you can't take away the wifi

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Hello. what are the 2p's reactions to their s/o being okay with being kidnapped and living with them. However, the s/o doesn't really do much, they will clean and help here and there, but the rest of the time the s/o just watches a shit ton of Asian drama (the realllllyyyyyy looonnggggg ones that are 98 episodes). s/o is okay if they want to join and watch, but there might not be subtitles. :)

China: Honestly happy you don’t give a shit. Excited you like that kinda drama because he probably is into a few series as well (Although he probably prefers the more action-packed stuff). Probably marathons with you (Uses it as a chance to cuddle, and probably a little more. Asian drama and chill?). 

America: As long as your well behaved Allen doesn't care. Knows Chinese (2p awesome trio, gotta hang with his buddies, and if one of them speaks mandarin, he’s probably gonna learn it for shits and giggles.) So he probably watches with you every now and again. (Also Asian drama and chills you.) 

Russia: Uses this to his advantage. If you’re sitting there marathoning long ass dramas, you can't spend time escaping or going off with someone else, can you? 

Canada: He’s chill with this but have fun getting wifi/cable in the middle of the woods. Your gonna have to suck up to him for him to install that shit, and even then the connection can be spotty. 

England: Thinks it’s delightful. Probably tries to get into it so you two have something in common. Might take it away for punishment though, so be careful. He may watch ahead and spoil shit for you as punishment. 

France: Doesn't give a shit. Maybe sits with you every now and again but he’s probably on his phone. 

Japan: Probably uses this as a reward. You aren't going to just get access to TV without doing anything, no, you gotta be a good little pet to get what you want. 

Italy: Same as Japan tbh these guys are assholes. 

Germany: Is chill with it. Tries to Asian drama and chill you all the time though so watch out. 

Romano: Might be a little confused by the language barrier but catches on quickly. Becomes invested in the show because he lives off drama. Tbh he’s gonna make you watch real housewives, the bachelor, and keeping up with the Kardashians with him.