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Yesterday I saw Twenty One Pilots live in Berlin and it was the best day of my life ngl. I was so happy, I’ve never been so happy before. I stood right in the front row, just a few meters away from Tyler and he walked past me so close. I still can’t believe it. They will probably never read this but I just wanted to thank Tyler and Josh for making me so happy with their music and for helping through hard times.


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

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Concept: Fushimi's beautiful long lashes keep smudging his glasses and he hates it. Actually, how about imagining all the mild inconveniences Fushimi experiences as a megane?

Does it count as imagining mild inconveniences if I wear glasses too and know all about how annoying it is sometimes XD Fushimi probably hates smudged glasses so much, like sometimes he’s just standing there at official functions being bored out of his skull and to make it worse there’s a spot right in the middle of one of the lenses of his glasses that he can’t clean because Awashima will glare at him. He really wants to clean it off though, he keeps moving his head as if that will get the stupid smudge out of right in the center of his vision but it’s still there. When he finally gets the chance to clean it off it turns out he doesn’t have anything to wipe his glasses with on him so he just tries to use the hem of his shirt (the real reason Fushimi wears his jacket loosely and doesn’t button it up like everyone else, so he can clean his glasses on his shirt), that doesn’t work but he refuses to use spit to clean them because that’s disgusting.

Also imagine all his annoyance anytime he has to chase down Strains in bad weather or messy situations, like in Missing Kings when he’s just standing there in the rain at the beginning he was secretly probably so irritated because his glasses were getting covered in raindrops and there’s Munakata underneath an umbrella with his nice clean glasses while Fushimi’s wiping his off every other minute. Also on hot summer days sometimes he’ll get out of the nice air conditioned vans and step out into the heat and his glasses instantly fog up. One day that happened and before Fushimi could do anything Hidaka runs up to ask him something and Fushimi turns to look at him with his glasses completely fogged up. Hidaka stops for a moment and stares before continuing his question and showing Fushimi some papers, Fushimi’s trying to read them without conspicuously wiping off his glasses first because he doesn’t want to look like some idiot with fogged up glasses.  

He also has to take them off to bathe and normally that’s no problem, Fushimi can see a bit without them (in ep 5 of S1 he even fights for a bit without trouble after Yata knocks them off) but sometimes he forgets if he’s not wearing them. Like Fushimi takes his shower and gets dressed and he’s walking back to his room to get his glasses when someone stops him to ask him a question about something that Fushimi thinks is stupid. He reaches up unconsciously to push up his glasses except of course he’s not wearing them and he’s basically standing there awkwardly with his hand on his face while the other person is like ‘um…Fushimi-san?’ Fushimi’s just like ‘speak of this again and die.’

i think i’m probably the only person besides shannon who ships lafayette and andre as much as i do but lol oops they’re one of my favourite things in the world


The dorkiest dorks to ever dork.


It was such a deep, deep shock to us all. Your father was a— a force to be reckoned with. He truly was. I would not presume to claim to have known him as such, but— but just being in his presence was enough to make it so clear just how formidable a person you were dealing with. What a— what a force to be reckoned with.


Quiero decirte que
Nunca te olvidaré
Aunque no puedas volver
No es facíl para mí
Vivir sin ti

I meant to do this back when my blog turned 3 but I’m a lazy fuck who puts everything off for a month lmao. Anyways thank you pals I love you !!!!

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