you can't sweat out

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Panic! at the Disco almost went by the name Pet Salamander. Those emos almost chose to go by Pet Salamander. Can you imagine how different things would sounds? “This is ‘I Write Sins not Tragedies,’ sung by Pet Salamander.” Ryan Ross why? Where did you get the idea for the name? What stood out about this name? All of the jokes about the exclamation point would just cease to exist. The emo trinity would have been Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Pet Salamander. The jokes about panicking at discos would stop and would turn into jokes about salamanders i just wann

iconic ryan things

• “Jazz hands”
• That lil tongue thing he does
• “let’s get these teen hearts beating faster FaStEr”
• The Ryhawk
• “I don’t smoke”
• Holding Brendon’s hand when the interviewer took his phone away
• “So I burned it alive”
• Dottie Ross
• all his Halloween costumes
• “well I’m afraid that I”
• his cute button nose
• his heart-wrenching lyrics that have touched so many people around the world
• “no but I got cheese whiz!”

Feel free to add more!

actual titles of 'fever you can't sweat out' songs

only difference = and i believeEe *passes out*

london beckoned = make us it/hip/scene

nails for breakfast = Sadness™

camisado = kids and fights

time to dance = shotgun wedding

lying is the most fun = fuck

but its better if you do = lap dance

i write sins = everybody knows this one

esteban = stRIKE UP THE BAND

there’s a good reason = overcoats canes and top hats

build god = sound of music


will you dance to this beat

and hold a lover close?