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Something cute I noticed. So in the newest episode Theo couldn't take Mason's pain cuz he didn't care enough right? (Get rekt Theo) and through the series we've seen that it takes a little bit of effort even when you care (as seen with Derek and Isaac for example) however in season three, when Stiles tells Scott he can't get warm and stuff, literally all that Scott needs to do to feel and take away his pain is touch him slightly. I dunno if it was intentional but it was adorable either way

i hate that i always start off these answers the same way but i can i just tell you how much i have thought of this and how important it is? we also saw that it takes more than a little effort but also plenty of intention, as with liam trying to heal hayden, or malia trying to take scott’s pain this season- the pain drawing is an exercise of the  mind as well as the heart. so when scott touches his hand and unexpectedly feels stiles’ pain shoot through his own body you can clearly see how shocked he is by that.

he doesn’t even accept stiles’ answer he just keeps going….

but stiles tells him it aches all over, and scott can feel that ache inside of him he didn’t even need to take stiles’ pain to know, but it’s different to assume than it is to actually feel it himself in that instant.

‘tell me the truth’ he says, because he knows stiles doesn’t want him to worry, that his best friend is used to keeping things inside if it means it’ll keep his loved ones safe from his pain. but scott doesn’t want to accept it, even though he does eventually, and the only thing he’s concerned about is making sure stiles knows he’s not alone. that he knows scott is here and all he wants to do is make it better.

if kira hadn’t called do you think he would have insisted on healing stiles? would scott have sat with him and made sure the pain was gone? if there’s anyone in the world (other than his mom) that scott would take unbearable pain for it’s stiles. not that he wouldn’t do it for anyone, because he would, but i woulda liked to have seen him insist a little bit. make stiles take off that jacket and cover him in a blanket instead. make him lie back down on the couch and join him there, stretching out next to him and rubbing his arms until he started to feel warm again. running his healing fingers all over his back and through his hair and over his face and basically every spot he can reach to make sure there;s nothing left of that horrible cold ache. stiles falls asleep like that, to scott’s soothing rhythmic touches, and when scott finally feels the last of that pain trickle up his arms and he knows his friend is asleep and dreamless, he can close his eyes in relief. they wake up together a few hours later, and stiles thanks him with a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Companions react to childrens' awe after they act heroic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> The children of the settlement watched in awe as the companion took down 6 raiders at once. Sole wasn't there, and all of the turrets were down, so it was up to them to protect the settlement alone. A little girl around the age of six almost got bludgeoned when she came out of hiding to get her teddy bear. Before she got so much as a bruise, the companion swooped in and killed the nasty raider. They patted the girl's head before giving her back her teddy bear. They told her to get back into hiding, and the companion went back into the firefight. (The ones that can speak/pat heads anyways) When the very last raider was down, the companion collapsed on the ground, exhausted. They only got a second to breath though. As soon as they could, every child from the settlement tackled the companion. They called them awesome and cool while giving the companion hugs, or high fives.<p/><b>Ada:</b> "That is quite enough children. You are welcome, but I really need to get back to my duties." The kids keep pestering poor Ada until she relents and answers a few questions. She only stays long enough for the children to be satisfied with the answers they got. She leaves to go hide somewhere while she runs a diagnostics on herself.<p/><b>Cait:</b> She felt pretty good about herself up until she thought the kids were getting to annoying. "Alright kids. That's enough. Bugger of now!" She almost felt bad about sending them away, but the kids didn't seem to mind as they were acting out what had just happened. That made Cait glad. She wouldn't even want to think about what Sole would do to her if she made a kid cry.<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> "By jove!" Codsworth was surprised when he got knocked down by the children. He just sat there slightly dumbfounded as to why the children were so awe-struck. He kindly answered any questions they had until the kids got bored and moved on to play at the playground. Though he could see the little girl he saved sporting a bowler hat identical to Codsworth' later that day. If he had a face, he would've smiled.<p/><b>Curie:</b> She was very pleased to have the kids think that she was cool. She answered honestly when she was asked how she felt while fighting. "Well... I was definitely scared. I probably couldn't have done it if I wasn't trying to protect you all." That made some of the kids tear up. Curie almost panicked, but managed to calm them down by giving them some candy she had found a while back.<p/><b>Danse:</b> Danse didn't get knocked down due to his power armour but the kids swarmed around his legs, making him lose his footing and fall. The force of it made some kids fall, and made two of the younger ones cry. Danse teared up himself. He hated seeing innocent kids cry. He quickly recovered, and scooped the crying children up and ran them over to Curie, so that she could cheer them up. The rest of the children hung on to his back. Curie cheered them up, and now the kids thought that Danse's strength was more impressive than anything. He gave them all piggyback rides the rest of the day as a way to make up for his screw up.<p/><b>Deacon:</b> Right away, Deacon told the crowd of kids extravagant lies about his more awesome adventures. "I once fought twice that many deathclaws barehanded!" He liked having someone believe his dumb lies for once. He kept it up until Sole came back to a Deacon with his own little group following him everywhere. They told him to quit it before the kids get any wild ideas.<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> Dogmeat is absolutely ecstatic that he is getting all of this attention. He enjoys the belly rubs and 'good boys' that the children give him. He returns the favour by giving them thank you licks on their hands.<p/><b>Gage:</b> Gage is low-key terrified of children, so he doesn't even try to interact with them. He just runs. That leads to a chase where the kids think its a game. He eventually can't continue running, and neither can the kids, so he just collapses onto the ground. The children fall on and around him, and he can't find the strength to push them off, so he just falls asleep like that. Sole comes back to see that they're still asleep in that position, and finds it absolutely adorable. They don't hesitate to tease him about it later.<p/><b>Hancock:</b> When he gets tackled, he hits his head, making him black out for a second. The kids go silent, and one asks if he's dead. Hancock just sits up and starts laughing. "Don't worry about it, you little tykes. As you just saw, it takes more than that to off me!" The kids cheer, and start apologising a bunch. It takes Hancock a while before the kids will part from him. He enjoys having the kids follow him around like a miniature army. He finds it cute.<p/><b>Longfellow:</b> Instead of taking the praise the children offer him, he sits them all down to tell them really excited stories from when he was young. As the stories get more and more suspenseful, the children get more and more drawn in by them. When Longfellow is all done, the kids are even more awe-struck than before.<p/><b>MacCready:</b> He hugs and high-fives the kids right back. He's just happy he saved them, but he supposed it couldn't hurt to accept the children's thanks. If Duncan is in the crowd, then MacCready makes sure to act like killing all those raiders single-handedly is no big deal. He wants to show off for his son.<p/><b>Nick Valentine:</b> He ruffled a few of the kid's instead of a hug. They call him "the most awesomest person ever, " but he refuses the title. "Listen up kiddos. I'm not all that great. But you guys? You're the real cool ones. You didn't panic when the raiders came, and I bet that when you're older, you'll be able to kick twice as much butt as I did today." He smiles as the children's beaming faces. They all think of how cool it would be to actually do that.<p/><b>Piper:</b> Is so happy that the children thinks she's cool. She gets called a lot of things, but never cool. She doesn't hesitate to give all the kids hugs, telling them what a great job they did staying calm even when their home was being attacked. If Nat is there, she makes sure to drag a compliment out of her sister. She begrudgingly does, but in her mind, she's thinking of how awesome her sister is.<p/><b>Preston:</b> Preston is practically glowing with happiness. He's so glad that the children are looking up to him. Especially since he did something that's a good influence on the kids. He doesn't hesitate to tell them about the Minutemen and how they help people too. "Listen up kiddies. When you grow up, and you want to help and be awesome just like I was, then you should join the Minutemen." Some of the kids keep that in mind.<p/><b>Strong:</b> Needles to say, Strong is confused when a bunch of tiny humans crowd around him. They're all taking at once, so he can't understand a single one. Strong roars as loud as he can, effectively scaring them off. All of them except the girl with the teddy that is. She just stands there and says "awesome" in a barely audible voice. Surprisingly, Strong takes a liking to this fearless child and the two become friends. The little girl rides around on Strong's shoulders all day while he tells her stories about the killing he's done with his bothers. The strange creatures he's eaten, and the milk of human kindness are mentioned as well. When Sole comes back and sees them, they don't even question it.<p/><b>X6-88:</b> He's already waking away before the kids even reach him. He ignores them before they get in the way of his path. He sighs and tells them to speak. They do, and he almost regrets it. Their questions come rushing forth, some of them, he can't even answer. He stumbles over his words, and is just all around confused until Sole comes back and dismisses the kids. They look at X6 with a smirk on their face, amused that children can get him so easily frazzled. He's so close to hugging them in thanks, but decides against it. He opts for a simple "Thank you sir/ma'am." Sole chuckles and goes about their business.<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b></b> @ishtar0110<p/></p>

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Headcanons with the paladins (and allura if you want) and a buff s/o. Like if their jacket is on you can't tell but when their jacket is off then damn. Bonus points if their s/o spars with them often and they are like a fair match to most of the paladins, possibly more at once.

- Shiro has A Thing for a buff s/o. Especially if it’s a buff lady-friend.
- Would probably get caught staring a lot more than he’d want
- Might get adorably flustered from time to time.

- I actually don’t see Keith as having too much of a preference in body type.
- He’s more about someone who keeps themselves fit.
- That said, he enjoys having a buff s/o. Gives him someone else to train with and they can just generally spend more time together because of that.
- PS, it makes the sex pretty great, too.

- Loves having a buff s/o.
- He might enlist their help with some of his projects
- He can do some heavy lifting himself, but he loves having his s/o to help too.
- Cuddles are fun.

- Openly checks them out when they aren’t looking
- Doesn’t even pretend to get flustered when he gets called out on it
- He just really likes admiring his s/o’s physique

- Body type isn’t really something Pidge looks at
- But she definitely does appreciate the physique of her s/o.
- Her favorite thing is being wrapped up in their arms.

- She actually doesn’t think much of it at first.
- She pretty much sees herself as being on pretty even ground with them in terms of physical strength
- Might find the bulk a bit inefficient at first, but she does like how it feels when they cuddle.

For adoption: Simon ‘Darwin’ Brown

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Who is he: He usually goes by Darwin, and is a Scottish water patrol constable in his 20s, from the series Duck Patrol 

Personality: adorably dorky, loves animals, the very definition of hopeless romantic  

Title Availability:  DVD | Streaming services | Digital Download | YouTube

Why you should adopt him: You can’t get more adorkable than Darwin, seriously. If that’s what you’re looking for in a Tennant, Darwin’s your guy. He’s a good friend, or will literally fall over himself in love whoever you pair him with.

More on this character: fics | tumblr tag

How to Adopt: All characters in the adoption drive are open to everyone and can go home with an unlimited number of creators. Simply leave a comment here letting us know you’d love to make any sort of fanwork featuring him in some way - and there’s no deadline!

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I want to know more about tilbalt ((sorry if i spelled that wrong)) but i can't find anything. Can you explain him?

I’ve always wanted to tell a planeswalker’s story through my interpretation. thank you for this opportunity. okay kids, story time!

once upon a time there was a necromancer-in-training. his main job was throwing body parts together and trying to reanimate said pile of parts into a living, wheezing creature of semi-organic properties, but he just couldn’t quite get the hang of it. he did however find a fascination in causing said organic creatures pain. he adored the torture aspect of his work. making them scream and writhe thrilled him in probably more ways than one. over time small devils flocked to his laboratory where they would chatter among themselves as he tinkered and worked.

print source: [x]

Dedicating tireless hours to the work set out for him, he grew reclusive and eventually bitter. Frustration started to churn in what was once gleaming delight for the dark practices. One night the devils that had been occupying his residence started whispering to him. 

You seem to like causing trouble. Like us. Why not learn from the masters of pain, you sadistic ninny?

Tibalt was further influenced by the heinous creatures that swarmed in his presence. He started to act recklessly, less than polite tendencies getting the better of him even when away from his lab. These careless actions caused suspicion and rumor to trickle through the town, eventually landing Inquisitors on Tibalt’s doorstep. Repressed rage escaping him like steam from a kettle he spat a dastardly spell at the jerks that kicked down his door and fused with the devils. This of course meant that he was battered with the pain endured by every living, dead, or otherwise creature he ever laid a sadistic hand on – all while being thrown across the multiverse like a nasty kinkshamed handkerchief.

Eventually he regained consciousness on whatever plane he landed on and immediately proceeded to return to Innistrad where he now spends his (pain)free time harassing Sorin Markov;

print source [x]


also here’s his official biography on the Wizards website in case you want something a little more… officially written.

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Hi there! I can't get enough of your drabbles! I was hoping for some more of Merrill being adorable, perhaps bonding with Fenris, or teasing him and Hawke, or hanging out with Varric. Thanks! You rock! Keep it up!

“ – lots of smooches,” Merrill said, out of the blue.

Varric didn’t look up from his writing, but he smiled, anyway. The Dalish girl’s chatter was a welcome distraction when the story didn’t go the way he wanted it to. Lately, that was more important than ever. “Come again, Daisy?” he asked.

“When you’re writing,” she said, “About Fenris and Hawke? I think that it’s important that you include lots of smooches.”

“I’ll take that under consideration,” Varric said. “Can I ask why?”

Merrill said, “Well don’t you think they both deserve lots of smooches?”

Varric looked up, then. He reached up, rubbing the bride of his nose, and watched her for a long moment. She returned his scrutiny with a smile – bright, sunny – and he set his pen down. He folded his hands atop the table. He waited.

She kept smiling.

“Daisy…” Varric said at last. “I hate to be the one to break this to you, but they broke up. Two months ago.”

“Oh that,” she said. She laughed. “You don’t think that’s permanent, do you?”

“Well…it’s looking that way.”

“Oh, no!” she said cheerfully. “They’re in love. They’ll get back together and have lots of smooches. Every night. Write it down.” She reached forward and tapped her finger emphatically against his paper when he failed to do just that. “Come on, do it. Bet you two silver it’ll cure your writer’s block.”

Varric stared a moment longer before he picked up his pen again. He said, “You certainly have a unique perspective on the world.”

Merrill took it as a compliment.

Varric wrote, speaking slowly. “Lots…of…smooches.”

“There! Isn’t that better?” she asked.

Varric stared at the words for a long moment. He smiled. “You know, it does have a certain ring to it.”

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OQ + "you can't blame me for being a little surprised."

I’ll admit right now…this was inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. :)  I hope you enjoy it!

Popping a Gasket

“Sheriff Locksley. What brings you here this afternoon?”

Her voice rubs his spine like leather on a mission. He takeshis time looking up at her, enjoying every line and curve more than he should,adoring how frustrated she gets when he makes her wait on him for any reason whatsoever.

“Roland and I are selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts,” he answers with a sly grin in her direction. “We’re covering this shift for our troop.”

Her lips tighten as her eyes narrow in his direction, taking in the quality of their display and Roland’s thousand-watt grin that would probably sell a million boxes in thirty minutes flat.

“What brings you out and about on this fine day, Mayor Mills?”

She sizes him up, her eyes narrowing until they’re nearly as tight as her ass. He’s baiting her. She can feel it.

She hates it when he does that.

“Henry and I are selling popcorn, too,” she smiles, feeling her lips twitch in spite of herself. “For our troop, of course.”

Henry waves, Robin nods, and he leans back in his chair, hoping he appears far more casual than he feels. His pants have a way of becoming uncomfortably tight whenever he crosses paths with this woman.

“The least we can do as scoutmasters, eh?” he grins, enjoying the way her eyes spark in his direction.

“The very least,” she hums, wishing he’d shove those dimples in his pockets so they would stop annoying her. “In fact, Henry and I have been the top sellers every year.”

“Outstanding,” Robin croons, leaning forward on his elbows, careful not to knock over the assorted boxes and tins of popcorn they have for sale. “That’s quite an accomplishment. Perhaps you can offer me some pointers since this is my first time.”

He watches in fascination as two perfect brows arch at ninety degree angles.

“I’d be happy to,” she returns, motioning Henry forward, card table in hand. “You being an amateur, as you so aptly put it.”

Ding. Target struck with pinpoint precision. She grins like a cat staking out a rodent convention.

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AU where Spark was the kid Blanche used to babysit back when they were younger, and who went away to go live with his distant relatives when his parents died, only to come back as professor Willow's youngest new RA fresh outta college. Candela and Blanche eventually develop some sort of adorable parent-child relationship with him UwU

👌👌 👌 💯 👌

Spark: “Hold on, I gotta let my parents know.”
“Er, aren’t you…”
[texting, doesn’t respond]
Spark, a moment later: “Okay sweet, science parents are okay with it.”
Friend: “Who? What.”

Blanche: “Never speak to me or my son again.”
Rando: “… He can’t be more than ten years younger than you.”
(Spark’s not really upset but knows he should just let them be when they get like this.)