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I always imagine Draco gardening, (idk because he gardened with his mom when he was little maybe?) anyway, now I've imagined Harry coming to see Draco, spotting him with dirt on his cheek and knees scuffed from the ground. I can't decide how Harry would react though. Would he think it's cute? Out of character? Weird?

As Harry walks down the stone steps into Draco’s garden, he can’t help but feel as if he is trespassing upon a scene he isn’t meant to see.

He’d known he wasn’t due at Draco’s til half past noon but he’d been bored and restless at his flat alone, and if truth be told he’d missed Draco something terrible after a week away on assignment.  So on a whim he’d tried to use the floo a few hours early and had been pleasantly surprised to find Draco had left the connection open for him.

Except when he’d stepped out into the lounge he’d not seen Draco anywhere.  He’d called out for him, and poked around his house, but there was no sign of him anywhere.  Harry had almost started to worry that something might be wrong until he’d noticed the kitchen door ajar which had led him out into the dewy, sunlit garden.  

It was unusually warm for this time of year and Harry had only expected to find Draco enjoying the sunshine.  He mostly definitely hadn’t expected to find Draco on his knees amongst a bed of flowers; his sleeves rolled up and grass stains on his knees.  But what Harry found most startling was the sight of Draco bent over on his hands and knees, a line of sweat dripping down his neck and his long, elegant fingers digging into the dark, rich soil.

Harry wasn’t sure why he found it so shocking, he’d known Draco liked to take care of his own flowers.  He’d told him as much on their third date, mentioning how he used to tend to the flowers in the garden with his mother as a child.   He’d said it casually enough at the time as if it was nothing, but Harry had known then it was Draco’s way of revealing something very intimate about himself to Harry.  The significance of that small comment had not been lost on him.

However there was a big difference between knowing Draco liked to garden and seeing him work the earth with his bare hands.  Harry wasn’t sure what it was exactly, all he knew was that the sight before him made his clothes feel too small and his heart feel too big.

And so when Draco abruptly stands a moment later, embarrassed and rubbing his hands on his pants Harry nearly sprints across the garden, pressing Draco back against the stone wall and tangling his fingers into Draco’s and holding on as if trying to anchor himself.  There is something different about this kiss, something raw and desperate and Harry dimly wonders if Draco feels as exposed as he does.

“If I’d have known you liked to see me dirty I might’ve invited you over to watch me garden a long time ago,” Draco teases when they finally stop kissing, his eyes locked on Harry with a gentle fondness that makes his chest ache.

“I love you,” Harry whispers quite suddenly.

Draco doesn’t say anything at first, just blinks a few times and Harry’s stomach drops immediately, wondering if he’s misread the moment.  But then its Draco’s turn to nearly slam Harry back against the wall, kissing him as if his life depends upon it.  

Draco doesn’t say anything, doesn’t say the words back, but his hands tremble as he hold’s onto Harry, pressing messy kisses to his neck and face and just about  anywhere he can reach. 

 And Harry smiles, because Draco hasn’t said the words out loud, but its in his eyes and his touch and his smile, and he knows that Draco is saying it back in his own way.  So Harry closes his eyes, letting Draco’s touches wash over him as he inhales the smell of grass and dirt, memorizing every moment and relishing in the overwhelming sensation of being loved.

Caught  |part 2|

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Genre: Fluff, Mermaid!AU

Word Count: 2,541

Summary: When you decided to help your dad on his fishing boat for the day you never thought you’d end up catching something other than a fish in your net, but when you found yourself looking into the deep brown eyes of a mermaid you don’t know what to think anymore.

A/N: I decided to make it into a mini series of sorts because I really wanted to continue it. Who knows how long it will be though so it might not even be a mini series. Also I’m glad some of you guys actually like this au like it increases my motivation tenfold every time someone reblogs or comments on it I just alkjhdsgkjanksajh. You guys are great thank you so much! 

Part 1

You had told your father that you didn’t know how he ended up getting caught in your net, you just knew that he lost his memory and for some reason was naked. This led him to assume that Taehyung had been in some sort of shipwreck and now, after giving him some clothes to change into, he was driving the ship back to the dock where you said you would take him to the hospital. Which was another lie because how were you going to take him to the hospital when he’s a mermaid? Obviously there have to be some differences in anatomy there. Or did the kiss change all that? 

It was all very confusing and messy and as you stood outside the door of the cabin waiting for the mermaid to change into clothes your father had given him you couldn’t stop thinking about how exactly you would deal with this. As soon as you got to your house you were going to have a long talk with him about what exactly was going on and why a kiss from you gave him legs. 


The sound came from inside the room and truthfully you didn’t want to know what had happened, but you didn’t have a choice. “Are you okay in there?” 

“N-no…How do you wear these, they’re so constricting!” The mermaid complained, and you heard him still struggling with whatever article of clothing he was attempting to wear. Legs were still new to him so he needed help getting to the room and you had hoped he wouldn’t need help getting dressed. 

You sighed, already regretting what you were about to do, and turned around to open the door and attempt to help him. When you opened the door you were prepared to have to see his naked form again but this time you were greeted by the sight of Taehyung laying on the floor partially wearing your father’s large shirt while trying to pull a pair of obviously too big sweatpants up his legs. Fortunately he had managed to already get underwear on so you weren’t as surprised as you had been earlier. 

“If you managed to get the underwear on I don’t see how the rest of this is a problem.” You commented as you walked over to help him get back on the bed and in sitting position. 

Taehyung pouted at you as he sat up and the pants fell to the floor. “I’ve never worn clothes before so everything is a problem.”

“Maybe you should’ve thought about these problems before kissing me then.” You retorted, making him frown.

“I don’t need your help then, I’ll get it on by myself.” You wanted to laugh at how  pouty he sounded but you decided that it wouldn’t help your case with him. 

Grabbing onto the shirt, you straightened it out and helped him put it on right before buttoning it up. Your dad’s shirt was obviously too big on the skinnier man and you thought it looked cute the way it hung on him and swallowed him up. You rolled up the sleeves for him so his hands were visible and when you were finished with that you looked down to the sweatpants that had fallen to his ankles and you realized he had accidentally put both legs in the same hole. “How did you manage to do that when you put on the underwear perfectly fine?” 

“I don’t know, this one was bigger than the underwear it was confusing.” 

You didn’t want to ask how it was confusing for him, instead you reached down and fixed his pants then helped him pull them up before finally settling and looking at him, ready to talk about serious things. “Now that thats finished, whats the deal with the whole kiss thing?” 

His eyes went wide and he started to nibble on his bottom lip as he looked away from you. “Ah, the kiss? Well I needed someone human to kiss me so I could get these.” He patted his thighs for emphasis. 

“Why did you need someone to kiss you? Was I the first human you came across and you decided that I would be the perfect person to trick?” Your question was a bit passive aggressive now that you heard it out loud but you didn’t care. 

“You weren’t the first human I came across, but you are the first person to actually kiss me. A lot of humans don’t seem to take kindly to someone rising from the ocean and asking for a kiss and I learned that the hard way.” 

You laughed at his story, imagining how confused the poor people he came across must’ve been when they encountered a random man in the ocean requesting a kiss. Did they know he was a mermaid or did they just see his top half and figure he was a creep? Either way the visual was funny in your head. 

“The kiss must’ve been something really important to you if you were willing to just approach random humans to get it.” 

He whipped his head to look at you and his brown eyes held yours as he smiled  brightly. “It is very important to me! The most important thing! I’m very thankful for you [Y/N], because you helped me get it!” 

For a moment you wanted to be happy for him because the joy on his face was infectious and made you want to smile. But then you remembered that he had stolen the kiss from you and overall you were still suspicious about the kiss and what exactly he would gain from getting legs. It made you feel a bit bitter and brought backache memory of the salty taste of the ocean from his lips. You cringed just thinking about it. 

“Just don’t do it again. Its really rude to just kiss somebody without their consent.”

His smile faded and he nodded as he looked back down to his feet. “I know, I’m sorry about that. I just really needed it and I was sure you were my only chance. I really feel like you’re the one.” 

The one? The one for what? Before you could answer the door to the room swung open and you looked over to see your dad standing there, looking at the two of you warily. “We’re docked now so you should get going if you’re gonna take him to the hospital.” 

“Alright, we’ll go.” You stood and looked over to Taehyung to offer a hand because you knew he was still unsteady on his new legs and would need help getting off the boat and all the way to your car. He grabbed your hand with his much larger one and you helped him hoist himself up onto his feet. From there you went up to the top deck and helped him down to the dock. He did most of the work but you could see how much effort he had to put into it with the way his face contorted in pain when he put a little bit too much pressure on his legs.

Eventually you got him all the way to your car which, thankfully, wasn’t too far away. You put him in the car and then made sure to tell your dad you would take him to the hospital and call him when you got home. When your dad walked away you started your car and drove toward your home. 

As soon as you started driving you noticed the excitement on Taehyung’s face and you realized this would have been the first time he got to ride in a car. He was absolutely delighted with the wide boxy smile on his face giving away his joy, he pressed his face against the window, like it would give him a closer look at the buildings and people he passed. 

“I’ve always seen these but I never thought I would actually ride in one.” He said and looks back over at you and for a second before biting his lip and turning back to the window. 

You lowered the window all the way down to give him a look behind the glass and even if you didn’t think he could get happier he did. He put his head partially out so he could feel the wind against his face and let it blow his blond hair gently. Although you had wanted to stay neutral towards him right now you couldn’t help but  look at him and find him cute. 

As you drove past stores fronts and restaurants Taehyung took it upon himself to lean out the window at every stop sign or red light and yell a friendly“Hello!” to passersby. To you it was a bit embarrassing but for him it was like his first ever interactions with the human world and humans that weren’t you or your father and he couldn’t be more excited. It was kind of cute to see him so excited but your embarrassment out weighed the cute and as soon as you could you sped up, hoping to get to your home faster. 

Once you actually did get there you sighed in relief before proceeding to help Taehyung into your apartment building. 

“You live here?” He asked and stared in amazement at the building that towered over him. 

You shrugged as well as you could from your position under his arm. “I live in one of the units here. Its an apartment building, lots of people can live in one huge building like this.”

Taehyung continued to look up at the building for a bit until you ushered him into the lobby of the building. Once inside you were glad to see the elevator was available because you were not going to use the stairs to drag this tall man up to the fifth floor of the building to the apartment when half the time you didn’t have the stamina to drag yourself up the stairs either.

The two of you got in the elevator and were accompanied by a little old lady that you recognized because she lived a couple doors down from you. You gave her a friendly smile that she returned before you pressed the button for the fifth floor and the elevator doors began to close. You and Taehyung stood on one side while the older lady stood on the other and for a second it was a peaceful ride until you recognized the smell. 

You really couldn’t tell anything was wrong until you noticed the woman scrunching up her nose and trying her hardest to stealthily block her nose with her finger. Thats when you decided to take a whiff and you were hit with the intense smell of fish. You wanted to gag, but held it in out of politeness and instead you pinched your nose with your fingers so you wouldn’t smell it. 

Looking over at Taehyung, you found that he wasn’t disturbed by the smell at all and was instead in awe at the elevator, looking at the buttons and the mirrors surrounding the walls. Maybe he was used to the smell of fish because he lived among them? 

Finally the elevator beeped and the doors opened on your floor, letting fresh air into the tight space and freeing the poor old lady from the smell. She hustled down the hall to her door as you pulled Taehyung from pushing any buttons on the elevator and helped him walk the few feet to your familiar door, the gold 507 was slightly rusted but always a sight that relaxed you because you recognized it as home. 

You fished in your pants pocket for your keys and when you reached them you quickly unlocked your door because Taehyung was leaning on your shoulder and it was beginning to become uncomfortable and the smell of fish was more potent than ever. Finally, when you were in the house you sat him down on your old couch and plopped down beside him, to rest for a minute before deciding to do something about that smell. 

“This smell is killing me we need to bathe.” You sighed as you struggled to convince yourself to stand again as your laziness set in. 

“What smell?” Taehyung quirked his eyebrow and leaned over to sniff you. 

“We smell of fish, but you probably can’t tell because you don’t know what fish smell like.” Now that you think about it you don’t know how you didn’t notice earlier considering he was literally rolling in fishing earlier. Maybe this whole thing about him being a mermaid was enough to distract you from such a pungent smell. Either way you’d like to get rid of it before your roommate gets home. 

“I know what fish smell like!” 

“Really? Well what do they smell like?” 


“I mean……You got me there.” You shrugged before pushing yourself off the couch and helping Taehyung to the bathroom where you sat him on the toilet. With him sitting there you turned to the tub to start running water and then turned back to him. 

“Alright well to bathe you just….like wash your body with this soap thoroughly and you won’t smell anymore hopefully. You might have to wash a few more times though considering you lived with fish and then rolled around in them on the boat.” You explained 

Taehyung nodded. “Do I do this without the clothes?” 

“Yes, I can wash the clothes separately in my washing machine you just have to wash your body.” 

“Why can’t I just wash my clothes and my body at the same time.” 

You stopped for a moment about to question: why can’t you wash your clothes and your body at the same time? Before shaking the question from your thoughts. You might be going crazy. “It just doesn’t work that way, anyway, you can just get in the tub, take your clothes off, and wash until the smell of fish is completely gone. I have other things to do so call if you need anything.” 

Before he could say anything else you turned the bath water off and left the bathroom to go get some more clothes for him from your roommate’s room. While you were there you decided to send a quick text to let him know you were just borrowing some of his clothes for a bit. 

To: Sweet Stuff 

I’m borrowing some clothes! I won’t take anything expensive, love you! :)

You decided that was good enough and started going through his drawers for something not expensive and something that would fit Taehyung’s long body, when suddenly you heard a loud splash come from the bathroom. In your mind you were hoping he just slipped and caused some water to spill but didn’t accidentally knock himself out somehow. 

“[Y/N]!” Taehyung called and you sighed heavily before going back to the bathroom. You didn’t even hesitate this time before swinging the door open and looking straight at Taehyung and his…tail that was hanging out the other end of the bathtub. 

“Uh….I think I’m going to need another kiss.” He smiled sheepishly.

You could practically feel your soul leave your body. 

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Hey there! I just saw you asking for prompts (and hell, am I embarassed to ask you off-anon) but uhh.. What about Lance playing sappy songs on his ukulele in the middle of the night in front of a window because he thinks it's his current crush's window? But turns out it isn't and instead Keith/Hunk/Shiro's living there (I love all the ships equally, I just can't choose one haha) and yeah.. (ofc only if you like the idea idk, have a day as amazing as you are~ <3)

Hello! And don’t be embarrassed, it’s no foible at all. This is just too cute and I’m so glad that you sent this my way!

I’m think I’m going to go with shance because it’s my (not so) secret favorite!

It was a normal night just like any other.

Shiro got home after classes to see his room mate, Hunk, working in the kitchen on some new recipe for his culinary classes.

“Hey Shiro!”

“Hey Hunk, what’re you making now?”

“A filling for these cannoli that will taste like strawberries and kiwi, mind tasting it for me?”

Hunk holds out a small table spoon with a dollop of said cream, Shiro leans over the counter and takes the spoon into his mouth, getting a smooth flavor of strawberries and….. mangos?
“The strawberry is definitely there, but I actually taste mango instead of kiwi. Still crazy good though.”

The best thing about living with a culinary student, especially a food genius like Hunk, is that Shiro gets to taste test all of his food. Of course they only really eat Hunk’s cooking; after an unfortunate incident with the fire department and a ruined stove, Shiro isn’t allowed to cook in the kitchen without Hunk there.

Shiro plops down on to the couch and decompresses from the excessive hours of classes he takes day after day, glad that the weekend was finally here.

He slips off his shoes and flips the tv on, putting the volume on low as background noise to fill the silence. He closes his eyes, expecting to fall asleep to the sound of the news whispering in the back of his mind. But he doesn’t hear just the news.

“Wise men say….”

Shiro looks up and sees that the tv is on the news, taking about the most craziest thing ‘president’ trump is trying to do.

“Only fools rush in….”

There it is again, but it’s not from the tv.

“Hey Hunk, are you playing music?”

“Noooo? Why do you ask?”

“I’m hearing something playing.”

Shiro gets up and looks around, trying to figure out what’s playing the song.

“But I can’t help falling in love with you.”

The window. That’s where it seems to be coming from. Did one of their neighbors forget to turn off their car?

Shiro pulls the blinds and looks out the window to see that it actually wasn’t any kind of radio or phone playing the music.

It was a guy.

Standing in front of their apartment.

Singing while playing on his guitar one of the snappiest love songs anyone knows.

And he was pretty cute.

Shiro opens the window and he can clearly hear the guitar now, as well as the guys voice. It was clear and strong, going from note to note easily blending together as he continues to sing in front of their window, not even noticing that the window was open. Shiro calls out to the guy, startling him out of singing and looking over to Shiro, looking almost surprised that Shiro was there in the first place.

“Hey, nice singing!”

It took the guy a couple of seconds to say something to Shiro.

“Ummmmm, thanks? Uh, is Jason there?”

Jason? As far as Shiro knew, there wasn’t any Jason that even lived in their apartment complex.

“There’s no Jason living here, sorry.”

Now the guy looks definitely confused.

“You sure? Is he in a different apartment?”

“Sorry, as far as I know, there’s no Jason living in the complex.”


shiro can’t help but smile at the state of embarrassment the other guy is in. He ended singing love songs to a complete stranger, thinking that it was someone else. The blush that Shiro can see on his face looks really nice. Let alone the fact that the setting sun is making the guy’s already bronze skin seem aflame and way too heavenly. Shiro can’t help but want to know this guy more. Maybe Hunk wouldn’t mind inviting in a stranger, at least give him something for his troubles.

“Well, I’ll leave you alone, sorry for-”

No. Shiro didn’t want him to leave.

“My name is Shiro.” Shiro rushes out, hoping to catch the guy’s attention and make him stay longer.


“Well Lance, do you want to come in and grab something to eat before you go?”

Lance stands there, looking a bit shocked that Shiro had invited him in, a complete stranger. He shakes off the shock and seems to be thinking over Shiro’s offer.

“Thanks man, but I don’t really want some strangers pity. I’m already embarrassed enough as it is.”

“It’s not exactly pity if I really want to get to know you better, right?”

Lance just looks at Shiro, some guy whose hanging out of his window, flirting with him. It’s kinda strange being on the receiving end of it.

Shiro adds in “ plus my roommate is a culinary genius and is making some awesome cannolies right now.”

That seems to win Lance over as he walks over and climbs through the window, shooing Shiro out of the way.

“You know, you could have gone through the door, right?” Shiro laughs out, enjoying the blush that covers Lance’s face once again.
“Oh….yeah, right the door.” Lance mumbles out, placing his guitar by the window. Shiro only chuckles, leading Lance into the kitchen, much to Hunk’s surprise. But after a explanation, Hunk happily gives Lance some of his cannolies, a knowing look on his face that just screams “you like him don’t you” shiro simply shrugs, a look of innocence trying to stay on his face as Lance raves about his good Hunk’s cooking is.

That night all three of them hanged out; laughing, talking about their lives, eating Hunk’s cooking and drinking whatever soda or alcohol in the fridge, and even playing Mario kart til late into the night.

that night, Lance left with two new friends, a new crush, and two new phone numbers to add to his contact list. He can’t wait to hang out with them again soon. Especially Shiro.


Viola! I do not recommend going into strangers houses, no matter how well it ended for Lance. I hope you enjoy it!

Hajime’s phone buzzed. He flipped it open to find a single text from Oikawa.

“Iwa-chan, Iwa-chan! Mom finally learned how to scan old photos and send them by email!”

Hajime scrunched his eyebrows, confused. “Why’re you telling me that now?” he typed as he buttoned up his white shirt.

His phone buzzed again. 

She sent me this!”

He felt tempted to tell Oikawa that he’d be late if he kept wasting time sending him nonsense messages, but he stopped when he saw the file attached to it. 

“Where’d you even get this?”

“Told you, Mom had it stored somewhere and she finally learned how to put her in her cellphone and send it to me.”

Hajime clicked on the photo to enlarge it and put down the phone on the bureau where he could see the screen while he tucked his shirt inside his black pants. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

It was a photo of him with Oikawa when they were barely eight months old. They were both sitting on the carpeted floor of Oikawa’s playroom, wearing matching dark blue onesies with a UFO print. The alien craze ran deep in the Oikawa family. Hajime had seen millions of photos of them as children, and had vivid memories of how Oikawa’s face had changed over the many years they’d been friends, but he couldn’t help smiling seeing the photo.

His phone buzzed again just as he finished buckling his black belt.

“I still have that onesie, and you?”

He put the phone down again to fix his mint-blue necktie around his neck and think about it.

“Dunno, maybe Mum has it.” he’d never been the kind to get too attached to his clothes. He outgrew them and got rid of them, end of the story. But his mom kept a lot of his childhood memorabilia, so there was a chance she had it.

“How rude! How can you be so careless about a precious memory of our childhood?”

Hajime sighed and put on a cream-colored waistcoat. Oikawa sent another message before he could think of anything to reply.

“Mom says they bought us a lot of matching clothes, isn’t that cute?”

Hajime smiled again, wider than before. It was so like Oikawa to get hung up on something so simple and silly.

“We’ve gone to the same school since forever so we’ve been wearing matching clothes all along, anyway.” he typed, buttoning up his black jacket and fixing the lapels, his fingers trembling a little.

Oikawa’s reply came barely a second later


Hajime looked at his face on the mirror one more time, making one last attempt to make his hair look presentable and grabbed a white rose bud from the bureau and pinned it to the lapel of his jacket. He saw on the screen that Oikawa was typing something, but the clock showed he would be late if he waited to see what it was, so he just typed “I’m going out now.” and exited the room, leaving his phone behind.

The device buzzed once more with Oikawa’s last message:

“It’s like it was fate!!”

“Iwa-chan, I just realized something!!” Oikawa whispered excitedly.

Hajime glared at him. He could sense something stupid coming from Oikawa’s mouth. Would it be bad if he smacked Oikawa in front of everyone now? It definitely would.

“We’re wearing matching clothes today too!” Oikawa continued, not waiting for Hajime to show any interest in his poorly timed discovery.

Hajime glanced at Oikawa, his eyes roaming over the smooth ivory suit, the royal blue necktie (such a flashy color, exactly like Oikawa) and the cream-colored waistcoat peeking over the last button of the jacket. His eyes then went to the white rose bud that somehow stood out against the pale color of the lapel.

“Not quite.” Hajime replied quietly, eyeing the judge, wondering if they would get in trouble for arguing during the ceremony.

“How rude Iwa-chan, we totally are.” Oikawa pouted

Hajime rolled his eyes and grabbed Oikawa’s left hand to slide a golden band down his ring finger. Oikawa then did the same thing to him. His touch was soft and gentle like silk, and Hajime felt himself blush.

“Like I said, it was totally fate.”

“You may now kiss the groom.”

“For heaven’s sake, Tooru, shut up already.” Hajime snapped, grabbing Tooru by the collar of his shirt and pulling him down to kiss the nonsense out of his husband’s mouth.

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the rfa +v and unknown reacting to taking the garter off mc at wedding reception! nsfw pls! if you do that!!

I didn’t notice the nsfw pls part until I was halfway through and I’m so sorry I wasn’t sure how nsfw to go ༼ : ౦ ‸ ౦ : ༽

I also changed the one for Jaehee bec I realize there are also lots of people who don’t like the tradition and I kinda just wanted to see that instead


  • where did your new husband go
  • is that a tomato
  • why is there a tomato standing where he was
  • oh wait no it’s just yoosung
  • so sweet as he kneels down and gently takes your leg
  • leaves a kiss on your knee “I love you”
  • takes the garter between his teeth and pulls it down
  • so red as he throws it to the crowd but also so happy because he’s finally married to you


  • he smirks up at you and immediately you’re on your guard because that can’t be good
  • doesn’t do anything beyond nuzzling the skin on your leg at first
  • then he just presses a kiss to the inside of your thigh before taking the garter between his teeth and pulling it down
  • you’re very confused because
  • ???
  • that’s it?
  • yes, that’s it
  • you thought he’d do more than that considering his expression before
  • but no, that’s all he does
  • zen tosses it to the crowd before bending down to whisper in your ear
  • “I’m reserving it all for later.”
  • and oh


  • you both decide not to do the garter toss anymore
  • you do just the bouquet toss instead
  • both of you
  • jaehee seemed uncomfortable with the tradition and tbh you weren’t exactly keen on keeping it yourself so it was fine
  • it wasn’t like it had to be in your wedding anyway
  • you both have a lot of fun doing the bouquet toss
  • it’s for all the guests
  • including the male ones
  • if they wanted to participate of course
  • which they did
  • you both do it at the same time and you turn to look at jaehee and she just looks so happy and so pretty standing there in her wedding dress with her arms raised to throw the bouquet
  • it was incredibly funny turning around to see who caught them
  • guess who
  • first hint: it’s cat mom
  • second hint: it’s cat allergy man
  • it was a good day for a wedding


  • you had a feeling jumin was going to use his teeth to remove it since he usually likes to tease you
  • but surprisingly he chose to use hands
  • somehow it makes you more nervous
  • and you were right to feel that way
  • you don’t know how but he manages to make it the world’s most subtle foreplay
  • or at least it feels that way to you
  • to the guests it just looks like a man having a private conversation with his wife as he worships her leg in their own little world
  • but to you it’s your husband whispering filthy little promises into your skin as he more or less just caresses everything he can touch
  • some of the guests begin to catch on, or at least have some idea that he’s doing something because “What’s that jerk Jumin Han doing? Why is MC turning so red?” 
  • it’s been years and zen and jumin have gotten better but sometimes they still act like ten year olds
  • jumin just smirks up at you as he removes the garter and tosses it to the crowd
  • “Don’t worry, I plan to keep every single promise I made earlier.”
  • lord help you


  • your legs are actually very ticklish for some reason
  • seven 100% knows this
  • and he’s also 100% going to use this against you
  • why this is your wedding night why is he using something against you in the first place
  • he kinda just grabs your leg first??
  • seven what
  • then he’ll start with slow teasing strokes up and down your thigh
  • you try to push him away because it tickles but he still continues
  • his hand is drifting farther up than where the garter is supposed to be
  • and oh you’re turning red now 
  • seven please
  • he leaves kisses all over where his hands have been
  • you bite your lip both in nervousness and arousal
  • nervousness because hello you’re still surrounded by guests who have increasingly knowing looks by now zen stop smirking at me
  • arousal because this is way more sensual than it’s supposed to be
  • finally he grabs it by his teeth and pulls it down
  • drops it in his hand and leaves one last kiss on your knee before standing up to show the crowd
  • everyone’s cheering but you can see some of them smirking at you because they knew full well what seven was probably doing down there
  • seven you’re going to pay for this later tonight
  • you two had a fun first night as a married couple


  • another leg worshipper
  • except this one isn’t out to tease you but to legitimately show you how much he loves you
  • so sweet
  • so tender
  • like
  • he’s literally just worshiping your leg as he removes your garter
  • leaves kisses everywhere he touches
  • so gentle when he touches you like he’s holding something incredibly precious in his hands
  • chill v that’s just my leg
  • smiles sappily up at you because how did he get so lucky
  • real question is how did you get so lucky as to get him
  • doesn’t even turn around when he tosses the garter because he’s too busy kissing you
  • sweet sweet man
  • he deserves nice things and now he has nice things because of you
  • love him forever


  • oh look another tomato
  • so awkward
  • oh so awkward when he finds out that was a thing
  • he tries to look dignified though but the red face kinda gave him away
  • no one told him
  • almost refuses but he could see everyone else was having a good time so why not
  • it’s just for tonight and he could have fun with this too
  • you made a mistake when you laughed at his reaction it was really cute okay imagine husband saeran flustered because of garter removal
  • because he decides to turn it around on you
  • he likes to mess around once out of the public eye and your skirt is just perfect for hiding everything 
  • it’s one of those big poofy ones and he takes full advantage of it
  • instead of just lifting the skirt he dives under your it  he was too possessive to let anyone see that far up
  • takes forever down there 
  • saeran stop we’re in public
  • nope just you he’s safe down there
  • he starts off with a teasing bite way too far above where the garter actually is 
  • then he starts sucking at the skin there leaving a mark
  • then he starts trailing a path of kisses down your leg
  • finally he reaches the garter
  • you feel his teeth teasing you every now and then
  • just hints here and there as he slides the garter down
  • you’re just about ready to pull him out of there yourself
  • then suddenly he’s out
  • saeran you little shit
  • he throws a smug look at the crown when he tosses the garter at them
  • kisses you sweetly afterwards but you can see how much he enjoyed teasing you
  • somehow nobody has any clue what he was doing
  • except maybe seven but he has an all-seeing eye for shit happening around him

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Ok so I recently found your chub nico fic and I liked it a lot, I dunno it was v cute, and anyway I was wondering if u could write something else related to it? Idk what exactly about but it was very cute and also the only one of its kind, so. Do with this what u will. (Also I'm super excited about your wip fics and I hear tell of a WEREWOLF one ooooh can't wait!)

Part 1 (kind of)

Nico still wasn’t a huge fan of mirrors, thought Will made it a point to stand behind him and smile and whisper encouraging words of adoration. The stretch marks were a sore subject for Nico too, though Will often rubbed Shea butter into Nico’s soft skin with promises of it fading the marks some. Nico didn’t really believe him, but it was a nice gesture and he appreciated all of the care Will was willing to put into Nico to make him feel better about himself.

It was still hard sometimes, to be around other boys and see toned lines and hard abs where Nico only had soft padding, but Will seemed to have a sixth sense that told him when Nico was in an uncomfortable situation and he would often appear out of nowhere to whisk Nico away for “medical reasons”. No one really believed the excuse, but no one called Nico or Will out on it, and for that Nico was grateful.

On a particularly rough night, Will found Nico huddled under the covers, all the light off in his cabin despite it only being five in the evening. Will had thought that maybe Nico had been napping, but quiet sniffles told Will that Nico was awake, and probably not in a very good mood. “Neeks?” Will called out softly, wanting to alert Nico of his presence but not scare him.

The huddle of blankets shifted and Will caught a glimpse of a tear stained face before it retreated further under the mound. “Go away,” Nico mumbled quietly, presumably turning his back on Will. Will frowned and walked towards the bed. Despite Nico’s obvious want for solitude, Will didn’t think it would be a very good idea to leave Nico alone. He knew what Nico had done to himself in the past.

Will reached the bed and gently placed a hand on the blanket pile, on what he thought might have been Nico’s shoulder. Nico curled in on himself and sniffled again, and Will had the urge to punch whatever had made his precious boyfriend so upset. “Nico, what’s wrong? What happened?” Will pulled the blankets back so he could look at Nico, watching his boyfriend scrub at his eyes uselessly.

Nico stayed silent for a long time, but Will was more than willing to wait for Nico to work through juts what he wanted to say. “Why don’t I look like Percy?” Will sighed quietly. They had been over this many times, but Will was willing to tell Nico a million times if it meant Nico didn’t have to be upset about it.

“Because you’re not Percy, baby,” Will spoke softly. “Some people are just built differently. It’s because of the same reason why you have black hair instead of blond, and brown eyes instead of black. It’s not a conspiracy against you, darling, it’s just the way you were made. You’re still beautiful, you’re still my boyfriend, and I still love you. You know I don’t care that you don’t have abs. and you shouldn’t care either. You are you.”

Will knew it was going to take a lot more than just one little speech to make Nico’s self-esteem even slightly better, but when Nico smiled slightly and nodded, Will kissed him on the forehead. It was a start.

Soft Nico is very nice

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So I saw this thing on tumblr where Kyoutani works at a flower shop and I've loved it since. Can I have an AU where he meets Yahaba who is a single dad who brings his son to see the bouquets and Kyoutani can't help but love the kid even though Yahaba gets under skin and they fall in love!? Idk it just seems so cute to me!!!

Okay, so I ended up getting kind of into this because I love Kyouhaba so much. I hope you enjoy! (Under the cut for length!) - Admin Dad

“Those flowers are pretty, who are they for?”

The kid looked up at Kyoutani with an intensity that betrayed his missing-toothed smile. Kyoutani couldn’t look at him too long, something about this kid always undid him. He’d lose his nerve, soften and roll over like a lap dog. Maybe it was because the kid was never once afraid of him.

They say kids and animals have a good judge of character, and for Kyoutani the jury was split fifty-fifty. Dogs, cats, even the occasional sparrow would flock to his side, but put a toddler in front of him and the thing would start crying almost immediately. It wasn’t like Kyoutani did anything to entice this behavior. Sure he put up a formidable image, but that was more of a display of strength.

But there was one kid who didn’t cry or hide or put up a front when Kyoutani first met him.

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Every time I see my dog I cry (a lot) bc I love him so much but his getting so old and I know he will die soon and I can't spend time with him bc I cry so much and Idk who else to tell this bc no one else gets it and I thought you might

omg this is SO CUTE and SO funny and i knwo exactly what you mean omfg

like i’ll see smithers sleeping or like idk doing something ANYTHING and sometimes i’ll almost start crying or tears will come to my eyes and im like smiling and pressing my face into him bc hes so cute and Ommmfg

so i know what u mean about the crying but omg im sorry its just so funny imagining someone not being able to see their dog bc they constantly cry whenever theyre with them bc they love them so much omg i love this so much that is SO cute FUCK