you cannot argue that statement

Imprint (Ignis x Reader NSFW)

SayaSin serving up more of the goods. Lately I’ve started writing from my phone because I’m a glutton for pain and find it easier to get things put out sooo I expect more to come. Also, why is it so hard to not end up writing a novel?! Whatever. Treats under the cut!  

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Noct’s living room was alive with the sound of laughter and clanking bottles. With the addition of a few Glaives, the boys had decided to have a small get together in honor of his upcoming wedding. It was a hell of a time and you were thrilled to be a part of it. Sharing laughs and jokes, seemingly endless drinks, or at least you would be participating if you weren’t currently pressed bare ass against the washing machine in the Prince’s laundry room.

 "I-Ignis…ah" A quick trip to the kitchen for a refill on drinks had turned into a sultry escapade. You held on for dear life with each thrust he had laid on you. “We don’t have much time before I set off for our journey-” He had hoisted you up on the machine, feverishly kissing at your ear and neck. “Let’s make these last moments count, darling” You were left breathless each time he moved to kiss you. 

The slight embarrassment of cavorting about during such a special time in such close proximity of others was immediately washed away and replaced with excitement the moment his lips grazed your skin. His hands had roamed about your body to lay rest in the most sinful of places before you had given in. Your fingers came to comb through his hair leaving a disheveled mess in its wake as the grip on your ass tightened. Moans of pure satisfaction escaped your lips without a care of who heard. Leaning back against the machines top, your hands holding you up allowed the adviser to plunge deeper.

“Mmph, Iggy please d-don’t stop” Slender fingers came to kneed one of your breast as it bounced violent in succession with his thrusts. “Don’t stop what?” His words were staggered but taunting, enjoying the insatiable view of his lover coming apart at the mercy of his hands. “Don’t stop fucking me!” You were sure someone would hear but the man could only chuckle. He sped up in that moment, relentlessly probing your g-spot now further pushing you toward a much desired release.

 Ignis’s legs shook beneath him signaling his approach. He pulled you close then, his chest flush against yours as it shown through his unbuttoned shirt. He continued to pound your helpless pussy until the machine below you squeaked in protest. He intended to imprint the feel of your body - inside and out - into his mind to take with him until he could see you again. Your walls convulsed and tightened around his cock repeatedly. You could hold it no longer. 

 "Ig-Ignis! I’m gonna cum!“ “That’s right, cum for me y/n!” His hand shot down to your clit, rubbing it vigorously until your cries spilled out into the room unleashing a lot harder than anticipated, the liquid evidence now dripping down the front of the machine. “G-gods!” The man’s face twisted as he unloaded his hot seed within you, painting your walls and leaving your insides feeling warm.

He collapsed against your shoulder, both of you riding out your orgasms with happy sighs. “I’m certainly going to miss this while I’m on the road. What in Shiva’s name have to done to me, y/n” Lifting up, he adjusted his glasses before placing a soft kiss to your lips. “Aside from making you a better man?” He laughed at your cocky attitude, a sound you would never get tired of. “I absolutely cannot argue with that statement my dear" 

 "Should we get back to the party then? I’m sure they’re looking for us” Ignis glanced around the room before a rather wicked smile pulled at his lips “I’d much prefer to create more memories right here in which your participation is required…” His words reignited the fire in your core. You were’t sure what you did to deserve such a wonderful man but you sure as hell weren’t about to protest. You wrapped your arms around his neck with a ginger smile.

 "And that is something I absolutely cannot argue with”