you can't not smile when you see this

oh by the way i also noticed something about yurio

did yurio tell mila to let him know when yuuri was about to perform?! that’s so sweet ok. you’re not convincing me otherwise. yurio gives so many shits about yuuri. he wants to see him do well. live. oh wow.

and also, after yuuri skates a flawless routine:

LOOK AT THAT LIL SMILE CREEPING UP THAT FACE. LOOK AT IT. my small child. i know you don’t want to smile but this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, give yourself a break for once.

this. this is the golden one:

he forgets to watch the free skate, but thankfully he rushes back in time to watch yuuri do something insane:

i know everyone was shocked, but i’m thinking yurio has watched enough of yuuri’s performances to not expect to see that coming. he’s probably like, “since when did katsudon learn to land a quad flip??? what??? did i just see that???”

meanwhile, when it comes to his own teammate:

mila: hey, georgi’s about to start

lmao they’ve been giving us clues… yurio cares so much about yuuri, you have no idea.

Long Distance:
It’s easy for some, difficult for many;
Being away from the person who holds your heart.
Walking through school, it’s torture.
Happy couples walk hand-in-hand,
Smiling and laughing.
I don’t feel anger when I see them;
No malice towards them, just envy.
I want what they have.
I want the person I love by my side.
I want to smile and laugh with him.
I want to feel safe and to know he’s safe with me.
Instead, I walk alone to my “home”,
Which is more like a house;
My true home is miles away.
The house is quiet,
Big and a bit empty.
Dirty dishes in the sink that I’ll clean later,
Even though they aren’t mine,
Reminds me of him and a smile forms. 
I scramble to speak to him;
Text messages or maybe a Skype call,
Fearing he might fall asleep on me again.
When he does, I don’t feel angry;
No grudges to be held, just loneliness.
It’s hard, long distance,
But we make it work.
Because we know one day,
When we’re older, successful and content,
We’ll leave each morning with a kiss,
But we’ll always see each other at the end of the day,
In our own home,
In our own life,
One day.

Joking around (in the kitchen)

  • “I could have joked about a dick.”
  • “When you’ve found the man of your dreams and he likes Gabrielle..”
  • “As long as you’re smiling and wearing clothes…”
I can find a little bit of you in everything. I can find you in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and I can find you in the warmth of a soft blanket on a cold day. I still remember the way you wrapped your arms around me so tightly and the way you smiled when you were exhausted. I can’t forget you. I don’t know if I even want to.
—  I wish it could just be us again. I need you now more than ever.

Imagine Woozi showing you his cute eye smile when you tell him that you’re happy to have met him.

I can’t love you. I’m not myself right now. And I couldn’t stand the thought of you falling for a girl I’m not. I can’t tell you how I feel when I see you. How my heart starts racing and my hands keep shaking. I can’t tell you because you’re good and I’m not.
Watching Sense8

*sees Kala* : intelligence goals

*sees Wolfgang* : badassery goals

*sees Riley* : style goals/resilience goals

*sees Capheus* : bravery goals

*sees Lito* : smooth-talking goals

*sees Sun* : fighting goals

*sees Nomi* : tech-savvy goals

*sees Will* : doing everything you can to save the ones you love/need saving goals

Meyers-Briggs Types as Panic! at the Disco Songs

INFP // the Healer: Northern Downpour, Camisado, Behind The Sea
INFJ // the Counselor: She’s A Handsome Woman, This Is Gospel, Trade Mistakes
INTJ // the Mastermind: Mad As Rabbits, Ready To Go, Far Too Young To Die
INTP // the Architect: I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Collar Full, All The Boys
ISFJ // the Protector: Sarah Smiles, When The Day Met The Night, Do You Know What I’m Seeing?
ISFP // the Composer: New Perspective, Memories, Vegas Lights
ISTJ // the Inspector: I Constantly Thank God For Esteban, From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins, I Have Friends In Holy Spaces
ISTP // the Craftsman: Build God Then We’ll Talk, The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know, London Beckoned
ENFJ // the Teacher: We’re So Starving, The Calendar, Always
ENFP // the Champion: Nearly Witches, Nine In The Afternoon, That Green Gentleman
ENTJ // the Commander: Girl That You Love, She Had The World, Bittersweet
ENTP // the Visionary: Lying Is, But It’s Better If You Do, Hurricane
ESFJ // the Protector: Time To Dance, Miss Jackson, Ballad Of Mona Lisa
ESFP // the Performer: There’s a Good Reason, Let’s Kill Tonight, Nicotine
ESTJ // the Supervisor: Kaleidoscope Eyes, The End Off All Things, Folkin’ Around
ESTP // the Dynamo: The Only Difference, Nails For Breakfast, Pas De Cheval

Just how much trouble am I in
for if this is a tunnel
I can see the other end painfully clearly
and let me tell you
it shines like a million happy tomorrows
the problem however
is that I have no way of telling
how long I’d have to walk
to touch that golden smiling sunrise
it could be weeks
it could be months
it could be lifetimes
it could all be a mirage
and turning back now
may be the only option
that could ever possibly
give me even half the joy
I am chasing
but I suppose I must admit
that I would rather spin out of control
down this deep deep tube
with the chance of hitting paradise
than completely give up
the possibility of attaining my own ideal
and know I make it out alive
—  A.O.A.M. || Tunnel 

Oh I hope you know,
Oh I hope you know,
That I was barely hanging on,
When I first saw you I was pitful,

And I was losing every night.

I asked if you might,
Stay a while,
Oh stay a while,
You said maybe if your voice could,
Make me smile,
Oh make me smile,
And I told ya give me one chance,
I don’t deserve you to give me this one chance,
You’re my medicine,
You’re my medicine.

Havelin || Medicine

Do you ever imagine Dan and Phil walking off stage of their last show of their UK tour, after seeing the place sold out with all of their friends cheering for them and all the crowd so happy to see them live, and just hugging each other so tightly because they made it. They made it together, holy shit! 

Can you imagine the big smiles on their faces when they pulled away from that victory hug? Who would have ever thought that painting cat whiskers on their faces and recording videos together would lead to all this? Not them, but I bet they are so proud of everything they have achieved together

“Mind the thorns,” she says,
Pointing out all the jagged edges,
All the imperfections,
So you won’t cut yourself on the harsh bits of her,
That haven’t yet been sanded down to vacant-eyed smiles.

“Mind the thorns,” she says,
Turning them inward,
Hoping that you’ll notice the way she flinches when she talks,
Hoping that you’ll see past the roses
And tell her that you don’t mind the thorns.

“Mind the thorns,” she says,
Smiling too brightly,
Like glittering bits of broken glass,
Biting her lip to keep from screaming:
Fuck your comfort,
Can’t you see I’m bleeding?

—  Rosebud girls - @ballerinawidow
I can’t stay away from you and you can’t blame me. The way you look at me with those eyes. The way you bite your lips as you look at me. The way you smile when you see me. The way your face lights up when I smile at you. Your what I want, what I need, what I desire, what I’ve been searching for, what I’ve always wanted.
—  Leohearts
That feeling...

That feeling when you see your crush even for one short second and make your whole day complete. ‘Cause even if you know that he will never come to look at you the same way you do to him, you can’t help. Since you’ve fallen for him so hard that you forget your surroundings and smile like an idiot, everytime you walk by him. 

“I don’t really know why I’m still hoping.”