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everyone will tell you junior year is going to be rough and no matter whether you were a slacker or on top of all your classes during the last two years, junior year will be faster and there will be more work to do.  This is a list of things to do and not to do during junior year

  • do NOT slack off on readings in AP classes oriented around textbooks.  your teachers want you to read for a reason.  If you understand a concept fully then skim but if you’re struggling its like that your textbook can help you out a lot.
  • DO ask questions - believe me there are tons of other kids who want to ask the same question as you during class and if no one ends up asking it how will any of you know the answer?  Ask the question - it helps - don’t be scared about being judged because everyone is at school to LEARN
  • DO take a break every now and then - if you work super hard throughout the week leave Friday evening to yourself.  Read a book, take a walk, exercise, hang out with friends just do whatever makes you happy
  • PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE - I cannot stress how important this is for all your classes.  Doing practice FRQ’s or MC or just math problems periodically before a test can be RIDICULOUSLY helpful
  • do NOT procrastinate - this will lead to falling behind which makes it very hard to catch up especially in junior year
  •  DO keep the things in your life that make you happy - don’t feel obliged to keep things out of guilt - if it isn’t working out anymore just slowly distance yourself
  • DO read!! Reading is so important + broadens your writing abilities + increases reading speed and comprehension for standardized tests
  • DO get into the habit of drinking teas instead of coffees - they’re so much better for you!!
  • DO stay healthy - this is so important and I mean staying healthy in all ways.  Eat well, sleep enough and drink plenty of water!!
  • DO know that it’s not a competition - there will always be someone one step ahead of you and that’s okay.  The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.
  • DO create smart goals and use them as inspiration to push yourself to do the best you possibly can
  • do NOT let one bad grade frustrate you or demotivate you - school is a learning process.  Realize your mistakes, pick yourself up and do better next time.
  • DO realize when you’re overworking yourself - we are not superheroes.  we’d like to be able to work for 15 hours straight but that is slightly impractical for some of us and that’s not a bad thing.  take breaks when you need to - you know yourself better than anyone else

If you found these tips helpful let me know and I’ll make a part 2!!

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Whoa ! Fresh meat ?! *Hum Hum* I mean, nice tumblr you have here, i'm sure it'll drown in requests in no time ! I almost forgot my HC, got distracted by the sparkles... Anyway, how about this Headcanon : RFA react to MC being a popular Youtuber that covers songs, makes hilarious parodies, gaming and silly vines ? I always need an MC with humour so I can relate, lol ! Don't push yourself if you don't feel it. I may or may not comeback, who knows ? *wink* *wink*

Aww, thank you! I’m blushing. (Aren’t the sparkles great????) lolol These ones were fun to write, thanks for sending this! ^^ I hope you enjoy them!


  • He’s so excited
  • He doesn’t know much about online videos but
  • You’re in entertainment too!
  • He immediately becomes your biggest fan
  • He likes watching your videos (mostly because he likes watching you)
  • But he definitely laughs at all of your jokes
  • He probably definitely insists on singing sweet couples duets with you. Or you can sing and he’ll accompany you on the piano. He just really wants to make music with you.
  • You guys do all those couples challenges too
  • Imagine the do your boyfriend’s makeup challenge with Zen
  • You’re both just so likeable that a large chunk of your fanbases kinda merge into one huge fanbase
  • You guys become a super celebrity power duo and everyone either loves you, hates you, wants to be you, or all of the above
  • You buy each other your own fan t-shirts (he has one with your catchphrase and logo on it and you have one with his face)
  • Wednesday night date nights are a thing. You two curl up on the couch together and watch his movies and your videos


  • He doesn’t realize who you are until he sees you at the party
  • The moment he sets eyes on you he freezes
  • He knows you
  • Obviously he knows you
  • EVERYONE knows you Yoosung you’re exaggerating
  • How could he not have put it together before?
  • He even knew your real name because you mentioned it in one of your videos once
  • But he didn’t realize you were that MC you should have told him!
  • He’s so embarrassed
  • You are his favourite gaming channel
  • And not just because you’re the cutest prettiest girl he’s ever seen you’re so funny and smart and sweet and oh my god he can’t believe he’s talking to you he can’t believe he’s dating you
  • Ohmygod he has have a celebrity crush on his girlfriend
  • You laugh as he rants about how great you are and basically fanboys over you
  • Honestly you’re a little worried he’s going to start looking at or treating you differently because you’re famous but it actually has the opposite effect?
  • Yoosung is familiar with you so he’s not as nervous as he was at first?
  • He’ll definitely support you in every way he can
  • And if you ask him to be in a gaming video with you he’ll gladly do it
  • In fact he’ll probably suggest it
  • He wants to prove to his LOLOL guildmates that he’s not lying about dating you


  • Aside from that one time Jumin sent an email announcement to everyone in the company with a cat video he thought everyone HAD to see
  • Thank Seven for that one
  • Jaehee doesn’t have much experience with the world of internet videos
  • They aren’t really her style tbh
  • And she’s so busy with work she wouldn’t have time to watch them even if they were
  • But she watches them anyways because has loves you
  • She really likes your song covers
  • But strangely enough, the ones she finds herself watching most are your gaming videos
  • She likes opening them in the background and then letting them play as she does her work
  • Your voice and some of your comments (because you are pretty funny) make her smile and keep her stress levels low
  • And it’s not something like Zen’s musicals where she’s so interested that it distracts her from her work so it’s actually perfect
  • You’ll come home to see her sitting at her desk with her headphones in typing away and occasionally giggling and smiling
  • She also buys a ton of your merch
  • You tell her you could just get some for her for free, or at least discounted, but she refuses because that’s how Jaehee shows her support and love
  • She always comments on your videos too it’s super cute
  • Jaehee is the most supportive girlfriend ever okay


  • You get to be the lucky person to introduce Jumin to YouTube and vine
  • The only things he knows are the cat videos Seven occasionally sends him
  • So you introduce him to your parodies and vines
  • And he looks pretty impassive as he’s watching them
  • But when they’re done he turns to you and calmly informs you
  • That he would like to take part in it.
  • “You… what?”
  • “I want to make a video too.”
  • Jumin Han wants to make a comedy video. Jumin Han wants to make a vine.
  • And he does, with your help
  • His humour is so not funny that it’s hilarious
  • All your followers love him and demand more
  • Jaehee has a heart attack when she finds out because Mr. Han you have a reputation you can’t do things like this
  • But C&R has actually been getting more business since you uploaded his video???
  • Turns out being in your videos is kind of free advertising for the company
  • He doesn’t have time to do them often but he does end up with his own little series of videos on your channel
  • You call it “Does Jumin Han is on Youtube”


  • He might have seen you in passing, you look kinda familiar maybe? He hasn’t seen your videos though he’s been so busy working lately
  • But he finds your channel when he first looks you up
  • He watches a couple of your videos for research reasons obviously
  • And he can’t remember the last time he felt so… good?
  • Just like talking to you and messing around in the messenger, watching your videos brightens his day
  • Your videos become stress relief for him
  • His code’s not working? He’ll go and watch some of your funny videos and then come back happy and refreshed.
  • Can’t sleep? Feeling restless? Throw on MC’s videos.
  • Can’t stop thinking about you and desperately wants to hear your voice but he’s already called you six times today? Throw on MC’s videos.
  • Trying to ignore the way his heart races and his chest tightens whenever he talks to you? Throw on MC’s videos and try to convince himself that
  • it’s just because you make him happy.
  • It’s nothing deep like love. You’re just fun to watch, that’s all.
  • He doesn’t have feelings for you, you’re just a fun person with a nice voice and a sweet smile and a beautiful laugh
  • (and oh god he wants to be the one making you laugh, the thought just makes him feel so good)
  • But that’s normal. Right?
  • Anyone would feel this way around someone as great as you, it’s must just be the effect you have on people
  • That’s all.
  • He’s majorly stressed while at your apartment because his newest stress coping technique is watching your videos but you’re right there so he can’t
  • When he ignores you and puts his headphones on, you swear you can faintly hear your cover of “” did he download your song covers???
  • (Yes. Yes he did. All of them.)
  • When everything is over and you go back to making videos he’ll help you in any way he can
  • Do you want to be more popular? He can do that. He’ll do what he did for Zen and force your videos on the world. But he won’t if you don’t want him to.
  • He would love to appear in your videos with you but it’s too dangerous. Appearing in popular Youtube videos is not how one stays hidden and he can’t risk anyone at the agency, or his father, finding him.
  • Then you have a brilliant idea
  • He he can be in your videos… in disguise
  • The moment you suggest it he’s already halfway into his maid dress is2g
  • He’s excited
  • He gets to be in funny videos with you AND wear pretty dresses so it’s win-win in his mind
  • It’s become a game. How long before people realize that all the girls you’ve brought on the show with you are actually all the same person.
  • And a guy.
  • You two almost die when Zen asks you to set him up with the pretty blonde in your latest video


  • V loves them
  • He can’t see very well
  • But he loves hearing you talk
  • And now you’re telling him there’s a whole Youtube channel filled with endless videos of you talking? And singing?
  • Of course he loves it
  • And you love the soft smile on his lips whenever he watches- well, listens to one of your videos
  • And he laughs and oh my god
  • The voice of angels couldn’t compare to this man’s laugh
  • It’s so gentle and pure
  • You mention him in your videos sometimes just so you can see his eyes light up and his slightly embarrassed smile when he hears
  • You dedicate particularly sweet and romantic song covers to him
  • He cries
  • He might appear in a video or two because he loves you and can’t say no to you
  • He prefers to operates the video camera though. Because it’s a simple task and it’s the closest he can get to real photography lately


  • Saeran has never seen a Youtube video in his life
  • And explaining what you do to someone who knows nothing of parodies or memes or gaming
  • Well, it’s easier to just show him
  • He watches the first video in complete silence
  • You’re watching him closely for any sign of reaction but he’s pretty blank
  • Eventually he turns to you and sighs oh my god does that mean he hates it
  • “I can’t focus with you staring at me like that!”
  • He makes you leave him alone while he finishes watching
  • At first you don’t think he likes them because he doesn’t really say anything
  • But he keeps watching them?
  • He spends the rest of the day working through playlists of your videos
  • Just staring at them intently
  • If you happen to be in the room without him noticing you see that smirks at certain comments, or lets out a soft huff of breath that you think is his equivalent to laughing
  • He even chuckles at them sometimes. Mostly when he thinks you’re out of earshot.
  • And one time you did hear him actually burst into laughter
  • When you peeked around the corner to investigate you just saw a red faced Saeran sitting on the couch with his hand flying to cover his mouth
  • When was the last time he laughed though? It feels so weird. Has he ever laughed like that before? He can’t remember.
  • He watches all of your videos.
  • All of them.
  • That’s… a lot of videos.
  • Like, you’ve had this channel for years and you upload pretty regularly.
  • So like. A LOT.
  • When he’s done he comes up to you and in his mutter-y tsundere voice (the one that sounds grumpy but is actually just his way of hiding when he’s shy) he asks you when your next video is coming out.
  • He stays away from you while you’re recording videos so he can cuddle sit with you on the couch and watch them when you post them.


  • Vanderwood is dating a celebrity
  • Vanderwood can’t date a celebrity
  • I mean you have like thousands of followers
  • “2.1 Million,” you correct them
  • 2.1 million followers (?!?!?!?!?!?)
  • And they’re just
  • Some nobody that doesn’t even really exist?
  • They watch your videos when you tell them about it
  • And they’re pretty good at keeping a straight face
  • I mean they dealt with Zero Seven for years they’re pretty much immune to jokes at this point
  • But the more they watch the harder it gets for them to not get drawn in and grin and laugh at your videos
  • They would definitely not appear in any videos though
  • Vanderwood isn’t comfortable with cameras or publicity
  • Maybe someday
  • Until then they’ll help you with video editing and stuff, since they’re pretty good at computers and they do want to help and be part of it 
  • You credit them as your editor and thank them at the end of every video and it’s honestly the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for them?? 

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Hi! It's December 2016 and in February 2017 I have pre-mocks followed by finals in May 2017. The life of an IB student is pretty hard. We just had our pre-mocks last month and I performed horribly! What advice would you give in terms of studying? I'm trying out all these techniques but I don't think they're helping. HELP!

Hi! I’m really sorry to hear that you didn’t do as good as you’d wish and are having trouble with studying :( 

Here are some tips that have helped me during some low productivity times:

1. Find a tidy, comfortable and distraction-free study space

  • probably a library is the best choice if you’re struggling with studying, evaryone is studying so you have no choice here ;)
  • try listening to music while you study, there are plenty of concentration playlists on Spotify or YouTube 

2. Plan your time in advance

  • create a weekly planner and write down all the tasks you want to accomplish for each day, you can stick it on the wall so that you can see it whenever you’re at your desk 
  • break your tasks into smaller chunks, that way you won’t feel owerwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you
  • try setting time goals for your study sessions- for example set a timer for 30 minutes and during that time focus on one task only 

3. Quiz yourself 

  • make flashcards and go through them whenever you can
  • do all of the past papers! ALL OF THEM!
  • you can get a friend to ask you questions, later you can quiz them too ;) It’s a wonderfull way of memorizing information!

4. Rest when you need to

  • it’s really important to take breaks from studying, don’t push yourself too much when you see that it isn’t working, even when you had a revision scheduled
  • make sure you spend your breaks away from your study area to get it completely off you mind
  • as a passionate runner I always tell people that going for a run is always the best idea to spend a study break :)

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for support

  • if there’s anything particular that you’re having trouble with go ahead and ask a teacher/tutor/friend for help with that topic, sometimes getting stuck on one problem is what’s keeping us from doing all of the work

6. Always remember why you’re doing this, what you want to achieve and how great it feels to succeed!

I hope this helps you a little and good luck on your exams!


The Rory Gilmore Challenge 

hello friends! 

as i watched gilmore girls, i once again realized how incredibly perfect rory is and how badly i would like to be her! she is my ultimate inspiration and role model. 

that’s why i came up with the idea of this ‘callenge’. I’m going to start being the most accurate version of rory for a week and try to slowly get in the habit of some activities and personal caractaristcs that she is totally rocking. (i also added some stuff in which i want to improve, which are not necessarily rory’s features) 

i’d love for you to join this challenge! if you want to, you can show your progress with the hashtag #rorygilmorechallenge! :-)

i hope this post isn’t too weird and i hope nobody did this challenge before. 

  • i will start with a week (you can go longer or shorter)
  • you should try to be the best rory you can be
  • here is what i think is important to do/be:
  • always be nice
  • read everyday
  • study everyday
  • clean up every other day (like sweeping the floors ect.)
  • try to learn something new
  • practise your handwriting
  • look up your dream college 
  • read through class descriptions
  • watch some movies/videos about your interest (i really love jane and jady’s video’s since they’re in med school)
  • watch/read the news everyday!!
  • plan out everything
  • start buying back to school stuff
  • take a walk every day
  • drink some coffee (or tea, as you like)
  • make yourself a motivational wall
  • drink!!! enough!!! water!!!
  • stick to your morning and night routine!
  • always help out if you can
  • do your work as soon as you get it
  • do little self-care things every day 
  • smile!
  • take a break

feel welcome to add your personal improvement goals!


Response to the @themonsteroffice prompt. It was supposed to be Harvey’s average workday, but I wanted to do something with the people in the IT department too!

Harvey spends his day with fellow monsters in the IT department and their meetings are the best time for him to play catch-up on how things are run at the office. He’s still getting the hang of things.

Z belongs to @5targuitar, Isaac belongs to @drcinder, Chirp belongs to @punisher-pumice, Memphis belongs to @anonormous and Titch belongs to @candos. Thank you everyone for letting me include them!

fic: slow and steady, part 1/3

Ten/Rose. This is a very, very belated birthday fic for the wonderful thebadddestwolf. Sorry it’s so late!!

“Ouch,” grumbled the Doctor, as he straightened his posture. His hand moved to his lower back and he groaned a little.

Rose swallowed the bit of toast she was chewing and asked, “You all right?”

He’d been bending down to fetch something out of a cupboard in the galley when he’d felt the twinge. “Yeah. Just…” He rubbed at his back. “I dunno. My back’s killing me.”

“I can help you with that, if you want,” Rose offered casually, taking a sip of her tea.

His eyes widened. “I’m sorry?”

“Mum said I was really good at giving back massages. Even tried to get me to go on a course for it, and all that. Too expensive though. Still, luckily Keisha’s aunt was a trained masseuse, so she taught me some stuff for free.” She placed her mug on the table and stood up, walking over to him. “I’ll give you a demo, turn around.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I’ll be fine.” He cleared his throat. “Thank you, though.”

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Hey to all my followers and Tumblrites…

You may have noticed  I’ve been off Tumblr for a little while. I’m profusely sorry about it and miss all of you and I cant really get into the details of why just now but I needed to be here today….

I don’t know all the details and I haven’t spoken in person to many of the parties but no matter what, I NEED everyone in the fandom to know this:

Snafu wasn’t my very first friend on here… but certainly one of the people who inspired me to get a Tumblr account myself, and I am super lucky that we ended up becoming friends because she is honestly one of the sweetest and most caring people in my life, period. She was there for me when I was basically trampled by someone on here last year, and the aftermath of that…. She’s a fierce protector of her friends and those she cares about, and I can honestly say this: finding that particular quality in a human being is not something I’ve encountered often in my lifetime, and it’s something that I admire greatly in her.

As an outside viewer I know I don’t have all the facts, but from what I’ve read this started as a misunderstanding and has escalated into something very toxic for everyone…..and as someone who has also had their own work and concepts stolen and who has had to deal with a lifetime worth of being bullied,

I’m imploring everyone to please please PLEASE
be supportive if you can
whats happened has happened, Give people time to sort out feelings and thoughts, and remember that we the outside parties don’t all have all the info. I certainly don’t, and I know many of us feel like we want to help but our hands are tied….

Please be kind