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Mellifluous - Ch. 2


Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut in future chapters
Word Count: 1,615

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You are sitting on a picnic bench on one of the smaller quads behind the Arts building. It’s a sunny and warm afternoon and a lot of people are scattered on the grass making use of the good weather and soaking up some vitamin D. Sehun himself is sitting across you, sunglasses on, leaning back on his hands and looking like he’s doing a photoshoot rather than relaxing.

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Jehanparnasse || Canon Era || Angst&Fluff || 1.8k

The unrest grows stronger in Paris as the days go by, and Montparnasse can’t escape his nightmares.

Paris was in flames. The towers of smoke had seeped into the sky like ink saturates everything it touches. There were no heavens left, only darkness. Montparnasse was dashing from one building to the other, elbowing the frenzied crowd of passers-by to make his way through. He breathed in a cloud of smoke, setting his lungs ablaze. He didn’t stop. He wouldn’t leave without him. He couldn’t leave without him.

“Jehan? JEHAN?” he called, looking for a hint of read hair amongst the herd of heads.

His shouts barely covered the screams of the swarm. Panic always sparked something in mankind, an animalistic urge to scream and fight for the scraps of their lives. What was bred in the bone was always bound to come out, no matter the wealth or manners. Beggars and bourgeois alike were rushing past Montparnasse, fleeing the eye of the hurricane like beasts, trampling the weaker ones on their passage. “Safety” was not where he was headed. He was swimming against the current to find the source of the havoc. He was there, Jehan was there, he could feel it.

The dead bodies had started to pile up on the cobbles, making it hard to walk, but at least most of the shrilling crowd was behind him now. Montparnasse looked ahead. The buildings burnt to ashes had led him to a square. It had been paved with bodies. That’s where he saw him.

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