you can't tell me that sam and cat didn't have anything to do with it

5x10 reaction fic. klaine complaining to each other over skype about the insanity and stupidity going on around them

’ - and I’m telling you, Kurt, it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen!’ Blaine rambles, face filled with disgust and no small amount of trauma. Kurt clicks his tongue sympathetically, wincing at the camera as he begins to change out of his NYADA outfit. ‘It was just so – so…’ Blaine trails off, apparently desperately searching for a word to describe his traumatic experience.

'Hetero?’ Kurt suggests, raising an eyebrow when Blaine nods vigorously. It’s an effort to hide his smile as he slips on his shirt and begins to button it up.

'You didn’t see it, though. There was so much face suckage, and – and boobs and groping…’ Blaine trails off and gives a full body shudder, closing his eyes for a moment. 'Like, I thought that night would be about the three of us, not me walking in on some – some boobfest.’

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