you cannot beat us

Stop fighting yourself and start fighting for yourself. You are not the enemy.

We are Nintendo. We challenge all players. You cannot beat us.

It’s a blast from the past! These models are recreations from one of the most memorable Nintendo commercials, courtesy of 80s Australia. I know I previously mentioned that I wouldn’t model anything from Gyromite, and I certainly didn’t expect to model anything from Duck Hunt, but I couldn’t resist recreating all of them.

Making these models was a lot of fun. In fact, it was so fun, that I think I’ll permanently switch to using this style for all of my future models. I may even redo all of my old models and toss the old ones. And of course, first up on my to-do list with this new art style is fan-favorite Geno!

By the way, happy April 1st!

anonymous asked:

[pt1] Ok, so about the Yoongi/dead roses/dead leaves thing. listen to the first draft of autumn leaves. You will see that the particular beat is missing. Blackbear is an independent artist who probably bought those same beats from a studio. in the music industry, there are tons of companies that sell sample beats for indie music producers to use. You cannot credit sample beats. You buy them and you can use them as much as you like.

[pt2] If you sample from a song, you have to credit due to copyright. If you buy from a sample beat, you do not need to. For House of Cards, BTS was going to originally use “Je ne regrette rien” by Edith Piaf. They actually credited the producers of that song in the end credits of the prologue. So this just shows that they will credit when credit is due. However, they removed that sample from the later version. So again, Yoongi probably bought those sample beats. You do not need to credit those.


What the f *yay*k….