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#707 Klefki

On top of posting day 5′s daily pokemon, I’m also going to post day 6 (on time for once hahaha)! The key shapes were definitely harder than the actual body of the Klefki, but I think it appreciates having some keys of its own.


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

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Yo hey u fab artist u, I gotta a question. Um, I kinda want to start an artblog but I don't really do digital art, and I think not all of ur art is digital, so how do u get good quality pics of traditional art? When I try to take pictures it looks fuzzy, and u can't really see the lines that well, or its just bad quality and then I don't want to post it. Any tips on how to fix that?

Hey you, fab anon!

It’s great that you want to start your own art blog. I think every artist should do that, even if they think they’re not good enough, because, after a while, your followers and even yourself will be able to see how much you’ve improved and the best part is that they can be witnesses of your growth.

As you said, most of my art is traditional; I love black and white drawings with ink and coloring with comic markers, and, to be honest, it’s a huge challenge to get the digital image to look as good as the original piece.

I don’t usually “take pictures” of them. I use a scanner connected to a pc or a laptop where I edit them using photoshop. I you use photoshop, it’s important to know how to use the infinite editing options that the program offers.

Start with the image adjustments and play with the options there; learn what each of them do to your piece and think of how do you want to turn out. Do you want to change the colors? Or do you want to look as much as possible as your original piece?

An usual problem is that the whites aren’t as white as the paper so you can use ‘levels’ to fix that, even to darken the colors as much as you want, making the contrast more visible. 

To fix the colors (if they’re not as cool as on your original piece) use ‘selective color’ to fix each color separately: reds, yellows, greens… even neutrals, blacks and whites. Be careful to not to change them too much, being subtle is better.

 If you see that your image is too yellowish or too blueish use 'color balance’ to fix it (remember to use the complementary color to do it).

If you’re not happy with the results, I encourage you to keep playing around with the options! If you’re inexperienced I assure you that you will improve in no time.

It is true that some times I take pictures of them, the stickers I make, for example. If you don’t own a scanner you will have to use a camera to show your art to the rest of the world. My first advice: don’t try to use it as a scanner, don’t try to take pictures to make them look like you scanned them, all straight and from above the piece. For aesthetic purposes, you can set the materials you used to create your art next to it, like pencils, pens, markers… 

The key is to try to make your pictures as bright as possible and the colors vibrant. If you can get to make the picture clear enough to to make the strokes of the pen, marker or brush, visible, even better. Because that is what is so cool about traditional art, that you don’t have to fake the texture of the paint or the paper.

The most important things:

Light! Take the picture during day light. Use a lamp if you feel like you need to to fill the shadows from the opposite side of the window, but have in mind that natural light will give you a blueish color on the paper while the bulb light will add a yellowish one.

Editing! If you use your phone to take the picture I’m sure you will have some apps to edit pictures. Try to turn up the exposure and the contrast to make the whites even whiter and the blacks even blacker xD

Filters! If your drawing is a black and white piece you can alway try to use a b/w filter!

And the most important thing: CLEAN THE LENSES before taking the picture! It has happened to me before that the camera was filthy and it took me a while to realice why my pictures were so shitty lmao.

Sadly, in the end, the quality of your camera has a lot to do with the final results.

I hope this will help you! And if you start your art blog, don’t forget to send me the link because i will love to follow it!!

Commish for Chicky 
Aaahh I went overboard and stuff, I’m sorry that it took so long chicky I wanted to make it nice for you ahsuidff and I kept adding stuff and now it ended up like this wahhhh I hope you like it tho!
Well they are about to do something and I hope the person who cleans this limousine knows what he is doing /laughs

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I just saw the post about your OC and I am, wow, so in awe, I don't know why but I couldn't move my eyes from the picture of Adrian and Sura ?? I was so mesmerized because THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HIM JUST ENDED ME. You nailed the love expression so well I was almost in tears and had just the urge to hug someone i love on the spot WITH ONLY A PICTURE I JUST CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH YOUR ART MARKED ME skvpjbjp i'm really sorry i wish i had money to commission you bc i really want to see more of them ;_;

AFDJSKLS TEAR SLIDING DOWN MY FACE I’M SO.HAPPY???? YOU’RE TOO KIND THANK YOU FOR LIKING THAT PIC OF MY OCS IT MEANS A LOT. Actually I had lots of them LMAO I DID SAY THEY’RE MY BELOVED KIDS but I usually only share them with my friend (which is Sura’s owner) ashdk here have a pic I did for their anniversary this year as a bonus(???)

Now that I think of it why do I always draw them in similar pose (and clothes) what even is creativity

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yo! if you want to be someones baby girl you better start posting more pics and less shit we can't even see a pic of you without going through your sea of shit reposts

Well you didn’t have to be so mean …😞im trying my hardest to keep up :(

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Some times I feel really guilty for shipping Camren, like I went through my blog and un-liked a lot of Camren so it is far down the line, and I stopped re-blogging things that say Camren. But then I see a gif of them looking at each other and I wonder why the world has to be so unfair that these two can't both be out and be together!!! I then feel bad for thinking Camila is gay when she hasn't said she is, then I see the pic of her all in white walking with Sofi & I think 'yep, GAY!' :-)

As long as you don’t address Camila and Lauren directly about it and you’re being respectful to other ships then there’s no reason for you to feel guilty - I don’t feel guilty because at the end of day I support Camila  no matter what, I just want her happiness, and my gaydar as well as a few other thousands so happen to strongly suggest she might find it with a girl - I guess only time will tell

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That new pic of Bilbo is so sweet, you draw anatomy very well :D Out of interest have you ever drawn Thorin like that? I can't recall. I'm curious to know what your idea of his body type is.

Awww, thank you, that really means a lot to me!  You see, I have “figure phobia” which is the depressing cycle of being afraid to draw the human form because I suck at drawing it, but I also know perfectly well that I’ll never get better unless I practice.  I have several such cycles when it comes to my art, and I’m slowly trying to work through all of them.

I don’t believe I’ve drawn a mostly unclothed figure of Thorin, but it’s funny you bring this up, because I’ve been debating his body type lately. I’m not really familiar with the technical terms for body types, but google has never led me astray *cough cough*, so I’m going to say he’s “Builtfat”.  I want him to have softness to his form, but he’s still muscular.  And I also picture him having a larger upper body with smaller hips, so more of a triangular shaped figure.  He’ll have a bit of a belly, but not like Bilbo.

I decided on this body type based on my personal ideal version of “Everybody lives, nobody dies”. For me, Thorin would stay in Erebor, and as a king and warrior he’s going to keep up with his training to make sure he’s always battle ready. But I also feel that dwarves are generally stocky, so they’re all different variations of adorably chubby.  That’s why I’ve been leaning more towards this middle ground body type.  Also, stocky, slightly chubby men with beards are attractive to me, so yeah. ^___^

Swiss Army Man is one of the most mindfuck movie I could see in my life.

How could I even describe it……… dumb but beautiful, ridiculous but touching, embarrassing but funny, making no sense but coherent…..

Does it mean anything for you? me neither x)
but it’s been a while I haven’t laughed that much in front of a movie, and most than that, it really makes me feel good inside, like it can make you see the good things of life :’)

Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano truly shine in this movie and I have to say it but, this duet became one of my most favourite ‘brotp’ in cinema. 

Also, the music are just so much original, you will actually want to sing them then.

So yeah, this movie is very special.

And like one of the character said it so well, 

“What the fuck?”


Ah~ I can’t wait for this to happen in the next ep… eh? wAIT!– what exactly do you mean this-never-happened!?? ( ಠ_ಠ)

…behold my lame attempt to fluff my suffering away


*puts on temporary glitter tattoo and takes selfies*

My Irving Plaza Pictures on flickr

I had been trying to decide if I wanted to share all my pictures from the concert or not but since I won’t be able to be at the Boston show I thought it would be nice to share mine and hope someone at Boston will take some and share so I can feel like I was there.  

So HERE is my flickr album with 450+ photos I took at Irving. I didn’t do any fancy editing or anything special so while I think most turned out pretty well there are some blurry ones that I kept bc I still thought they were good enough to see what was going on or how adorable and/or sexy Aaron was being haha. You can download/use the pics if you want just link the source if you do is all I ask.  Enjoy


Yarny Mark and Yarny Jack went on an adventure today! :D

Aaaah, finally managed to take a few shots of them and uploading them! (honestly, the universe was against me. First I ran out of yarn, then it starts raining after months of drought and then Tumblr wouldn’t upload the pictures. What the hell)
I wish I could give these to Mark and Jack in person, but that’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon since conventions are way too far away from where I live :( Oh well, I’m gonna meet them someday and they’ll get their own personal Yarnys! :D
Also, special thanks to my mum who’s sewn Jack’s hat! Couldn’t have done this without her help! ^_^

Jin; Worth It

❝second one to the series, Mama Jin! ^3^
►1093 words | scenario, fluff, for you series
© (photo credit)

With another swipe, he stands back and taps the glass firm enough for the driver to get the message and he gives a bow before he says, “Please proceed to pay at the counter,” And then the car drives off before he starts on the other incoming car that’s been waiting in line after being drenched in water. He sighs and tosses the sponge into the pail and picks up the hose, flicking it and tugging it properly before he gets the signal that he can begin and he does. He fluffs the whole car with soap, barely visible to the eye if there’s anyone inside and that’s the whole point.

He switches off the tap and places it down before he continues his job by picking up the sponge to begin on this very car and his eyes catch the hands of time and he sighs—it’s barely the evening and he’s already dead tired.

However, it doesn’t bring his spirits down at the thought of the youngest, having it harder than he is and he brushes himself up, fastens his pace and he’s cleaning the car twice as fast than before—not realizing that it’s going to hurt like hell later on.

By the time the thirtieth car rolls in, Seokjin’s feeling that his muscles are sore and his arms are going to break. Cross that, he doesn’t even know what number car this is or how many cars he’s been scrubbing so far because all he knows is he progresses from the front, left, back, right and tires and then he’ll spray it all off before tapping it again and again and again.

He groans as he pulls himself up because just how many cars need washing?! He’s about to slip and fall when he realizes that fuck, the floor is still wet from the previous car and he’s not ready to get injured now and when he braces himself for the fall, he notices how the driver is staring at him with wide eyes and he closes his own because no, no, no. But, in that millisecond that he feels his heart is about to stop from the shock, it doesn’t as his eyes open to meet with a smile that oh well, stops his heart. He gapes at you when you catch him and he looks like he has just seen a ghost when you direct him back to the chair, “Clumsy even when you’re working,” You coo, using the sleeve of your shirt to dab his forehead and he sighs, immediately melting from your touch, “W-What are you doing here?” The words are mumbled, just leaving his lips but his arms are already snaking around your waist, and it feels familiar.

“Here to save the day,” You answer, brushing off his arms and he’s whining, “You just got here,”

“And your customer is about to file a complaint if you don’t—“ His arms quickly retreat, “Good,” You pat his head and then give him a quick kiss to shut him up and you tell him to keep a look out because if his boss comes back around, you’re going to pretend that you were ‘now only’ trying to help. He tries to protest but when you toss a rag at his way, he lets out a huff of exhale before allowing himself to sit in place as he watches you clean the car.

Then it comes to the part where you’re almost bending over the car and his eyes widen before he springs up faster than light. He darts towards you and yanks you away, hurriedly stealing the sponge from your hand, “I-I’ll clean, I feel fine,” He shoves the rag into your hands and you have creases on your forehead, “What—“

He clears his throat and glances at your body, you glance down and notice that shit, that’s what he’s worried about and you place an arm over your chest, “No one’s going to look!”

“Yeah, says the guy in the car who’s been watching you since you got here,” He grumbles, shooing you away, “Go wait there, my shift’s almost done,”

“But I—“

He almost calls your name in a threatening manner that you flinch, making sure that you get the message and you do. You back off slowly but you made sure you lightly kicked his shin before dashing off. He shakes his head at you with a grin, glancing over his shoulder when he watches you run off to get your hands clean and possibly hide in the bathroom for a while—funny, you’re like his source of energy; watching you smile, hearing you laugh, it’s enough for him. He hears a honk and it startles him so he faces to the driver’s seat and narrows his eyes at the guy when he swears this guy was checking you out earlier on.

“Little shit, let’s see how you spot this scratch later.”

It’s in the comfort of home he looks forward to the most, in your arms, the moonlight illuminating the whole room—it should be the definition of perfection. “You didn’t have to,” He murmurs in your hair, his arms loosely around your waist and you ask what? He sighs and straightens his back, looking down on you the same time you decide to tilt your chin up, “You don’t have to come to my workplace… temporary workplace—it’s just for a while more,”

“Until your back aches and you can’t walk properly?”

He rolls his eyes but resorts to softens his tone, “You know…”

He stares at you until you agree to not come anymore; not because he doesn’t want you to, because it’s him getting paid and it wouldn’t be fair for you to be helping him, girlfriend or not, no. He shakes his head when you try to pull out that look—one that makes you look like the world’s most pitiful puppy, “No, no, that is not going to work,”

“Can’t I come… say, every other day, then?”

“How about you stay home where when I return every day I’ll be seeing you instead?” He suggests, seeing how you’re so close to giving in but being the little fighter you are, you’re trying to not try when he doesn’t want you to. He leans in and steals a kiss, one, two, three, five until you push him away with a breathless fine and he grins, leaning in for more that hm, maybe waiting for him at the end of the day, wouldn’t be as bad.


how does alackofghosts make these pixels cuter each time?? i suspect witchcraft

This amazingly cute and pretty Maglor is for snuskens‘ birthday! I’m sorry he’s so late, but he’s done now :) I don’t know how well you can see it in the picture, but while the rest of the threads are DMC as per usual, I used Kreinik #4 braid 221 (Antique Gold) for all his jewellery to make them shiny :)

My hips have always been my biggest source of frustration in terms of my body image. I always wished that I could just cut them off so that dresses didn’t sit on them like a big shelf.

The other night I was feeling a little defeated and like I had hit a plateau. I decided to take some progress pictures and compare them to my first pictures I took around the time when I began my fitness journey to see what the difference was.
When I put these two pictures side by side, I was TOTALLY surprised. I could not believe that my body has transformed that much and that my curves are now something that I enjoy and embrace.
I just kept thinking “oh my gosh…that’s me! Like I literally just took that photo, and I like what I see!”

So happy and proud of myself for this #transformationtuesday. If you would have told me 10 months ago that I would love my body, consistently eat well and LOVE going to the gym, I would have said you were crazy. Yet here I am, doing all of those things :)

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