you can't stop dreams


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

I bet Kai in the first stages of his crush on Cinder wrote “Linh Kaito” in some important paper bc he kept daydreaming about the cute mechanic who was totally wifey material

All the MK characters are beautiful, especially Erron Black, bless him. ^3^

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Tom Hardy and Jon Bernthal staring in a movie where they rescue pittbulls and other puppers...Kinda like "Keanu" but with puppies x3

Thank you for sending me this! You don’t know how much I love two talk about my faves. I needed that <3
And yes! Jon and Tom starring in a movie rescuing dogs and maybe doing some detective work is one of my cinematic dreams lmao. I have plenty of them, but this one is special and I wish it could become true someday. The dogs are a essential part since they love dogs so much, but I would be glad just to see both of them sharing a scene together, not gonna lie. I can already feel their on- screen chemistry <333 I swear! Call me crazy haha
I’ve never watched “Keanu” , tbh, but the plot sounds funny, actually??? Hahah I’m gonna put on my list! Comedy is not my favorite genre because I think it’s much more difficult to please than drama, but I will take that as a recommendation and I like recommendations :)

honestly, ronan was so ANGRY during the dollar store scene of tdt when adam and gansey were on the phone like we know at this point it’s because ronan has feelings for adam but there was something particularly infuriating to ronan about gansey talking to adam and appearing “attainable” at the same time which means he probably sees or saw gansey as a threat (for lack of a better word, because it feels wrong to say that ronan has ever perceived gansey as a threat) which is… interesting to say the least

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dream in a dream!! ♥

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disney. {rp meme}
  • 1: "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind."
  • 2: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."
  • 3: "I'm sorry I bit you... and pulled your hair... and punched you in the face."
  • 4: "Never say goodbye, because good bye means going away, and going away means forgetting."
  • 5: "If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true."
  • 6: "People say nothing's impossible, but I do nothing everyday."
  • 7: "Some people go to the ends of the Earth just to see what they can see."
  • 8: "How do you spell love?"
  • 9: "You don't spell love, you feel it."
  • 10: "Just keep swimming."
  • 11: "Think of all the joy you'll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye!"
  • 12: "If there ever comes a day where we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll be there forever."
  • 13: "Sometimes, you try your hardest, but things don't work out the way you want it too."
  • 14: "If you're scared, just be scaring than whatever is scaring you!"
  • 15: "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."
  • 16: "It won't change anything. You can't change the past."
  • 17: "Love is the most precious of totems. It reveals itself in the most unexpected ways."
  • 18: "I never look back, darling! It distracts me from the now."
  • 19: "Well, there's one thing. They can't make me stop dreaming."
  • 20: "Just because you can't understand something, doesn't mean it's wrong."
  • 21: "I can't forget about my heart and how it felt to fall for you from the start."
  • 22: "I can show you the world."
  • 23: "Hakuna Matata!"
  • 24: "Just because you wish for something, doesn't make it true."
  • 25: "What a kiss?"
  • 26: "Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories."
  • 27: "You can see me?"
  • 28: "Everything is different, now that I see you."
  • 29: "If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?"
Cinderella (1950 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep."
  • "In dreams you will lose your heartaches."
  • "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true."
  • "Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through."
  • "So this is love."
  • "The key to all heaven is mine."
  • "So this is what makes life divine."
  • "My heart has wings."
  • "I'll touch every star in the sky."
  • "So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of..."
  • "Come, my child."
  • "Oh, no! Oh, no, no. Oh, no. Oh, this is terrible."
  • "What will (s)he say!"
  • "But, you see, I have the other slipper."
  • "Poor _______!"
  • "Ev'ry time (s)he find a minute, that's the time when they begin it. "
  • "Wash the dishes!"
  • "They always keep him/her hoppin'."
  • "Chasing Lucifer?"
  • "You know the orders."
  • "Lucifer has his good points, too."
  • "There must be something good about him."
  • "I did try to warn you."
  • "A pretty plot for fairy tales."
  • "There's nothing left to believe in. Nothing."
  • "Nothing, my dear? Oh, now you don't really mean that."
  • "If you'd lost all your faith, I couldn't be here."
  • "And here I am."
  • "Good Heavens, _______!"
  • "I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely... Completely wonderful."
  • "So _______'s proposed already!"
  • "Here, here, have a cigar."
  • "(S)he got away."
  • "(S)he vanished into thin air!"
  • "TREASON!"
  • "Now _______, remember, your blood pressure."
  • "The whole thing was a plot!"
  • "Swears he'll marry nobody but the girl who fits this slipper."
  • "I'll have nothing to do with it."
  • "Why, it's like a dream. A wonderful dream come true."
  • "You'll have only 'til midnight."
  • "Oh, I understand, but... it's more than I ever hoped for."
  • "You clumsy little fool!"
  • "Leave the sewing to the women."
  • "Why, that means I can go, too."
  • "Take that ironing and have it back in an hour!"
  • "One hour, you hear?"
  • "Bring up the breakfast trays at once, and hurry!"
  • "Well, it may be a trifle snug today."
  • "It's always fit perfectly before."
  • "We mustn't disturb his Grace."
  • "Young man, are you sure you're trying it on the right foot?"
  • "The boy isn't cooperating."
  • "Er, a suitable wife."
  • "They can't order me to stop dreaming."
  • "I won't have you upsetting yourselves."
  • "_______ has been avoiding his responsibilities long enough."
  • "Hold your tongue!"
  • "When _______ proposes, notify me immediately!"
  • "Oh, a visitor!"
  • "Gotta get him out!"