you can't not smile when you see this

When you see a girl walking down the street with a big smile, know she’s thinking about a fictional character banging the shit out of their best friend/archrival. And it’s so so SO gay.

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do you ever forget that mArioettE kiSsED ADRIEN AGRESTE (they were in their alter egos but still) cause i do.

Anon, this is me every morning ever since episode 10 aired:

Me: (literally wakes up)

My brain: So anyways as I was saying, Adrien and Marinette kissed onscreen, and it wasn’t a quick peck either, it was a long and arguably passionate kiss (with moaning in some dubs)


The 4 angles (big gifs so you can appreciate it, yw)

Her little excited smile, I can’t believe 

You can see him melting, ok, I’m a good person I don’t deserve this


(grabs season 2 by the neck) GIVE US MORE OF THIS 

The Houses as Your Friends
  • Gryffindors: doesn't give in to peer pressure, wants to be vegetarian but loves meat too much, never replies to messages, stresses over everything, has so many embarrassing stories, literally queen.
  • Hufflepuffs: laughs at inappropriate times, doesn't like people seeing them sad, procrastinates so badly but still manages to get everything done on time??, cries when they're ignored, can't help but make you smile.
  • Ravenclaws: instagram game strong af, has no clue about what to do in the future, best laugh ever, doesn't know when to act seriously, weird secret talents, resting bitch face, you can trust them with your life.
  • Slytherins: doesn't care if they're annoying, super touchy, tries too hard, somehow friends with everybody, eats so much but still super slim?? literally laughs at everything, secretly a sweetheart.

ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • being friends with a gryffindor is: never having to worry about not having someone to fight for you; knowing that you are arms length away from receiving the warmest hug you have ever had, like hot apple cider or hot chocolate; pillow fights at 1AM because why not? it's not like sleep could ever give you this feeling of joy; it's sitting next to a roaring fire painting nails, or trying to braid hair [and failing miserably]; it's watching the sunset together, and trying so desperately to memorize how the colors from the sky are making their face glow; it's standing up for them, even if they screwed up - because they're your friend, and what they did isn't worth giving up those uncontrollable giggles late at night; it's teaching each other how to grow up, and be mature, and learn from your mistakes; it's often going out of your comfort zone to do things that you might regret later, but you know will be worth it in the end; it's trying new recipes together and almost coughing it back up because you seriously needed to have had a recipe; it's always being there for each other when it counts.
  • being friends with a ravenclaw is: turning around in your seat during class, to look at them and roll your eyes simultaneously; coming up with new conspiracy theories about your favorite tv show; writing messages on each other's jeans and hands/arms, and getting in trouble with the teachers for not paying attention; it's not being afraid to tell them that they need to go back upstairs and change their outfit; it's not being afraid to give them the facts, and show them how it correlates with their circumstance; it's watching the stars together, and having a contest about who can spot the most constellations, before you both decide 'screw it,' and make up your own constellations - each with their own history and characterization; it's trying out new things together, whether it's completely foreign to the both of you, or just one of you - to please the other person and to gain their perspective; it's reading to each other late at night, while the other plays with your hair; it's always going above and beyond to keep your friendship alive.
  • being friends with a slytherin is: silent gestures and small smiles during the day, to let the other know you care about them; it's like finding a four-leafed clover - once you find it, you never let it go; it's throwing rocks in water and watching the ripples as they calm you; it's not being afraid to point out the bad qualities in each other, as well as the good, and have conversations about them; it's doing each others makeup and laughing so much that your eyeliner is all over the place, and you can forget about mascara; it's seeing who can sculpt the weirdest animal [with a backstory, please and thank you - along with its diet and habitat]; it's staying on the internet until dawn, and barely speaking, but giggling as you send each other memes; it's jumping on the bed to your favorite music while singing in a hairbrush; it's texting each other in near-tears, spilling your heart out, while the other listens and comforts you, and tells you all the reasons why you'll get through it, and how you don't need the person who is the source of your hurt; it's constantly picking each other up after someone's knocked you down; it's knowing that you have someone you can be completely bare-faced with, and know that they'll either cut all ties with you, or know that you have someone to love you for life.
  • being friends with a hufflepuff is: late-night talks about nothing and everything; sending each other baby hedgehog videos; hand-holding; seeing who can eat the most in one sitting [and then comforting each other the rest of the day, because oh my god who would even eat fifteen pieces of toast in their right mind]; sketching each other [and failing miserably]; lighting dozens of candles and laying down on the couch side-by-side, whilst your favorite instrumental record plays in the background; not being afraid of tear-stained clothes; sometimes having to pull all-nighters working through problems with each other, due to too much blatant and tactless honesty; always smiling at each other while you pass in the halls; always lending an ear when needed, even if you can't give advice; squealing at seeing their selfies, because oh my god, I am friends with the cutest little bean in the universe; making road-trip plans for the future; tripping over air while going on hikes together; drying flowers together; knowing that although they might have their head in the clouds, they will always come back down to earth just for you.

Excerpt from tell me that you love me too by @ciuucalata

Keith looked up at him then while drinking the coffee and Lance saw something shift in his eyes but he couldn’t understand what. He smiled once again at Lance as he set the mug aside, head tilted just a little to the side. Enough to make Lance want to scream at how cute he looked.

Keith let out a huff of breath, almost like he was laughing at himself, and without warning he leaned in and kissed Lance on the check.

Now Lance was sure that he wasn’t breathing. He could hear the beating of his heart in his own ears and his vision became a little blurry with all the blood that suddenly went to his face, his knees felt a little weak and his arms were useless at his side. He was gone for sure but he still heard the two words Keith whispered in his ear. “Thank you.”

I’d like to thank the author for writing this beautiful fic because it’s freaking perfection this has been a PSA

Uchiha’s new routine

Sasuke shares bed with Sakura.

Sasuke wakes up next to Sakura.

Sakura and Sasuke have morning sex.

Sasuke says that he missed her so much.

Sakura states that she loves him so much.

Sakura and Sasuke take shower together.

Sakura helps him with dressing up.

Sakuke, Sakura, Sarada eat breakfast together.

Sasuke talks with Sarada about Sharingan.

Sasuke tells them some stories about his journey.

Sakura makes list of things she should buy for dinner.

Sasuke offers to go shopping with her later.

Sasuke stares at his daughter when she is about to leave for classes and reminds her some Sharingan rules.

Sasuke smiles when he sees Uchiha’s crest at Sarada’s back.

Sarada leaves and says: “Papa I love you. See you later.”

Sakura washes dishes after breakfast.

Sasuke hugs her from behind and his waifu blushes.

Sakura asks if everything is ok.

Sasuke kisses her neck softly and whispers: “I’m home, Sakura.”

Last time Victoria and Lord M saw each other they parted liked this

If this is how they say goodbye from now on, I will die a happy death.

there is a difference between being worried about jackson because he’s feeling down because you don’t want him to be hurt and wanting jackson not to be sad because you usually see him happy and you want him to entertain you and be one dimensional!!!!

just your friendly reminder that yousef acar would sell his kidneys for sana bakkoush

  • *in the Defenders' hideout aka Colleen's dojo*
  • Colleen: *sees Luke Cage walk into the room and smiles when she gets an evil idea*
  • Colleen (to Misty): Misty, don't say anything to Luke. Just watch this.
  • Misty: Wait, what are you-
  • Colleen: Hey Danny! You mind telling Luke about your new favorite thing you discovered about America? (whispering to Misty) Just watch this.
  • Danny (opens his eyes and stops meditating): OOH, I'd love to! Hey Luke, Colleen introduced me to coffee!
  • Luke (suspicious): ...she did?
  • Danny: Yup, we weren't allowed to enjoy coffee back at K'un L'un. But now, I can't help myself! I've already gotten coffee with Colleen, Claire, Trish, Jessica, Karen, Malcolm, Matt, Elektra-
  • Luke: WITH MATT?
  • Danny: Um...yeah? He was thirsty. Anyways, you wanna get some coffee?
  • Luke: Uhhhh-
  • Danny: Colleen and Claire can get coffee with us!
  • Luke: UHHHHHHHH.
  • Colleen and Misty: *laughing their asses off in the back, with Misty high-fiving Colleen*
  • Parents: If you weren't constantly in that room on that phone you would be a lot happier.
  • Me: Actually, I wouldn't be. I do so much when I'm on my phone. I write, I watch nice videos, I look at things that make me happy, and I am able to constantly be in touch with my friends. When I'm on the internet I get to learn new things and see things you can't see in real life unless you have money, and we don't. I'm sorry I'm not sporty or social but just because I'm not those things does not mean I am an unhappy person. I laugh so much when I'm on the internet. I smile. The internet isn't just a place for cyberbullying. Just because all you know how to use on the internet is facebook, google, and sometimes Instagram doesn't mean that there aren't other things there. The internet is so big that eventually you will find a place that will accept you. And please, don't tell me how to be happy. I'm pretty sure I can figure that out on my own.

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could you please shed some light on the last malec's scene? magnus' expression specifically when he says "i can't do anything without thinking of you" like he hates himself for saying it.

That’s because Magnus “Petty” Bane was a nervous pile of nerves in that moment. Harry’s portrait is amazing because you can see Magnus’ anger dissolving into awkwardness and then fear and then hope.

Magnus literally downed his drink before walking outside, took a deep breath, had nervous hands nervously moving as he looked everywhere but at Alec’s general direction, and then did the “this is awkward” lips-pushed-smile.

 Evidence I

When Alec starts to apologize again. Magnus doesn’t want to talk about that anymore, because it doesn’t matter to him anymore. Magnus’ voice is much softer now, telling Alec not to apologize, telling him that his mistake is in the past. Notice that Magnus is hugging himself. He’s insecure, afraid that he may have broken what he and Alec had.

Evidence II

The first thing that Alec says after that is that without Magnus, he can’t think straight. This is when the “I can’t do anything without thinking of you” comes. Alec is shaking his head, Magnus is voicing something that makes him very vulnerable. 

It’s hard to talk about feelings because it makes you vulnerable. For someone as proud and as experienced as Magnus, he knows just how important those words are. He knows that, as great as a feeling that is, it is also a double-edged sword. Magnus’ feelings are so strong, he knows he’ll factor Alec in no matter the circumstances and that is not always a great thing. 

Especially if Alec doesn’t want to get back together with him, after everything that has happened.

You see, Magnus doesn’t know where that conversation is going. Alec’s next words could very well be “we should stay apart, this isn’t good for any of us.” 

But they aren’t. Blunt, honest to a fault Alec just blurts out an “I don’t think I can live without you.” Magnus’ face when he hears it is of someone who has just seen the light at the end of the tunnel. He can barely believe it.

Evidence III

Now Magnus knows where Alec is taking this. Alec wants him back. Alec still loves him. Magnus’ voice was never softer than when he says he thought he had to choose between Alec and the downworld. Magnus is half talking half smiling then, because he didn’t lose Alec, like he feared he had.

Magnus can be 100% sincere and 100% unafraid. And he is. He’s back at moving as he speak, closing the distance between them that he created. Imitating Alec, letting all his walls fall down. He’s laughing again.

This is how I saw this whole scene. In my opinion, it’s not that Magnus hates himself for not being able to stop thinking about Alec. He hates the situation they are now and how, despite everything, Alec is still so present in his mind. He probably never said that out loud. He probably never elaborated that so clearly.

And it might just blow up on his face. But it doesn’t <333

mark tuan as your boyfriend

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mark tuan as your boyfriend | 1,000 words

  • would be the Cutest and Softest Boyfriend ever
  • always wanting to cuddle or hold your hand and always looking out for you and thinking about you
  • one of his favorite past times is to wrap his arms around your waist, pull you in close and take a nap
  • he’d also be a super chill boyfriend too!! like Mark would be 101% happy with just staying home to cuddle and exchange kisses all day with you instead of going out
  • but he would like going out sometimes to spice thing up like from relaxing dates at the park or the beach where you two would just enjoy the scenery while snuggling closely to each other
  • of course he’d also take you out on exciting dates too filled with adventure like kayaking, skydiving, or going to an amusement park with extreme rollercoasters… only if you were down though

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Hi El! I just saw TLD again! and I can't get over the part when Sherlock says "Tell me when to cough" and more so the way he SMILES to Molly. Please, please can you gif that, but in really really slow motion, I need to see that, PLEASE! Loooove you!!! thank you!

My pleasure nony! (Hope this is slow enough!)

And since you said “please” and that you love me hahahahaha, here: 


Thank YOU nony, I had fun! lol

Jung Joonyoung Instagram update:

“My dear hyung, I went and greeted you early yesterday morning. Joohyuk-ie hyung that I love, please rest peacefully. Although I still can’t believe it, I will live knowing you will always be watching over us with a smile. I’m thankfull and really love you. I still have a lot more I want to say so I’ll come to see you and say it directly. I miss you hyung.”

Do you know what it feels like to be in love? Falling in love is like hitting a stable rock. Its having that mental comfort and emotional security. It feels like you found a missing piece, that you never knew was missing. Its when you can’t sleep at night because your mind is flowing with the thought of her. Its that feeling in your chest, like everything is blooming. It takes all of you, but in the most natural way. Its when you hear a song and instantly think of her. When you can't help but stare. She will suddenly become your home. You will feel like you’re home every time your with her. When you know she's the one. Or when something happens, and she’s the first person you wanna tell. You’ll feel very present, and yet you’ll still catch your self planning your future with her. She’ll become your lover and best friend. When she annoys you but you think its cute. Its when you encounter a bump in the road, but you would do anything to get through it. Or when your watching her do something and your smiling like a fool. When she falls asleep on your chest, and can't move a muscle so you don’t wake her. You’ll miss her, and will constantly wanna be with her. When you wake up and your first thought is her. When you see something and you wanna tell her it reminded you of her. Its that never wanting to give up feeling. Caring enough to fight for what you have, enough to not let go. When her happiness is yours. When her pain is yours. Its when you wanna buy her flowers, to show how important she is to you and how much you appreciate her. Or when you see your whole future fall into place and unfold just by simply glancing at her. When you wake up from a dream, and suddenly become happy because she was in it. When her comfort is more important than yours, and her mood easily affects your mood. You accept her for the person she is. You won’t ever wish to change a thing about her. Because she is perfect. When her favorite food becomes your favorite. You’ll always be proud of her. You’ll wanna share every moment with her. Loving her since day one. You’ll do anything for her. When seeing a sunset and you think of her. I’m madly in love with her. Being in love is indescribable. There is so much more. But trust me, you’ll know when you feel it

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Is the college au available for update? I can't see the date on mobile. Thanks for your work.

sure is

Gran Knows Best by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 2,889 | G)

“Derek Hale, when are you going to ask that nice young man to marry you?” Grandma Hale asks from her spot on the porch, overlooking the backyard.
“We’ve only been dating for 6 years,” Derek huffs out a breath, a small smile appears on his face.
“‘Only'” she says trying mimic him, “like 6 years is two weeks. If he was a woman he would be begging for a ring at this point,” she jokes.

or the one where Gran and Laura knock some sense into Derek about finally asking Stiles to marry him.

not really casual by bibliosexual (1/1 | 2,714 | PG13)

He might be down for casual stuff, theoretically—in fact, he kind of expected he would be, and he’d even started down that path by making out with a random girl during orientation and then a different random girl later that same night at the freshman bonfire—except that then he walked into Biology on the first day of classes and there was Derek, and suddenly no one else looked half as interesting.

What’s Left of Me by Takentothenext (1/1 | 3,632 | R)

Derek was the bold one who struck out into his new life without hestitation. Stiles had been the emotional one; uncertain and a little broken. How was it then, that Derek had become the one pining for what he couldn’t have?

New Jeans by jesslikeschub (2/2 | 10,343 | R)

Stiles is a broke college student who likes to party and eat garbage. So he’s getting chubby. And there’s a certain stud of a lacrosse player who doesn’t mind a bit.

A Comprehensive Study in Getting a Boyfriend via Persuasive Essay-Writing by Luddleston (1/1 | 14,591 | NC17)

Stiles is a junior Journalism major who takes Rhetorical Strategies because it covers his English requirement. He’s also trying to be subtle about the way he keeps checking out his professor.

Derek is a grad student teaching his first class ever. He also has the most annoying student on the face of the planet, and is done reading essays about the history of male circumcision.

Flirty e-mails are exchanged, Stiles spends way too much time in Derek’s office, and they fall in love over a mutual hatred for APA formatting.

Less Than Average by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 2,768 | NC17)

Derek feels insecure about a certain…personal attribute.

Please Go Slowly by brokenpromisesandhope (1/1 | 4,293 | R)

Stiles and his boyfriend Derek are going to school 1300 miles apart, that’s scary.

Falling in Hurt by FangirlWolfie (1/1 | 13,935 | NC17)

Derek was a bit broken, not pieced together right.

Stiles was everything Derek wasn’t. Alive, vibrant, social, popular.

He was also cold eyes, soft moans and long fingers.

Derek had known he should stay far away from Stiles Stilinski.