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That awkward moment when you realize Redwall Abbey is the richest place in the entire Redwallverse.

Things The Abbey Has That Blow Vermins’ Minds:

  • Stained glass windows. Windows that aren’t just a hole in your wall.
  • Fruit trees. All in one place. With several varieties available.
  • Really big well-built stone walls.
  • Fireplaces constructed so the room doesn’t fill with smoke.
  • Actual beds. No seriously. Think about it.
  • A hand-woven tapestry that decorates an entire wall.
  • Multiple ovens.
  • A fish pond. And it’s not just for decoration. But it kind of is.
  • A deep cellar that keeps drinks cool. (That’s like the future.)
  • Stone floors, not dirt floors.
  • An apiary. Just… just go in your backyard and grab some honey. Do it.
  • Wall sconces.
  • Random assorted objects made of metal and not wood. Whoa.
  • Books. Parchment. Quill pens. Ink. More than one of these items each.
  • A well-stocked food and beverage collection.
  • Abbess Germaine’s spectacles. Like, glasses.
  • Legitimate stonework. Decorative gargoyles, statues, etc.
  • Martin’s sword.
  • Furniture. Chairs that are at least mildly comfortable. Cabinets.
  • Two ridiculously huge, shiny metal bells.
  • Soap.

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The THB found out I have a crush on Avi. They won't stop trying to set us up. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't awful at it. They made Johan sing to him for me. Taako cooked a erotica cake. Merle is trying to teach me to talk dirty. Magnus keeps telling me about his wife and making me cry. Pls help Avi I real like you but I can't handle the THB anymore.


Ten of the many descendants of Tom White Shirt (click through for names and ages). Portraits by Benjamin Rasmussen for The Wall Street Journal.

Tom White Shirt was an Arapaho boy taken from the plunder at Sand Creek, paraded about before the media, and eventually resettled in Oklahoma. Michael Allen recounts the boy’s story while investigating his own ancestor’s role in the 1864 Sand Creek massacre.

Time 100: Pioneers

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

She gives hope for young women scarred by war

In Gulu, Uganda, Sister Rosemary has made it her mission to provide within an orphanage a home, a shelter for women and girls whose lives have been shattered by violence, rape and sexual exploitation.

At the Saint Monica Girls’ Tailoring Center she runs, those women can become themselves again, thanks to the security and comfort they feel — a tremendous accomplishment in a country still fragile from years of civil war. But what truly fascinates the people who have the privilege to meet with Sister Rosemary — as I did when I narrated a film about her, Sewing Hope — is her magnetic and contagious energy.

For girls who were forcibly enlisted as child soldiers, Sister Rosemary has the power to rekindle a bright light in eyes long gone blank. For women with unwanted children born out of conflict, she allows them to become loving mothers at last.

The traumas she heals are unfathomable, but the reach of her love is boundless.

By producer, director, and Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker


I Am an Alaska Native Dancer
Indie Alaska


There’s a lovely SoulPancake series about getting to know members of different faiths. This is the Orthodox one and it’s wonderful!