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Biscuit | Alfie Solomons

This was just going to be a snippet but i love dogs so much it turned into a full blown essay. Also, I feel like this is the same girl from ‘The Messenger Boy’ imagine.

“Alf… you’ve got a dog.”

“I do love, yeah.” Alfie half mumbled in return with a toothbrush lodged in his mouth. You could smell the peppermint from where you leant in the doorframe. He was half dressed and there was a dog sat to his side turning its head with every movement Alfie made.

“Since when.”

“Oh, ages.”

“Ages? Was he here when I stayed over last?”

“Yeah, love, he was, yeah.”

“Why didn’t I see him?”

“Oh, he comes and goes as he pleases, don’t he.”

“… so he ain’t your dog?”

“No, he is, right. He just lets ‘imself in an’ out.”

You looked at Alfie a little baffled as he leant down to spit out toothpaste and rinse the sink.

“What’s his name then?”


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ummmm. this 007 narry sounds amazing :(

~ ~ intrigue ~ ~

“What have you got for me?” 007 asks.

Harry grins and slides his hair up into a quick bun like he does when he’s ready to go into Full Quartermaster Mode. “This, my lovely Double-O, is a Bogota Titan Lock Pick.”

He pulls out a thin, black strip of twisted metal and pauses, tilting forward onto the balls of his feet. He loves the dramatics, loves being asked questions so he can spout off information simply to demonstrate he’s learned it.

007 humors him because he’s a good lad. “And what is a Bogota Titan Lock Pick?”

“So glad you asked. It is a lock pick specifically crafted from aircraft grade Titanium and have a limited magnetic footprint. This means it is virtually undetectable by your strongest metal detectors. The size of a pen for easy carrying and disguising, with all the strength of your favorite fighter jet. The Bogota Titan Lock Pick.”

Harry flips it in his hand, but it falls through his fingers, clattering onto the floor with a bigger thump than seems appropriate for it’s size. Harry ducks down and swoops back up with the pick in his hand and a burn on his cheeks.

007, for his part, looks amused. If Harry’d pulled anything like that with his last Double-O, he’d have been reassigned in a heartbeat.

Harry clears his throat, pockets the pick, and says, “Let me tell you about this lipstick flame thrower.”

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(1/3) hey, I just stumbled upon your skam & bipolar posts, so I wanted to ask how you feel about the last Evak scene in 3x10, where Isak tells Even he can't have the drugs as they're bad for Even but denies that they're bad for himself. I always think Even looks like a child being scolded by his parents, like he heard that it's bad for him too many times. What struck me the most though was Isak literally saying that it's his job to decide what's good for Even and what not. I know that

The first time I saw the scene, I cringed a bit. There’s a fine line between making sure someone’s OK and monitoring and I felt that Isak was treading it badly. But then someone pointed out it looks more like affectionate banter than anything.

We have to remember Even and Sonja were dating for a very long time. Because bipolar’s onset is, on average, in people’s twenties (although it can be argued that since it takes, on average, ten years for someone to get properly diagnosed, that probably comes into play). Even has obviously had his bipolar start earlier than that.

My headcanon is that Even got diagnosed while he was dating Sonja.
That their relationship was probably already kind of ending (you rarely stay with your “high school sweetheart”, they started dating at 15) but when Even got diagnosed, Sonja probably felt a bit guilty. Afraid to “drop him”. They probably still had affection for each other. Just not romantic. Sonja got stuck in this strange self appointed nurse role, and Even probably stayed out of comfort too. They both felt it was easier to just keep going. They were also very young.
I don’t blame Sonja for feeling like she had to take care of Even as if she was his doctor. She was young and didn’t know better.

But Isak isn’t in that same position.
Even already had episodes when they met. He learned about it quickly (quicker than Sonja I’m guessing) and they had a chance to have a fresher start, so to speak, than Even had with Sonja.
Plus Isak had Sonja tell him to not be a nurse. She admitted she had been wrong in how she had treated Even’s illness. That he just needed to be there for Even. When he asked if he should bring Even to his parents (which I feel would’ve been problematic, implying Even didn’t have enough agency over himself, treating him like people treat children), Sonja told him not to. That Even was good where he was.
Sonja gave Even’s the best breakup gift by telling Isak not be a nurse to Even. Telling him there was nothing he had to do aside from being there for him and take things one minute at a time.
Which was the healthiest advice she could have given him.

Finally, Isak certainly noticed Even’s reaction when Sonja tried to tell him not to drink too much at the Halloween pregame. And when Sonja tried to hurt Isak and told him that Even shouldn’t smoke weed. He naturally equates these two to negative outcomes, I feel. And he knows better. 
“Only you can feel what you feel.” Isak said that.
Not to forget, either, that Isak used to judge his mum seemingly solely through her illness and used to make assumptions about her. Assumptions that got shattered into pieces when he came out to her and she reacted with nothing but love and support, showing him that people are not their illnesses.
And illnesses are not this one black and white thing.

So I think that, when Isak snatched the weed away from Even, it was him being half serious half playful. Reminding him gently that smoking might not be the best right now. But he acknowledged that it would be monitoring and talking down to Even to do so seriously. (The way he says “for me it’s perfectly fine!”. And the following banter about seeing a poster asking for someone to be Even’s boyfriend AND carer.)
To me, that was him acknowledging that behaving like Even’s carer would be a big mistake and not something he was interested in doing. That he could still gently and straight forwardly try to help Even manage his illness, but without set rules or ultimatums or forgetting that, ultimately, Even is his own person and capable of making his own decisions.

I think that was a great way to end the season. Showing that they were able to talk about it and even joke about it. “So long as you’re wearing clothes.” That it was not this huge taboo, this Damocles’ sword balancing above their heads.

Again, it’s a fine line between being someone’s carer and someone’s partner.
I think Even found a partner in Isak. Not another nurse.

[masterpost of my metas about bipolar on SKAM]

The Signs And How They Kiss You
  • Check sun, moon, and mars
  • Aries: There's a good chance they might pick you up. They'll try to get as close to you as possible, while being hyper-aware of you and your comfort.
  • Taurus: Will caress your face or play with your hair. They'll start by being aggressive, but slowly melt into a slow, gentle kiss.
  • Gemini: They'll perfectly time their kisses to take you off guard or leave you wanting more. They'll probably grab your hips and use quick pecks.
  • Cancer: Will kiss you at the most random times. While you're walking, in the middle of sentences, in the middle of saying goodbye. They'll grab your face and pull you towards them, ensuring you can't escape.
  • Leo: Is the master at slipping their hands into your back pockets or belt loops and using them to pull you to them. They completely disregard everyone else's comfort while they're kissing you, blatantly displaying your relationship for everyone to see.
  • Virgo: Will rarely gather the courage to kiss you first, but when they do it will be gentle and timid. They won't pull you to them but rather lean towards you. They'll play with your shirt or wrap their arms around your back.
  • Libra: When they kiss you, it's sudden and intense. They'll either wrap one arm around your back and use the other hand to pull your face to them, or hoist you up on a counter or something and put one hand on either side of you.
  • Scorpio: The way they kiss you might look forceful, but it's really very tender. They'll wrap their whole body around you and savor every moment.
  • Sagittarius: They'll kiss you often, whenever and wherever they'd like. They're very aggressive and will find a way to portray how you should react, depending on their mood.
  • Capricorn: They don't often kiss you first as they're scared of showing too much emotion, especially in public. Their kisses will be sweet and innocent and they'll probably be embarrassed about it.
  • Aquarius: Likes to mix things up with upside down kisses and other creative things. They'll spin you around often and like wrapping their arms around your neck or grabbing your shirt to pull you closer.
  • Pisces: They'll be very embarrassed about kissing you first but have an eternal need for affection, so when they do kiss you, know that it took a lot of thought. Their kisses will sweep you away, but they'll do it differently each time, you'll never know what to expect.

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McCree flirting with a reader who's stubbornly denying the fact that they MAY have feelings for the cowboy. Like, not tsundere levels of denial but they're trying to play it cool because for some reason they know that they shouldn't get too deeply involved, maybe they're a mercenary working for Overwatch and know that before long they're gonna have to leave and to get attached means something scary that they haven't considered: full-on change. STILL CAN'T HELP THE FACT THEY'RE HEAD OVER HEELS.


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Longass imagine under the cut because guess who ELSE CAUGHT THE FUCKIN FEELS. This is a mess, but whatever. Omfggg

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Would u be able to do a smut scenario where Jimin is so needy for his wife that he cant think straight. So when he gets home he makes sure to show her how much he loves her and needs her by making her ummm cough cum cough until she cant say anything but his name? Please and thank u if u do, if u can't it's ok...but keep letting those creative juices flow ^.~

Oh God, here we go😩💦

I Need U

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Description: Jimin has spent a long period of time away from his newly wedded wife. He can’t seem to grasp an inkling of patience nor keep his head until he is by your side. Preferably, on top of you.

Genre: Smutty smut smut.

Warning: Cum play, graphic, dom chim chim.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Hyung-” Jimin bit his tongue and groaned irritably to himself as his elder, Jin, got the choreography wrong. Again. “Why can’t you just get it right? This is the billionth time we’ve gone over this stupid part!” Jin stood up straight after catching his breath and he crossed his arms tight across his chest. It was unlike Jimin to be so short tempered and show it, his tone was disrespectful in his opinion. “Ya,” Jin began, eyebrows furrowed tight, “have you forgotten who you’re talking to? I might not be the best at dancing, but you better watch your tone!”

“Hey hey..” Hoseok walked quickly over toward the two who were butting heads. “What’s going on, here?”

“This friend thinks he can talk to me any ol’ kind of way. I don’t know what’s going on but-”

“Stop.” Hoseok said calmly. He then looked down at Jimin who was now running his hands through his hair. He was clearly stressed. Clearly out of it. “You know, you haven’t been all that great at the choreo either today, so maybe you should go easy on Jin-hyung. Why don’t you go take a break and cool down.” Jimin frowned deeply at Hoseok, but he didn’t say anything else. He turned hastily on his heels and he stomped out of the dance studio, slamming the door shut behind him.

“What the hell is his problem?” Yoongi spoke up from his spot on the floor. He was watching from afar along with the other boys who took it upon themselves to just take a break. “I dunno…but he’s definitely not himself.” Taehyung replied and rubbed his arm slowly. “He’s probably just horny.” All eyes were on Namjoon who chuckled after he bluntly assumed Jimin’s problem. “Hyung..” Jungkook gasped and shoved the older male who only began erupting with laughter. “What, what? We’ve known each other this long and you aren’t able to tell when one of us has a hard on? Only a few of us get pissed off like that, Jimin is probably the worst. Whenever he forgets his honorifics or is short tempered, he’s usually gone in seconds to take care of himself. Yoongi-hyung is more irritable than normal which can be kind of scary, and even myself will get hella short tempered. You know that. Tae usually distances himself and is unnaturally quiet, Hope too. You get all serious and blunt, and Jin-hyung. All you ever do is whine when you want to go beat your meat; like we can’t tell. And our baby Kookie..” His eyes trailed down to the magnae who was already turning red when he hadn’t even said anything about him yet. “You’re dangerous.” Namjoon admitted. “Maybe we switch souls and you just break everything and get all clumsy like you forget your own strength. It’s actually amusing.”

“That’s enough, Namjoon.” Jin said finally and sat down as well. “I doubt that’s the case so just leave him alone. Whatever it is must be serious to make him act out that way.”

“He’s right.” Hoseok said and sat beside him. “It’s best we don’t say anything about it until he’s ready to talk. He’ll probably-”

“Probably what, Hyung?” Jimin’s voice startled almost all of them as he stood in the door way, his water bottle held tight in his grasp.

“P-..probably…will get the choreo right this time around…you know, now that you’ve had a break and all.” Jimin rolled his eyes and stepped into the room. He set down his bottle and then stretched out his arms.

“C’mon, what are you all sitting around for? I just want practice to be over already.”

With that said everyone stood up and got back to work. Jimin knew that after this particular practice he would have the rest of the day to himself. He wouldn’t be going back to the dorm. No, he’d go straight to your house, that is, if he could get through the day. He was struggling, tripping over his own feet. His woke member ached, causing him to stop frequently and try his best to conceal the fact that he was secretly palming himself, but it didn’t go unnoticed. His members, aside from Yoongi who could care less about his sexual frustrations, were worried about him and they often thought about cutting practice short. Though that never happened, knowing that they needed every bit of practice for their upcoming performance.

“Jimin, are you alright?” Taehyung asked after practice finally ended. The brunette shook his head rapidly, knowing he couldn’t bring himself to lie. Tae blinked and watched his friend gather his things quickly, shoving everything he had brought with him into his bag. An almost sinister, quiet little chuckle was released through his lips an he smiled at Tae. “Don’t worry though, Tae-tae, I’ll be fine real soon.” After that, he scooped up his cellphone from the floor and then darted out of the room before anyone could say anything else to him.

He was quick to hop into his car, tossing his bag carelessly into the backseat. By this time, it was already late and the sun had nearly completely set for the day. Now that he was in the confines of his own car, he cursed softly to himself and racked his hand through his hair. It took so much out of him to not touch himself that he felt dizzy. He looked downcast toward the taught fabric of his jeans and he realized a growing wet spot. His eyes widened as he ran his finger across the area, realizing almost immediately that it was precrum. “Shit..” He whispered and chewed the inside of his cheek. He needed you so bad that he didn’t know what to do, except…go to you of course. He started his car and then unlocked his phone; pressing number one on speed dial to call your number. It didn’t take long for you to answer.

“Hello?” You answered, pretending to sound as if you weren’t anticipating his call at all. “Anae, my lovely girl, what are you doing?” He asked as he pulled out from his parking spot, and sped out onto the main road. “At this very moment?” He could hear your smile, knowing you were playing dumb on purpose. “Yes,” he said calmly, “at this very moment.”

“Oh you know…I was cleaning up around the house…cooking dinner…um..showering. Don’t tell me you’ll be home late again.”

“No.” He said quickly, “Actually, I’m on my way now. Babe, I don’t want dinner tonight so you eat right now and put mine away.”

“What, why?”

“Damn, don’t make this harder than what it already is.” He hissed as he was stopped by a traffic light, prolonging the time it took to get to your shared apartment. 

“What do you mean?” You frowned softly to yourself as you walked into the kitchen, eyeing the full meal you had made especially for him. “I’m not the one making things hard, Jimin Park. I worked all week to make this stupid meal, not that you’ve been home a lot lately to notice. I fermented this blasted kimchi myself! So don’t tell me I’m making this-”

“Y/N.” He called calmly, hoping to stop you and not aggravate you any more than what you had already become. “It’s not like that, love. I just, don’t think I can focus on dinner right away when I get there. I promise I’ll eat but…just not right when I get there. I have something else planned for us tonight.”

You pouted lightly as you had already begun to clear his plates and store them in the refrigerator. “Like what?” You asked cluelessly. “You’ll know when I get there.” You were’t sure how you felt about that answer, but nonetheless, you did what he said and sat down to eat by yourself. “Oh, Anae, drink lots of water, too, okay?” You could hear him grinning, the engine of his car in the back ground revving up loudly, indicating that he was probably going over the speed limit. “I’ll worry about me.” You responded, “You just make sure you don’t end up in a car accident, or I’ll kill you.” With that said, you hung up the phone before he could say anything else. You weren’t too sure what he was planning, but you hoped it was nothing in vein. You drank water like he asked and you finished eating quickly.

You could hear the password being punched into the keypad outside of the apartment door and you looked up from your spot on the couch. You leaned over to peek around the foyer walls and watched as the door swung open.

“Anae!!” Jimin called loudly. You stood up and walked quickly over to him where you saw he had dropped everything. He had only stopped to lock the door before his eyes trained to yours. Something was off, you could tell by his dark gaze. “What’s wrong?” You asked quietly and watched as he was unzipping his coat and tossing it aside. “Y/N…you really have no idea what you’ve done to me.”

“What do you mean…?” You chewed your lip and took steps back every time he took steps forward. He threw his cap to the floor and then he pulled off his shirt in one swipe, causing you to gasp softly. “What are you doing, Jimin?”

“You were on my mind all day. You made me disrespect my hyung’s because I was so needy for you.” He reached forward and he gripped you around the waist to ensure that you didn’t go anywhere. “I know you’re mad at me for not being around or acknowledging you, but…” Jimin leaned down, his lips were just millimeters away from yours, you could feel his breath against you and it made you blush, “let me make it up to you.” He whispered finally before he caught you on the mouth. He kissed you hard. It was a little sloppy but love and passion could be found clearly. You were taken aback so that you almost couldn’t register what was going on. But soon your mind caught up with your heart and you returned his kiss. You threw your arms around his shoulders and he lifted you up, carrying into your shared bedroom. He broke the kiss and then threw you on the bed where he crawled up along with you. He sat up on his knees and then pointed to the wet spot on his jeans.

“See what you did to my pants?” He murmured. “Why do you drive me so crazy?” Your face flooded red as you looked curiously at the space he pointed to.

“What is that?” You asked him and sat up a little.

“Why don’t you help me out of these things and find out.” He replied. You sat up all the way and you did so without another word. You reached up and gripped the waist band of his jeans and unbuttoned them before unzipping them as well. You then tugged the material down along with his underwear. When they reached his mid thighs, his member sprung out angrily. It slapped against his naval before bouncing into an erect position. Clear precum spewed from the red tip and Jimin grunted lightly in relief from the confines of his jeans. You stared at his member for all of a second before you shifted into a laying position, wanting to take him into your mouth and take care of him after seeing what you were doing to him, but he stopped you.

“Not tonight, love.” He said gently and made you sit up again. “I’m going to remind you of how much I love you. You looked at him again as you returned to your seated position. He pulled you forward once more and then kissed you again. His hands gathered the hem of your shirt before he broke the kiss to swipe the thin piece of fabric over your head. Then again, your lips were connected. You hummed softly when his hands gripped your clothed breasts and began to massage them through your bra. He pushed you backwards so that you lay on your back. He licked at your bottom lip, asking for entry that you willingly allowed and soon his muscle invaded your wet cavern. His hands trailed from your chest to your back where he unhooked your bra and pulled it off of you without separating your mouths. Next, he gripped the waist of your sweats and pulled them down your legs until they were completely off. You raised your hips upward to make it easier for him, and once your legs were freed, you wrapped them around his waist. He chuckled softly against your mouth before he pulled away and trailed his kisses across your jaw to your neck. He sucked little purple blossoms into the tender skin emitting a soft moan from your swollen lips. His hands again found your breasts and he played and squeezed with the peeks. His lips continued to travel south until he was leaving a trail of butterfly kisses across your collarbone, between your breasts, across your navel, all the way until he reached your core where he stopped. He pressed a kiss there and you shivered. You tried to remember the last time you saw him in this position, but you failed to recall the memory. He smirked and spread your legs wide before he dipped his head and presented the folds of your core a kitten lick. A shaky whimper was your reaction.

“Jimin..” You mewled, wishing desperately that he would just relieve some pressure. He didn’t deny you tonight. This time he licked a stripe in between your folds, his tongue lingering on your clit. Your hips bucked in response and another moan fell from your mouth. He wrapped his mouth around the little sensitive bundle and he began to suckle, hoping to get as much of a response as he could. He just wanted to make you feel good and could put off his own neediness for a while longer.

“Oh my god Jimin!” You groaned loudly. Your hand flailed around wildly before it found its place tangled in his soft locks. You tugged just lightly and he took this as a sign to do more. So he did. His tongue licked downward to your hole. He licked a few stripes across it before he darted his tongue in and then out way to quickly for you to register. Before you could open your mouth again to complain his tongue was back inside you and this time he went slower and deeper. A finger joined him, his index slowly pressing underneath his tongue and into your heat. He pumped a few times before he pulled his tongue out again and brought his attention back to you clit. You writhed and arched your back to press further against him. Your legs had been shaking as you were sensitive from his lack of touch lately. You called his name again and moaned loudly the moment he flattened his wet muscle against your bundle of nerves. He added a second finger before he shook his head from side to side. You were already quickly reaching your first orgasm of the night and he had barely gotten started. Your breath picked up and you began panting. You pushed at his head and began grinding into his mouth and fingers.

“Faster, please Jimin..” You moaned out, and he obliged; pumping his fingers at a faster rate. You moaned louder with delight. You felt a knotting in your belly and you knew you were almost there. “J-Jimin. I-I’m-” You began, but the words were lost the moment you felt him curl his fingers upward into your spot. You cried out and nearly clamped your legs together around his head. If it weren’t for his free hand to stop you, it would have happened. He cupped his mouth over your heat the moment the knot in your stomach came undone and you came. He drank up your juices as if he had been dehydrated for a deathly amount of time. No drop was left, he didn’t allow any to spill. He looked up and watched your face contort with pleasure and he was satisfied with this job. He sat up and licked his lips before his hands were on each side of your head.

“How was that, jagi?” He whispered and pressed a kiss against your chin. Your eyes fluttered back open to look at him and you smiled. “I think it was a step toward me forgiving you.” You replied breathlessly. He scoffed softly and gripped your hips again, pulling them upwards against his. “Then I hope what I do next will really change your mind.” He said quietly. This was it. He had painfully been waiting for this moment all day. All he could think of now was being buried deep inside of you, and that was his next move. He grinded down against your heat, eliciting a tiny moan from your lips. “We’ll see.” You tested with a tiny smirk pulling at the corner of your mouth. He would take your challenge. He reached down and gripped his cock, He rubbed the tip of his cock in between your folds, lubricating you with his pre-cum. He hissed softly to himself, his tip being overly sensitive from waiting so long. Your reached up, finding purchase on his shoulders to brace yourself. You watched his expression which had turned into something more serious. You assumed he meant business.

Before you realized it, he was pushing into you. It was just his tip that had stretched you and caught your off guard. Your back bowed and you whined pathetically. You could hear his breath hitch. He paused for only a moment before he pushed more of him into you. Once you were filled to the hilt, he pulled back again without letting you adjust. Your nails dug into his shoulders and your legs wrapped around his hips. You bit your lip, suddenly feeling embarrassed about your constant sounds, but he was not happy about that. He bent down and kissed underneath your ear before thrusting back into you. You both let out a muffled moan.

“I want to hear you, baby.” He whispered and again pulled backwards. “Don’t be afraid, now. Your moans are sexy.” With that said, he thrusts into you once more, but this time he doesn’t stop. He keeps going, working up a rhythmic pace. You released your bottom lip from in between your teeth and you moaned freely again after his reassurance. After every long stroke you moaned out loudly, whining and mewling variations of his name. “Faster!” You managed in between each slur of a moan. “Harder!” Again, he obliges with no problem. His hips snapped faster into, harder and you were a reduced to a moaning mess. Your vision had clouded as you were sent into a euphoric state. Hot and electric ecstasy boiled your blood and you were sure you had reached some form of heaven. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders tight and you held on for dear life. Jimin grunted and groaned close to your ear, the sounds were sex itself. His bangs clung to his forehead as a sheen of sweat covered his body from exertion. You wondered what was going through his head at that moment, but there was nothing you could say or do to get him to express anything other than his groans.

One of your hand trailed up to his messy damp hair and you tugged gently, knowing it was something he liked. He moaned in response to this action and somehow, if it were possible, he moved faster, A string of explicits left your mouth and that same knotting feeling began in your stomach again. “Jimin!” You cried out. But this time he slowed to a stop.”Wait,” he whispered, “not yet.” You whined just like a bratty child and you began bucking your hips, hoping to get more friction this way, but he gripped your waist to stop you. He pulls out and the empty feeling almost brought you to tears. You were so close and he snatched it away from you just like that. You were suddenly being flipped over onto your stomach. You raised your head curiously and turned your head to look at him.

“What are you waiting for. Get on your hands and knees.” He commanded, and you did so, so fast you weren’t sure of yourself. He slapped your ass causing you to lurch forward and yelp. Before you could utter a word, he gripped your waist and then pushed himself back into you, filling you up deliciously fast. You weren’t sure of the noise you had made in response, not that you cared anymore. Your mind immediately fogged away to nothing as the only thing you could focus on was his cock and the pleasure it gave you. He began thrusting again, pulling almost all the way out, before thrusting hard into you again. He worked up a pace quickly. The sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room and it had only been music to your ears. A long deep moan fell from your mouth and you lowered down onto your forearms for better support of yourself. You could hear him moaning over you and you moaned along with him. One of your hands reached behind you. You wanted to touch him, any part of him. You were almost surprised to feel his hand grip yours and lace fingers with you. He held tight onto your hand as he pounded into you repeatedly. He wouldn’t stop this time. You both were at the tip of your highs and wanted nothing more than to feel the pleasure of reaching your climax. You began shaking again as you were losing strength in your legs and arms. once again, you felt that familiar knotting in your stomach and you hoped to God that he wouldn’t take it away again. Your walls clenched around him once. Then again. Once more until you were spasming uncontrollably around him. He moaned out loudly and let go of your hand. Instead he gripped your hair and tugged your head backwards, slightly cutting off your air supply. You cried out as he snapped his hips harder into you. His thrusts becoming erratic and uneven. He was close.

He thrusted into you a few more times before you both reached the end. You internal knot snapped and you came around him. At the same time he released his white hot seed into you, filling you to the brim until it spilled back out down your inner thigh. He slowly milked out the rest of your releases until you collapsed underneath him, panting hard to catch your breath. “J-Jimin..” You whispered quietly. You wanted to tell him how much you loved him. How much you forgave him and trusted him with everything. But he fucked you out and the only thing you could utter was his name. Jimin slowly pulled out of you and rolled you over onto your back. He laid down beside you and then pulled you tight into his grasp. “I love you. Don’t ever forget that.” He whispered to you. He pushed your messy hair from your face and then planted a kiss to your forehead. You nodded the best you could in response, then your eyes fluttered shut.

He had made it clear enough. He loved you and he needed you.

First Impressions
  • <p> <b></b> (Use your sun and rising!!)<p/><b>Aries:</b> Very striking.You have distinct, sharp features with high cheekbones. Odds are, your hair is red, or has been red, either naturally or dyed. You come off as enthusiastic yet intimidating. You probably have a badass scar on your face. You give your undivided attention only in short bursts, and you can seem impatient. You look great in bright colours. Most likely sign to pull ideas out of thin air and pull them off with similar speed.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Gentle looking. Your eyes shine softly, and you always look thoughtful, like you're mid daydream all the time. You speak with intention, directness, and sincerity. Your voice is probably on the deeper side, and you like to wear comfortable but very good quality clothing in neutral colours. Most likely sign to create an inside joke with you right off the bat.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Born communicators. You come off as youthful, curious, and intelligent. You have glittery eyes and small, neat features. You have a few distinct mannerisms and hand/mouth gestures that can make you seem fidgety and nervous if you're not careful. To catch a gemini, look for pastels, lace, stripes... any "childish" colours or patterns... you guys always pull them off though. Most likely sign to make you laugh so hard you're sore the next day.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Like home. There's something very familiar about you. You look like everyone's best friend. And you are. Your ability to mimic others is almost painfully funny. You have deep set, watery eyes and strong cheekbones with soft features. Probably a cute button nose. Your smile is always natural looking. Most likely sign to ask you if you need a hug if you're sad.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Bright and kind. Your smile is a home run like... you guys are blessed. Your hair is very noticable, either because there's just so much of it or because you decided to do it up and people are staring because it looks so perfect. You're warm and very friendly. You either come off as intimidating and very powerful, or cuddly and gentle. Either way, you have everyone's attention. You also probably have excellent posture. Most likely sign to defend you right away if someone accuses you of something.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> A breath of fresh air. You have questioning and curious eyes, small features and full lips. You speak with a soft determination and you seem to take up less room than you actually do. You don't impact the earth like others do. You walk lightly and almost cautiously. You look great in dark, deep colours and your skin glows naturally. You might come off as a little critical at first, so be careful. Most likely sign to offer you some of their hand cream.<p/><b>Libra:</b> Stunning and fair. Alright, there's no other way to say this... Librans are beautiful. You guys have symmetrical faces with features that fit perfectly together. You're a true diplomat, and probably the one who calls for a vote when your friends can't decide what to do next. Most likely sign to keep their attention on you even if a bunch of other people keep interrupting.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Magnetically fascinating. You have these eyes... that can see through anything basically. You're quiet. Maybe not after a while, but the first time someone meets you they might not even hear your voice at all! If not though, you are very interesting because you have an opinion on everything. Most likely sign to get in trouble for laughing too much and/or making too many jokes.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Larger than life. You're all beautiful giraffes. You're very tall, and if not you still have the graceful, long gallop of the archer. Very distinctive laugh. You have quizzical eyes. You speak either of all the incredible experiences you've had or your great plans and wishes for the future. You are new and young and shiny, but you are so wise somehow. You can come off as judgemental. Most likely sign to tell you a random fact that sticks with you for weeks.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Effortlessly cool. You have high, full cheekbones that often contribute to how photogenic you are (seriously... how). You have a lot to say, but you choose every word carefully, one at a time. Your smile is healthy and it reaches your eyes every time. You can come off as guarded. Most likely sign to have an "it's a small world" moment and discover that you both knew this one important person from your childhood.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Modern and well-adjusted. You have a high forehead, a wide mouth, and a big smile. You are engaging, realistic and ambitious. You aren't afraid to play with different colours and patterns. In fact, you probably embrace certain fashion no-no's, like wearing denim on denim, or wearing two different directions of stripes at once. You always make it work, though. It's also a scientific fact that all aquas can pull off glasses. I don't know why, but just trust me on this. Most likely sign to send you reeling into an exisential crisis after meeting them just once while simultaneously gaining you 100 followers on instagram.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> A dream come true. You have wide set, liquid eyes and you have a humble way of walking, confident, but almost in an effort not to assert yourself. There is nothing harsh about you. You speak gently and kindly. You can seem too wishful, like you want too many things you just can't have. You have the kind of face that attracts people looking for advice or just someone to listen. Most likely sign to text you the day after meeting you with a bucket list of all the awesome movies, books, and tv shows they want to show you.<p/></p>
nct as otome game characters
  • taeyong: incredibly handsome and charismatic-but-intimidating type. very talented, but can appear very cold at a first glance, which is why people who don't know him are scared of him. actually soft and doting, and cares for the mc a lot in all of the routes. usually referred to as mother by the other members because he likes to give a lot of advice and usually scolds them when they do something wrong and/or unhealthy.
  • ten: youthful and carefree type. reputed as a bit of a playboy due to his popularity with girls, but he's actually quite innocent (despite being fairly playful and sometimes inappropriate) and shy, although he knows a lot of people. flirts with the mc occasionally, although he reveals his more abstract and dreamer-like side to the mc in his route.
  • jaehyun: all rounder type. studies well, is athletic, has many friends, and is popular with girls due to his good looks and sweet personality. has quite a bit of dating experience and can occasionally be a little perverted, but he's actually quite sensitive and wants the mc (and the other members) to be happy. will go to the ends of the earth to make sure the mc is happy and content in his route.
  • doyoung: scrupulous and studious type. can be quite awkward and occasionally has trouble understanding emotions, but he knows for a fact that he feels something for the mc that's different from everyone else. has a clear and gentle singing voice that charms everyone. will send the mc long texts asking them if they're okay and telling them to take care of themself. tends to be a little sassy, but to be honest, in his route, he'll do whatever the mc asks of him if it's within his grasp.
  • taeil: smart but awkward type. has trouble expressing his feelings and is constantly teased by the younger members. wants to tell the mc how he feels about them, but he's so bad at showing his emotions that really, he seems to almost distance himself from them. in his route, he's surprisingly tender and will not hesitate to sing/serenade the mc to sleep if they can't rest. actually, if the mc asks him to sing, there's a 99% chance he will.
  • hansol: silent and strong type. generally reserved and doesn't talk much, but he keeps a silent and watchful eye over the mc in case they need help, in which he'll be there. the kind of interest that'll quietly protect and sacrifice for the mc without them knowing. a little curt and taciturn, but he makes a greater effort to be more expressive and talkative around the mc. secretly gets upset and pouty when ignored by the mc when he wants their attention.
  • kun: shy and quiet type. usually found in quiet areas (ex. the library) because he doesn't like loud noises or rowdy people. good friends with winwin. once warming up to the mc, he's actually surprisingly humorous and playful, but is noticeably very sweet to the mc and makes sure to fulfill their needs, although he doesn't mind pranking them once in a while. a cutie who cares a lot for everyone.
  • johnny: sarcastic and troll type. always joking around and mentioning his beautifully well crafted looks (which, admittedly is true), and he likes to make people laugh and therefore plays quite a few pranks and makes lots of jokes. the type to say really cheesy one liners and pickup lines to the mc in his route, although, really, he'll do that in all of them. is and will be sassy when he wants to be.
  • yuta: manly and independent type. adapts well to new environments, and is quite smart. has trouble controlling his emotions (especially his temper) at times, and although he doesn't like to admit it, he cries a little too easily when emotional. can become irritable when disrespected or around people who have no respect, but once he realizes the mc is a genuine and respectable person, he becomes very protective, even possessive, of them. the type to make mild threats when the mc disobeys him (ex. "If you don't come over, I'll bite you.").
  • winwin: gentle and pure type. very charming smile, practices diligently to make up for any communication issues. can be surprisingly childish/innocent at times, and becomes a little--very--attached to the mc in his route. the type to ask the mc where they're going or what they're doing that day, or if they want anything. very gentle, but when anyone messes with the mc or the members, he can lose his temper quickly.
  • mark: cute, naive, and innocent sunshine who gets really nervous around mc and is a stuttering mess because he just wants the mc to love him and give him their attention. adorable but lowkey mess that everyone secretly loves. even if you don't choose his route you probably still love him. actually very talented and diligent, but tends to lack confidence in himself.
  • renjun: studious type who always likes to patiently explain things to the mc whenever they ask because honestly, he wants to help them in any way he can. pure and will take care of and look out for the mc, even if he's not the main love interest. can be either a big brother figure (in other routes) or a cute and considerate boyfriend (in his route).
  • haechan: sassy tsundere who appears to simply view the mc as a toy or a person to constantly tease; however, he grows to love them when he recognizes their kindness and bright personality. quite protective of the mc, doesn't like it when the other characters tease the mc too much in his route (he turns up the sass), and he likes to tease mark a lot.
  • jaemin: flirty aegyo type who is constantly asking the mc if he's cute and if they like him (even if they say they don't, they know they're lying~). the type to use lots of emojis and just wants the mc to relax and trust him. will get jealous fairly easily, can and will become clingy to the mc in pretty much all the routes. very playful, likes teasing the other characters, but knows not to cross any boundaries.
  • jeno: calm and mature prince type with a killer eyesmile. the type to be very popular with girls despite not trying particularly hard to become that way. sometimes referred to as a straight arrow and, occasionally, a stiff board (courtesy of jaemin) because he's really considerate and therefore doesn't like teasing people that much (although jokes are another thing). gentleman to mc, very gentle and soft despite the rare sass and smart-alecky responses.
  • chenle: very talented and peaceful love interest who is usually quite busy but still manages to be cheerful. the idol type who at first suffered from communication issues, but when he grew more comfortable, he turns out to be quite mischievous but also clever and excitable. the type to always talk to the mc and show them something he's done or finds cool.
  • jisung: mature and intelligent type who appears very shy before warming up. passionate about dancing, tends to act cool, but because of his young age and pretty face, he's called cute. doesn't voice his thoughts, and is quite patient. falls for the mc when they listen to him and support him, and becomes a bit of a timid, lovesick type. respects the mc despite fooling around with his hyungs.
Rogue Shadow - Moriel

So… I had some ideas that one of Azriel’s shadows just takes somethings into its own wispy hands when it come to Azriel and Mor. One of these ideas is that this shadow is responsible for letting Mor know when Azriel is returning from his missions, so she can be there waiting for him. Its explained much better in my post here. Annnnnd this is what happened when that idea ran away with me.

I don’t feel like it my best work, but I still hope you enjoy it.


It’s master had finished his task. The fae lay there unconscious and bleeding. No. Dead. The fae was dead. But it’s master had done what he needed to do. Now he stood there unmoving, his own face bleeding a little. He would need her tonight. The shadow’s master would need the one who made the other shadows flee, the one who was the Light in the darkness. It knew it’s task, it had done it so many times before. Secretly it would go and find her, tell her that he was coming back so that she could be there waiting. So she, the one that it’s master so desperately protected and cared for, could stop him from retreating further into the darkness he fought within. The shadow left, the other swirling shadows hiding its departure as it went in search of her. The Morrigan.

Mor let the music fill her body. She moved to the beat, twirling and shifting her body as the music demanded. Rita’s was packed tonight and she had barely any room to herself as she danced in the middle of the dance floor. Some nameless male had asked her to dance and she accepted indulging in his handsome face. Cassian was here somewhere, drinking or dancing, Mor didn’t know. The song changed and the nameless male bid her goodbye with a small wave but Mor continued to dance. She lost herself in the camaraderie of the dance floor.

He’s returning.

Mor only paused for a moment as she heard the the softest of whispers. At first she was not sure she had heard it but then she felt as though something wound its way around her hand and ever so gently pulled. The dimly lit dance hall didn’t allow for the Mor to see if something truly had touched her hand, but she had her suspicions at to what it was. Then, while still moving to the music, she wove her way to the edge of the dance floor. She needed to find Cassian.

She found him talking to a female at the bar, both of them lent toward each other slightly, too close to be casual. Mor knew the game he was playing but she didn’t have time for it. She needed to get back to the House of Wind and didn’t have time to walk up those damned steps. Mor sauntered up to Cassian, flashing him a winning smile and a scathing look to the female. Then she ran her hand possessively down Cassian’s arm, resting her hand on his wrist.

“Cassian who’s this?” Mor said, her voice sickly sweet. Cassian looked at Mor in disbelief while the female gave him a look that was a mix between disappointment and disgust.

The female lifted her long dress slightly as she stood and walked away with tight lipped, “Leaving.”

“Mor, what the…”

“I want to go. Now. Can you take me to the House of Wind?” Mor said over the music as her grip tightened on Cassian’s wrist, pulling him to his feet.

Cassian groaned and followed. “Why the House of Wind?”

“You know my house in is the middle of being renovated,” Mor said glancing back at him. It was a half truth, her townhouse was being renovated but her bedroom was done. She just didn’t need Cassian’s interference tonight.

“Well you’ve successfully destroyed my fun for the evening, so we might as well,” Cassian said.

Once in the night air Mor put her arms around Cassian’s neck and he scooped up her legs and shot into the sky.

The flight to the House of Wind was short and as soon they landed Mor moved out of Cassian’s arms and made for one of the inner rooms. But before she got too far she turned back around.

“Cass I’m sorry about ruining your night.”

He waved her off, “She was too full of herself anyway.” He laughed when Mor raised her eyebrows in disbelief, “Hey, there can only be so much ego involved, even if it’s only for one night.”

Now Mor laughed, “Either way I’m sorry.”

Cassian just shrugged his shoulders and wings, “The night is still young.” Cassian gave Mor one of his insufferable smirks before he once again flew out into the nights sky.

He’s getting closer.

The soft whisper spoke again. Mor had been pacing for a long while now, it seemed the shadow had been a little eager in its report. Because is was indeed a shadow, one of Azriel’s shadows, that whispered to her. It had for years. It had always alerted her to when Azriel would start his return journey. Always giving her enough time to meet him when he got home.

Mor wondered if Azriel knew of what his shadow did, she certainly didn’t think that he sent it to her. When Azriel began to notice that Mor always happened to be waiting for him when he returned he had been thoroughly confused. But he never asked why she was there or how she knew.

Mor heard the beat of approaching wings and stilled. She heard him land on a nearby balcony and his purposeful striding steps. At first Azriel didn’t notice her there, standing in the middle of the room. His shadows swirled around him, dark and heavy. They almost shielded his entire face from view. When Azriel spied Mor the shadows around his face fled and revealed a nasty bruise blooming on Azriel’s right cheek and a split lip. Mor sucked in a sharp breath and moved forward. Azriel instinctively took a step back, his shadows pulling in tight around him.

Something twisted tight in Mor’s stomach. She wondered at what failures Azriel had invented for himself on this mission, what things had gone wrong that had not only caused his injuries but also brought about the brooding silence that seemed to encase him.

“Az,” she said softly taking another step forward, this time he didn’t retreat. She reached him and took his scarred hands in hers and she saw Azriel cringe at the sight of the joined hands. Mor looked up to his face. His eyes were cold and unfeeling, and they looked as if they barely saw her. “What happened Az?”

Azriel shook his head a little, “I can't…”

“I know you can’t,” Mor said, “I know you can’t tell me exactly what happened, what you did. Just tell me that you’re alright? Did you do what you set out to do?”

Azriel nodded his head a little, just a little. The breath Mor hadn’t realised she was holding rushed out of her lungs. At the sound the tightness in Azriel’s shoulders seemed to loosen and his wings and shoulders dropped. Mor pulled on Azriel’s hands and led him to a nearby chaise summoning a bowl of hot water, cleansing ointment and cloths to the table beside it. They sat beside one another and Mor dipped a cloth in the hot water and gently wiped the cut on Azriel’s lip.

This had become their routine, Azriel would come home and Mor would tend to his wounds, sometimes he would recount his dealing but most times not. Azriel had relented after the scoldings Mor would give him when he would leave his wounds unattended and they often became inflamed or infected. Nothing ever too serious, but enough that it caused Azriel pain and discomfort, which Mor wasn’t going to allow. She assumed he left them as punishment for whatever he had failed to accomplish, a reminder that he needed to improve. Sometimes Mor thought he simply could not be bothered to look after himself.

They sat is silence the whole while and once Mor finished applying the ointment Azriel let out a heavy sigh.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mor asked. She knew he would say no, but she always asked anyway. Just in case, in case one day he’d said yes.


“Well. To bed then.” Mor summoned her most charming smile, one that she knew would make Azriel’s shadows lightened a little. And they did. Azriel then stood leaving Mor alone on the chaise.

“Thank you,” he said softly, barely above a whisper. “Thank you Morrigan.” Mor stayed where she was but turned to face him, still smiling,

“Anytime, Azriel. Anytime.” Azriel gave her a small smile in return and walked away toward his bedroom. As he did, Mor heard a soft lingering voice in her ear.

Thank you…

anonymous asked:

The more I think about him, I realize how disappointing Naruto as a hero and character is. I can forgive his childish naiveté to a point pre-shippuden, and bit in shippuden (16 isn't the most mature of ages) but as time went on his immaturity irked me. I can't understand why people wouldn't scold him for his behavior. And 75% the time he's literally all bark and screaming "WE GOTTA DO IT". I couldn't understand why people would follow HIS words and not others of more maturity. Any thoughts?

Hello, anon! :]

I’m going to put my following text under “Keep Reading” because of its length.
Content: (5-6 pages)
1) How Naruto’s feelings and experiences may blind our eyes:
- Vulnerability as a tool for empathy
- Minutia as a tool for balance
2) Naruto’s flawed portrayal
- underdog theme
- the concept of fate
3) When characters get framed in favour of Naruto
- revictimization
- black and white thinking

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excerpts from block b’s group chat

aka i got bored in my lecture

Kyung: or when where what how
Minhyuk: of course you would get off listening to your own songs
Kyung: better than watching videos of myself dancing
Minhyuk: wtf it was once

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sombra ships
  • sombra + genji: a bond that was likely over their mutual hatred of hanzo. has potential, partly thanks to the neon #aesthetic. one time she programmed his voicebox to play link's "hyaAAAAAH!" whenever he used his ultimate and he wouldn't talk to her for a week
  • sombra + mccree: best friends probably. she makes fun of him a lot and he just willingly puts up with it. she tried to hack his arm once but he just took it off and threw it at her. they probably trade stories about gabriel reyes being a total dingus
  • sombra + pharah: i??? do not know how this would happen??? probably some chance encounter. sombra keeps strapping her translocator beacons onto the back of pharah's flight suit so she can pop in for a quick smooch while in midair
  • sombra + reaper: could potentially happen - but if it does, their relationship is constantly tested by the fact that sombra programmed his alarm clock to play the loudest part of "crawling in my skin" at 4am every morning.
  • sombra + soldier 76: the only explanation for this is that he got fucking catfished. he shows up for their first date and ends up framed for a murder or something
  • sombra + tracer: they definitely bonded over electroswing and other similar tastes in music. they probably send each other cool pictures of the skyline constantly. one time sombra ended up having to fix tracer's chronal accelerator on the fly - she managed it, but it turned purple and tracer was mildly embarrassed
  • sombra + bastion: best friends but not actually dating? she drew a curly cartoon villain mustache on him for halloween and he didn't notice until weeks later. sombra has used his shoulder as a place to put her translocator beacon more than once, but bastion doesn't mind. she's also developed a way to hack his system in order to calm him down from panic attacks faster
  • sombra + hanzo: hanzo is catfished harder than the winning catch at a national fishing competition. he goes to a nice scenic overlook where they're supposed to meet and she pushes him off the cliff.
  • sombra + junkrat: bonded over their love of screwing things up for anybody that isn't them. they're probably just fake-dating to confuse everyone that isn't roadhog. she's trying to figure out a way to translocate his riptire, and the world had better pray that she doesn't succeed.
  • sombra + mei: probably got off to a rocky start. sickeningly cute, pda all over the place. mei makes things freeze in the shape of a heart, sombra hacks things to tell mei she looks adorable today, everyone else is getting tired of it.
  • sombra + torbjörn: she probably doesn't even give him a chance. did you see her gameplay video? she fucking murdered torbjörn. he's dead. (she refuses to pronounce his name properly, also.)
  • sombra + widowmaker: very professional but still dating. it works for a while, they watch artsy films together and sombra points out the implications of the plot holes. they break up when widowmaker's earpiece mysteriously starts transmitting "blue" by eiffel 65 instead of her orders.
  • TANK:
  • sombra + platonic only. sombra keeps offering to modify things to make life easier for when she's gaming, but refuses outright. occasionally will stream clustertruck and sombra will do weird things with the dev commands (of course she has access to that account, what else do you expect)
  • sombra + reinhardt: they pass by each other briefly. sombra makes a dark souls reference at him, and is surprised to find that he actually gets the joke. she then proceeds to figure out what his account for dark souls 1 is, and permanently gravelords him. the two never cross paths again.
  • sombra + roadhog: bonded over their love for adorable things. they never really end up dating because sombra is all about being junkrat's wingman. she will make the two of them kiss, so help her.
  • sombra + winston: his system nearly got infected by a virus. sombra is known for making viruses. winston does not like sombra.
  • sombra + zarya: the ultimate enemies-to-friends-to-lovers relationship. people learn what fear truly is after sombra decides that it's a great idea to have zarya throw her at the enemy.
  • sombra + ana: sombra didn't ask for a mom friend, but here we are. it could be worse though, at least ana makes a mean cup of tea. they also bond over general saltiness at various things.
  • sombra + lúcio: she decides to hack a concert he's doing just for shits and giggles and he actually goes with it, plays it off like it's part of the show. sombra probably helps him organize attacks on vishkar in return for music recommendations. they've never met face-to-face but it's still a cute relationship
  • sombra + mercy: either the most weirdly ordinary couple who will occasionally go off on a technological tangent together, or they absolutely hate each other for no good reason. really a bit of a toss-up there.
  • sombra + symmetra: sombra convinces symmetra that leaving vishkar is a good idea, and then of course the two start dating. the two are probably running at least 3 ARGs for various internet forums at any given time, and it's beautiful. (also, symmetra keeps getting nice, moderately expensive things in the mail all the time. she suspects that sombra is up to something but she can't actually prove it.)
  • sombra + zenyatta: strictly platonic. sombra has been trying to figure out how the harmony and discord orbs work for ages. zenyatta (who knows exactly what he's quoting) will only ever respond "i can't tell you, because you're not a monk."
  • OTHER:
  • sombra + doomfist: too little information. there is a joke here but i refuse to make it.
  • sombra + mondatta: well, seeing as one of them is dead, maybe not the way to go.
  • sombra + katya: exactly why would you date someone who's blackmailing you? that can't be healthy
  • sombra + the eye conspiracy: otp. clearly the most perfect relationship. i see no flaws.
Possible scenarios to season 4: part 1
  • we are in a giant hall. marble walls, chandeliers, tall vaulted ceiling. The fancy crowd is either sitting at small tables or standing and chatting, holding drinks. The women in luxury dresses. the men in elegant suits. There's a stage standing after the crowd and on it there's a band playing classical music.
  • we cut from the crowd and are viewing from behind a fancy buffet, at the backs of two men standing in front of it. One is tall with black curls and an impressive posture, the other is shorter with light brown hair.
  • we cut to their fronts and encounter Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, both in tuxes and bow ties.
  • John: look as all these women!
  • Sherlock: careful John, you're a married man.
  • John: oh shut up. How the hell are we going to find this woman? she could be anyone!
  • Sherlock: well she's certainly not that bearded man i the blue suit. unless she's really good...
  • John: *anxiously fixes his tie* why did Mycroft have to send us here as waiters? couldn't he give us fake IDs or... a special card or something
  • Sherlock: I asked him to.
  • John: why?
  • Sherlock: It's essential for my plan.
  • John: and in what point are you going to let me in that plan?
  • Sherlock: now seems like an appropriate time. (raises his look, observing the crowd in concentration) The woman we're looking for...
  • Mycroft: we were informed of the existence of a woman. we suspect she's working for the Swiss, but we can't know for sure and we're not interested in any cooperation. we suspect she's holding information our best agents weren't able to find.
  • Sherlock: you really have to start filtering your agents better, they're terrible.
  • Mycroft: she has no idea the information she's holding is valuable. No one knows but us. and we'd like to keep it that way.
  • Sherlock: so you want me to talk to her.
  • John: how? you don't even know who she is.
  • Mycroft: we know she's be attending a gala next week. find her. find out what she knows. without reveling any connection to the British government. this is crucial.
  • Sherlock: There are people here who are far to known to be a Swiss secret agents, so that goes. This woman can't be married or have children or pets, and she's probably not over 50, so that eliminates some more...
  • *the crowd from Sherlock's point of view. people disappear as he excludes them*
  • John: No, you can't possibly narrow it all down.
  • Sherlock: Not all of it, probably, but most. You may have noticed that I've been studding dress catalogs lately?
  • John: oh yeah, I though you were developing a new interest.
  • Sherlock: an undercover agent could never afford to buy an expensive dress, While most women in these sort of events are dying to show off their wealth. I've memorized catalogs of all top designers in fashion. that woman over there?
  • *cut to woman in a white dress with flowers pattern*
  • Sherlock: Dior, 10,000 dollars. No way it could be her. same applies for 20 other woman in this room.
  • *a major amount of women vanishes from the crowd*
  • John: Sherlock, there's no need to make excuses. If you want to look at dresses, I won't judge you.
  • Sherlock: Shut up. and now for some final adjustments...
  • *captions appear over the remain women. "OCD nail biter" - gone. "desperately in love with an older man" - gone. "chronic back problems" - gone. more and more women pop out of the crowd*
  • Sherlock: we are down to four options.
  • *four women, in different locations around the hall, remain frozen mid-action*
  • Sherlock: time to act.
  • John: Okay, what do we do?
  • Sherlock: *takes the champagne salver from the table and hands it to confused John, and then takes the shrimps salver* I need you to go over to these two women, blonde-in-blue-dress in the center, and the one in the black dress and long hair. I'll go to the other two.
  • John: what, and - offer them a drink?
  • Sherlock: yes. and look closely. try to see if any of them acts suspicious in any way. we'll meet back here with our findings.
  • John: wait - "act suspicious" ? what do you mean?
  • Sherlock: anything strange. even the slightest gesture.
  • John: How the hell am I supposed to know your definition of strange?
  • Sherlock: you'll know it when you see it. Now go, quick!
  • *Sherlock rashes off before John can say anything. frustrated, John sighs then starts walking towards the first woman, carefully trying to balance the salver in his hands*
  • John: *mutters* of course he had to give me the harder one...
  • *as he reaches the woman, who had just had a laugh with the the man she was talking to, she turns around and notices him*
  • John: fancy a drink?
  • woman: oh, thank you! *takes a glass from the salver and turns back to continue her conversation*
  • *John continues to walk towards the woman in the black dress, with a mane of wavy dark hair that goes down her waist. The woman is standing with her back to him, so he doesn't see her face*
  • John: would you like a drink?
  • *The woman doesn't answer. then, without making the slightest turn towards him, she slowly sands out her hand and leave it hanging, awaiting.
  • John: *tensed, places a glass in her hand. still not saying a word, the woman gently rests her hand back down.
  • nervous, John turns back and spots Sherlock at the table. He hurries to get there, relieved to put down the salver.*
  • Sherlock: *eagerly* did you find anything?
  • John: *nods* it's the one in the black dress. She didn't say a word. she didn't even move, I couldn't see her face.
  • Sherlock: Perfect. *quirky smile* now, you wait here. I'm going to escort her out of the room, wait two minutes then follow me.
  • *imperturbable, Sherlock starts pacing slowly over to the woman. It appears she doesn't notice, but something in her back stiffens. then, as Sherlock gets closer, she starts walking away, with measured steps, towards the exit.
  • Sherlock picks up his pace, almost unnoticeably, but not to the woman, who switches to a fast walk. John realizes something is wrong. Then she begins to run and time slows down, as her hand let go of the champagne glass and the liquid seems to float out in the air.
  • the glass shatters on the ground, and time turns back to normal as Sherlock bursts out running, followed immediately by John. People gasp and turn their heads as the three rush through the crowd. "excuse me," John automatically says as he pushes people away, trying to reach Sherlock and the woman, but they've already stormed out of the hall doors.*
  • *after chasing her through a few corridors Sherlock finally reaches the woman. He grabs her by the shoulder and turns her around.
  • Irene Adler: Hello mister Holmes.
  • *Sherlock flinches as he meets the face looking back at him. panting from the chase, he stares at Irene with concealed shock, agitated, as Irene stares back, her face showing the same mix of painful feelings.*
  • *theme music starts playing*.
Adore You

Summary: John had adopted you when you were young and you grew up as the Winchester boys’ little sister, but it seems like your feelings have grown differently towards the eldest one. 

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, kiss?

Word Count: 1053

So, I’m sooo behind my to write list and I’m so sorry! I’m having partial writer’s block and my sched is just f-ed up so yeah. 

This is not a Wincest type of story, ‘kay? They’re like not blood related at all, but if this isn’t your cup of tea, just ignore it :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean has always been there for you from the start, may it be the ups or the downs in your life. There has always been something electric between the two of you, ever since you were both young, that squeezing feeling in your chest when you two were close. When you reached the age where the feelings towards him became drastic, when love wasn’t just love, it became more intimate.

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Jack isn’t paranoid

A little something for @thethespacecoyote, concerning their cute rhack omegaverse au w/ lil Cyrus
Hope you feel better soon :P

Word count: 950

Jack isn’t paranoid.

Of course he isn’t, how could he be? He’s the ruthless CEO of Hyperion! He spaces idiots for fun and fires moonshots and Loaders at bandit camps as a sport! He strangles morons and drops off his bloodied clothes at the drycleaners just to see their faces, because it totally isn’t like he does that every day. He can walk down corridors and people will scatter as if Death itself is approaching, which of course it is. He’s the apex alpha and he is in control.

So he can’t be paranoid.

But there’s something niggling in the back of his head as he paces up and down his office. He’s already done the length of it about thirty times without breaking a sweat, and now he’s doing it in front of his desk. Jack thinks he’s done that about forty times now, he’s almost sure, as he’s burrowed deep into his own thoughts. Rhys is constantly telling him not to do that and Jack often doesn’t but now it’s hard not to. There’s something bothering him, something in the room with him, he’s so sure of it. Except every time he turns around there’s nothing there. But the hairs prickling on the back of his neck tell him otherwise.

‘Oh for God’s sake, now you’re just bein’ stupid.’ Jack growls to himself as he clenches his fists and crosses his arms, his pacing stalling. ‘There’s no reason to be paranoid and stupid. Security’s tight, Rhys is safe in the penthouse with the kid and no one can get in without your biometric scan!’ He tells himself off before there’s a beat and he’s back to thinking again.

‘But there are other ways into that penthouse, and people are very good at getting your biometric print.’ Jack says, a frown starting to paint his face. ‘And you put Rhys in there during a time when the entire station is on lockdown because someone tried to assassinate you.’

His heart almost skips a beat. The station is on lockdown, Rhys and Cyrus are safe in the penthouse and someone has tried to assassinate him. Logic is screaming at him that they’re fine, that nothing can happen to them and that whoever is trying to kill him can easily be taken down. But it doesn’t stop Jack from sprinting to the elevator in his office, the one he’s tucked behind a giant painting of himself that’s just been installed, and taking it straight to the penthouse. The seconds are ticking by so painstakingly slowly, making sweat start to bead on Jack’s forehead as he watches it climb the floors one by one until there’s a soft ding.

‘Rhys? Cyrus!’ Jack calls out the moment he’s in the penthouse, his heart racing in his chest as he looks around for them both. When there’s no response, panic starts to swallow the alpha and his senses prickle. He’s trying to find their scents, everything a blur otherwise as he moves through the penthouse. Jack calls for them again and there’s still no response. Oh God, has the assassin already gotten to them?

No, that’s ridiculous. There would have been alarms going off by now! Jack tries to reason with himself, but then the little niggling voice starts up again.

Unless they disabled them.

‘Jack?’ comes a sleepy voice from the doorway of the master bedroom, Jack’s head snapping around to look and relief floods him when he sees his omega stood there. Rhys is dressed in one of Jack’s stupidly big Hyperion sweaters, surrounding himself with his alpha’s scent, and Jack can see past him where Cyrus is a little sleeping bundle on the bed.

‘Oh thank God…’ Jack breathes, giving a nervous laugh as he runs a hand through his finely gelled hair. ‘You’re both okay?’

‘Of course we are, Jack.’ Rhys answers, looking confused for a moment before he smiles sweetly and walks over. ‘Paranoia again?’ he asks, receiving a gruff noise from Jack as if to say no. Rhys shakes his head and smiles, gently leading him into the bedroom after lacing his fingers with the alpha’s. The moment Jack enters the room he’s hit with a wave of Rhys’ scent, his heart’s racing being soothed immediately as Rhys leads him over to the bed. They both lay down together, one either side of the sleeping Cyrus, and Rhys gently combs his fingers through Jack’s hair.

‘I thought that asshole assassin got to you guys…’ Jack admits after a little while of silence, eyes closing as he holds Cyrus close and lets Rhys play with his hair. Only his omega is allowed to do that.

‘Hey, we’re both okay. Besides, you set up a whole legion of Loaders in the corridor on the way up here, didn’t you? We’re safe behind two blast doors and an entire legion as well as top-of-the-range security systems and you.’ Rhys smiles, pressing gentle kisses to Jack’s forehead as he felt the apex alpha’s jaw unclench slowly. ‘Right now, this room is the safest place on Helios. So you can settle down now, Handsome, Cyrus has been missing you.’

Jack looks down at the small boy cradled in his burly arms, a smile working its way onto his masked face as he gives a soft chuckle. Cyrus stirs after a little while, stretching in his father’s arms as his mother coos to him gently as his eyes blink open.

‘Dad…?’ he mumbles sleepily, Jack’s heart finally calming at that as he holds him tight.

‘I’m here, Cy, and I’m not letting you go.’ He murmurs, his low tone lulling the little one back to sleep. ‘I’m not letting either of you two go.’

Do Not Let The Lovely Ms Anderson Near S3 Scripts...

(Source Yahoo TV)

As Yahoo TV recently noted, Stella Gibson, Gillian Anderson’s character on the thriller The Fall, is “so unapologetically feminist, unapologetically promiscuous, and unapologetically better than everyone else on the Northern Island Police force that she inspires celebratory fan tributes with titles like ‘Stella Gibson being a boss.’”

The detective’s cat-and-mouse game with serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) in Season 2 of the drama should also inspire Emmy voters to nominate Anderson for Outstanding Lead Actress. We spoke to Anderson, who’s currently filming Fox’s reboot of The X-Files (which earned her an Emmy in 1997), about key scenes in Season 2, and her hopes for Season 3, which she’ll begin shooting in December.

You wrote an essay profiling Stella for us before Season 2, and you said that some people see her as cold. You wondered if that was something that show creator Allan Cubitt saw in you, since he wrote the character for you. When we did a deep dive into Season 2 with him, we asked him that question and he said no: He sees Stella as someone who’s warm, but she has a “surface coolness,” a kind of control that he does believes you exude as an actress. Do you see Stella as someone who is trying to control things that are beyond her control?

I think that’s pretty accurate. I think she likes to be in control, and I think that’s served her very well in her work and also in her personal life. I think she’s extraordinarily focused in her work, and I think it takes up a lot of her headspace. I think she’s spent so many years singularly focused that she doesn’t really know anymore how to step outside of that until it’s almost become a part of her personality — this concentrated, deliberate, focused, serious, professional. So I think when we get to see aspects of her personality when she tries to step outside her comfort zone — when she makes a deliberate effort to be kind, friendly, warm, complimentary, share a joke or something even intimate and on a personal level — those moments really stand out for the character, watching from the outside, because they are so few and far between. They’re there, and they allow you into another aspect of her that maybe she just doesn’t have access to that readily.

That leads nicely into the first scene I wanted to talk about: When she realizes Spector has broken into her hotel room and read her diary, which is the ultimate loss of control. Take me through filming that moment and how you got to that place. We see the tears building, and the realization that she’s lost something of herself to him, of all people.

I think in the actual scene, the audience hears Spector speaking [what he wrote in her diary]. I didn’t hear his voice, and they didn’t need to have somebody reading out loud, because I was reading the words on the page. What he writes is so blatantly provocative and potentially shaming and intuitive. And the fact that he’s quaffed that boundary, and stepped into not just the privacy of her room and the privacy of her diary but the privacy of her mind and her thoughts — it’s such a violation that it knocked the wind out of her. Literally, she’s so not used to anyone getting anywhere near even on the surface what she projects. She protects herself. So for that protection to have been bypassed, and for him to have found her soft spot completely out of the blue. … He really steps into an intimacy that she doesn’t share with anybody. It’s a huge, huge invasion of her mind — a mind that she keeps very closed.  

In your essay about Stella, you mentioned that she chooses her clothes carefully and cares about how she looks — for herself. You said she’s “at once in touch with her femininity in a way we have not seen, and yet still able to stand up for herself with strength, intelligence, grace, and self-containment.” Is her wardrobe also like a suit of armor, in a way?

What I find interesting is that it’s not. She’s neither wearing suits that are buttoned-up and double-breasted and trousers to emulate the male counterparts on a daily basis, nor is she overtly dressing sexually as armor. I think what I find fascinating about her is that it is purely to satisfy a desire that she has within herself for herself. If that confidence and that self-knowledge creates a boundary somehow, puts distance between herself and other people… I don’t believe that that’s a deliberate statement in any way or a protective device. That’s more about the other person and their take on her or their opinion about how she should dress.

The next scene I wanted to touch on is the lengthy interrogation scene, which became a great power play between Spector and Stella. How did you approach that crucial sequence?

I thought that it was exquisitely written.  How did I prepare for it? I mean one always intends to be entirely off-book, but with something like this, it’s really important to know 100 percent that you are off-book and can follow the rhythm of the scene from beginning to end without interruption. When we did a rehearsal of it, it was clear that Jamie felt the same way because we were able to do the 11-and-a-half pages straight through. What was fascinating about the process was that because we haven’t sat face-to-face in scenes before, it was as much about the actors dancing as it was about the characters dancing and observing each other, sussing each other out. We both lightly got into…predatory is the wrong word, but it’s almost like two cobras facing off. A cobra and a mongoose or something. It was something about that, and because it’s such a quiet scene, and we end up very grounded in our bodies but also very much in each other’s space. It had that kind of heightened sense to it. It was so much fun to play, and also to see how good Jamie was and could be.

There are times when each of you speaks directly into the camera. Allan has said that he wanted to do that so viewers would feel the intimidation. What were those takes like to film?

Usually those moments are asked of actors at the very end. It’s like the final take, which means that you’re either exhausted by then, or you have the rhythm and you’re vibrating at a particular level. And so, it can actually be exhilarating. I think you can’t help but jump into the perspective of the viewer and get a sense of the power that such a shot would have in a scene like that. So it can be quite fun to be able to play with that heightened intention there.

Another memorable scene was the aftermath of Stella’s rejected invitation for Reed Smith (Archie Panjabi) to join her in her room and ACC Jim Burns (John Lynch) coming on to Stella there instead. Stella says that line to Burns about how we all have these emotional and physical needs that can only be met by another human — the trick is to ask the appropriate person. Can you imagine an appropriate person for Stella?

What I love about that scene is that, of course, Burns thinks that she might be talking about him when she says, after that, that she made a mistake herself. It’s like he slightly wonders if maybe they’re on the same page, even though she admonished him initially. Who would be the right person for Stella? I mean, I would think that it would be an unmarried man, within a decade of her own age maybe, above or below. Equal intelligence, successful, has a sense of self-knowledge and understanding of appropriate behavior and boundaries himself. Whether she’d be able to handle that, I think, would be challenging for her. I think that she could do it… if they saw each other once a week. [Laughs]

There will be a third season of The Fall, and Allan has confirmed, of course, that Spector will survive being shot. I found it so interesting that Stella ran to Spector first when he and DS Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan) both took bullets. In your mind, why was that?

I mean, it is really the right thing to do. She spent how long now tracking this guy? She knows that there’s medics around. She knows that Anderson’s likely going to be perfectly fine no matter where he’s hit. She doesn’t want this to end here. She’s fascinated by [Spector]. She is fascinated by what drives him. She also knows that he’s got a young daughter, even though that’s obviously going to be a complicated relationship. But I think she doesn’t feel like her business with him is done yet. It’s also an easy out for him after what he put people through.

One of the things that Allan has said he hopes we’ll learn more about in Season 3 is Stella’s history with her father, which is addressed in her diary. Is that something that you’re looking forward to exploring more?

I think so. We’ve talked about it, and I am interested in exploring quite a bit more. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and ideas about where we head next, but Allan is the one who goes off in his little world of genius and figures out the best way for it all to unfold. I have 100 percent faith in him. Wherever he leads us, even if it has no resemblance whatsoever to a direction that I thought might be fun or interesting or fascinating for myself or for an audience, I know that he’ll lead us down the right path. It may or may not have anything to do with her father. [Laughs]

There was a lot of secrecy around Season 2. I’m sensing there’ll be a lot of secrecy around Season 3. How does that compare to what you’re dealing with now in terms of secrecy with the return of The X-Files?

It’s a little bit of a different level because first of all, The Fall world is a smaller world. So at the very beginning, those scripts are going to a small handful of people. When you’re dealing with a network like Fox, and you’re dealing with a franchise, there’s a lot more potentially at stake. There’s a lot more people who have their fingers in the pie. And also, the expectations are so high, and there’s a lot of boxes that need to be ticked, especially with the first episode. It’s always so much more satisfying when there’s as few spoilers out as possible, with any scenario. But I’d have to say lockdown is greater for The X-Files. [Laughs]

Great Article, but this: “Who would be the right person for Stella? I mean, I would think that it would be an unmarried man…”  gave me pause, as in:

Because we already ALL know who the right person for Stella is: 


I rest my case, your honor.

anonymous asked:

hello. i have aspergers. is it normal to feel like every autistic person (aspergers or not) is better than me? like i feel extremely handicapped by my autism. i'm 24 years old, i have never been in a relationship or had any friends, not even been close to having either. i get sweaty and terrified whenever i just think about getting a job or an education. i can't do anything. i feel like i'm the most dysfunctional autistic person in the world. i hate being autistic, i have no life because of it.

Hi anon,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. I’m not sure if it’s normal to feel like every other autistic person is better than you, but here are some things I do know…

All of the things you list—education, work, relationships—are totally normal things for autistic people to struggle with. The statistics about the lives of autistic people in young adulthood can look incredibly scary and troubling. But the thing is, you’re totally not alone. About a third of us have no college education or paid work experience by age 25. One study found that 84% of autistic young adults had never been in a long-term relationship. 83% of us have never lived on our own by age 25. It is definitely not just you. And one of the big problems with how isolated autistic people often are is that we wind up not knowing how much we really have in common when it comes to things we struggle with.

It’s also definitely normal to be frustrated with how being autistic can make everything so hard. Autism is a totally real disability for most of us with it. We struggle not just because we’re autistic, but because almost nothing about society is built to be accommodating or helpful for us.

I also think something we don’t see represented very much is that sometimes, non-autistic and non-disabled people hate their lives, too, and feel totally inadequate and like they are the worst at everything. There’s nothing magically protective about being non-autistic. But when non-autistic people feel that way, they don’t get told by their whole society that everything would be okay for them if only they were a totally different kind of person. We do get told that, and it’s really not fair.

I wonder if it might help, just to start, to try thinking, not that you’re dysfunctional, but that you have trouble with [whatever all the things are you have trouble with]. And that it’s not your fault that you do.

Next, think really specifically about what kinds of things you really want to do. Do you want to play an instrument? Do you want to do art? Do you want to learn about a certain subject? Do you want to work, and if so, what kind of work would you want to do? Do you want to volunteer for a cause you care about? What would that thing be?

Just start by listing a few of the things you really *want* without thinking too much about whether you can or can’t do them.

And then start with the very smallest steps towards one of those things. Can you get in touch by e-mail with a counselor from your old school district and ask if they could refer you to a job coach? Can you look up local or community colleges online and see what their admission requirements are? If there’s a subject or a cause that you care about, can you look up organizations in your area that deal with that thing, and find out if they need volunteers? You might be able to do all of this online and by e-mail, which may be way less frightening than making phone calls.

If you just keep taking small steps, even if they’re incredibly small steps, you will get somewhere.

If it’s too frightening to think about anything that big, then maybe just start by doing whatever makes you happy, with no goal in mind. Even if it’s an incredibly small thing that might not seem constructive at all, it’s worth it just to connect to something you like for its own sake. If you like reading or going for walks or podcasts or a TV show, or anything at all…it’s worth it.

Lastly, if there’s any way you can, I think it might be good if you got checked for depression. Some of the things you mention can sometimes be signs of clinical depression, and not only of having a hard time with a disability, and some of the issues of autism and depression (like inertia, sleep problems, social isolation) can overlap and interact in ways that can make everything even harder. This is a great blog by a writer who talks about the intersections of autism and depression a lot. You might see if you feel like any of what he says rings true to you.

-moderator Emily

(if anyone else has advice for anon, please reblog or reply, thank you!)

anonymous asked:

can u rant about ship feelz? like vkook? i like hearing u talk

Hi anon,

Can I rant about ship feelz? CAN I rant about ship feelz. Honestly, I feel like I was born to rant about ship feelz. My entire body, my bones, my blood, they’re all dripping with feelz. Dripping.

Going through my posts, people may or may not have noticed that I have what some might call a shipping problem. Taekook is my main boat, but I’m more than capable of shipping anyone with everyone. Vmin, ship it. Namjin, ship it. Junghope, ship it. Suga and Kumamon…ship it.

Originally posted by kookiesugaandspices

Suga and Kumamon. How can you not ship it?

Of course, some ships are higher on my list than others, and some ships are more BROTPs than OTPs for me personally, but I just want to mention that I in no way feel one ship is inherently ‘better’ or more ‘real’ than others. I don’t want to condone competitive shipping; to each their own. Listening to K-pop, writing fanfiction, indulging in shipping, ranting and thirsting on tumblr, is something I do in my spare time to unwind and I love it, but I also try to keep in mind to not let the lines between my (self-indulgent) fantasies and the real world blur too much. First and foremost, I ship all of BTS as good friends (they’re one of those magical groups where everyone seems to respect and value each other and each possible duo has their own unique and wonderful dynamic), which is most likely all that they really are in real life.

That being said, Taekook has a special place in my heart. Like special enough that just seeing GIFs of them interacting is like the FEELZ are punching me in the face and then I cry. Especially now that my wifi sucks and I see far too little Taekook GIFs a week. (Is it just me or do I complain about bad internet in all my posts? Go outside and smell the mangos, woman!)

Sometimes, I honestly don’t know why Taekook is the one that first (and completely) captured my eye when (as stated above) BTS is full of beautiful ships. I guess that falling into a ship is a little like falling in love; hard to capture in words. I do know the reasons why, once Taekook took up residence in my heart, I let myself contently fall to the unmeasurable depths of the Taekook trashcan and never looked back. (Or up.)

I guess the first reason I love Taekook is because of the individuals who make up this ship. Let’s talk about Kim Taehyung. Even though he’s younger, Taehyung is somewhat of a role model for me. In a business where it’s so important (and there’s so much pressure) to adhere to societal norms and conventions (to fit into boxes other people made for you), Kim Taehyung is still brave enough to be himself. He wears unconventional clothing that he cuts up with scissors, he acts out entire acting dialogues with himself when doing laundry not caring who hears him. I’m not saying he doesn’t censor himself at all for the media but I do feel that the Kim Taehyung I get to see is real, even if it’s maybe just a small part of him. Whenever he displays out-of-the-box behaviour my first reaction is whut?!, my second reaction is always omg, I luv u, I wish I could be more like u w *screams internally*.

Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v

Kim Taehyung: role model.

And then there is Jeon Jeongguk. Whereas I want to braid Kim Taehyung flower crowns and worship the ground he walks on, with Jeongguk I’m forever torn between wanting to squish his cheeks like the little bunny he is or wanting to put him in a time-out because rude.

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

Bunny Jeongguk

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Rude Jeongguk

It gives me emotional whiplash. How is this even the same person? This is why I have trust issues.

I love how we get to watch him grow from this shy small bean into this young man who’s stepping out of his shell, showing his dorky side, working so, so hard at singing, and dancing, and just improving himself in general. And the way Jeongguk worships his hyungs absolutely wrecks me. Show me GIFs of Jeongguk looking at his hyungs as they talk and the admiration there will just kill me. (Jeongguk looking at hyungs. Me:*tries not to cry* Me:*cries buckets*)

Back to Taekook as a couple, I just absolutely love their dynamic. Whereas several of the BTS ships have (to varying degrees) a hyung-dongsaeng undertone for me (although I will never dare to imply that I understand the finer nuances of this as I didn’t grow up in Korea or a similar societal hierarchy culture, so I’m almost scared to make a statement on the subject), Taehyung seems to let Jeongguk interact with him as a similar-aged friend despite the two-year-difference. Jeongguk will forever be the maknae of the group, and I imagine that must be hard at times although it also has its advantages, but I feel that with Taehyung there are lots of times where that line fades away and they get to interact as equals. (I may or may not have listened to the audio recordings of Jeongguk calling Taehyung Tae at least a thousand times. Nobody can prove it though and that’s all that matters.) What can I say, I’m a true sucker for a power-balanced ship.

Originally posted by dammithoshi

The way Jeongguk pokes and prods and playfully shoves Taehyung sometimes and how Taehyung doesn’t even look mad or surprised. The fact he lets Jeongguk interact with him like that despite the age difference makes me weak.

To me, they’re also just the right bit of different but the same, meaning they complement each other in such a lovely way. They’re both so adorkable. Like their adorkable dubsmashes or their adorkable handshake.

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

Exhibit A: End game of elaborate adorkable secret handshake.

I feel they really get each other and play well together. (Not just in a dirty way people, get your mind out of the gutter!) How Taehyung said in interviews that he will randomly start to act out a sketch and how Jeongguk is the only one who knows how to play along and does so without missing a beat. (Do you hear that sound? That’s my heart exploding with FEELZ.) Or how Jeongguk often says he wants to room with Taehyung or that they’re the most similar and have the same sense of humour. (That’s the sound of my shattered heart falling to the ground.)

But they’re also different. With Taehyung coming across as more emotionally and socially mature than Jeongguk (to me at least). Part of this might be that Taehyung is older, but regardless of that, Taehyung seems this social butterfly, making friends wherever he goes, including a lot of friends outside of BTS. Jeongguk seems to be a lot shyer and more awkward, having admitted to not having a lot of friends outside of BTS, and with the members stating Jeongguk is really loud and talkative behind closed doors when he feels comfortable. Do you remember the story about how Jeongguk used to wait with taking a shower until the other members were asleep when he first joined BTS? Doesn’t the preciousness just bring you to tears?

Originally posted by cerbear

One of my favourite things in the world: awkward Gukkie being awkward.

Jeongguk, on the other hand, seems a bit more into working out and (dare I say it) adheres more to the ‘stereotypical’ view of manliness. However, that does not mean Taehyung isn’t manly because he doesn’t flash his biceps and abs. I feel women shouldn’t be pressured to abide by what others think is feminine and proper and the reverse goes for men as well. Macho behaviour does not a man make; Jeongguk, Taehyung, and any other man should act and dress however they please (whether that being conventionally manly behaviour or not). Besides, just because Taehyung wears more fluffy sweaters and scarfs, doesn’t mean he’s a delicate flower either. With the way BTS practices and performs, all of them probably have more strength and stamina in just their big toes than I have in my entire body. (I’m not jealous; you’re jealous.) But I feel I’m starting to digress. Let’s talk about the detrimental effects of stereotypes and labelling people another day.

Another important reason I can never part from Taekook is the skinship. There’s a love and affection layered into those caresses that make it hard for me to breathe. Taehyung is a tactile person, and I’ll be the first to admit he’s touchy-feely with almost all the members, but the way he touches Jeongguk just turns my knees to jelly. I think the thing that really does it for me is the way Jeongguk responds when Taehyung reaches out to him; he doesn’t even seem to flinch, just rolls with it, letting Taehyung fall on his body, letting Taehyung play with his hair and earrings. He indulges Taehyung and seems to love it at the same time and that ruins me. Ruins me. It might be my biased little Taekook heart that wants to stay blind from the truth, but I feel like Jeongguk doesn’t let the other members touch him that much or that indulgently as he does with Taehyung. And the way Jeongguk picks Taehyung up, where are those tissues?

You guys might remember me screaming about this little Taekook moment a few days ago. For your information, I’m still screaming.

Originally posted by munetaekook

I don’t even know why this makes me weak. It just does.

Originally posted by cutemins

Taehyung nuzzling Jeongguk kills me and gives me life all at the same time.

Originally posted by otps-addicted

Can you handle this? I can’t handle this.

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The skinship, people. The skinship.

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And here my favourite Taekook GIF of all time. Do they even realize what they’re doing to me?!

Okay, I need to stop looking at those GIFs before my brain completely melts into mush as demonstrated by my most eloquent GIF captions. Let’s move on.

I think I’m trying to say that, like all people, Taehyung and Jeongguk are multi-faceted and so is their ship. There is room there for so many wonderful interpretations when writing fanfiction. For example, lately I’ve been writing top!guk but top!tae works just as well. In fact, I feel a relationship where they switch is maybe most likely. Also, Jeongguk can be written awkward and shy, but at the same time he’s driven and passionate when it comes to the things he really loves. Taehyung can be kind of out-there but at the same time he might be one of the most intuitively smart people in BTS. The options are endless and that’s why Taekook rules the tides of me.

I feel like I could continue for another 1500 words about how this glorious ship is glorious, but maybe I’ll end it here for now. You said you liked hearing me talk anon, but I wonder if you managed to make it to the end of me ranting about the magnificence that is Taekook. XD

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Bonus: Taekook is canon *beyond dead*.

Things that annoy me about the signs (based off of my personal experience)
  • Aries: You always care too much about what everyone else is doing wrong wrong and never stop to look at your own imperfections yet call everyone out out for theirs, no matter who who they were.
  • Taurus: Never knew what type of response I was going to get from you. Sometimes I felt like you were my biggest fan, and other times it was as if you would've been fine if we never talked again. Also you never admit to having feelings for me or made an effort to ask me out even after years of communication.
  • Gemini: For some reason, you tend to fall for people who either treat you badly or they peak your interest when they start talking to someone else. Always made empty promises and forgot to text me back.
  • Cancer: You've gotta stop letting your fears hold you back. I accepted you for all the things people made fun of you for and you always tend to complain about all the things others do wrong... when they weren't around. Makes me think you told other people all my faults and my secrets.
  • Leo: You cannot get mad at the person you fell for because they ended up with someone else or didn't feel the same way - try to not take everything personally. You build up all these hopes and ideas about who this person is because you think you can read things, and you need to realize that you're not always right. Your pride is so big that you want people people to bend over backwards to prove their commitment to you and don't always do the same (even though you think you do) because you think that other people can read into body language and eye contact and use their intuition like you do, but they can't.
  • Virgo: Sometimes you're so quiet that it stresses me out and makes me concerned that you're overthinking about something. Please stop trying to help and and fix everyone, at least unless they ask for it ok? And go to sleep before 3 am because you stay up late way too much.
  • Libra: It's not fair to only talk to someone when it's on your terms or only when you're bored. When you want to talk to someone, you make amazing conversation, but you drop them without a reason as soon as they say something you don't like or they call you out on something you should own up to. Just because you say sorry doesn't mean someone has to immediately forgive you and go back to how things were, maybe give people some time to reflect like when you give them the silent treatment?
  • Scorpio: You can't stand to be alone and would rather be with someone who drives you crazy and continuously hurts you than be comfortable in your own company. You have this way of making everyone in a group feel special and like you have a close bond exclusively with them...when you've secretly built intimate bonds with everyone in the group. I couldn't argue with you because you'd manipulate me into believing that everything was my fault and give me a speech on how i need to fix myself. You love being crazy and screaming about how someone is so stupid when most of the time you're the fuel to their fire. Just be comfortable and honest with yourself. Please.
  • Sagittarius: You're crazy. A very funny and everybody's buddy when you're in social situations, but you're completely different when at home. I hate how you'd convince me to do something risky with you and then freak out when when it came down to whatever it was and you'd make me handle it because you'd get too nervous. You need to balance between clinging onto people in public and wanting everyone to leave you alone when you get home. Also stop throwing shade - you always have to make a comment that'll be a dig about someone who can either hear it or easily read it online... but then you play innocent when you get confronted to try to make them look bad when you were the one being passive-aggressive in the first place.
  • Capricorn: Please shut up. Literally. You talk way too much and I could barely ever get a word in. You're super opinionated and can go on and on about topics that you bring up almost like you're starting a debate but no one said they disagreed with your views? Also you tend to add in random information in small talk and stories that I didn't need to know.
  • Aquarius: You're either emotionless or so emotional that it comes off as dramatic or an overreaction. You love to have people know everything that's going wrong in your life for the attention. There's always someone else you want by your side, and you're not afraid to tell the shoulder you're crying on about it either.
  • Pisces: Please put your ego aside because that's always getting in the way. You love to cut people off mid-sentence to talk about you and all the great things you do, but you're a horrible listener. Even if we had things in common or similar things to relate to, you wouldn't want to hear it. You check your phone, you continuously cut me off or say "yeah" to give me hints that it's your turn to talk. It's cool that you like working out, too bad you only do that to get back at somebody or so you can brag about yourself to the extreme later.