you can't really tell in this but she was cryings

Baby Jackson headcanons

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited for this baby

•Okay but Percy is definitely going to be the one crying while holding her

•And the one holding the camera if he so much as thinks she’s going to do something cute

•She looks so much like Sally, it’s insane

•Bath time with Percy is so much fun because he loves splashing the water for her

•Percy is such an over protective big brother, covering all of the outlets, drawers, tables

•She absolutely falls in love with messing with Annabeth’s hair

•While all the other girls in school are playing with dolls, she’s playing with a stuffed shark her brother gave her

•Clarrise sees her one time and falls in love

•Paul is such a cute dad and rants to his students about how cute his daughter is

•Nico picks her up once and doesn’t put her down for two hours


So… I want to point out a few cute things that I noticed in this video

1. When they go out of the restaurante, Selena goes to one side and Demi goes to the other, Demi looks at Selena and it looks like she’s a little bit disapointed that she couldn’t say goodbye to her best friend Love of her life.

2. The camera follows Selena and she remembers that she didn’t say goodbye to her love, (oh what a silly girl you are Gomez)

3. When she turns around Demi wastes no time and walks towards Selena, but wait…

4. Someone is getting in the middle so she tells the man that is getting on her way “Hey, can you move!” so he does and then… *Takes a deep breath*

5. They hug each other so tight that I just can’t handle it, and they say “I love you” to each other…

6. Demi being the amazing girlfriend she is, waits until Selena drives off to get out of the place and follow her beautiful girlfriend

I don’t know about you but I think this is really cute and it just makes me want to set myself on fire.

If I wrote something wrong please let me know and I’ll correct it, Thank you :)

140317 Healing Camp - Taeyeon's Confession
  • Kim Jaedong: Because Taeyeon entered the industry in her 20s, we heard that she felt puberty hit her later.
  • Taeyeon: I made my debut at the age of 19 and with back to back promotions, I spent my days not knowing how the day went by and what do you know, a year, two years would pass by just like that. At times, I forget how old I am. I felt as if I stopped at 21.
  • Lee Kyungkyu: Your age?
  • Taeyeon: Yes. So when people ask me how old I will be this year, it's to the point where I have to think about it because I can't remember.
  • Tiffany: (Whispers) 26.
  • Taeyeon: Yes, I'm 26.
  • Sung Yuri: You still seem like such a baby.
  • Taeyeon: And then we had a year-long hiatus. During that hiatus, I had a lot of time to think to myself that the emptiness gave me. My personality type is the one to keep picking at my scars and I make myself tired from all the stress I cause.
  • Lee Kyungkyu: We heard you drink a lot also.
  • Taeyeon: Y-yes...I don't go out to drink but to help myself sleep better since I can't sleep from all the thoughts running through my mind. I don't drink heavily either, since I'm good with just a glass of beer. When I talk about these hardships with other colleagues, they'll eventually say, "Well, you're SNSD." Even when I speak to my seniors, they tell us that this is the best part of our careers which leaves me feeling as if I can't really tell someone how I feel comfortably.
  • Lee Kyungkyu: (To Hyoyeon) Why are you crying?
  • Hyoyeon: It's because I never knew that a member was having thoughts like that. She (Taeyeon) seems as if she'd tell bit by bit to other members but I wish for her to either open up a little more or tell us more, and increase her time enjoying it with the other members which I think can be a solution to her keeping everything to herself.
  • Taeyeon: That's really the problem with me, that if no one asks me, then I don't tell. But the thing I'm so fortunate for is to be promoting in a group. I don't really have friends or close colleagues (so SNSD is all I have).
Request: Can you do a oneshot where the reader was dating Gabriel when he died but she loses her memory on a hunt and thinks he's still alive. Cas can't heal her and Sam and Dean don't want to tell her the truth so they all act like Gabriel has left for some business. Then the reader remembers. But Gabriel shows up and she gets angry, they argue but he does something to make her forgive him. Sorry its really long.

You woke up to an empty bed, again. But, unlike all those other mornings, this was the first time you didn’t cry after waking up. You felt empty, lonely like you did all those other times, but now you had the lack of tears. It was a big step for you.

You rolled out of bed and got ready. You missed the good morning kisses, and jokes Gabriel would make as you woke up. You missed everything about him. Sometimes you’d imagine he was still alive, and just in Heaven for business. 

“Y/N! You awake?” Dean yelled, banging on your door. You sighed, put on your fake smile, and opened the door.

“Yeah, just getting ready.” You said. 

“Well hurry up! I know you girls like to make yourselves look good, but we got a hunt to go on!” Dean said, snapping his fingers.

“Alright, alright. I’m ready. Sheesh.” You said, leaving your room.

It was easier when you were around people. Sam and Dean provided a distraction for you. Dean made fun of you, which was his coping mechanism. Sam was extra nice to you, which was his. It was nice, and just what you needed. 

You all piled into the Impala, and Sam explained the hunt. You were going to kill a werewolf. It wasn’t exactly a hard hunt, but it was something. 

You got out of the car and walked into the woods. It wasn’t hard to follow the werewolf’s trail, seeing as there were broken branches, huge paw prints and a dead animal every few feet. You came into a clearing, and saw the monster destroying a deer.

You ran to the monster, your gun in hand. the monster charged at you, and you fired. You didn’t hit it in any of the important parts, and soon it was on top of you. You fell backward, and your head hit the ground. Hard. Everything went black.


You slowly woke up to a pounding in your head. You groaned in pain, and moved your arm. You jumped when you felt something slide against your skin, and looked down to see an IV line. Then you realized you were in a hospital room. 

Sam and Dean were sitting in chairs on either side of your bed. Both brothers were sleeping, and you couldn’t help but chuckle at how innocent the deadliest men you’d ever met looked. Or, at least the deadliest men behind your boyfriend.

Speaking of your boyfriend, where the Hell was he? Sure, he was busy in heaven and everything, but what the Hell? You were his girlfriend, he should be there by now! 

You saw Sam and Dean slowly wake up, and smiled as their eyes landed on you. “You’re awake!” Sam exclaimed.

“No shit Sherlock.” You teased.

“And happy.” Dean added.

“Yeah, well, I’m happy at the moment. But the second I see Gabriel, I’m gonna kill him. Where is he?” You asked. Sam and Dean both glanced at each other, and fidgeted in their seats. “What?”

“He, um.” Dean started, then stopped.

“Y/N, Gabriel is…. Uh.” Sam began, but also stopped.

“Will somebody tell me where my boyfriend is!” You exclaimed in annoyance. “Gabriel! Get your ass down here!” You said, looking at the ceiling.

“I’ll go tell the doctor you’re awake.” Dean said, then hit Sam’s leg. 

“I’ll go with you.” Sam said, and both brothers left your room. You shrugged off their weird behavior and continued praying to your boyfriend.

Sam and Dean were freaking out. First, they thought you’d died, then they thought you’d be in a coma forever, then you forgot just about the most important thing ever. When Gabriel died, you were a mess, how could they make you go through that again? 

“What do we tell her?” Dean asked.

“I don’t know!” Sam exclaimed, running his hands through his hair. “But we can’t tell her Gabriel’s dead.”

“No duh!” Dean said, hitting Sam on the back of the head. “Should we lie?”

“That’s probably the best thing.” Sam agreed. “Okay, how about Gabriel’s in Heaven. He stopped by when she was asleep, and….”

“And he’s not sure when he’ll be back.” Dean finished. 


You were discharged the day you woke up, and had been in the bunker for three days. Gabriel still hadn’t visited, and you were quickly becoming annoyed. You prayed to him every night, but got nothing. 

“Ugh!” You groaned, jumping on the couch next to Dean.

“What?” Sam asked from the chair across the room.

“I have prayed to Gabriel, nonstop, for two hours! What is he doing? I mean, sure, Heaven’s important and all, but what could he possibly be doing that he can’t stop by for one minute?”

You didn’t notice the look that the brothers shared, or how fidgety they had just become. “I dunno.” Dean said. “Hey, you guys hungry?”

“Starving.” Sam said, getting up and going to the kitchen, Dean shortly followed him. You decided you’d pray a few more times, then join them.

“Dear Gabriel, up in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. And if thy do not get thine ass down here, I shall not forgive thy for thine trespasses. In fact, I will kick your ass.” You prayed. You were silent for a minute, waiting for him to come, but he didn’t. Damn. You thought that would work! 

Sighing, you got off the couch and walked to the kitchen. As you passed the coffee table, your shin hit the side, and you fell down. Your head whipped back and forth quickly, but you didn’t hit it on anything, and you were otherwise unharmed. 

You stood up, and suddenly had this horrible wave of sadness hit you. It took you a second to figure out why. Gabriel was dead. You’d been praying to a dead angel for three days. The man you loved was gone. Tears spilled out of your eyes, and you crashed to the floor in despair. 

Sam and Dean came running into the room. They didn’t have to ask what was wrong, it wasn’t hard to guess. Both brothers held you tightly, and let you cry into their shoulders. You couldn’t even yell at them for lying to you, you were too sad.

Sam picked you up and carried you to your room. Dean pulled the covers over you, and they gave you some privacy. You pulled the covers over your face, trying to shut the whole world out.

You didn’t hear the door open, but you felt somebody sit on your bed. “Go away!” You shouted, but the person didn’t move. “Guys, I’m not in the mood! Please.” You begged. Still they didn’t move. Sighing, you pulled the covers back and looked at the annoyance.

Gabriel sat on the foot of your bed, watching you with tender eyes. “Hi.” He said. You froze for a second, trying to decide if he was real. You stared at him, then realized that a hallucination wouldn’t cause the bed to dip.

You attacked him. You jumped from your bed and wrapped your arms around his neck. Gabriel wrapped his arms around your stomach and pulled you closer to him. You kissed all over his face, missing the way he felt in your arms.

“I’ve missed you so much.” He said, kissing your face. “I’ve been keeping an eye on you, though.”

Then, you pulled away from him. All your happiness quickly replaced with anger. you were so angry that you saw red for a second. “You’ve missed me?” You demanded. “You have missed me? I thought you were dead! I’m glad you could check on me whenever, but did you ever think to tell me you were alive? Did you see me crying? I thought you died, and I was a wreck!” You screamed, getting off the bed and pacing. Gabriel’s eyes went to the floor in guilt. “And then you just appear out of nowhwere, and what do you say? Hi! You said hi! No, sorry about tricking you. No, I love you. Just, hi! Are you fucking kidding me?” Gabriel’s eyes shot up to you as you cursed. You never really cursed, only when you were super mad and about to kill somebody.

“You have every right to be mad-”

“Damn right I do!” You interrupted.

“But I couldn’t let you know. There were people after me-”

“Who!? Lucifer? News Flash, Lucifer’s been dead for about a year!”

“Not just Lucifer. Heaven, too. there were some angels that wanted me dead.” Gabriel defended himself.

“And you couldn’t hide from a couple of low life angels? They were so deadly that you couldn’t even tell me you were alive?” You were no longer yelling, but your voice took on a scary, low tone.

Gabriel gulped. “I have no excuses. I’m sorry. I was scared.” Gabriel said quietly.

“Yeah, well come talk to me when you’re a little braver.” You spat, then left your room. 

You were overjoyed that Gabriel was alive, you really were. And you knew eventually you would forgive him, and take him back. Just leaving your room was hard enough, but he needed to be taught a lesson. 

It was hard pretending that Gabriel was still dead around Sam and Dean, but your anger stopped you from speaking too much, so they didn’t question you. 

That night, you went back to your room, and almost fell over. It had been transformed into a bouncy house. All your belongings had turned into the inflatable material, and you quickly closed the door behind you.

“I remember you telling me that you always loved bouncy houses. When you were a kid, your parents rented a bouncy house every year for your birthday. And then, about two years ago, the first time I said I love you was in a bouncy house.” Gabriel said, appearing in the center of the room with a bouquet of flowers. 

Your throat closed up, and your vision was blurred by tears. You made your way over to Gabriel, jumping on the floor, and tackled him in a hug. He didn’t fall, and wrapped his arms around you. “I love you so much, and I will never leave you again.” He promised, kissing you.

“If you do, I will destroy you.” You replied, kissing him.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too." 

Then, as Gabriel lowered his face to yours, you kicked his feet out from under him, making him fall. You started jumping around your room, making it impossible for him to get up. "This is payback!” You told him.

(I hope you like it!)

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companions react to a really unfit sole who can't run for ten minutes without needing a thirty minute break and also is clumsy because this is how I would be if it were me in the game tbh

(Literally me, though. BTW, //’s are the thoughts of the companion.)

Cait: She gets mad at having to stop every few minutes, telling Sole that they’ll live if they run a bit longer. She also hates it when Sole trips over nothing, then being upset about getting a small bruise. /OH MY FUCKING MIRELURK, SOLE, YOU HAVE FOUGHT DEATHCLAWS AND YOU’RE CRYING ABOUT A BRUISE./

Codsworth: He really doesn’t mind it, tending to Sole when they get scrapes and such.

Curie: She is very motherly, stopping when Sole needs it and worries a ton about a small scrape. She ends up putting Sole in a shopping cart, pushing them around like they’re 5.

Danse: He gets very frustrated. He’s throwing out all this stuff about how Sole is a soldier and needs to be able to run and on and on and on. Sole gets annoyed by it and threatens to spray paint his armor. He shuts up after that.

Deacon. “We just stopped a few minutes ago…” He’d say and he just ends up teasing them when they drop stuff or trip.

Dogmeat: He doesn’t care, stopping with Sole and curling up beside them. He likes being able to rest.

Hancock: He sits with Sole and has a chat with them, mentioning that they should just condition themselves to be able to run for longer distances. He just chuckles when they trip or drop stuff due to clumsiness.

MacCready: He complains like a child, asking Sole, “Can we go yet?”, every five minutes.

Nick Valentine: He ends up dragging them along, even if they complain that their feet hurt.

Piper: She does whatever Sole needs, but still complains about it. She sighs and just writes down some things for the newspaper.

Preston: He doesn’t say anything about it. He was willing to do whatever the General would need.

Strong: He would end up letting Sole ride on his back, so they could get back to smashing.

X6-88: He picks them up and throws them over his shoulder. They didn’t have time to stop every few minutes.


Desdemona: She noticed that it took Sole quite a long time to finish the quests she’d given them. When Deacon told her why, she scolded them.

Maxson: He just let them get on his back, no complaints. He wanted to, but he just kept quiet for the sake of the Brotherhood.

Father: He heard from X6-88 and he just told X6 that his parent was getting old, that X6 shouldn’t complain and he wouldn’t listen to it anymore.

(Funny story: I was chasing my friends and I ended up tripping, hurting my shoulder, scratching my side and hurting my ankle. I also hurt my toe while doing the Moonwalk in class. Don’t ask why xD)

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RFA seeing MC serious all day, claiming she's fine. At sunset she says she's going out for a walk. When they offer to go with her, she replies she just wants to be alone for a while. After two hours she calls to tell them she'll be back after sunrise and hangs up before they can ask anything. The next day she returns home but they can't get anything out of her, later they get a call from one of her friends telling them that they saw MC midnight alone at beach crying, how would they confront MC?


  • Initially he’d be really sad - he thought you trusted him to know anything, but apparently this was false.
  • He’d want to speak to you right away, but he would talk to you calmly instead of rush into things.
  • He’d hold your hand, embrace you, do anything to you that would make you feel safe.
  • And when you told him, he’d make you feel so proud of yourself.

Jumin Han:

  • He’d be kind of angry, because he’s always told you everything on his mind and for you not to do the same, he thought, was a sign of you taking advantage of the relationship.
  • But he realised that it was a secret you kept safe for a reason, and if it wasn’t for Zen spotting you, you would never have told a soul.
  • He’d walk up, and he’d be so unprepared that he would just say “Zen saw you, tell me what is wrong.”
  • Again, he’d give you positive reinforcement for telling him, making sure that you knew that he was trustworthy.

Jaehee Kang:

  • She’d make you snacks, make you a drink, and sit you down on the sofa.
  • She’d tell you bluntly that someone saw you crying.
  • And you’d spill all.
  • She would hug you, tell you that it will all be okay, and try her best to resolve the issue at hand.


  • He would meet you out at the beach, which is actually where you spent the whole night and morning.
  • He’d be so upset at your sorrow that he couldn’t wait to see you that morning, he had to speak to you that very night.
  • To stop you crying, he’d ask to time your breathing to the sound of the ocean.
  • And after you told him, he’d try to make you laugh by running into the ocean and splashing around.
  • Jokes on you, he ended up swallowing some sea water.


  • He’d also meet you out at the beach, and instead of making you confront your issue, he’d just make sure that you’d join him in the ocean.
  • You would both have races, splash each other, and at one time he would give you a piggyback along the edge of the ocean.
  • And you would just forget what had made you cry just an hour earlier.
  • The next morning, he asked what was the matter, and you’d tell him in confidence that he’d make it all better.
  • Emma: So is everyone, like, using Dark Swan or?
  • Regina: Well...
  • Emma: They don't like it?
  • Regina: They're traditional...they're sticking with The Dark One.
  • Emma: But...
  • Regina: Are--Are you crying?
  • Emma: I just really wanted to be like Natalie Portman y'know.
  • Regina: I don't know who that is...did she sacrifice herself and then turn into a dark magical being with a dagger?
  • Emma: No...
  • Regina: Well then what did she do?
  • Emma: The black swan...well she danced and...she was really emotional and creepy. It was a film!
  • Regina: I say this with love, dear. You can't dance and you're far from creepy, we're going with The Dark One.
  • Emma: Can--you call me Dark Swan? We don't have to tell anyone I don't dance.
  • Regina: Of course dear, I'll summon you later, I love you and Dark Swan--?
  • Emma: Yes?
  • Regina: Practice your ballet and we'll see...
  • Emma: You have seen it!
  • Regina: Goodbye Emma!

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Would you be able to write number 9 and 18 for the everlark prompt, 'You can't make me' and 'BFF' - thank you:)

Stories We Tell Ourselves

In which Everlark is really good at forcing each other out of their comfort zones.Thanks for the prompt, anon, and as always, my apologies for this taking me awhile and also because it got way out of hand. Long post.

WARNINGS: RATED T and up, depictions of bullying, foul language.

Katniss unfolds her book and sets it on her desk so no one can see her cry. The teacher’s words drone on as she holds back all her fears and tears. He left them. She doesn’t understand why he just left them. He always said he loved them more than anything. And he just left. At eleven years old, she might not know much about the world or love, but she does know deep in her bones that if you love someone, you never leave them behind.

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people in my family always touch me. they touch my arse all the time and they won't stop even after I tell them to. I always feel like crying because of it. my mom is always touching it and saying "you have a big butt" and I can't handle it. I tell her to stop and she won't and I don't know what to do and I told a good friend of mine and he's getting really worried, and now I am to because it's so disturbing to me and I can't handle it

that is very disturbing, wow.. I would sit down with your mom alone and tell her that it makes you uncomfortable and that it really bothers you. Sometimes they need to see how serious you are about it. 

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Hyung line of BTS( if to much just suga and rm) reacting (gif is ok) to bts just laying in bed but there GF comes and cuddles with them crying because she misses her home country and family but can't go back because she is an idol aswel? Sorry for bad english hope you understand

Your English is good don’t worry! Hope this one’s ok!<3

Rapmon: H-hey! Jagi don’t cry, we can bring them here!

You: Really?

Rapmon: Really. *smiles*

Suga: Tell you what! When we’re both off we’ll take a trip to see them! Ok? I just don’t want my girl crying.

*gif not mine*