you can't have those arms and that face

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What? No you can't leave it like that! We need to know more! Don't leave us with a cliffhanger!!! How did Cassiopeia find out? How does Reg react? What's newest baby Black's name? Tell us!!! Please we're begging you! We're on our knees please O wonderful Goddess Tsume have mercy on your readers!

Well I can’t answer any of those questions right now. But I can off you a preview of the next chapter?

Arm braced against the wall and cheekbone throbbing, Regulus draws in a long, deep breath.

It was only in Evans’ defence, he tells himself, defence she admittedly deserves.

Wiping his face in disgust will mean even less chance of him being informed as to Evans’ location.

He must not react poorly.

Even if he has just been punched in the face.

He didn’t even have the decency to go for the same cheek as Aunt Cassiopeia.

“How dare you.”

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Tsukki defending Yams verbally is so lovely... but I also sort of want to see him lose it and wail on some bully that he saw hitting Yams. Or if you can't picture him losing his cool like that, someone else, like Amazing Senpai Tanaka, beating the bully up for Yams and then Tsukki gets jealous when Yams gushes about his hero. I can't decide which I like better. Just. People willing to Fight You to protect their cinnamon roll.

Gosh I don’t think Tsukki would like…wail on anyone, but he’d definitely at least threaten violence (because, let’s face it, anyone sane knows he’ll probably win, even with those noodle arms). Tanaka, we’ve already established would punch anyone dare insult and lord forbid injure his kouhai, but have we ever wondered what he would do to the people that used to bully Yams? Like, that was elementary school, but sure as hell Yama is still scared of them, and everyone can see that. So imagine him just glaring like the devil down at this puny punk that used to pick on his kouhai, looking like a punk himself, and Tadashi like trying to calm his senpai down. 

Or what about Hinata and Kageyama threatening/beating up Tadashi’s bullies???

I 100% agree anon, People need to protect my sunshine son. 


So it all worked out, happily ever after.

MBTI Community - A Call to Arms
  • Im in my second semester in my masters for industrial organizational psychology, or the interdisciplinary study of business psychology & psychometrics, or the construction & development of empirical tests.
  • I am having some issues with Myers and Briggs empiricism and have a proposition for the community. If you are passionate about Myers and Briggs I encourage you to read on.
  • A little about me - I have studied Myers and Briggs and been apart of some MBTI community since 2010. Anyone who has studied MBTI in depth is an advocate of the functions for understanding. Anyone who has studied it for a bit probably has run into roadblocks for how to explain that MBTI is not "scientifically valid or reliable". This simply means that the MBTI test has not been found to be generalizable from a sample to a population.
  • Over the past 5 months it has come to my attention (and dismay) that the work psychologists I know and respect deem MBTI a pseudoscience. They are not wrong - the Myers and Briggs test has not been supported empirically.
  • Since I began studying MBTI I've had to deal with the valid counterargument that "but it's not real science". Most of us write this off because.... if MB isn't generalizable then what the hell is?It's intuitive and makes sense of just about everything... If it's wrong I don't want to be right. So whatever I'll just ignore the elephant in the room and cite the both large and active community both on and offline as a testament to its "generalizability".
  • I understand that. We've all done that. But now that I put theories under a microscope I can't help but face this fact. Pretty much everything you read of Myers Briggs is bullshit.... Unless it's the functions. Introversion and extroversion have nothing to do with personality except how they influence ones FUNCTIONS.
  • But this is not another tirade on how important the functions are - this is a call to arms from this community for those who care about MBTI. For those who would like to see it scientifically backed.
  • Maybe it doesn't affect you now, but the lack there of will and does influence your involvement in it - more so for me than others...
  • The opportunity to be taken seriously in a future career as a work psychologist would most likely go POOF for me. POOF to consulting, hello to administrative HR payroll. I wish I was joking! Search industrial organizational Psychology on Twitter or LinkedIn and you'll find about 100 psychologists who HATE MBTI talking shit on it right this second. I read 3 articles this week on MBTI as a discredit to the practice and profession of psychology. It's a big fucking deal people.
  • Why?? It needs to gain scientific support to be used because it is backfiring to be a black mark on psychology as a discipline.
  • Think about it... What happens when unscientific theories become popular to the public? Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson logic our asses into reality!
  • But...but... Why don't we have a psychologist version of them? Well for starters they're not taken SERIOUSLY! It's not "science" - Myers Briggs is a testament to that.
  • Case in point - I want to change that.
  • I intend to privately construct a new test by the time I graduate or soon after within a 2 year timeframe. Operative word being privately cause if it fails I'm not planning on going down with it.
  • That said, this is relevant for every single person in this community who would like Myers and Briggs AND psychology to be a respected part of the scientific community. For everyone who's ever been questioned about the accuracy of it or who want to use it without being scoffed at.
  • You can help. When I get to making the test, I will need all of the help I can get in validating it which means I need as many PARTICIPANTS as I can get!
  • There will probably be times I will get on here and ask for participants for my studies. But in the next few years one of those times will be asking this community to put aside the shit posts and song typing to contribute something meaningful to the field of psychology and theory of Myers and Briggs. I do not care if you agree or disagree. I do not care if you don't like me for insinuating I will break ties if it does not work out... I am not here to argue. This is my call to arms. Hope to see you all there.