you can't miss it it's everywhere

You’ve tainted every memory I have.
No matter what I remember - I remember you.
It doesn’t matter how far back I go - you’re there.
Years before I met you, even childhood memories - I remember you. Not because you were there at the time - but because they’re memories I’ve shared with you, or they’re memories that remind me of a feeling you once gave me.
There is no part of me you haven’t touched.
Every place I go I think of you - even the places I’ve never been to with you, because at some point I’ve been there and I’ve thought of you.

You’re everywhere ….. and it’s killing me.
You’re in my head.
You’re in my heart.

And I can’t get you out.
—  Ranata Suzuki

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can I request a hc for Eren, Mikasa, and Armin for a blind s/o? They can be either in the military or not, but i can just picture them coming back home and their s/o feels their presence and instantly goes to hug them and cry because they missed them so much?? Thank you so much!! i have a half blind friend and she likes me reading a couple of stuff to her like this. (one eye can't see and the other one is slowly loosing it's sight :c)

Aw, what a lovely friend you are. I hope this does justice and that you and your friend like it! <3


  • He is at the front of the line, desperate to get back in the walls to see his s/o because he needs to know they’re okay just as much as they need to know he is okay. 
  • His eyes are everywhere, scanning the crowd waiting to greet them, looking for that familiar color of hair and sweet face he knows all too well.
  • As soon as his gaze settles on their form he instantly feels his body relax and a smile grow on his lips. 
  • He’s not expecting them to even know which set of feet are his but as soon as he’s within earshot his s/o is turning to face him, tears brimming in their eyes and a smile tugging their lips upward.
  • They’re throwing their arms around his body before he even has a change to say hello, but he welcomes it eagerly, burying his face in their hair as they do the same to his neck.
  • “I missed you,” he’d whisper against the shell of their ear, feeling so grateful to be alive for one more day, one more opportunity to do exactly this.


  • Mikasa is pretty eager to see her s/o, but she’s not letting it be seen as outwardly as Eren would. She is as nonchalant as ever as she enters the walls, but her eyes are definitely sifting across the various faces as she seeks the one she knows so well.
  • When she finds them, she doesn’t plan on an elaborate surprise. She’s near-silent and rather unenthused as she approaches them, figuring that she’s going to accidentally scare them with how quiet she’s being.
  • That’s not the case, though. As soon as she’s standing behind them she watches their body tense, every muscle freezing as they begin to realize the presence of the person they love most.
  • “So you made it back safe,” they would whisper, and Mikasa wouldn’t miss the sound of tears about to be shed. 
  • Mikasa would only give way to a simple affirming hum, slowly unwrapping her scarf from around her neck only to drape it casually around her s/o’s shoulders.
  • “You looked cold,” Mikasa would explain, before slowly sliding her hand down to take her s/o’s, pleased by the smile she’s elicited and glad to be back home.


  • His s/o is practically all Armin can talk about on the ride back to the inner wall, sharing story after story with his teammates who are all too eager to hear about his s/o who has always been nothing but kind and sweet. He grins like an idiot as he thinks of them, as he speaks of them, practically bouncing on his seat like an excited child.
  • He manages to control himself as the wall grows nearer, but as soon as they’re inside he loses it again, jumping off his horse to begin running through the crowd in a desperate attempt to find them.
  • He’s short and it’s way more difficult than he thought but just when he’s about to give up a hand shoots out and grabs his arm, tugging him toward an abandoned alley. He’s about to freak out until his s/o is wrapping themselves around him, burying their face in his chest.
  • “I knew it was you,” they’d whisper, taking Armin’s hand in their own. “I could just tell.”
  • Armin doesn’t know how they’ve gained the extra sense, but he’s grateful nonetheless as he wraps his arms around them and inhales their familiar scent, realizing just how much he truly missed them.
  • “It’s nice to be home,” Armin speaks quietly, tightening his hold for just a minute, scared that if he lets go, the moment will end.
  • You know what fucking pisses me off? I've been in front of you this whole time and you can't even see me. Am I invisible, or are you just blind? I've always been here for you, and I always give you my love. It's okay though because once I'm gone, I'm sure you'll see me everywhere.

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Can you please elaborate being a skillful Fe user (like someone with Fe as either their dom function or aux function)? I can only imagine how that works, and I could be terribly wrong (in fact for some reason, I feel like I'm completely wrong about how the functions work for most part. Can't explain why. It just feels as if there's a missing piece-or I dunno, maybe it's not the method I don't understand, maybe it's the people). Thank you.

The higher the Fe, the greater success you have in using it. This is why inferior Fe users have such a hard time with Fe and often are accused of “random outbursts of bad temper,” etc. It’s like a nagging sensation in the back of their mind that they need to be appropriate and talk about their feelings, but they are not always comfortable doing that, so it kind of explodes everywhere. It’s messy and uncontrolled and discomforting to them.

Natural Fe users … where it is in one of their top two functions … are very, very good at peacekeeping in situations, in mediating, and in knowing what the other person is feeling and if something might offend them. They are hyper tuned in to their environment, so much so that the other people in it take precedence in their minds. High-order Fe is more concerned with whether other people are having a good time doing something than it is concerned with how it feels about a situation. The higher the Fe, the more naturally it comes to them and the easier they use it successfully. High Fe can smooth over just about anything given the chance. It also tends to know what other people want and how to appeal to them — so the Fe-doms are natural diplomats and usually charismatic (and opinionated, as dominant judging personalities). 

Fe-doms are natural manipulators — and this doesn’t have to be a bad thing; it merely means that they know the temperature of the room and how to swing it to their advantage in order to accomplish something. In truth, Fe merely wants everyone in the room to be content so it will mediate to find that balance. Disharmony displeases them, as does unkindness. Fe-doms also tend to be more aggressive than their introverted counterparts in asserting their opinions and in making others inclined to favor them. Fe can easily find nice things to say to others to put them at ease or diffuse a bad situation.

Fe-auxes are more private about their feelings and thoughts, less inclined to be confrontational and more prone to external influences because they are perceiving personalities. Their Fe is less developed than their dominant, so they are not as naturally skilled at using it, or in controlling it as the Fe-dom, but they share many things in common — including an easy ability to mediate, a tendency to be protective of others, and a desire not to offend … to be seen as appropriate at all times. Fe can blend in to its environment merely to desire to put others at ease, even if it isn’t entirely comfortable. Lower Fe can do this as well, but with less skill. The lower the Fe, the less skill is utilized in handling it. 

Here is the bad thing about Fe: it cares what others think … a lot. It wants their affirmation and praise … a lot. It needs reassurances … a lot. And worse, with enough abuse, the Fe-user can start to think of themselves very poorly … based on what other people have told them. Tell a Fe-user how mean they are and how they don’t fit in and how awful they are for long enough, and they will start to believe it and see themselves in a totally unrealistic light. Treat them like a substitute person long enough, and they will feel unworthy of love. Withhold affirmation and encouragement from them and they will shrivel up and lose their passion for the things they love, because they need affirmation.

I used to be much more outgoing and talkative than I am now, because I started thinking that I was “boring” people by talking so much. I did not want to force them to listen to my endless thoughts on a bunch of random topics, so I ceased communicating. That’s what Fe does. You’re looking bored. I should shut up. I have actually been in situations before where I could not relax and enjoy myself because I sensed that someone in the group was not having fun and/or was offended by something that was going on. And perhaps my greatest regret is that I cannot seem to do things only for my own enjoyment — I want and need others to like my work in order to feel entirely happy with it. So much of my life is oriented around trying to win the approval of other people … and it sucks. I completely understand and identify with Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Diaries when she says, “I try so hard [to get people to like me]…”

Someone suggested to me recently that I might be a Fe-dom, due to my easy access to Ne … and I can see where that might be a possibility. I tend to be more forcefully opinionated than a lot of my introverted friends and I seem to be able to step into someone else’s shoes effortlessly … and the higher the Fe, the more likely that is, so … if you’re stuck between types, bear that in mind.

How 3x12 should go
  • (Emma sees Regina for the first time post-curse 2.0)
  • Emma: Damn.
  • Snow and Regina: Excuse me?
  • Emma: Just I knew you?
  • Regina: Yes you did dear
  • Emma: God you're hot
  • Snow: .......
  • Regina: Why thank you Miss Swan
  • Emma: How could I have forgotten you?
  • Regina: It's a long story
  • Emma: Maybe you could tell me over dinner?
  • Snow: no
  • Regina: I'd love to
  • (She walks over and kisses Emma. A whoosh of light surrounds them as Emma's memories return and magical rainbows and unicorns appear everywhere)
  • Regina: Do you remember now?
  • Emma: How could I forget?
  • Regina: We're still on for dinner though?
  • Emma: Oh god yes. I can't believe I forgot how hot you are
  • Regina: You're not so bad yourself dear
  • (Emma laughs before kissing Regina again. Henry cheers excitedly in the background as he decides which unicorn he would like as a pet. Snow stares on in shock)
  • Snow: But porn
  • Charming: Roll with it Snow, can we get a unicorn?