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Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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  • Kevin: I like you, y'know.
  • Joaquin: *smiles* Yeah, I know.
  • Kevin: What do you mean, "you know?!"
  • Joaquin: Why are you getting all worked up? We're married, of course you like me, why would you marry someone if you don't like him?
  • Kevin: Well, I don't know, but you could have said, "thank you!" Or maybe, "I like you too," or, "I like you more!" I can't believe this.
  • Joaquin: *whispers* Please save me

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you are always welcome to post all of your warm up draws because oh my gosh, my heart is ready to be broken and everything. ahhhh, I'm so scared to see what direction you're heading with Reigen, may it not be unsalvageable. And y'know, I also can't help but remember the really angsty au dream you had where the universe was against Reigen and Mob being together, and Reigen just sacrificing his life on Mob's graduation, so like is Reigen going to give up his life for Mob to come back????

that’s quite another idea you have there

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I'm so sorry for this sin but y'know that post you made about how Noct seduces his long term s/o by resting his dick on their shoulder? Well I just saw a post about if someone holds a guy's dick then they have power over them and I just imagined s/o grabbing his when he does that thing to them and saying "You fool. Now I have the power of the line of Lucis within my grasp." AND I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING HELP ME

IM DYIN I LOVE YOU JSKDJSKCHKX Imagine Noctis takes this in stride though and he’s all like “I see you’ve acquired a royal arm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

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I just read through your tags on that yin-yang ml thing you just reblogged, and have you noticed how devilish Chat's facial expressions can be (most prominent throughout the Copycat episode)? It's like, dark isn't inherently evil, but you can't ignore that it's still dark, y'know?

damn straight

(that one’s not from Copycat but I had to add it cause look at that expression, man, god damn)

Out of context, without Ladybug, it’s honestly pretty easy to mistake Chat Noir for a bad guy. Just looking at the above pictures I have to admit even I’d probably think he was a villain if I hadn’t seen the show.

That could be why practically all of Paris is quick to accept Chat as a serious thief in Copycat. Maybe they don’t hold Chat to the same regards as Ladybug. Maybe they aren’t sure he’s as much of a good guy as Ladybug is. I doubt the public would be so quick to judge Ladybug if it was Ladybug’s imposter caught stealing something.

But, where Copycat does have some great expressions, I definitely think Chat’s wicked side is even more prominent in Jackady, when his father has been threatened.

Chat Noir says, zip it!

like holy fuck is that a sadistic look. Adrien looks like he’s thinking about torturing Jackady for fun, before Jackady’s even reached Gabriel.

The most telling part of this episode is how serious Chat is the entire time though. Unlike usual, there’s no joking or playful banter coming from him. Gabriel is in danger, and suddenly Adrien is all business, becoming cold, focused, and incredibly controlled to keep the only parent he has left alive and safe.

He’s downright ruthless fighting his bodyguard, to the point where he lies about Ladybug being there so he can use Cataclysm to push the Gorilla down an elevator shaft. Granted, Chat had to get the Gorilla out of the way, but its still a pretty harsh way of going about it, especially when the Gorilla is someone Adrien knows firsthand.

Oh! Hey there, Ladybug.

(Yo Adrien, I know you’re proud of yourself and imma let ya finish, but I don’t think smiling is the proper response to sending your bodyguard down an elevator shaft you broke, mmkay my guy.)

I very much implore you to compare English Adrien’s shout of Cataclysm here to the one near the end of the episode btw. There’s a significant difference of tone. You can hear the raw


literally echoing in Adrien’s voice later when he destroys Jackady’s pack of cards.

At the mansion, Chat remains incredibly tense and serious, constructing a plan and giving orders to the others in a matter of seconds. And later, when Chat and Ladybug face Jackady together, Chat again doesn’t miss a beat. He’s right on target, deflecting attacks and holding his own when Ladybug’s yo-yo is temporarily made useless. He kicks some serious ass.

(even LB is like jfc who are you and where is my silly kitty partner)

Nobody really takes Chat all that seriously, but when it comes down to it he’s a darker character than Ladybug is. Adrien himself has the potential to be a terrifying villain.

He’s got the tragic backstory complete with his missing mother and emotionally abusive father. He’s rich and famous which means he has all kinds of connections and social control. His homeschooling and strict upbringing indicate he must be really intelligent and get excellent grades. Chat’s proven how sly and cunning he can be in and outside of battle. Adrien’s even the one that comes up with the idea to be in Nino’s ear during Animan–the exact same idea unbeknownst to both parties that Alya comes up with for Marinette. Hell, even Chat’s power, the ability to destroy anything (or anyone), is something a typical super-villain would have. (Not to mention, his daddy might be the show’s big bad, Hawk Moth.)

But I guess that’s what I think is so interesting and beautiful about Adrien/Chat’s character? That he has every reason to fight for the wrong side and use his powers for the wrong reasons, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t try to hurt the world for hurting him. Instead, he helps and protects others. He’s not happy and he’s not flawless, but he has a good heart in a life that’s trying constantly to blacken it, and that’s just so touching and inspiring. I digress.

Yes, nonnie, Chat Noir is a great embodiment of the idea that darkness isn’t inherently evil, but you can’t deny that darkness is still dark.

Power Rangers {Sentence Starters}
  • "Watch where you're going! Who taught you how to drive?"
  • "I'm free! It's time to conquer Earth!"
  • "Isn't the smallest chance of victory enough of a reason for us to keep on fighting?"
  • "I suppose you're wondering why I called you here?"
  • "I can't believe it! I was beginning to think I'd never see you again."
  • "No, not that! Not-- TEENAGERS!"
  • "Y'know, picking out a present for you has never been easy."
  • "The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I."
  • "If you're like me, you can't be evil."
  • "You always were an ungrateful, rotten, little brat!"
  • "Let's face it - we all have our dark sides."
  • "The evil pizzas were no match for a simple stop-light."
  • "What a rude little ____ you are."
  • "Ah, look, sheer terror and desperation. I love it!"
  • "Has it ever occurred to you that I might have other things on my mind?"
  • "No, not this time. This time it's different."
  • "Your spineless, sniveling attitude leads me to believe you'd serve me well."
  • "Hey, I thought you knew what you were doing!"
  • "News flash, _____: You are not the center of everyone's universe."
  • "I am the greatest warrior of all time!"
  • "You are only human, and no mere human is a match for ____!"
  • "Your true nature is evil, ____. Deep inside you know it."
  • "Sometimes I really hate being a bad guy."
  • "What do you want? Make it quick. You've got five seconds."
  • "That's long enough. Time for a break."
  • "Why am I hanging out with the intellectually challenged?"
  • "I don't like being outsmarted by insignificant humans."
  • "Ah, teenage love is in the air. How sickening."

The German bros in the Hetalia superhero AU. Ludwig has the ability to change his skin into organic steel, like X-Men’s Colossus. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Unlike Berwald, he can only transform his whole body rather than parts of it. Gilbert has the ability to mimic others’ powers, but only one at a time. He can only mimic the powers of those in the same room/within close proximity. In the drawing, he’s mimicking Lud’s, Mathias’s and Emil’s powers. (from asks: x, x)

There is now just one more card available to be claimed and then we’ll have a full set!

The remaining card is no. 20, Judgement.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking part but hasn’t signed up yet, now’s your chance!

See here to find out what characters have been taken so far, and here for the sign-up form.


BlazBlue + Tumblr text posts, part 15

“I have exams this month so there may be no more updates for the time being“

said no one ever

I’m back! if you’re interested in a little background/rant about my stay in this big old yellow house, read on;

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I’m so glad that a conversation between a Brit and an Aussie that goes; “How’s the weather?”-“Bloody awful mate”, can be read with either one as the instigator.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE GODDAMN SKY also thank you Norse for this picture sorry mine is terrible ;w;

Starter Quote Meme -- "Sons of Anarchy" First Season Edition
  • "All right, everybody contain your shit!"
  • "Somedays you're the Beemer. Somedays you're the goddamn deer."
  • "I'm not that good of a friend."
  • "Got 'em in all shapes and sizes."
  • "You want to touch me, sweetheart?"
  • "We got a garage of twenty-five to life."
  • "I leave you bad boys alone for two minutes and it all turns to shit."
  • "I suggest you turn to Jesus."
  • "It's been a very long night, brotha."
  • "Uh-uh. That's a Bozo No-No."
  • "Ah, Mary mother of Christ!"
  • "I hate you. I hate all of you."
  • "You know any bible passages about lost semen?"
  • "Nothing gets in the way of me and taking care of my family."
  • "I'm gonna dunk my balls in your mouth. You're gonna gag. I'm gonna laugh. We'll be best friends forever."
  • "The solution is always an equal mix of might and right."
  • "I was thinkin' about gettin' my dick sucked twice."
  • "I forgot how clever you can be."
  • "Thats one-hundred and thirty pounds of cut-rate giggity."
  • "This shit don't feel good to me."
  • "That's great! Not only do you stink, but you're a fat bastard, too."
  • "Violence is inevitable."
  • "What kind of nasty shit did your mama do to you?"
  • "This is how you treat an old friend?"
  • "What can I say? I'm a giver."
  • "Gives me a MILF chubby."
  • "The only freedom man wants is the freedom to be comfortable."
  • "Don't ever sit on another man's bike, asshole."
  • "It ain't easy being king."
  • "Somebody call Greenpeace!"
  • "You gotta get right with that."
  • "Bitch has a mouth on her, y'know?"
  • "Kind of a taco twofer thing."
  • "Ah, that sounded nasty!"
  • "Have some respect for the fairer sex."
  • "I love you. I love all of you."
  • "You didn't specify what type of drug."
  • "'Sup, killah?"
  • "I take care of them and they take care of me. It's a family."
  • "On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law."
  • "The only thing worse than everyone knowing is no one knowing."
  • "Why you gotta be that way?"
  • "You can't stop progress."
  • "Big tits. Huge tits."
  • "Transgressions are all I got left."
  • "I freaking hate dolls."
  • "Let's just take it one night at a time, babe."
  • "Pull your pants up!"
  • "He deserves every second of the pain."
  • "You really don't trust this bitch, do you?"
  • "What's mine is yours, brotha."
  • "Relax! Have a cookie."
  • "Stop talkin', son."
  • "This is why I beat hookers."
  • "It smells like old socks and pussy in here."
  • "There's not much more outsiders than you muppets."
  • "I'm all about the service, darlin'."
  • "The Good Samaritan bit's not really playing me. What do you want?"
  • "Don't think too big; small mind suits you."
  • "I think every man's gone there before."
  • "True freedom requires sacrifice and pain."
  • "Asshole! He made me spill my beer!"
  • "I don't know how to get in front of this shit."
  • "I'll gut them dead bitches."
  • "I'm the goddamned Chief."
Game Nights
  • (Levi and Eren are playing multiplayer games in Eren's bedroom. Tonight is Mortal Kombat)
  • Levi: (putting down the controller) It's like you're not trying.
  • Eren: No, I'm just not cheating by spamming cheap moves like someone!
  • Levi: (eye roll)
  • Eren: So you don't deny spamming that drop kick move to fuck and back.
  • Levi: No.
  • Eren: (sigh) Let's pick another game.
  • Levi: If me beating you injures your pride so much... (Eren frowns angrily)...why keep inviting me over?
  • Eren: Because I will beat you.
  • Levi: Alright. It's your pick.
  • Eren: Oh. I don't think there's anything else. Since you're not into 1st person shooters.
  • Levi: Speaking of getting into things...
  • Eren: (exhales nervously as Levi moves from his seat on the floor, up on to Eren's bed)
  • Levi: ... what do you think of that manga I lent you?
  • Eren: Oh! Um... (shoulders slump in defeat) I kinda haven't started it.
  • Levi: (tucking a finger under Eren's chin) Why am I not surprised?
  • Eren: (suppresing a gulp at Levi's finger on his skin) It-it's your fault y'know.
  • Levi: (amused) Really?
  • Eren: Yeah well, we've spent all this week together after school. And when you leave I have History assignments from Mr Smith.
  • Levi: (leans back and sighs) Tch. Ass-licker.
  • Eren: (rushing forward)Am not!
  • Levi: (grinning, inches from Eren's scowl) You're so easy to wind up.
  • Eren: Am not.
  • Levi: Eren, are you straight?
  • Eren: ...
  • Levi: Never mind. Start that manga tonight, yes?
  • Eren: No way. You can't ask something like that then change the topic.
  • Levi: I just did.
  • Eren: Leeevi!
  • Levi: What, do you have an answer for me?
  • Eren: I'm... (sigh) I've always been straight. I think.
  • Levi: OK.
  • Eren: butstillkindawanttodateyou! Oh my god... (thrusts his face in his palms)
  • Levi: (shuffling on his knees to a fast breathing Eren, gently peeling his hands from his screwed up face.) Eren.
  • Eren: (shaking his head)Just pretend I didn't say-
  • Levi: Eren. Shhh. It's OK.
  • Eren: (creaking open an eye, then the other, finding himself being held upright by afirm grip on his upper arms) But I just said...
  • Levi: I heard what you said. (releasing Eren's arms to twirl a finger through his hair and caress his reddening cheek) Eren, I want to date you too.
  • Eren: You do?
  • Levi: Of course. (lightly kissing Eren's neck, while being scooped closer by Eren's arms) As long as you know... (touching noses to calm the worry in Eren's eyes) ... this doesn't mean I'm letting you win.
Holiday Sentence Starters
  • "Want some hot chocolate?"
  • "You think we have enough decorations?"
  • "We still have to get the tree."
  • "I think we need more ornaments."
  • "Do you wanna build a snowman?"
  • "I think you need a good snowball fight."
  • "When should we get the turkey?"
  • "Who's coming over?"
  • "Do we /have/ to go?"
  • "It's a costume only party, you have to wear it."
  • "Don't forget your gloves/jacket/hat."
  • "It's too cold, let's just stay in bed."
  • "I just want to lie here all day with you."
  • "Did you eat all my cookies?"
  • "We can't afford this!"
  • "Scoot over. Share the warmth."
  • "I'm cold."
  • "We should start a fire."
  • "You're a good pillow."
  • "Do I look like a pillow to you?"
  • "You think (name) would settle for just carrots? ...Y'know, the reindeer need to eat too. Maybe Santa's on a diet this year."
  • "Did you leave milk and cookies?"
  • "Are you shivering?"
  • "You think you got enough gifts there?"
  • "I think we forgot something..."
  • "Do you have your list ready yet?"

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this isn't really a "weird" ship, but is it bad that I still ship Laguna and Julia moreso than Laguna and Raine? it's just... two cinnamon rolls who'd gab about their DREAMS in a hotel room instead of... y'know? you can't give me dat fluff and then expect me to move on...?? (also, I love Squinoa... help me)

I don’t think that’s bad at all. I mean, especially if you’re going AU about it, I think it’s interesting to imagine what might’ve happened if Laguna and Julia had actually gotten the chance to be together. Would it have even worked? Who knows, but I can absolutely dig it.

Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple get out of control during filming probably
  • Norman as Daryl: "y'know.. it was stupid, i knew you weren't gone but.. i'unno"
  • Greg: *whispers* i can't breathe
  • Emily as Beth: "daryl.."
  • Scott: *whispers* shh don't...
  • Crew Person: *signals* shhh!
  • Norman as Daryl: "hmm?"
  • Scott: omg here it is....
  • Greg: hold me
  • Scott: omfg here it is it's happening
  • Greg: fucking hold me scott!
  • Scott: we cry together as men!
  • Crew: CUT CUT CUT!
  • Scott:
  • Greg:
  • Norman:
  • Emily:
  • Greg: wut
  • Crew: sir, we can't have you two screaming and sobbing every time we film a scene..
  • Scott: we weren't even screaming...
  • Greg: yeah....
  • Norman:
  • Emily:
  • Crew:
  • Scott: fine..
  • Greg: yeah we see how it is....
  • Crew:
  • Norman:
  • Emily:
  • Greg: if you need us, we'll be in the office.... reading fics

Requested by breezykpop

Chris Evans had been one f your best friends for quite a while now, more than five years. But through those five years you’d ended up doing something dreadful, you’d fallen in love with him.

You could remember the exact moment you’d fallen in love with Chris. He’d come round to comfort you after a rather bad break-up. The guy had dumped you rather harshly over a text message and you’d spent half of your day crying over it. But then Chris had called you for a quick chat, and after hearing your hoarse voice he rushed over to comfort you, bringing alcohol and your favourite candy with him.

It didn’t take long before he was in the front room pacing and calling your ex-boyfriend ever insult under the sun And then, in a drunken spur of the moment, he’d begun to list how he’d treat you if you were his girlfriend.

He’d cook for you, even if you didn’t like his cooking, he’d do it anyway just to show you he cares enough to do so. He’d celebrate every day he was your boyfriend because even just having you as a best friend was a gift. The first thing he would do in the morning and the last thing he’d do at night would be explaining how much he loved you.

After that he went on to make a revenge plan, which included sky diving, shark wrestling and a pool full of jelly. You laughed so much that night and by the end of it you had the sudden realisation that you liked Chris more than a friend.

That was three years ago and by now you were simply fucked. It’s Valentines Day and all you could think about was Chris, Chris and more Chris.

You’d just arrived home after an hour of supermarket shopping that just reminded you of how alone you were. You unlocked the door to your apartment, stepping through and grumbling to yourself about how much you hated your heart for choosing the wrong guy to fall in love with, a guy who will never be yours-

You blinked, practically blinded by the large amount of red roses that covered your apartment. There had to be ten thousand vases covering most of the floor and pretty much ever surface, and stood leaning against the counter in your kitchen was none other than Chris Evans.

You didn’t know how to react, so you giggled. “Gosh, only ten thousand roses, you need to step up your game, Evans.”

He let out a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I forgot how high your standards are.” You put a hand over your heart and let out an ‘ouch’. He began to walk closer towards you, holding out a single rose (as if you needed any more roses). “Even so,” he began, “I was hoping that maybe, you might like- I mean, no pressure you can say no - that you might like to be my valentine?”

You blinked, expressionless. You’d impressed yourself by being able to keep the inner fireworks that were going off in your heart from him. “Well, y'know, you did go to all this trouble.” You tried to act nonchalant but that quickly went through the window when you threw yourself at him, his lips eagerly connecting with yours.

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Jim Aparo?? Surely you yoke, Sir. I find his drawing stiff and conventional, his Batman gangly. Norm Breyfogle was doing a far better job on Detective Comics at the time. Edgy, even scary, matching those gory, noire stories. David Mazzucchelli on Batman: Year One was memorable. Graham Nolan had a good run in the Nineties. Much appreciation for Matt Wagner. Recently, Dustin Nguyen and Greg Capullo have performed well too, but I can't stand Capullo's mask-off faces. They all look like frat boys.

My opinion is my own. There is no wrong answer to what *I* think.
And there’s certainly no reason to drag someone’s work down when propping up another’s. You just like what you like, y'know? What you dislike shouldn’t factor into that.
And hey, the internet has enough negativity already– how about we play nice and try to stay positive here, okay? :)

zodiac signs as I, a Sagittarius, have known them
  • Aries: calm the fuck down
  • Taurus: do I actually know any
  • Gemini: clean your glasses
  • Leo: yeah okay you can be cool but deflate your ego a bit mkay
  • Virgo: cinnamon roll. unproblematic. gentle. deer-folk.
  • Scorpio: I'm sorry but I really can't trust you, Scorpios have broken me too many times
  • Sagittarius: YO, MY FAM // we're kinda assholes, y'know? But I understand that you mean well, and don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're a bad person
  • Capricorn: you. are . so. hot SO HOTT I CAN;T EVEN HANDLE IT HOLY FUCK YOU ARE SO HOT please don't be mean to me I know I'm annoying and alSO KISS ME
  • Aquarius: y do you cheat on all of your girlfriends
  • Pisces: please try to smile, it's no fun to see you cry all the time
Mr Sprite on 5B
  • Him: So, what's all this about Rumple and Belle having babies?
  • Me: How do you know about that?
  • Him: I read the blogs too, y'know.
  • Me: *sweats nervously*
  • Him: How come she always passes out when he shags her?
  • Me: We have this theory about the Dark D. The curse gives him amazing stamina and after numerous orgasms she just can't take it anymore.
  • Him: ...
  • Him: No wonder she's pregnant.
  • Him: ...
  • Him: I can't believe I'm being made to feel inadequate by a fictional character.