you can't trust the media on this one

Obviously this is an oversimplified cartoon, but let me preemptively handle some points.

  • Hamas fires rockets out of population hubs like schools, apartments, and hospitals.
  • Hamas also often keeps families inside the launch sights under the idea that to die and make Israel look bad is honorable.
  • Israel airdrops leaflets near the discovered launch sights warning everyone to evacuate before they take out the building. They also send a dud shell on top of the building about a minute before the rest of the shells so that people know which building and have time to get out.
  • Because so many Palestinians are determined to die to stain Israel, they stay in the buildings anyway.
  • This is what gets the media attention.
  • This is what allows Hamas to paint themselves as “Freedom Fighters” while they sacrifice their own people.
  • Kunikida: so what do you think? I can't really trust Edogawa with this.. he says poetry died along with print media..
  • Junichiro: Well it is very.. specific.. this whale is you and this dolphin is Dazai, yes?
  • Kunikida: What? no, it's just random y'know? Metaphor.. it's a metaphor..
  • Junichiro: because it gets very graphic..
  • Kunikida: it's poetry.. it's metaphorical..
  • Edogawa: More like meta-HORRIBLE

anonymous asked:

Your proofs based on Anons and people you don't know? i mean you can't blame us for not believing what u think but i agree people should stop talking shits on ur inbox

actually no they’re from people i do know and trust and who work in the industry, the media, live around the areas they do, mix with similar groups of people, have mutual friends etc etc… 

urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so tired… like every time a larrie says something it’s like they need to fucking prove the world is round all over again!! i dont careeeeeeeeeeeeeee if no one wants to believe shit we say… i dont care if you dont WANT to believe it… thats your fucking choice. but im over people telling me im wrong when in fact im 100% right… this happens every single time and im so over people hurling insults (not you specifically) at larries for knowing someone who works in PR or who has a cousin who is friends with the boys… like WE ALL FUCKING TALK TO EACH OTHER WE ALL KNOW THE SAME SHIT WE DONT JUST PULL SHIT OUT OUR ASSES AND THEN RANDOMLY RUN WITH IT BEFORE WE TRIPLE CHECK WHERE THE INFO COMES FROM TO BEGIN WITH… anyway. larries dont need to prove shit to anyone because we arent here for that.. if you dont wanna accept the truth and trust and believe what we know then fine, you do you, but fuck off out of my inbox and telling me im wrong when im fucking not wrong because i hear and see shit with my own eyes.. it’s fucking insulting is what it is.