you can't just leave him there

  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : PERCIVAL GRAVES. Where is he ? Who is he ? What happened to him ? WAS HE RESCUED AFTER THEY FOUND OUT ABOUT GRINDELWALD? How does the Director of the fucking Magical Security recover from having been defeated and then impersonated by the enemy ? Speaking of which, how long had Grindelwald been playing this role ? Was it before Newt came to New York ? After ? Was Graves actually on Grindelwald's side all this time and let him borrow his persona ? How in the FUCK did NO ONE notice it wasn't Graves ? And if they're in a period of War, shouldn't they have reinforced security measures like spells to detect Polyjuice and other things when it comes to entering important places, like, say, the MACUSA? Was Percival Graves really so focused on work that he didn't form any type of relationship with anyone ? Not even those who probably went to school with him ? How guilty is everyone going to feel once they find out their Director was missing all this time ? HOW. IS. PERCIVAL. FUCKING. GRAVES ?!

AU Where Geoff Slowly But Surely Becomes Dad Of The Crew

Like It Starts One Day When He Gets Michael A New Gun Or Car Or Something And Without Thinking Michael’s Like “Oh Sweet Thanks Dad”
And Geoff’s Just “What
So Michael Just “What” And Immediately Leaves To Escape The Situation.

And At First He Doesn’t Think Much Of It, Just A Flub Like They All Do, Nothing Worth Noting, Until Gavin Calls Him Dad One Day And He Just Stops Like “What The Fuck Did You Just Call Me?
“I’m Not Your Father Dumbass”
“Aw But Michael Got To Call You Dad That’s Not Fair! You Can’t Have Favourites!”
And Michael Runs In From The Other Room Like “You Little PRICK” And Chases Gavin Off For Pointing It Out And Geoff’s Just Left Standing There Confused.

The Next Time Gavin Tries To Get Away With Calling Him Dad It’s Over Earpieces During A Heist And Geoff Quietly Hisses “Fucking Stop Calling Me That” And After A Moment Of Gavin Giggling Ray Comes On Like “So Can I Call You Papa Instead Or…?” And Geoff Nearly Blows Their Cover Loudly Insisting That He Cannot.

A While After Jeremy Joins He And Geoff Are Driving To Get Masks For A Heist And Laughing About Something, As They Approach The Mask Store Geoff’s Like “Alright, Everybody Calm Down” And Jeremy’s Just Immediately “Sorry Dad”. And At First Geoff’s Just Dumbfounded For A Second But Then He’s Like “Fucking- Did Gavin Tell You To Call Me That?” And Jeremy’s Just “What? No, Wait Gavin Calls You Dad?” And Geoff’s Like “No He-” And Ray Pipes Up From The Backseat “I’ve Been Using Pop Pop Is That Better?” And Geoff’s Like “No I’m Not Your Fucking Father!!”.

The Lads Are Caught Messing Around On His Yacht Again (Probably With Rocket Launchers, Thanks Ryan) And He Turns To Jack Like “You Said You Were Watching Them, Can’t You Keep Them Under Control For Five Minutes??” And Jack Just Crosses Her Arms Like “They’re Your Kids Too Y’know!” And Geoff’s Just “I- THEY’RE NOT MY KIDS”. When They Finally Get The Lads Reeled In Again Geoff’s So Frustrated He Just Points Them To The Penthouse And Deadpans “Go To Your Rooms.”.

Afterwards He Flops Down On The Couch With A Bottle Of Whisky To Unwind And Notices Ryan Out Of The Corner Of His Eye, Sitting On The Other End Of The Couch And Grinning At Him.

“You’re Fucking Fired”

I told you I was afraid to fall in love again and you made me feel that you would keep me sade. And then you just left me. Even so, I still love you.
—  Unknown

i am beyond sick of looking at this so im just gonna….. leave it here….

idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

Who said you could come into my life just like that?

Who said you could break the front door and march in the crevices of my heart like a rude guest?

I was fine without you.

I was happy without you messing up the arranged thoughts in my brain.

Who said you could mess me up like this?

Love, please just leave me alone.

I don’t need you to remind me I can never have him.

There is so much I want to say about him leaving for military, but I’m just gonna quote the man himself:

“Where there is encounter there will be farewell, and that farewell is a promise for reunion.”
- T.O.P / Choi Seunghyun (c)

And it will be a reunion I’m looking forward to - until then we VIPs will be waiting for you. ♡


Guys… I just… *sighs*
I cannot see Mike being bitter about Eleven leaving him. I’m sorry, but I just can’t see it.
I just… can’t.
I mean, come on. He gets that. And I understand how loss can make people feel angry, I get it, I do, but guys…this is Mike. MIKE. All you’ve got to do is look at that scene at the quarry. She just saved his life and he’s in complete awe and filled nearly to bursting with gratitude but now she’s CRYING? And she’s COLLAPSED? He’s worried out of his MIND! And then she starts apologizing??? What on earth does she have to be sorry for? She just did this incredibly awesome and amazing thing and she’s APOLOGIZING??? And calling herself the MONSTER, of all things??? There’s no way that he’s going to stand for that and he lets her know right away in the sweetest and most tender and simple way:
“No, El, you’re NOT the monster. You saved me! Do you understand? YOU SAVED ME.” And then he just gathers her into his arms to make sure that that message gets across LOUD AND CLEAR.
I’m sorry, but is this the same kid that would harbour any KIND of anger towards El (the girl that he obviously loves so much) for not only saving HIS life AGAIN, but also the lives of his friends just because she had to LEAVE to do it?
I really really REALLY don’t think so.

It’s been 5 months and my chest is still just as heavy as the day you left.
I lied. I do believe in love, I believe in it more than anything. I just say I don’t because then I’m safe. Then I don’t have to admit I’m in love with you. I’m too scared to admit it because I feel that I will never be good enough. I think I’m unloveable, so it’s easier to pretend. I believe in love, but I don’t.
—  5-9-16

i can already feel tfp becoming like that one annoying neighborhood kid who insists on hanging out with your children, and he’s generally terrible and his parents don’t bother to even try to discipline him and he has all these quirks that drive you up a damn wall and he constantly tells stories you know can’t possibly be true, but every now and then he’s unexpectedly funny or, on even rarer occasions, a little bit sweet, but mostly you wish he’d just leave your children the hell alone. but then he does and you don’t see him for a while, and you kinda start to wonder what timmy’s up to these days, if he’s still an annoying little hellspawn or if maybe you’d like him more now, maybe he’s changed after all, so you invite him over to play with your kids again, just to see, and he makes a mess of your house and rubs his unwashed hands all over the snacks and sucker punches your favorite child in the mouth, and you remember all over again why you didn’t like him in the first place…

Billie knew that she would be reaping one now and then she would be back before the dawn of the next day for the other Winchester. Sam and Dean can not live without one another. Dean was already to join Sam in the void and leave the world without a Winchester to look after it. Those pretty words were just for Mary and Castiel. They were called codependent for a reason. 

tao expressing his gratitude to fans and promises that he won’t leave them
Random Ron and Hermione theory

Show of hands, who thinks that Hermione and Ron kissed before Harry came to the Burrow before 6th year?

I feel like they at least kissed once or twice. Why? In HBP (THE BOOk,NOT THE MOVIE AND SCREW THE DIRECTOR FOR LEAVING THIS OUT!!), Ron and Ginny argue when he and Harry catch Ginny and Dean snogging. His exact words to her are “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Just because I don’t do it in public.” Why would he just say that? Something had to have happenedfor him to say that. He just didn’t care to share it witb his family and friends. The only girl he really was around was Hermione, plus he already fancied her (fan fiction has crept into my everyday speech, I actually say these words now lol), so whether it was full on snogging, or just a tender sweet first kiss, Ron and Hermione had something going on way before Lavender Brown came along and tried to sink that ship.

That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it. I just might write a one-shot of it :)

joy-the-unknown  asked:

It stung like hot candle wax, multiplied by a thousand.

“Well, duh, Snow,” Baz says, patting my bandaged arm. “Tattoos hurt.”

“But it was worth it,” I say, giving him a thumbs up.

“What tattoo did you get, Simon?” Penny asks.

I smile at both of them. “A scone, of course.”

I’ve never seen such intense eyerolls.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox, and I will write the next five.

I think one of the hardest things to accept about love is that just like they love you one day, they can wake up the next and just leave. You don’t get no note, you don’t see it coming, but one day they’re there kissing every inch of you, making promises, holding you when you’re down, belonging to every part of your life, then they leave without regret, just like they arrived. It takes one second. Everything comes crushing to the ground and you try so hard to escape the big pieces falling down from the roof. Accepting that the love you swear they once felt for you is gone, is the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #52