you can't tell because of the lighting but
Because you Love Me
Is a video of Celine Dion-because you love me... I hope u enjoy it....

My newest find in the “perfect Destiel song is perfect” category.


For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I’ll be forever thankful baby
You’re the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You’re the one who saw me through through it all

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I’m grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don’t know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you


You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith ‘cause you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You’ve been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

Tell me again how they are not written romantically…?

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Dear SK’s music industry,

as far as I know, South Korea’s education system is one of the most productive and efficient systems in the world. South Korea nearly the highest educated nation worldwide. That being said, I’m extremely sure you are aware that this is a continent

This is Europe.

Not a state, not a country…this is a continent.

When you constantly skip it while scheduling your world tours, may I ask, what’s going on in your mind? I know you know what and where is Europe. I know you know there are plenty of people ready to attend your concerts…..You cannot seriously tell me it’s because you don’t like it. We got everything you want! Just choose one country!






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on being unprepared

on this day 8 (eight!) years ago I had a baby in the bathroom after uttering the immortally stupid words “there’s something between my legs!” You have to understand that I had never had a baby before so I didn’t have any point of comparison and the midwife who came over during the night when my waters broke thought it would take HOURS longer than it did, hence my surprise. “We’ll be there in a few minutes,” she said on the phone when I explained that I thought I was pushing, but by the time she got there my mum & partner had already done the delivery honours and I was sitting blinking on the bathroom floor, holding a baby wrapped in a beach towel and wondering what had just happened. (I’d had a baby, obviously, but making a new person is quite hard to take in before breakfast.) 

And today that baby is EIGHT and got a skateboard for her birthday and is generally brilliant, so if a person as blatantly unprepared for parenthood as I was in 2009 can keep a tiny defenseless human being alive for 8 entire years (8 ENTIRE YEARS) then I am here to tell you that you, too, can do the thing, whatever the thing you feel unprepared for is! Just have a beach towel handy! Try not to say anything really stupid because your mum will keep telling the story for the rest of her life and you’ll wish you hadn’t sounded like such a village idiot! But honestly just wing it, no one’s caught me out yet and I have a mortgage and a job and 2 kids (the second one is still alive too!) and everything

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I was wondering if you could please write young spiritassassin where before they start dating Baze is slightly jealous at this one guy who's head over heels for Chirrut who has it out for Baze and though he respects and understands Chirrut and gives him space (because Baze is respectful and wants Chirrut to feel free to do whatever he likes) he can't help but feel sorta jealous and lonely because that's his light and his love and he doesn't want his love with some jerk because (1)

loosing him would hurt and man is he in love with his little shining light. Meanwhile Chirrut is so damn in love with Baze he’s like “other guy who? Doesn’t ring a bell. Anyway let me tell you about my not boyfriend but basically boyfriend (I think) Baze who is the most handsome and wonderful person there ever was.” (2)            

Well, Anon, I can certainly give it a shot!

Chirrut remembered the day he had realized he was in love with Baze Malbus. They had been sparring and Baze had gotten the upper hand, pinning Chirrut to the mat with his whole weight. Chirrut would admit that it had not been love he had felt in that moment, it was a more primal bodily urge, but it was the starting point to realizing the love. Chirrut had thrown a few matches after that, wanting to be pinned by Baze again. He had to stop when Baze assumed he was throwing the matches to make Baze feel better.

But Baze had shown no interest in Chirrut. Baze was a hard man to read, but Chirrut had always had a certain talent for it. Baze did love Chirrut, but it never manifested as anything except a platonic familial love. With a lot of meditation and introspection Chirrut had come to learn to accept this, to learn to be content. As long as Chirrut had Baze’s friendship, Chirrut could live with not having his heart.

Of course, after that was when Baze started acting very strange.

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Do you hate Two ghosts or you can't hear it because it's too painful? I mean, all the backup story ruined Carolina for me and I HAVE to skip it.

Oh, definitely because it’s too beautiful. The way electric guitar slides up on the opening chords reminds me of George Harrison’s songs, like Give Me Love.–s

(Tell me if that doesn’t rip your beating heart out of your chest.)

As soon as I hear the chords, I see a small, soft light on a white T-shirt, and Harry, standing off to the side, watching, numb, as if watching a movie, but all the while writing this song in his head.

The act of writing a song is an act of love– of breathing the beat back into the heart. Harry confirmed this when he said he kept this song back for himself. It was too personal to give away.

It’s what songwriters do. They live imperfect lives so they can write perfect songs.

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wow your comics is the best for my light my day thanks. tell me sondertale isn't cancelled pls i can't live winout

That’s very flattering, I’m glad you enjoy the comics I do ^^

I made a post about it sometime ago, but no, Sondertale is not cancelled. From now until I say otherwise, the comic will update once pages are done. Long story short I’ve got a lot going on and I only have time to put my all into one comic or the other, because splitting my time would delay both comics and the quality would drop, which I’m not having. I am a potato with standards, afterall.

One way or another, Sondertale will be finished. I want it to be in comic format. And I’m hella stubborn, so not I’m really keen on finishing it in another format other than as a comic.

So even if people move on from being interested in this comic or being interested in the fandom in general I’m still going to finish this story, because I want to tell it.

If anything changes in the way I make updates, I promise to let ya’ll know. I appreciate everyone’s patience. Trust me, no one is as excited as I am to tell the story of Sondertale ;)


(*AHHH, SESRIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3  Look, I finally fixed my paypal so I can thank you properly.  xD  You’re so sweet, and you have no idea how happy it makes me when I see you comment on any of my posts.  I wanted to type up a little thank you thingy, so I did one with G!Sans for ya! )

“hey.  that for me?”  

G strides over to take the coffee from you, his phalanges purposely lingering on your hand as he reaches for the mug.  He inhales the aroma, his golden eyelight checking the liquid inside to find that it was indeed dark, just the way he preferred.

“i can’t espresso how much this means to me.”  He grins, dropping his cigarette to grind it out beneath his boot, before taking a quick sip of the coffee and closing his eyesockets in pleasure at the taste.  When he reopens them, his gaze refocuses on you, and he edges closer… reaching out to tuck your hair behind your ear, brushing it out of your face.  

Again, his touch lingers; he loves the feeling of your skin, and the softness of your hair fascinates him.  He wants to run both his hands through it, to feel the tendrils flow between his fingers, but he manages to refrain–just barely.  Instead, he slides his index finger beneath your chin, tipping it up so he can better see your face.  He’s hoping for a reaction; he wants to see your features flush deeply in abashment.  Not only is it adorable, but it intrigues the scientist (quite literally) within him.

“i’ve gotta tell you something, dear,” he claims, his gaze locks with yours.  He’s still smirking, appearing ever-confident and unperturbed by the proximity, though clearly enjoying the effect he has on you.  "you’re… brewtiful.“  

The cheesy pun only makes his smirk grow wider, and with a light chuckle, he pulls back and downs more of his coffee.  It’s rich and delicious.  

stars, kid, i’m going to have to start calling you my barista babe because this is perfect.“

My question is … why do we attach ourselves to the matter of the earth? I mean .. why we are attached to hate, resentment, selfishness, what others think of us or say, why we attach to what this land has, if we know that we are not from here?. Let’s look up, look at the sky….What feeling does it generate? Immensity, love, light, peace, then … what a question would we have to ask ourselves? On this planet, there are people who do bad things, just because they feel lost, there are people who decide to hate, decide to judge, decide to have the worst feelings. But, we don't have to focus on it. Because that, what they tell us, is not us. We are light, we are universe, we are spirit. We are simply on this earth temporarily. So, my advice to all of you is, the people who criticize you, the people who hate you, the people who tell you that you can't do something, the people who try to make you feel bad, recognize it and let it pass in your life. Dont let them enter in your life, and if you let her in, don't let them make you down. Show them that love is there, in yourself.  That love can exist, with humble, with light, show them that we can live with love. Because I repeat, we don't belong to this land and the best we can do is give light to everything that is black.
  • Tai: You know why I named you my night sky?
  • Raven: Because of your ridiculous poem, I thought.
  • Tai: That too, but more.
  • Tai: Whenever I finished training late I'd go out in the courtyard. And I'd just feel good. Happy to have done work and be done with it. Excited to go home and sleep. And I'd be oddly fascinated by all the colors from the lights and the signs. You can't tell when the sun's out, but everything is so much prettier at night. So much more... sincere.
  • Tai: When camping, the night sky is stunning. I think you know this, but let me say it anyways. You can see a billion stars in the deep blue of space. The slight changes in color. The beautiful way that they shimmer. It lets me know that there is something more out there. A better life.
  • Tai: Raven, that's how you make me feel. You make me see the beauty in the world. And you make me long for a better life. A life with you.
  • Tai: So. Are you going to call me your fool, or what?
  • Raven: ...
  • Raven: Not this time.
  • Raven: *kisses him*

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Oh my god, you know what I love about this shot:

Look at that lighting on Killian. The way his collar lights up and there’s blue at the back of his neck. Seriously at a glance it completely looks like this:

Because in the end Emma became the person who inspired her, and Killian became the person he always aspired to be! And it’s all because they found love!!! THAT’S HOW YOU TELL A FAIRYTALE!!!

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What if Kel was executed for treason in Lady Knight? What if it caused a rebellion? Because you can't tell me that what the world will hear in canon isn't that Wyldon ordered her to follow the refugees. Anything else would create resentment. For all Wyldon's pretty talk, surely he noticed that. And if they tried to hush it up? I don't see Raoul and Alanna letting that happen. And if you knew your king executed nobles for rescuing commoners from a fate worse than death, wouldn't you rebel?

No, no, no, no I can’t do it. Kel is my lady, my light, my love–and I can’t imagine a world where the people on that war front would ever have allowed her death. So let’s tell this story–she was found guilty of treason. She was sentenced to death, kneeling on that Tortallan river mud, enemy territory a stone’s throw behind her, hundreds of abandoned souls saved by her stubborn hands. 

Dutiful misery was stark in the grip Wyldon used to pull her to her feet and tie her hands behind her. (He would not leave that job to a lesser man.) Rage poured off Raoul, simmering, trapped. The King’s Own protested–when they shut themselves up it was not at their commander’s order but at Kel’s quelling shake of her head.

Wyldon could protect Owen, who was his squire and his responsibility. The King’s Own had technically, roughly, been following orders. The rescued civilians were ushered toward safety with faintly awed hands. Kel, Merric, and Neal were ushered forward, too, by awed hands, but it was with their own hands bound behind them and it was not toward safety.

But the awe was there– these knights had done the impossible. They had gone into enemy territory, after monsters made of death and metal, and saved their people. They had done the impossible– they had put protecting homeless peasants above obeying their lord. Wyldon tied each of their hands behind their backs and they did not apologize. Neal raised his chin like he was challenging Wyldon to demand it of him.

But the Giantkiller fortress was flooded with children and civilians who had been written off as collateral damage. After days of hard travel, the children were no longer unnaturally clean and coiffed; they would always be scared. They would always be brave. They would not allow Kel to be the price paid for their lives.

A pretty young woman who had once stabbed a Scanran slaver to death found out where they were keeping Kel and her knights. Children threw tantrums to distract while the ex-convicts picked the locks on their doors. Tobe got the horses and kept them quiet. When they got to the main gates again, Neal ready to put them all to sleep, the guards turned around the same way they had days before and let them through.

Up in the commander’s quarters, Wyldon slept restlessly. He had told Keladry of Mindelan once that he believed the best thing that could be said of his tenure as training master was that she had been in his care. He still believed that to be true, but he had his orders. When they woke him, he would be stranded somewhere between rage and relief.

Only a handful of Haven civilians came out into the woods with Kel that night. Neal tsked about Giantkiller’s healers and worked on them all while Merric went though their stolen saddlepacks and took inventory. Fanche pulled bread, cheese, and knives out of her bulging skirts and passed them around.

Kel sat, staring at the space they would have put a fire if they had thought it was safe to light one. Neal bullied some bread into her and Merric asked, “What do we do now, Kel?”

She considered saying, “Why are you asking me?” but Kel had always been very bad at lying to herself. She looked up at the trees. Fir. Spruce. “There’s a war on,” Kel said. “No matter what they say back there, we still have a sworn duty. Or at least I do.” Her school friends were looking up at her like she held their allegiances in her callused palm. The Haven people were careful shadows, tired, certain. Tobe looked at her like he was never letting her out of his sight again. “I’m going to keep fighting.”

They took down their first Scanran raiding party the next day, finding them almost on accident. The first Haven dogs and cats skipped and sauntered into their makeshift camp the next night, curling up by the fire and dropping rabbits for the humans to clean for them.

Haven civilians and convicts began wandering in, grinning tightly, bringing stories of Giantkiller all up in arms. After the first week, once she’d figured out they might be there for good, Kel had started looking for clerks.

When Dom and most of his squad of the King’s Own walked into their camp without a single piece of official Crown livery on, Kel seized Dom by one rough, plain sleeve and dragged him to the side.

“You can’t be here,” she hissed. “Neal and Merric are as damned as I am. The refugees have nowhere safer to go, and I’m not going to keep them from a fight if they want it. But you– Raoul needs you, Dom.”

“Raoul needs us to win this war,” said Dom. “And neither of us could think of any better hands for my squad to be in than yours. If we’re going to win this, we can’t keep our best commanders in the dark.” He grinned. “Even if they’re grumpy giantesses of fugitives.”

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  • Aaron: You said you wanted us to get married. But there was still this voice in my head, his voice, saying... that I didn't deserve it. That you won't stay. That you'll cheat. So I punched Kasim's lights out because you took your ring off, but you wouldn't have done that if we'd talked about it properly in the first place.
  • Robert: We did talk.
  • Aaron: Yeah, but you told me to forget it. What I did, why I did it. So I didn't tell you about the drugs because... I didn't want - I didn't wanna - I didn't wanna scare you. And then that voice turned out to be right.
  • Robert: I'm sorry.
  • Aaron: He took so much from me, Robert. I don't want him to take you, too. If I can't get past this then... then he has, hasn't he?

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Hey Guys, know any good jokes?

“Oh, Ricky taught me one that was pretty funny! Ah, let’s see, so um… Mother kangaroos, you know why they hate rain? Um I mean… why they hate it when it rains? The kangaroo I mean, the mama kangaroo. Not the little ones or anything, they love the rain actually, I mean what kid doesn’t? Splashing in puddles, throwing mud, chasing frogs, all that good stuff. Oh right, sorry, anyways, it’s because the babies have to play inside her pouch.”

*crickets chirping*

“Hahaha… get it? Cause they play in her pouch and… um…”

“Light just… just stop while you’re ahead.”

Wow yes okay

I’m dedicating an entire video JUST to fresh angst…

Because I enjoy making my favourite characters cry

[Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

[This is a WIP!]

The Signs
  • Just some things about the signs that are purely based off the people in my life.
  • Aries: You truly are such a caring person but your inability to think before you act causes people to constantly leave you. And your pride. You want to have a good time and enjoy things with others but your actions constantly get in the way of that. You have a deep loyalty and love for the ones you love.
  • Taurus: I know so many Taurus and all of them are so fucking chill and hilarious. Very talented people that have such a natural beauty to them. They have this ethereal aroma that makes their simplicity so inviting. Most def the animal lovers of the Zodiac. Yes, they're stubborn but their loyalty always assures me that they'll have my back no matter what. Every girl Taurus i know are absolutely gorgeous and extremely adamant about nutrition and fitness. Every male Taurus i know are amazing cooks and have the best sense of humor. I know a lot of Taurus that are stoners tbh.
  • Gemini: Every Gemini i know, i've met through partying. They are a hella good time and always just want to dance. I sometimes have an urge to punch you because of some of the things you say, but you quickly make me forget about it by showing me what good fun you are. You're extremely easy to talk to and never run out of conversation topics. Your also probably some of the best multi-taskers i know.
  • Cancer: You're so loving and compassionate. Every time i come over to your house all you want to do is make me a drink or food and take care of me. You have a nurturers soul which i think is beautiful. Although, one little thing a person does can flip you over and you often become blind to rational thought. You love and care for your family and all you consider your family so deeply. You just want to give unconditional love and be loved unconditionally.
  • Leo: You have a such a creative hand and are multitalented. I love it when you paint because it's one of the few moments where you're completely at peace and have a patience that only comes out through your art brushes. You're such a beautiful person that often lets their pride get in the way of many things. You truly care deeply about all your loved ones, you often get very protective over them. You're often extremely protective over me. You have a very large and dominate personality that i love to be around because you carry this energy that can make anything fun and exciting.
  • Virgo: You never give yourself enough credit for everything you do. You come off as an arrogant asshole to people that don't know you very well or people you don't care to get to know, but you're one of the most caring people i know. You can't help but live in your head, but I know you'd do anything to sooth the wars in mine. You're such a dork and one of the smartest people i know, i fear getting in debates with you because i KNOW you'll out word me. Pretty sure you read the dictionary as a baby. You're an exquisite soul that's fallen on hard times and i still think the world of you.
  • Libra: You're often too passive and that leads you to randomly snap at people and it hurts you. You try to avoid hurting the people you love so the thought of still doing so, breaks you. You have such a black sense of humor that people are often unaware that you're insulting them. You truly are a sweetheart inside and out but also posses a mischievous aggression that slips out here and there. You have such an alluring charm that has the people around you falling in love with you. You're aware of everything you do, but like to play oblivious.
  • Scorpio: The intensity of a Scorpio is like no other. Your one of the sweetest people i know, but if anything goes sour you can turn into the Devil in less than a minute. I've never had a friend care about me as much as you do, at times it's almost suffocating but i wouldn't want you any other way. You have a way of making me feel like an incredibly special person and for some reason your approval means the most to me. By saying or doing one thing you can anyone feel like they're ready to take on the world.
  • Sagittarius: Your honesty is appreciated but not always wanted. You're fucking hilarious and always know how to turn any situation into a party. Our one-on-one conversations are my favorite because you posses such great perspective that i love learning from and although you can't ALWAYS remain optimistic, you try your damn hardest to. I do wish you had more patience with people and could empathize more. But i'll tell you what... our adventures are some of the craziest stories and without you(the Sags in my life), i would't have experienced so many intoxicating walks of life.
  • Capricorn: Your determination is something i've always been envious of. Your will to succeed is something i've only dreamt of. You have such a bright and light personality with a cold sense of humor that i enjoy. There's this familiarity between us that picks up right where we left off every time we hang out and i think thats significant. You're weird af and i love it, i love that we've always been able to be weird and act like little kids around each other. At times, i do wish you could open your mind a more understand where another is coming from.
  • Aquarius: I love talking to you. Our conversations have incredible depth and you always intellectually stimulate me. You're far more sensitive than people think you are. You do so much for everyone all the time, your the one person i always call when i'm in trouble and you ALWAYS come and rescue me. You can't rest for longer than an hour, you have to always have to be doing something. I love it when you start inventing and making gadgets because you get so excited to show everyone your new creation. You're probably the craftiest person i know and you have the best sense of humor. You also have a lot of fucking friends.
  • Pisces: Your emotions are so deep and intense that sometimes it's hard for you to function. You care so much about your loved ones that you often carry their pain onto you. You're the cutest little button bunny and i just want to hug you all the time. You listen to me endlessly, i'll follow you around rambling nonsense and you don't even care. You're so dazed and oblivious, often in your own world coming up with new ideas for your writings or thinking about all the romance novels you read. You'd do absolutely anything to see me smile. I never want you to cry and i swear when i'm graduated from college and become rich and famous, i'm going to buy you a gigantic palace for you and dad to live in.
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1. SZA - The Weekend
2. SZA - Broken Clocks
3. H.E.R. - Every Kind of Way
4. H.E.R. - Lights On
5. Sabrina Claudio - Unravel Me
6. Bryson Tiller - Teach Me A Lesson
7. Produce 101 (Knock) - Open Up
8. G. Soul ft. Hoody - Tequila
9. NCT 127 - Whiplash
10. Sik-K - Rendezvous

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Frat D&D Hilights: 5
  • Elf: So....I'm still a little fucked up from sacrificing the fighter...should I be conflicted from that or...?
  • Me: Roll for Depression.
  • Elf: *Nat 1*
  • Me: You couldn't care fucking less about the Fighter. You could go around and sacrifice the rest of the party right now you'd feel on top of the fucking world.
  • Elf: That...wait what?
  • Me: Don't trust your feelings to the dice dude.
  • -------
  • Cleric: Okay first thing I wanna do is go to the Mage's Guild.
  • Paladin: You can't just assume every city has a Mage's Guild!
  • Cleric: Of course I can! Major Hub Cities have Guild Halls for every major power, that's how these games work!
  • Paladin: But what if like the Mages being magical pricks like they tend to be fight or something and they just dont?
  • Cleric: *looks at me* Is there a Mage's Guild?
  • Me: *pauses*
  • Me: *thinks up backstory*
  • Me: Well there WAS before the Schism a few months back. The varied Colleges got into an argument about something. Someone slept with an Archmage's Daughter, accusations were thrown from College to College, and here it just became a total mess. They call it the Week of Darkness here because at one point they displaced the Sun from the town. So they physically separated the Tower into different quadrants of the city until they can learn to cooperate again.
  • Cleric: *Glares at Paladin* Fuck you.
  • -------
  • Replacement Fighter Who Totally Isn't The Same Player With A Virtually Identical Character To The Last One He Rolled: I ENTER THE RING!
  • Me: The crowd cheers and your opponent enters.
  • Me: Your opponent looks confused and says he's gay.
  • FighterV2: What.
  • Me: This is a progressive realm, dude. People love who people love. For fuck's sake there's magic and dragons and all that shit and reality bending nonsense. You'd have to be ass-backwards to make sexuality an issue.
  • FighterV2: Oh. Okay yeah that makes sense.
  • Cleric: Dwarvenkind has made great strides this day...
  • --------
  • Paladin: Okay so where can we get this asshole's wand?
  • Elf: I'm not an asshole!
  • Paladin: You're a Sorcerer with a Bow. You're an asshole. So.
  • Elf: To the Mage's Guild!
  • Me: *smiles*
  • Paladin: ...About that.
  • Cleric: HA!
  • --------
  • Me: You sit in the prison, awaiting trial for assaulting a member of the Guard.
  • FighterV2: WE WERE IN THE RING@!?
  • Me: And after the match was over you said you wanted to keep hitting him.
  • FighterV2: Because we were in the ring.
  • Me: And the guards have repeatedly ignored that argument because it's not a fucking argument Chris now seriously. You're all in the cell. What do you do?
  • Cleric: I want to see if I can smuggle something in.
  • Me: I'm gonna call that a combination Sleight Of Hand check and Dexterity check.
  • Cleric: *easily passes both* WHERE WERE THOSE IN COMBAT?!
  • Me: Doesn't matter now. What did you want to smuggle in?
  • Cleric: The other satchel charge.
  • Me: ....
  • Paladin: ....
  • Elf: ....
  • FighterV2: .....
  • Me: ...The twin to the one that blew up the Ghoul Tunnels?
  • Cleric: Yes.
  • Me: The one that completely annihilated an entire graveyard infection of ghouls with divine fire because of a bullshit roll?
  • Cleric: Absofuckinglutely.
  • Me: The bomb which will PROBABLY misfire or ACTIVELY KILL YOU AND THE ENTIRE PARTY!?
  • Cleric: Rextor The Regressor blessed the first one I see no reason why he shouldn't bless this one as well.
  • Paladin: Dude.
  • FighterV2: Bruh.
  • Elf: ...
  • Me: Well I can't complain, you passed the test. You smuggle the alchemic Doom Bomb in. What now?
  • Cleric: I... * looks to the party members.
  • Cleric: ...want to...*stares me in the eye*
  • Cleric: ....Call a guard over, get a flame in my hand, and tell him what the last one did, and threaten to light it if he doesn't let us out.
  • Me: oh sweet jesus I really thought you were going another direction with that.
  • ---------
  • Me: *has a golem NPC who kills Dwayne 'The Roc' Johnson*
  • Paladin: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Rolls to attack, fails*
  • Me: The Golem looks to you, a towering, stoic creature of stone and power. It looks down at you in pure disdain. Head domed and with rubies for eyes. One could say that his expression was...
  • Paladin: ...
  • Cleric: ...
  • Elf: ....
  • FighterV2: ...
  • Me: ...Stone Cold.
  • Paladin: YOU SON OF A BITCH