you can't tell from the pictures

Don't even try to tell me they wouldn't do shit like this
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Victor:</b> *Over the phone* YUURI, OHMAHGAWD YUURI I NEED YOU TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> *Anxiety riddled mind pictures blood. From where, he doesn't know, but there's a LOT* OH GOD WHY, WHAT HAPPENED?<p/><b>Victor:</b> I LEFT THE BACK DOOR OPEN AND THERE IS A /FOX/ GIVING BIRTH IN THE LIVING ROOM.<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Victor, what the fuck.<p/><b>Victor:</b> EVERY TIME I TRY TO MOVE IT OUTSIDE MAKKA GROWLS AT ME, THEY'RE FRIENDS NOW, I CAN'T JUST PUT HIS FRIEND OUT IN THE COLD, YUURI.<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Not only did you let a fucking pregnant fox into our living room, you managed to get attached?<p/><b>Victor:</b> I called for help, Yuuri, I could've tried to hide her.<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> *Deep sigh* Well, show Makka you mean no harm, put some water down for her, I'll be home in a bit.<p/><b></b> .<p/><b></b> *Many hours And 5 baby Fennec Foxes later*<p/><b>Victor:</b> MAKKA LOVES THEM OMG<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> We can't keep 6 new pets to cater to Makka's nurturing needs, Victor.<p/><b>Victor:</b> *Pulling Yuuri's chin to see Makka curled around all five pups while the mama rests her head on Makka's.* You wanna break up Makka's new wife and their babies?<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> *Cringing* That isn't fair!<p/><b></b> .<p/><b></b> That's how they got 6 new Fennec Foxes.<p/></p><p/></p>
Want a cosplay? Can't afford it? Don't have the skills?





You’re sitting there on your laptop, looking at all these amazing cosplays–look at the detail! Look how expensive it must all be!! That could never be you… or could it?

That’s where I come in, your friendly neighbourhood fairy cos-father!!

All I need from you is:

The costume you want: Tell me the name of the character, from what fandom, and if applicable, which specific outfit! Sending your favourite reference pictures (even of other cosplays) is encouraged!!

ALL your measurements: And I mean all!! I’ll need circumference of head, circumference of neck, width of shoulders, circumference of bicep and wrist, length of arm, length of leg, bust, waist, hip, thigh circumference, calf circumference, ankle circumference, overall height, and shoe size! The more measurements I have, the better your cosplay will be!!

A list of any materials you want used: If there’s one part of the costume you KNOW you want to be silk, or PVC, or chiffon, or unicorn hair, or anything–tell me!! Get specific!

A way to reliably contact you: Snapchat, Skype, tumblr IM, text, carrier pigeon, just make sure you’ll check it often!!

An address to ship the costume to: Whether it’s a P.O. box or a cruise ship, if you can get to it, I’ll ship to it!



People in not-so-good financial situations should still be able to have fun and dress up!! If you can only pay me 10 dollars a month, then let’s do it until we reach the (ALWAYS affordable and adjusted to your income) total price!! OR, maybe you have things you want to TRADE!! Got some cool stuff you never use, that I may be interested in?? SHIP IT MY WAY, WE’LL CALL IT SQUARE!!


SNAPCHAT me at: kit.oliver or SKYPE me at: kitkatcandyboy to get YOUR costume started NOW!!

“This bathroom ain’t big enough for the two of us, Strider” 

“Oh my god, Hal, can you go find your own bathroom-” 

“Nope, you’re just gonna be stuck dyeing with me-”


College roommate AU where Hal is the annoying room mate that just won’t leave Dirk Alone


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But what about the ones that already exist? Can't we do anything for them, as it's not their fault that breeders are doing this for money only?

Its much more bigger picture than that. As I said earlier, if the animal is from a legitimate rescue or private owner that doesnt breed, its absolutely fine to adopt the animal. However, also as described in the first ask, if you are buying them from breeders and pet shops you are literally part of the problem because youre telling people with your money that is 100% ok to breed these animals.

It’s not about saving one animal’s life at this point (although it is important to do that when you can), it’s about preventing any other spider morphs/ other problem morphs from being bred. Purchasing a spider morph from a breeder or store is irresponsible and selfish. Purchasing an animal, no matter how poor their condition is, is still a PURCHASE, not a rescue. Its all down to basic economics- supply and demand. Money speaks louder than words. By handing over your money to someone you are saying- whether you intend to or not- “hey this is okay because i give you money” and they will say “since this got me money, i will make more available for sale.” So the more you buy, the greater the feedback loop becomes.

Coincidentally, this is why you should NEVER purchase animals from petsmart/co/land. Its not a rescue- no matter how much you tell people it’s a rescue- if you give them money it is a purchase because you put another poor animal in the same crappy conditions as the first one you bought. They will only replace animals they are selling, not fix what they are doing. If we boycott poor husbandry and breeding then that sends a stronger message.

And for those of you that argue that animal rescues also require adoption fees- thats entirely different. Adoption fees go back towards taking care of other abandoned pets, where as the money you give to a breeder or store goes into the owner’s pockets.

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Hello! I'm thinking of buying either the yoi fanbook or guidebook (because i don't have enough money to buy both of them lol) but I can't decide which on to buy. Can you tell me the difference between the two? thank you XDD

Hello! Just recently both publishers posted pictures of the index… which is currently the only thing we have to judge, lol. The guidebook has definitely more content regarding figure skating, while the fanbook might have more illustrations (though most are probably reprints from previous magazines) so it really depends on what you want to see.. Since these books are not magazines I think they will be available for purchase for a while, so you might also wait until next week to see people’s reviews.

In the meantime, these are the indexes:

[Guidebook YURI!!! on Life]

-Skaters File (complete analysis of the 14 skaters): Yuuri, Victor, Yuri, JJ, Otabek, Chris, Phichit, Georgi, Guang-Hong, Leo, Michele, Emil, Seung-gil, Minami, Yuuri’s acquaintances, Yurio’s acquaintances, coaches of the world

-Memory of the Special Season (memories of the season seen through reports of the tournaments): last season in general / Onsen on ICE / start of the season (spring-summer) / Chu-shikoku-kyushu tournament / GP Cup of China / GP Rostelecom Cup / GP in general / GPF

-Yuri on Ice seen by real skaters:
Takeshi Honda, Takahiko Kozuka, Evgenia Medvedeva, Stéphane Lambiel & Deniss Vasiljevs, Ryuju Hino, Akiko Suzuki, Satsuki Muramoto, Kazuki Tomono, Koshiro Shimada
-Column: basic skating terms / visit to the Ice Castle Hasetsu rink

-Making of “Yuri on Ice”:
Interview: Sayo Yamamoto, Mitsurou Kubo, cast piroshiki roundtable (Toyonaga x Suwabe x Uchiyama), skaters’ cast comment
Feature: Making of the skating scenes
Staff Interview: Eiji Abiko + Junpei Tatenaka (skating animation), Kenji Miyamoto (choreography), Honoka Kawanishi (motion skater), Hanae Yokoya (supervision), Keisuke Tominaga + Taku Matsushiba + Tarou Umebayashi (music), Dean Fujioka (opening theme), Yuuko Sagiri (costume), Youji Shimizu (audiography), Toshiharu Mizutani (art), Tadashi Hiramatsu (character design)

-Special dialogue:
Sayo Yamamoto x Mitsurou Kubo 15000 characters crosstalk

[GO YURI GO!! Fanbook]

-Illustration gallery

Yuuri, Victor, Yuri, Phichit, Chris, JJ, Otabek, Seung-gil, Michele, Emil, Georgi, Guang-Hong, Leo, Minami, others


Yuuri & Yuri (Toyonaga & Uchiyama), Victor (Suwabe), Phichit (Kenshou Ono), Chris (Yasumoto), JJ (Miyano), cast comment, recording report, director Sayo Yamamoto, original plan Sayo Yamamoto & Mitsurou Kubo, character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu, sound director Youji Shimizu, color designer Izumi Hirose, music producer Keisuke Tominaga, figure skating choreography Kenji Miyamoto

-Art settings world tour

-Prop settings

-Location trip

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Imagine: You're sitting in your room with your little boy on your lap, combing his hair, whilst looking at the mirror in front of you. Every-time the comb goes through his hair, he giggles telling you "that tickles, mommy!", and you can't help but tickle his sides and blow a raspberry on his cheek; Bucky watches from the door. When you calm down, he looks up to you and smiles before pointing at a picture frame that sits on the dresser asking "why don't you do this to daddy too?" Bucky snorts.

oh my goodness, this is so cute ugh!

Daddy Wednesday™

Some Domestic!Enjoltaire headcanons cause I’m a gross domestic mess.

  • Grantaire and Enjolras are both terrible at cooking. Their kitchen has one fork. Grantaire’s too lazy and Enjolras is too busy to go utensil shopping so they either get takeout they can eat with their hands/that comes with disposable cutlery or they share a fork.
  • Surprisingly they’ve never argued over said fork. But Enjolras will occasionally make an adorable whining noise if Grantaire is hogging it for too long. Grantaire sometimes deliberately holds onto it so Enjolras will make the noise.
  • Whilst terrible at cooking they surprisingly are both avid bakers. Enjolras stress bakes cupcakes, pies, cakes, pastries- you name it and Grantaire lavishly decorates them with icing and marzipan whilst Enjolras wraps his arms around his waist
  • Their favourite spot in the house is their couch, It’s a tiny two seater which means if they want to lie down and watch a movie they have to snuggle extra close. Combeferre once suggested they buy a bigger couch and they both gasped as though he had offended them
  • They can’t go two minutes without grabbing each other. It’s like they’re touch starved or something. Grantaire will be painting on their balcony and Enjolras will wander out like a lost puppy and rest his chin on his shoulder.
  • Similarly, if Enjolras is working in his home office, Grantaire will sit next to him and play with his hair or try to distract him. It’s a wonder how either of them get anything done.
  • Their bed is never made, and they’re favourite time of the night is when they’re balancing on the edge of consciousness and asleep, they’re wrapped around each other, they’re warm, they’re safe, they’re happy.

Delena + their baby pictures

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You can't tell me that Red Hood doesn't see Nightwing occasionally just to chill. You can't tell me that Red Hood occasionally watches over Red Robin and Robin from a distance while on patrol. You can't tell me that Red Hood doesn't trade funny pictures online with Oracle just cause he thought she'd like it. You can't tell me that he doesn't pop by the manor sometimes just to have tea with Alfred and many talk, or not if he doesn't want to cause Alfred is awesome like that. (1/2)


The Daily Mail Has Written RPF

Attention all Shipmates! 

Forgive us if you will. We have a rule aboard the ship that RPF is banned from coming aboard (we might be trash, but we have standards…some), however, in light of recent events, we’ve been made aware that The Daily Mail has written RPF (not really RPF if it really happened, right?) about our Captains, and we felt the need to share it with you all. It tells a nice story about our Captains and even comes complete with pictures… How nice of the Daily Mail to introduce their work into the fandom.  

Her character DSI Stella Gibson often goes for a dip in the pool when she is feeling stressed.

And Gillian Anderson looked very relaxed as she swam in the Mediterranean sea on a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend Peter Morgan in Portofino, Italy.

The star of The Fall, 48, showed off her washboard abs in the olive green and pink swimwear as she enjoyed the balmy climes of the Italian Riviera.  

Her bottoms had a similar cut and were tied together at the sides by matching lengths of pink string as she watched the world go by on her romantic boat trip.

The actress took a dip in the sea with her boyfriend Peter Morgan and sat cross-legged on the side of the boat as they took in the picturesque views

The X-Files star also caught the rays as she enjoyed a boat trip with her beau. The blonde beauty protected herself from the sun with a floppy straw hat and circular sunglasses. The couple perched on the very edge of the boat and chatted as they took in their picturesque surroundings in the north of Italy.

Gillian entered the water in a graceful arc as she took part in her character Stella Gibson’s favourite hobby. 

Gillian’s boyfriend Peter sat in the front seat of the boat as the actress peered at her phone and lounged on a beach towel. Gillian cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter watched on.  

The couple later sat in the main body of the boat and relaxed on top of deep blue beach towels and cushions. When she got on and left the boat, Gillian covered her bikini with a stylish striped halter dress. The simple blue dress brushed the actress’s knees and proved easy to take off when she got ready for her swim. Gillian, who was taking some much needed time out from her hectic schedule, cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter sat on the edge of their boat.

Gillian enjoyed the company of her playwright boyfriend as they sat on a boat by the Portofino cliff face. The couple watched a group of swimmers pass by as they were taken on a boat trip on the Italian Riviera. Gillian leaned back to take a photograph of the view from the boat as the pair laughed and joked on holiday.

The contented couple stretched out as they took a romantic boat trip to see Christ of the Abyss, a statue of Jesus which is found underwater.

As the couple mounted the steps to a restaurant, Gillian stopped to take a picture of writer Peter.

After their boat trip, the pair ate lunch at a restaurant on the cliff face, which looked out towards the sea.

The pair sat and ate lunch as the actress’s wet hair dried after her dip in the Mediterranean sea. Gillian smiled at Peter as the pair chatted among bunches of flowers as they waited for their food. The playwright and creator of The Crown strained as he captured the perfect shot of Gillian enjoying her meal.

The End

Thank you for your submission Daily Mail. We think the quality of the writing will get better the more you write, so just keep writing. We are here for you, Daily Mail…all writers improve eventually. We suggest watching the Captain’s Masters Class on Screenwriting if you need any additional tips. 

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Hello. I have a question. I'm wonderimg how do you perform such magic? You can tell which member is which jist by looking at a small piece of them. Even with cap, mask and face averted from the camera you know exactly who it it?! HOW??? I CAN'T EVEN FIND MY MOM IN A CROWD?!!!!

Hahahaha omg you’re so cute. ;u; Because we look at fantaken photos all the time I think that helps us recognize them better, but also it can be a process of elimination if you know the other members in the picture or what the other members are wearing that day, etc.. However fansites often label/hashtag the member they’re taking a photo of, or you know because a fansite is dedicated to taking that member’s photos. :) Usually, though, they’re easy to tell apart. ^^ (edit) Also there are definitely times when I have a bit of trouble figuring out the member! ;n; But don’t worry, I could be looking directly at my mom and not realize that it’s her haha.
- Kristi

7.Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

OH NO MY LAST SKETCH IS NSFW HAHAHAHA (ahem) but I’ll find something.

Alright, this is Neil McCauley/Vincent Hanna from Heat (1995)
…which I secretly ship them so hard. I don’t even know there’s even a fandom for this pairing or not.

Teenage Sam Drake which meant to be a simply line art sketch and somehow turned into a painting.

This one is actually from last year after I’d read Avengers Prime.

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Aw, Crutchie. The only person I can see Jack settling down with is you. Coming home from his job late at night to you waiting to give him a nice hug and comforting kisses. Waking up early in the morning to make you breakfast before you have to go to work for the day. Cold rainy nights where you're both cuddling on the couch and talking about everything and nothing. You telling stories to jack while he draws a picture of you, Jack brining home strawberry cake for you. Can't you see it too? ❤️❤️❤️

Well I – 

No! No I can’t see that. Sorry. 

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XDD The words of a well known NH/SK troll who has multiple accounts and who has already been exposed by Su: "I wished Sasuke and Karin could raise Sarada all by themselves without having to worry about Orochimaru! Sarada is Karin's daughter and you can't tell me otherwise!" Omg. XD Well, what could one actually expect from a troll who has an account that has the Uchiha family photo from the end of Gaiden as their profile picture, but in which Karin was edited in Sakura's place. XD Pathetic. -1

They know that Sakura is the real mother, but they simply refuse to acknowledge it in public, because they terribly hate her. And their “claims” are more than pathetic. They “sustain” that Karin is “the mother”, but she had “to give up” on Sarada in order “to protect” her from Orochimaru. This is so lame. XD They basically imply that Karin preferred remaining to work for Orochimaru, the one who had experimented on her, instead of actually living with the man she loved and their child. Lol. -2.

So, they claim that Karin abandoned “her daughter” and watched how the man she loved married another woman who is now raising “her” daughter and who is seen by everyone as the biological mother, all of this in order to “protect” Sarada from Orochimaru, even if Karin obviously could have simply left Orochimaru’s hideouts and raise “her” daughter in a safe, far away place. XD I can’t believe this stupidness. Also, they basically claim that Sarada was born before Sasuke was married. Wow. -3

This only proves once again that the antis don’t understand the characters, especially Sasuke, at all. Sasuke is so pure when it comes to love. Basically his entire revenge started due to the love he had for his family. He cares about love, bonds and family the most. From what I remember, even Kishi said that Sasuke is a pure character. Of course Sasuke wouldn’t have ever decided to have a child before getting married. And he wouldn’t have ever married a woman he didn’t have deep feelings for.-4

Of course Sarada was conceived during Sasuke and Sakura’s travels only after they had married. And, as Sasuke himself said, Sarada’s very existence is all that is needed to prove the connection (the love) between him and Sakura. Absolutely all of this would be so easy to understand if those antis didn’t try so hard to twist what is said in canon and instead actually paid attention to Sasuke’s character. =D -5

Oh, and actually do the antis ever listen to their own words? Sarada “had to be protected” from Orochimaru? Really? XD Well, if this actually had been the case, it certainly would have been the most failed attempt to “protect” someone, since Sarada literally is in the same team with Mitsuki, Orochimaru’s son. Mitsuki could have easily brought information about Sarada to Orochimaru if he had really wanted. So, Orochimaru would have still easily been able to closely observe Sarada. -6

And not to mention that Orochimaru doesn’t even do bad things anymore. XD He is closely watched by Yamato and, as it can be seen, he hadn’t done anything wrong in over 12 years. Also, Sasuke had absolutely no problem taking Sarada to Orochimaru’s hideout in chapter 7. Orochimaru even noticed both her and ChoCho, but Sasuke wasn’t concerned about this fact at all. If Sasuke actually had been trying to protect Sarada from Orochimaru, he for sure wouldn’t have brought her himself to his hideout. -7

So, the claims that are made by the antis are just so delusional and completely careless. It’s so obvious that they say such things only because they refuse to accept the reality, as it certainly doesn’t look like they wished. I hope all of them (including the NH/SK troll, of course) will eventually move on and realise that they will obtain absolutely nothing from what they’re doing right now, since the canon will always be canon no matter what and their petty actions or words won’t change it.-8

Lol, there’s nothing more to add really :)

Shit I've Heard In Class (Part Four):
  • "I feel like we're about to die or something."
  • "He's trying to make me put my hand down—do you see this right now?"
  • "I do actually still have feelings."
  • "You can't have non-binding promises."
  • "DO we know that Diet Pepsi exists?"
  • "Remember, I'm older than dirt."
  • "You better start loving them."
  • "Do dead people count?"
  • "You're a foolish hedonist."
  • "If you can't see me next week because you're dead then I get it, I understand."
  • "You can use them to open shit."
  • "Don't be fucking sexist."
  • "Enough of this natural crap."
  • "I'm not sure I'm not gonna kill you."
  • "You grew up differently than I did."
  • "Some days I'll get up and try to make you some food."
  • "I know you're not talking about jazz."
  • "I'm so sorry I ever said orgasm."
  • "You're still just a little kid just in big kid clothes."
  • "Maybe I'm not supposed to be eating apples."
  • "I have a high regard for myself, that's why i don't like this whole suffering thing."
  • "I'm just not gonna kill people."
  • "You wanna make meaningful eye contact and nod deceptively?"
  • "It either wasn't a promise or you're a crazy person."
  • "I can't read what I wrote."
  • "They don't care what we feel like—I'm scared."
  • "What if God just wanted to laugh at you?"
  • "You've been basically reliable."
  • "No one's ever died from a music class."
  • "What happens if I suck on this?"
  • "I'm not telling you to kill your husband."
  • "Are we supposed to include those in the plans for reproduction?"
  • "I'd rather be performing at the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

I’m fucking crying, oh my lord

(I’ve been waiting for two years to have some reason to use that picture of Mephisto, like woag!)

(Why do I have so many screenshots from fan manga???)

[Not my art, but I don’t know the artists name… the fan manga is called あなたのチョコ、ちょっと頂戴。(Give Me a Piece of Your Chocolate). The art is cute and Shiro is in it so yeah, pretty good!]