you can't not stare at him

i really want steve, when asked in an interview or something about what he’s going to do now, responding “maybe i’ll go to college, i’m only thirty one, i’ve got plenty of time to work it out”

and the reporter just. staring at him like he’s grown another head

so steve repeats, “i’m thirty one, by my count.” he doesn’t mention the whole not aging thing. doesn’t want to blow their minds any more. “I was twenty six when i boarded the valkyrie.”

“thirty one” the reporter repeats. “you had the fate of the entire world on your shoulders and you were younger than me when i got married.”

and steve just nods. “i’m guessing you don’t want to hear how much tactical experience i actually had before the battle of new york, huh,” and the reporter flips their shit

You do or say anything to upset Yuuri, and make it harder for me to keep him on the right path, I’m going to put your head through a wall. Any wall. You can pick the wall, but it’s going to be a wall, okay?
—  Victor, to Yakov before he left

isak + even staring at each other [17/?]

Phitchit: When Yuuri takes off his glasses…he’s like a whole new person

JJ: It’s like he’s staring into your soul

Chris: His whole expression changes. When he looks at you he’s practically glaring

Yuuri: -squinting because he can’t see shit-

my favorite part about even and isak’s slow mo scenes is that it like totally shows their real selves. like you have even who catches everyone’s attention almost immediately because he naturally has this cool, suave kind of feel. and like he knows that everyone, aka isak who is the only important one, is staring at him, and he doesn’t seem to care at all. but then he puts on his sunglasses because he hides his real self from everyone. it’s like everyone can stare all they want, but they’re never going to see the real even and even is never going to show them. 

and then you have isak. and he’s like walking all cool and he’s getting all this attention, but he’s looking down and not paying attention to everyone else. he knows that he’s getting attention from people but he’s so focused on himself that he kind of loses that big picture. and then some random guy comes and slams into him which is so isak!!! he can look cool he can be charming he can get attention. isak has game!!! but the real him is this clumsy, kind of ditzy, naturally anxious guy who has to get a whole squad in order to text the boy he has a crush on

Sometime in January when the falconers are flying cross country for a roadie and Jack is sitting quietly staring at the clouds out the window, the thought of his future with Bitty slips casually into his mind. That in itself isn’t unusual. He thinks about Bitty a lot and brainstorms cute things that might make him laugh, but for some reason this time it’s more of a calm, assured feeling of I’m Going to Marry This Boy. It isn’t scary. It isn’t surprising. It isn’t even sudden. It’s a quiet moment of happiness, of accepting that yes he gets to have this and knowing he wants to keep this for the rest of his life. That is the moment Jack decides that someday, however far into their future it may be, he’s going to ask Bitty to marry him.

What I really really want for the Gendry and Arya reunion it’s for him to see her first, without Arya knowing and she is either battling someone or practicing with Needle and then he goes “you should stand sideways…” and she turns and Gendry goes “…smaller target”. They stare at each other. My heart soars. My crops are flourishing, my skin has cleared and I’ve successfully melted in front of the tv

fibro!tsuna and The Management (of stress) (and therefore pain)
  • reborn: you've been staring at your phone for 10 minutes?? what, are you watching paint dry or something?
  • tsuna: *is watching instagram clips of paint being mixed*
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn: .... *sits on his shoulder and watches with him*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i know i said 'on wednesdays i wear pink and watch bob ross reruns in my pajamas'
  • tsuna: but why did all of you feel the need to join me??
  • yamamoto: haha what do you mean all of us? it's just me and hayato.
  • gokudera: stop calling me that!
  • tsuna: that's two of you! two!! that's..
  • tsuna: that's two more than i've ever had over at my house before
  • gokudera: don't worry, juudaime! i'll visit you every day from now on! at every hour of the day!
  • tsuna: no, please don't, that will make it worse
  • yamamoto: make what worse?
  • tsuna: Everything
  • ...
  • nana: welcome home, tsu-kun! how was school?
  • tsuna, in his head: i am literally vibrating with stress. and also pain, but mostly stress. my chest thuds like it's housing a palpitating lovecraftian creature. like the heart under edgar allen poe's floorboards. i feel cold sweat on my skin. i am cold. and tired. i wish to murder something.
  • tsuna, out loud: i could use a nap before dinner.
  • also tsuna: *internally screaming like a banshee from hell*
  • ...
  • reborn: why don't you take a walk and cool your head? exercise is good for you, dame-tsuna.
  • tsuna: *takes one (1) step out of the house*
  • tsuna: *is bombarded with 'dame-tsuna's and 'loser whiner tsuna's and 'faker tsuna's*
  • tsuna: *turns right around, falls back into bed*
  • reborn: ??
  • tsuna: I Cannot Handle The Outside
  • ...
  • mochida: well well well, if it isn't no good tsuna finally showing his face. what's that? are you using your phone during school hours?
  • mochida: that's against regulations. gee, i wonder what the disciplinary committee chairman would say if he knew.
  • mochida: and look, you're even making kyouko-chan complicit with your rule-breaking! you vile vermin.
  • mochida: i bet you're watching PORN, aren't you. filth, how dare you make kyouko-chan look at something so vulgar-
  • phone: *squeaky kitten sounds*
  • mochida:
  • mochida: *hovers behind them, watching cute animal clips over their shoulders*
  • hibari: *in the tree branches above them, doing the same thing*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i Cannot Wait for today to be over and for tomorrow to be here
  • reborn: you're rather optimistic lately
  • tsuna: the stress of not knowing what tomorrow will bring is killing me
  • tsuna: like, probably literally killing me
  • tsuna: i feel like i'm dying
  • reborn: you feel like that every day
  • tsuna: Meeeelting Iiiin My Skiiiiin


Happy Birthday, Dean

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Summary:  You spend Dean’s Birthday wishing you knew where he was.  Drabble set after the Mid-season Finale. 

Warnings: Angst

You found yourself staring into space often these days, your eyes lingering places Dean had often occupied: a stone column he liked to lean against, the chair he lounged in while looking for cases.  All these places were saturated with him, his echo imprinted on them.

But he wasn’t there.  

You didn’t know where he was.  

Cas’ heavy footsteps woke you from your thoughts and aimless staring.  He stepped into the library, eyes immediately finding yous.  He shook his head slightly, almost imperceptive and what little hope you were surprised you still had crumbled.  

“Nothing new today,” he said, sitting across from you.  You nodded, closing your laptop.  “You haven’t slept,” he remarked.  

“I can sleep when they’re home.”  You rubbed your red, blood shot eyes and tried to remember the last time you’d slept for more than an hour.

“Burning out won’t help us find them any faster,” Cas commented, taking in your appearance warily.  You must have looked a sight to see.

“Nothing is helping us find them, so what’s the point in sleeping,” you snapped.  Cas leaned back and you cringed.  “I’m sorry Cas, I’m just-,”

“Sleep deprived.” 

“Yeah,” you nodded.  

You let silence creep into the room, staining the air with mingled worry and longing. 

“Today is his birthday,” you commented, tracing a grain in the wood with your fingernail.  “I don’t want him to be-,” you trailed off.  Alone?  In pain?  Dead?

Cas leaned over and clasped your hand.

“We will get them back,” he vowed, the promise burning in his blue eyes.  “We’ll get Dean back.”  You nodded, the aching, hollowness of your worry written on your face.

“If he-,” you paused, “-when he comes home. I’ll make sure he knows.  Every day.  I’ll make sure he knows how much I love him.”  

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10 signs you’re in love

1. You get shy around him very often

2. You smile a lot when his around

3. You react  immediately when someone mentions his name

4. You can’t stop thinking about him

5. You can’t stop stare at him

6. You’ll go with him everywhere

7. You find yourself lingering on stuff which belongs to him

8. Your heart beats faster  because of him

9. You look at him like he’s your everything

10.  You want to share his dreams and be with him forever

It wasn’t his sweet smile or his confident posture. It wasn’t his irresitible laughter or his calming voice. It was his beautiful eyes and the way he looked at me, the way he stared at me, the way he made me feel.
—  Do you believe in love at first sight?

AERIAL ETHEREAL CHALLENGE » Day 6: favorite relationship (romantic)

Thoralai (aka the devil and his demon)

“But I’ve found the truest form of love,” he tells me. “It’s two loves that can live in harmony.” He looks down at me.

I stare up at him. My heart on an ascent.

“The circus and you,” he whispers, “amour amour.” 

Two loves. Two passions. At perfect balance. 

I finally feel it too.

insp. (x)

Bonus Timo x John <3