you for 1989!!! You are completely incredible and I can’t wait to see you live for the second time!

I’ll be in section A3, row R, seat 12… Come and say hi if you see me around!

Three days cannot come soon enough, bring on 1989 Brisbane!!!

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Cannot stop watching this. Completely Emo for this tonight. Tears. San Diego cannot come soon enough! I <3 you @theboywasonhisown 💋 Thanks for recording our very first live Brandon Flowers song twogether. 👯 “Come Out With Me” - L.A.

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Hi! I don't know if you got the information about this or posted it online already and I missed it, but did you find out what time the reception for your art exhibition is going to be held? Sorry to be a bother, I just haven't been able to stop thinking about this art exhibition ever since you posted about it last week. May ninth cannot come soon enough!

really??? omg i’m so excited ahhh

and i did find out! you’re not a bother, i should’ve posted the time as soon as i knew. the closing reception is from 7 to 9 on that Friday evening! i can’t wait to see who can make it <333