you can't understand my crush for this man


My head hurts, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, every single part of my body hurts. I open my eyes and It hurts to. I wake up in a white bedroom, whats happening? The last thing I remember is going in my car and suddenly everything turned black.
‘Y/N, you finally wake up’ a man says, probably a doctor
'What happened?’ I immediately ask
'You had a car crush, but don’t worry. Everything’s okey. I’m gonna call your parents’ he says and leaves the room. After some minutes you hear a familary voice coming from the hallway
'Please let me in, I need to see her’
'You can’t, only family’ the doctor replies
'You don’t understand, I’m her … ehm … cousin’ my cousin? I don’t have an cousings at town. Seconds later the doctor appears with Scott, my best friend; he seems pretty nervous
'Is this your cousin?’ he asks
'Ehmm … yeah, totally. My cousin Steve’ I lied
'Ok, I’m gonna leave you alone guys’ then he leaves
'My cousing? Seriously?’ you laugh
'I was under presion. How do you feel?’
'I’ve been better, but at least I’m alive’
'Yeah, when you parents called me to tell me what happened I literally went out of my mind, Y/N’ he says taking my hand, I can feel a thousands butterflys in my stomach
'Really?’ I can’t believe it
'Really’ he says smiling and looking into your eyes.
'Sorry for interrupting guys’ your mother suddenly appears
'Dont worry, I was leaving’ he stunds up and befor leaving, gives you a kiss in the forehead.

Requested ↴

Anon: OMG, I love your blog! I was wondering … could you do one where you are at the hospital in coma (you can invent why) and Scott visits you when you wake up? You can do the rest if you want. Again, love your blog!!!

You cand send me your requests HERE